Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Out Of The Closet, Assholes!

Why the fuck does anyone get into the bakery business only to fuck themselves out of an entire market of customers? How is it that conservative Christians- who are almost to a man- anti-government, petitioning that government for the right to discriminate? And why is it always bakeries?

Jeebus! These assholes get sillier every day! But, ya know, maybe we should let them go ahead with this, with one proviso. The bakery must prominently display a sign proclaiming their non-service to gays. And that sign must detail all the races, creeds and colors surely to be discriminated against should the US Supreme Court rule in favor of this asshole baker. The case isn't about gay wedding cakes. It's about bringing back the "separate but equal" Jim Crow laws of the recent American south and expanding them to include anybody today's white, male Christians would be against. Lay it all out there, white supremacists. Let US know where we should spend our money. Get out of the closet, assholes, and let us know who you are.

It's not easy being a Ferrerman, especially in these Trumpian times when stupidity has been injected with political and social steroids into a new ab-normalcy. Dedicated non-readers know how I've poked fun at the various real and imaginary dumbfucks of Topix, in the past. The reality is that for every dreg or cliquer on that site there are hundreds of thousands (millions?) of real-life assholes just like them- or worse. There are a buttload of them in the White House, both houses of congress- fuck it: everywhere. Donald J. Trump is POTUS. This means that a freak like Sublime really could be POTUS. Any malignant narcissist you may know could become president. Well, unless they pass a law against it, I suppose but, don't hold your breath.

I guess that Trump legitimizes them. If the USSC rules for the baker, that will do the same. So will the eventual passage of the current GOP Tax Scam. We've long been a nation of assholes in so many respects but, we've never been thisclose to it being official policy. Up is down. Right is wrong. Wrong, is right. There are good people on both sides of the Nazi issue. The earth is flat if you think it is. It's not only okay to be stupid, it's encouraged. It's damn near a birthright now.

Courage, good people. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Just watch the signs and keep up with the changes.