Sunday, September 29, 2013


Shocking video of a woman with two assholes! NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART, or easily offended!

Well, that was disgusting and I apologize if anyone was offended. Gretchen Carlson has lost weight though, hasn't she? However, at the 4:13 mark it's quite clear when she shifts her legs that she is not a natural blonde.

But, I digress. Couldn't a handsome, well-spoken jagoff like Marco Polo there convince anyone about anything? I mean, he could be talking about the inherent evil of feeding hungry children and convince a low-information voter to defund a food stamp program. He's that good. Or, some people are that fucking stupid. Probably both.

How many movies/TV shows have we seen where the terrorists say: "ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS (fill in the blank) AND....NOBODY GETS HURT..."?

Well, in this case the republicans are saying: "JUST DO WHAT WE SAY AND NO ONE GETS HELPED!!"

Crazy way of running a country into the ground, isn't it? Here's a far less offensive video. I think only a lobbyist could find it offensive or a current member of Congress:

I think government is as hard as you make it.

I hope no republican members of the house can fly planes.

Monday, September 23, 2013

American Acceptionalism

Why not shut the government down? Why not treat the United States of America (USA) as if it's an episode of "Bar Rescue"?

Well, because that's stupid. You just can't shut down the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD for a few days and expect to retain that title. I mean, you can because it's all marketing, lip service anyway but, it doesn't do much for the credibility of the slogan or the country. You can shut down little countries for a few days, paint and remodel and reopen under a new name. Europe has been doing this for centuries. You just don't do it with the big ones.

Let's face it- if we were so "great" would the second place finishers from the last election be shutting down the government? Should that happen in THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!?
Of course not.

But, it can happen here. What's that tell ya?

The teapublicans have not been getting their way. They lost the last two presidential elections (to a black guy!!!) after having barely won the two previous ones. There had been some questionable officiating... Let's just leave it at that. They haven't cleanly won an election since the first George Bush back in the 20th century. Very telling.

Their whole political thing is opposite day. Whatever the democrats want to do, they policy is to do the opposite. Don't you secretly wish Obama would make an Executive Order that no republicans or tea partiers can play in traffic or on the 3rd rail of train tracks so that we could be done with this shit?

But, that's not GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!! caliber stuff either. We're actually better than that. So far....

We're seemingly headed there though. There is, in my opinion, no greater threat to America than Americans. Americans are not only the ones shooting up the place, they are the ones screaming for more guns to shoot the place up with! More defend ourselves

We don't even want to feed poor children any more. It's not because we can't or can't afford to. It's because WE DON'T WANT TO. How fucking sad is that? The GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD and the most patriotic among us want to save money by NOT feeding poor children and their families.

This fiscal conservatism befuddles me. I haven't heard what they intend to do with the money saved by cutting out social programs. All that money has to go somewhere. When the housing market collapsed and Wall Street went haywire, all that money went somewhere. If you or I lose money, it doesn't cease to exist. It goes into someone else's pockets. The rich got richer because of the Bush financial debacle. Rich people are businessmen. How much is enough? It is never enough. NEVER.

The teapublicans are not sitting around dreaming up ways to make less money any more than the democrats are. Your taxes are NOT going to go down just because they're letting old people and children starve. It's foolish to think they would. Cantor and Ryan aren't revolutionaries looking to give the power back to the people even though they act like that is the idea behind "small government". Do they even look like plan to? They're businessmen. Small government means letting corporations run wild. At least Castro dressed the part. These fuckers aren't fooling anybody but their choir. If you cut out $4 billion a year from the SNAP program, it goes somewhere else. These people hate spending unless its on yachts and homes and wars. Tell me what could possibly be better to spend that money on than hungry children and old people? Think carefully. We already have plenty of money for war and roads and other stuff. We've got the money. There are no children starving in America because we are blowing huge chunks of money...on starving children...

In the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, the second place finishers from the last election think that they can win next time by shutting down the government, not paying bills and not feeding hungry children. And they want Americans to go along with this. And, eventually, we all will.

No wonder assholes don't bother to fly jetliners into buildings anymore. They don't need to. Terrorists just can't compete with our politicians.

American exceptionalism.  It's just not what it used to be.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Brother And Elissa Derangement Syndrome

No one asked but, I'm going to tell anyway. Local ginger, liar, homo-face, over-emotional, fucktard- Andy- won the $500,000 in the Big Brother contest on CBS.  He beat out two other assholes in the final voting on the very popular show that you don't watch but, millions of others do.

Judging by the Facebook page, very few of those millions of fans are pleased with this. It was the natural course of things because- compared to the other two idiots- he had played the game the best. It is a game where dishonesty is ultimately rewarded with half a million dollars. No one wins by being honest. Jesus Christ would not stand a chance. A Congressman would. Andy was a better liar than Gina Marie or Spencer (the other final three) and, of course, better than all the other house guests before him. The thing is, I think Andy is so good at lying he is probably still lying.

The backlash to this season is the real story. The viewing audience knows more about the contestants and what goes on in the game than the players do. At a certain point, people who get voted out go to a jury house where they are still sequestered from society but, without cameras all over the place. They judge the players based on their own experience with the final two and any gossip that newly evicted players might bring in. They don't know what we know. They may be well aware, for example, that Andy is a duplicitous fuckface, but, they gotta admit he fooled them and judge him on that. THAT is the game. You have to trust people that you know are lying to you. Like marriage. Or Topix.

But, I digress. If I were playing the game and got out- played by Andy, I'd have to respect that over Gina Marie's lame game. I wouldn't like it but, that's the way that cookie crumbles.

Fans are disappointed because the jury has no idea what assholes these people are. I mean, they think they know but, they don't know.  I mentioned the other day that, even after she was voted out, the remaining assholes in the house saw fit to totally trash Elissa. There was absolutely nothing to be gained by this yet they went on for days, practically to the last minute. I had to wonder if the criteria for winning had been changed to: "How severely did you hate Elissa?"  None of these assholes lied about that on camera!

But, I bet they would in post-game interviews. I'm gonna guess that aside from outright denial, they'll be a lot of "well, er, uh, that's the game..." explanations of why they trashed Elissa. When show hostess, Julie Chen, called out Aaryn for her racist remarks, Aaryn defended it as the way people talk in Texas, where she's from. Maybe Andy will shrug off his hatred for Elissa as something peculiar to his hometown of Aurora, Illinois. Town motto: "Elissa Is Such A BITCH!!!!EWWWWWW!!!!! I HATE HER!!!!!!!!"

By all accounts, BB15 was the worst cast ever. People say they are done watching but, everyone who says that will have a change of heart, come next summer when a new cast of liars debuts. That's human nature too. I doubt the producers were thrilled to have a gay, Howdy Doody look alike, a room temperature IQ refugee from The Jersey Shore and a hulking nose-picker in the final three. I'm guessing the show isn't fixed after all. They could have done A LOT better but, I doubt they could have done worse.

The fans wanted closure. Elissa's husband and her brothers should get five minutes alone with Andy and his cohorts. We should get to watch. But, he's Canadian and civilized and I'm not sure if she's got brothers so,  that's not gonna happen. I would have liked to see Julie perhaps show some clips addressing the Elissa comments as well as the racism. Viewers knew that Aaryn and Gina Marie lost their jobs because of racist comments but, because they were sequestered, those two didn't know.  Nose-picker, Spencer, was investigated by his local police department for pedophile-like comments he made. I'm 99.9% certain he was joking but, he said this ignorant shit on TV. These people knew full well that everything they said/did was recorded.  Joking about molesting children is not "gameplay". And, talking about your weed dealer back home on TV is just stupid, as well.

We'll see what happens when these people find out what the fans already know. Odd how you can live in close quarters with people for several weeks and not really know them. I've learned from Topix though, that it's easy to despise scumbags without seeing them on TV so, it all evens out.

Andy must be an asshole in real life too. That's a shame. People like to put a dollar value on being an asshole and that's a shame as well. Half a million dollars isn't much by soul-selling standards. Remember: the show is all about lying and deception. He threw in his being an asshole for free. That didn't win him the game. It just showed him as an asshole in front of a live, nationwide audience. Future house guests probably won't emulate that aspect of his game. In fact, wouldn't it be kinda silly if the final three next season spent their last week in the house talking about how awful Elissa was last year? It would make just as much sense.

BTW, Elissa won $25,000 as America's Favorite Player despite the smear campaign by America's Least Favorite Asshole and his asshole friends. That's gotta be a gut punch for those three as keeping that from happening seemed to be their reason to live.

Friday, September 13, 2013

That 70's Ferrer

OK. It's looking more and more like it's impossible to raise the minimum wage. Doing so would absofuckinglutely ruin the economy and, quite likely, destroy the planet. Not rather quickly like pollution and fracking but, immediately- if not sooner. There just is no way business can afford to pay workers more. In fact, they want to eliminate the minimum and be free to pay less!

Well, we can't do that. If these folks can't pay $7.25 an hour because they can't deal with a minimum, the next logical step would be slavery. You take away minimums and that's where you wind up. We tried that before and, it wasn't pretty. Besides, as any conservative will tell you, liberals coddled blacks so much that they will never go for the slavery thing again. So trying to enslave them and whites, Hispanics and Asians might rouse the rabble a bit. You know how entitled liberals have made people feel these days. Shit. Anti-capitalist fuckers.

Personally, I think that if you are Walmart (for example) and make billions of dollars a year but can't afford to pay workers a living wage, it's time to get out of the business. If your profit margin is that thin, that paying people a few dollars more would break you, just get out of the selling everything business, kick back and collect welfare. Ask your former employees how to do that, they know. Or, if Walmart is enterprising, Walmart could go to work for Costco. They pay well, include nice benefits and are quite successful. Who knows how they do it. Communism?

Well, I have a solution and, yep, it does involve lowering wages- dramatically.

It also involves lowering the cost of everything.


You want to pay people $2 an hour as the minimum for entry-level jobs like it's 1973? Fine. When you leave your nice, $32,500 home, get into your brand new, $2900 AMC Javelin, pick up your coworker from his $175 a month apartment, stop and get some $.40 a gallon gasoline and remember to stop on the way home and pick up a dozen eggs for 45 cents.

Those are the figures I got off an internet site so, that's why the Javelin- the best car AMC ever made- was included. It was their call. You and you're co-worker aren't making $2 bucks an hour and having all those things but, if you go to lunch at McDonalds, the kid who takes your order is and he's doing pretty good really. He's going to go to college and work his way through with a similar job along with grants and loans. If he doesn't go to college, he goes into the workforce and makes a good living.

Forty years later we have added $5.25 to that hourly wage. You can easily buy a car for $32,500 but not a house. Not one that is habitable. Gas costs about 10 times more, 4 decades later.  That $32k home is *worth* $400,000? The price of everything started to take off after that, perhaps around the time Ronald Reagan became president. Ronnie liked smacking Unions. Somehow it made sense to the corporations that wages should stagnate while prices rose. E-Z credit could help fill the wage gap. And Lotto. Once low wages and ever increasing prices overwhelmed you, you'd win the lottery and everything would be fine. The American dream, re-defined.

As I recall, there were rich people in the 70's. It was actually a good time to be rich. I mean, it's always a good time to be rich but, think of what a million dollars bought then compared to now. Think about that $32,500 house. How many could you buy then (for cash)? THIRTY! You could buy but two and a half now (and not  furnish them) or just two with some chairs, maybe a table.

Oh fuck! I'm feeling sorry for rich people for fucking themselves while they fucked us, now! Yikes!

Well, no wonder Walmart can't feel safe even with dozens of billions in profits. They pretty much have to fuck workers and depend on the Federal government to provide healthcare for their workers.

The various tea party's and their political wing- the GOP- want to take us back to simpler times. OK, they prefer anytime from the Revolutionary War to pre- Civil Rights but, that's not fair for our black brothers and sisters. Well, to no one but the rich, really. So, lets compromise on 70's. Why not?  Drop wages and drop prices. Fucking easy! And bring those troops home from Vietnam! Oops- Afghanistan. Vietnam was That 70's war. Some things never change. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I saw a nice video last night about the evicted house guest, Candice Stewart, and her successful search for her birth mother. Candice is a very lovely, actual beauty queen, from New Orleans. I think she's a former Miss Louisiana.  I didn't think much of her as a Big Brother player. Though she lasted long enough to make the jury house, she seemed too introverted to go all the way. I know that the current surviving players- "the leftovers" as the fans are calling them- are not introverts and they hate, Hate, HATE Candice. She's bi-racial so, in this post-racial America, it's absolutely imfuckingpossible that they hate her because of the color of her skin. So, she must be a horrible person. Let's go to the video tape!

Nope. She is NOT a horrible person! In fact, she seems to have a beautiful soul that matches the very beautiful vessel as seen on TV. I can see why the assholes hate her...

The leftovers don't really seem to like anybody. I think they might hate themselves the most. They just are too stupid to realize that.

In yet another video (that I won't bother to share) three of the four guys left stated they loved the game soooooo much they would play for free, even if it weren't on TV. Only Andy said he was in it for the money. I guess he could get points for honesty. Maybe the others could get points for idiocy?  If they aren't in it for the money and would play if it weren't televised, guess where they'd be? TOPIX!! No TV, no half million dollar prize but, all the hate you can handle! Big Brother IS "Topix on TV" as my old friend aptly put it, several years ago.

It is just like that. It's losers gathered together to hate. If you are a dedicated non-reader of this blog and familiar with Topix, you know what this Ferrerman has been through. And Hegel, Barbi, Rose, et al. Though we haven't been voted off, absence of any type or degree has not made the leftover hearts grow fonder. The assholes are the same on Topix as on Big Brother in that they have absolutely no qualms about continuing to hate someone who is no longer a part of their lives. In the case of BB, the women that these guys hate soooooo intensely will be voting on which of these fuckheads gets the half million. As the show goes, the jury members do not get to see what we see on TV. They only rely on their own experience with fellow castmates and updates from other evicted players. So, Candice and Elissa may know these useless pricks don't like them but they probably don't know how severely they are despised, after the fact.

If you can forgive or forget small, anonymous groups of people on the internet for their performance of abject hatred on internet message boards, you really have to question the sanity of people who freely expose their ugliness on national TV. On Topix, a guy like Sublime can boast about his extramarital exploits  and how all his life he's had to beat the women off with sticks and you can buy into that a few pennies worth because you can imagine that he's tall dark and handsome because you can't see him. As long as he doesn't fuck up and show pics of himself, no one would think (for example) that he's short and bald. I mean, maybe he IS but, those attributes aren't conducive to mass female admiration who seem to universally prefer Hugh Jackman. So, why would you think that?

On BB I heard Spencer the nose-picker state that he couldn't get a literal boner for Elissa. She's a young, spankable yoga enthusiast and he's a large, portly, balding, bag of pork rinds.  I'm gonna guess his real life better half could be mistaken for his sister, though she probably doesn't have a beard. Let's be honest: Elissa surely does not find Spencer attractive either, for obvious reasons. If he can't get it up for her, maybe he's spent too much time around Andy?

As an experienced Ferrerman who has been around the block, I know that you can't judge a book by it's cover. You may quote me on that. It's true. Good looking women can be a lot of trouble! Yikes! I've heard, in fact, that the secret to life-long happiness is never making a pretty woman your wife. Who knew? Not me.

I just know that, beauty queen or not, I think I'd fall for the woman who seeks out her birth mother to connect with her and to tell her that she fully understands why she gave her up for adoption as a baby. I don't think someone like that is a c-word. I think that is a person who has an extraordinary insight into life and what it means to be a human being.

The bad news is that Candice and Elissa are going to have to give some ugly, hateful person a half million dollars. The good news is, most of America is wise to these scumbags and does not approve. You can sell your soul for a half million on TV or give it away on Topix. Ugly is as ugly does.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Big Brother15 restores my faith in America!

The stupid Big Brother show just might have restored my faith in humanity and my country!


Big Brother 15 has been a train wreck. The cast this season is rife with racists, bigots and worse- one nose picker.  I'm pleased though that the viewing audience is not happy with this. The people do not delight in the crazed antics of Amanda, the probably  not-so-Aryan blondness racism of Aaryn and the general assholiness of the remaining five. The consensus of we the people seems to be no one deserves the money.

I find that unusual. People tend to defend and justify aberrant behavior where money is involved. Look at sports, religion, movies, corporations and Donald Trump and try and tell me different. We're capitalists first and Americans after the deal is negotiated. If Ariel Castro had made millions enslaving those women he'd be alive and probably not in jail, instead making the rounds of talk shows, selling his book.

I've been following a Facebook page about this BB season and it seems that 99% of the fans are disgusted with the cast and the direction the show has taken. Many think the fix is in- or, was in until popular outrage intervened. The word was that the player, Amanda, is a friend of the show's producer, Alison Grodner, and had been picked to *win* the $500,000. Amanda, however, was such a c-word that with that rumor tied to her c-wordish behavior, the integrity of the show was seriously in doubt. I would not be surprised if she did receive a settlement- maybe $500,000- to leave the show as a non-winner.

They're not allowed to talk about it but, I think it's rather obvious that contracts are involved here.  A few people get cut early and are free to go back to their lives but, at a point, some are obligated to go to jury for the remainder of the game, This can be several weeks of further isolation. I'm pretty certain a few tens of thousands of dollars are involved once a player is at that stage of the game. Other wise, people would walk. Wouldn't you? Once the half million dollar carrot is no longer dangling in front of you, what's your incentive? You give up 6-7 more weeks of your life to sit around with no TV/phone/internet to help decide who gets the money?

They've barely shown the jury house this year. Is anyone really there? They usually make a big deal of the new arrivals and how they are greeted by others in the jury- others that they might have voted out. If Amanda (the c-word) got paid, why would she stay there? Elissa is married to a very successful man. She might be done slumming. Aaryn, Jessie and Helen might be there fulfilling contractual obligations. Is it just me being a Ferrerman that has noticed that- except for Amanda the c-word- all the women voted off have spankable bottoms? That's very, very wrong.

The integrity of the show was further called into question when a short clip was leaked showing someone literally behind the scenes touching Helen on the leg during a competition. Helen wasn't pushed, as some have interpreted it. I think she was tapped to fall out of the event. It was her time to go. I recall one of the contestants revealing that they were told going into the game that it wasn't a level playing field. What else could that mean? It's scripted. You can tell that in the Diary Room interviews. These people are not ad-libbing. Listen to them talk outside the "DR". They are idiots.  In a show with live feeds and cameras everywhere in the house, the DR is how producers guide the cast.

I don't know if all the housemates know this. They're playing roles? Maybe some of those roles are dupes? Is it asking too much for 16 or so people to play along with a program like this using only their wits?

I think so. I think they are told who to vote for and against and they know that going in. It's in the contract. Imagine- in America-  people being told how to vote! The horror...

That creepy Andy scumbag mentioned something odd last night on the After dark show, something about the "new format". There's nothing technically different about this season than the last aside from the usual twists that spice up the game. Might the new format be abject racism and hostility? The takeaway from this season seems to be hate speak is free speech. Was anyone more surprised than Aaryn when Julie Chen called her out for her racism on the live show after Aaryn had been evicted? Was anyone more disappointed than the viewing audience when Julie Chen did not call Amanda (the c-word) out for her racist rants? Mixed messages, for sure.

This current crop of BB assholes literally takes the cake. Evidently, after Elissa was evicted, a cake with her picture on it (for some reason) was found in the refrigerator and fat fuck, Spencer- the perpetual nose picker- suggested they put the cake in the toilet and *piss and take dumps on it*.  But, of course.... Elissa was evicted last Thursday and as of Sunday night, these miscreants were still talking about her as if she were the worst person in the history of the world. I'm not an Elissa fan but, I don't get the level of contempt for her. I'm sure when the show is done these cocksuckers will  justify their contempt because they were there and we weren't and we just didn't know how horrible she was/is....

Um, did the housemates miss the part where everything they did and said was public? They are not currently talking about Amanda the c-word out of respect for McCrae maybe? He's next to go on the schedule but, something tells me they won't talk bad about her even after she's gone. You see, the word is, her and McCrae are signed to do "The Amazing Race" after Big Brother. No telling whether they are scheduled to win that yet.

So, McCranda is America's next TV couple. Move over Boston Rob and Amber. Make room for the C-word and the Pizza Delivery Boy. Ya know, I'm beginning to think there isn't really an Amish Mafia either after all...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bread and circuses

I saw an interesting conflict resolution video on Facebook, this morning. Evidently, some of the commuter trains around here have "quiet cars" where electronics are not allowed. So, no phones or boomboxes, I guess.

Well, try and tell that to the diminutive Board of Trader here:

As someone in the comments noted, "he's got a booster seat on the Board of Trade."

Pretty awful language but, not much violence. Quite tame compared to the thousands of fight videos on youtube. With everyone in the world but me having a cameraphone, we all might as well be living in that Big Brother house. Kids after school fights are pretty popular. A look at the crowd and usually everyone but the (usually) two combatants are filming. That should change when those futuristic Google glasses come out.

I don't know that people are more violent than previously in history. The media is definitely more available to the masses now. The next Spike Lee will not come out of Compton but, there are plenty of folks with phones documenting fisticuffs, at all levels of society, seemingly everywhere. The internet amplifies everything and there are more people on earth at this moment than ever before in history.

 If, when I was in high school, we had camera phones and an internet, we would have put our fights on youtube. It's as if that were the natural course of things. So, more people means more fights. The combatants seem the same, years later and so do the assholes screaming support for their fighter, advice or just screaming with delight at two people making each other bleed. One difference is the very annoying assholes who scream: "WORLD STAR!!!!!WORLD STAR!!!!!" as if they were climaxing. They might be. (Ferrerman note: WORLDSTAR is a site where people send clips of fights. It's mostly black folks fighting, filming and viewing it seems. Violent video is an equal opportunity exploiter though. WorldStar just works harder to drag down one race more than others.) The blood-lust seems harsher these days but, there are still people who have a sense of fair play. Sometimes two people have to fight. That will draw a crowd. Hopefully, there are some in the crowd that will step in if the odds change and one fighters friend(s) joins the fray or if one fighter is knocked out or clearly beaten and helpless and- all too often- the winner or just some opportunistic asshole- feels the need to finish the defeated off with kicks to the head. This is known in legal circles as homicide. Manslaughter, maybe, if you're some argumentative list-maker... But, I digress.  Whatever, it's chickenshit.

People can be killed in street fights and kicks to the head or blows to the back of the head will do that. A simple disagreement where fisticuffs seems to be the thing to do at the time is no longer fun and games if one life ends and another continues on in prison.

I wrote about mobs and how cowardly they are, the other day. A lot of people are damn near orgasmic about violence. I don't like violence as entertainment but, I did grow up admiring John Wayne's ability to kick ass but, there was a message in his violence and it wasn't bullying or drunken idiocy. And, you just didn't- literally- kick a man when he was down. Well, cowards did. The Duke and Matt Dillon and thousands of others did not bully or victimize their enemies. When they fought it was productive violence.

Fighting for entertainment eludes me too. I can't get into the various versions of the UFC even though it's fairer now than it was in the 90's when a 5' tall martial arts guy might fight a 400# Sumo wrestler.  That shit was a little too much like ancient Rome where the fight promoters of the day sat around spit-balling ideas like: "Christians versus lions!! VERY HUNGRY lions!!"

I think it's bizarre when two guys all but kill each other and then, when it's over, embrace like brothers. That's the sport of it, I reckon. They're not really mad at each other. Nothing was said about anyone's mother and the virtue of one's sister was not called into question. It was just a contest of skill. Were you not entertained?!

I just wonder again how far away we might be from the Gladiator days of yore. Maybe one republican president?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Justice is served...

Ariel Castro, unable to handle a fraction of the captivity he put those women through, hung himself in prison.

People feel cheated but, he has (technically) now served his life sentence.

Of course, he didn't pay for his crimes as society wanted and he did- as least metaphorically- cheat the hangman. People hate that!

A lifetime in prison was exactly what this scumbag deserved. Killing him would not have been fitting punishment. Look as far as the outrage over his taking his own life to see how empty the death penalty really is. I'm against the death penalty because, too often, innocent men are convicted, later to be proven innocent. You can free a man from prison and give him his life back but you can't dig him up and do the same. Not in this century at least.

A lot of people would have preferred he live and be subjected to regular rape and beatings at the hands of other prisoners. Too many people see that as justice.

I've never understood that. It's giving a lot of power, even god-like power, to people we've already put in jail for crimes up to and including murder. Why the hell would we reward a murderer with carte blanche sodomy and violence? Why would we dump all over legislative justice to do this? And who is sodomizing the sodomites who sodomize our evil doers for us? And is this free-market sodomy and beatings or is there regulation? I guess I mean, are democrats involved or is this a conservative free for all?

I understand that, for example, pedophiles don't fare well in prison. This is partially because most people in prison were abused children themselves and want to strike back at those demons. I get that. But, it is also true that pedophilia is not a respected crime. It's child rape and no one respects that. It doesn't carry the weight that murder or armed robbery does.

But, what about potheads or bad check writers? Should they get beaten and fucked in the ass too? They do, from what I hear. The same prisoners who mete out justice to our pedophiles and kidnappers (if given a chance!) will beat and sodomize anybody if given the opportunity. Rape is about power and control, not punishment.

I know nobody is literally calling our nation's worst prisoners "gods" or "heroes" but, whenever I hear people say that they will be preying on "so and so" when he gets to prison, these lame brains are doing just that.

I told that to a couple of lynch mob enthusiasts from Florida who then set about writing lists of how wrong I was to think that. These two list-makers would argue if you hung them with a new rope so, delineating their arguments is a waste of time. Their premise was that I'm soft on crime. My premise was that they are argumentative idiots who put entirely too much faith in our nation's murderers as administers of justice.

These two were also in favor of lynch mobs as justice. 

I am so fucking soft on crime!  I found fault with lynch mobs too.

When was the last time a mob put a lot of thought into anything? You have probably seen  footage before where mobs always seem to be rioting, running here and there, burning this and that. No method to the madness.  The end result is carnage and death. It's never pretty. No one ever asks for mob justice in lieu of a judge or jury trial.  Would these two lunkheads?

Probably not but, one never knows. Live by the sword, die by the sword.  I guess that as long as you are with the mob, maybe they won't turn against you? Maybe...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The two month anniversary of Ferrerman not posting on Topix passed with absolutely no fanferrer. I forgot and Topix, well, their anti-Ferrerman sentiment just won't allow them to acknowledge such things. Anyways, it was August 24th (of this year) and today is September Third (also of this year) and the last Ferrerman post was made June 24th of 2013.

I've made a few gray posts just to keep my hand in but, mostly to see how long they last. Someone at Topix has severe anti-Ferrerman sentiment and spends much time hunting down suspected Ferrerman posts and disposing of them.

That's really aberrant behavior if you think about it. For all it's faults, Topix is pretty much of an in the moment kinda thing. You might like to go back 24 hours in a thread to get a good feel for the conversation. You needn't go much further than that. I'd venture that most people don't.

Topix is big on removing posts going back years. At some point recently, my other profile, Larry Meber, was purged to satiate some asshole's rabid thirst for revenge and ALL Larry Meber posts- there were maybe 3400- from the beginning of time were wiped from the face of Topix Earth. Damn.

Harsh. Kinda unnecessary too but, that's Topix justice. It's very important to them. No one knows why.

Topix, as I've reported here from time to time, has been steadily going down the tubes for a couple of years now. This past year, I really think Hegel and I have all but killed it. The format changed from, whatever it had been, to a simple outlet for bullies to bully from.

Seriously- does anyone remember what Topix was supposed to be? Something to do with news and opinion? Anybody? Bueller?

I think a lot of posters simply gave up. Even some of the trolls who helped kill Offbeat, like Dork and Bex seemed to have given up. Their goal appeared to be to control Offbeat. Be careful what you wish for.... All of Topix is so territorial. Gangs form and they want to create threads where only their friends can post. I always think: Don't these people know about email? That's just you, your friends and the NSA.

Well, they need the audience, I guess. That's the irony of anti-Ferrerman sentiment. You cannot defeat Ferrerman. You can only hope to contain him. You should not actually defeat Ferrerman as, well, Ferrerman is a fine adversary to have around. People love, Love, LOVE jumping on the anti-Ferrerman bandwagon! At the height of Ferrermania, hundreds of socks were created to troll Ferrerman. No Ferrer post- or suspected Ferrer post went untaunted. I have to admit, I helped fill Topix coffers just by showing up. Face it: whatever "Sam" was, that fuckhead let no Ferrer post go untouched. Whether s/he/it was Snuffybooboo or Angelique, that POS literally lived to shadow Ferrerman. I mean- really? Someone dedicated their whole existence to scouring Topix for Ferrerman posts just to icon and trash them.  Sheesh.

It's weird but, though I evidently still have my Ferrerman profile, I can't post gray or as any other profile. To test this, several days ago I created a new email account to see if I could create a new profile- A Noted Observer. I could but I couldn't. They were all over this new one like white on rice. The new profile was accepted but all posts were rejected. With ghosting you don't realize this until you sign out and see that the post you saw was not really there at all. Signed in, you see all your posts but, no one else does. People go on for days sometimes, wondering why everyone is suddenly ignoring them! As a Ferrerman though, if I don't get iconned pretty much before I hit reply, I figure something is up. At least one person- Samgelique- has spent every waking moment of the last five years thinking about FERRERMAN!!!! So, if I don't get iconned, something is wrong. Either Samgelique is dead or I'm banned.

I don't get why but, for some reason they can't whack my Ferrerman profile when I'm not signed in to it? I'm not even going to pretend to understand that but, that's what I hear. Despite what my enemies like to promote, I have rudimentary computer skills. I don't get how Topix' skills can be so lame too. So, until they figure out a way to whack Ferrerman while I'm not signed in, I'm staying signed out. Fuck you, Topix!

I'll be right here. They can't touch this. The legend lives on!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Savings Devices

"Minimum wage jobs are entry level jobs. Not meant to raise families on."

Sounds brilliant doesn't it? It is, however, GOP tardspeak for "blame the victims".

Remember The Great Recession caused by people forcing the banks to sell them houses that they couldn't afford? Well those lazy bastards are at it again, working at jobs that were designed for teenagers to be temporary and trying to raise families- that no one asked them to have, BTW- and totally ignoring the millions of WELL, PAYING, jobs out there that ARE careers. Like CEO of a corporation. Pro athlete. Guy who owns Papa Johns. No, not "A" Papa Johns- ALL OF THEM. Republican Congressman. And many more. Check your newspaper's classifieds. As always, men with cars paid extra.

Or, you can go to an elitist college and get a higher education. College is cheap. You can work a TEMPORARY fastfood job and pretty much pay for the whole thing (if you go to college in 1967 and get grants. Hurry, offer expires with Ronald Reagan!).

Another road to hell paved with republican intentions is eliminating Unions and expecting you to feel good about it. The common refrain is:

"Unions were a good thing at the time but, they've gotten too big for their britches..."

Doesn't that say it all? Chicago was once a fort and settlement of a few hundred people on the shores of Lake Michigan. But, now it's got 2.707 million people and traffic is awful. So, lets burn it down and start over again. Duh!

But, this Labor Day weekend, before you burn anything but steaks on the grill, stop and appreciate  the 40 hour week, over-time, safe working conditions and dozens of other perks that you may still enjoy at your job and remember that men and women gave blood, sweat, tears and even their lives to get those things, for you.

And that goes for you whether you are a lawyer who writes Letters To Penthouse all day from your job or a software engineer (IT guy) who works out and talks like an autistic- but very hip- teenager.

Wait- maybe Unions DID go too far?! Forget about those assholes and consider that Unions got these achievements for you and all the normal Americans. That sounds much better! And, it's true.

Ya see, kids, a corporation is NOT going to give you anything resembling fair treatment unless someone makes them. The reason I know this is because, if corporations would offer these perks they would have done it one hundred years ago, all on their own. But, they didn't. Instead they hired police,  soldiers and politicians to hurt people who tried to get these rights.

Internet idiots now relate stories of bosses who, when asked by a Union employee for a raise, reply that they personally would love to give said person a raise but, the Union won't let them!

They really say that. It's the internet and I can't see their faces to see if they are straight-faced while typing this so, I have to assume they might just be stupid, fucking idiots. They are probably the same people who always are behind fat, black, Welfare Queens buying caviar at Kroger before they drive off in a Cadillac to participate in a gang initiation where they kill people behind them at Krogers who see them using an EBT card to purchase caviar. Well, that's what I heard....

They say that, without a Union or a minimum wage, YOU are free to make your own deal not get handed the deal that everybody gets. YOU are an entrepreneur!

"7.25 an hour? No thanks! That's what you give to schmucks who aren't entrepreneurs! I will do it for $4 an hour! What? Um, OK, $2. And no lunch, of course...or bathroom breaks..."

That's America. That's the America that was good enough for our grandfathers and their grandfathers. The middle class seemed like a good idea at the time with it's homes in the suburbs with white, picket fences. But, the middle class got too big for it's britches. We need to get back to our roots.