Thursday, August 29, 2013

Deep fried logic. You want fries with that?

Let's listen in while a fiscal conservative explains why it's a bad thing to pay fast food workers a living wage:

Yeah, that's what they are asking for ... they call it social justice. I've been debating others elsewhere and when I pointed that out, they said, well they need to pay nurses more then.

I'm trying to explain that if you give everyone a 200% raise, that just means the cost of labor attributed to whatever good or service they provide will go up by a proportionate amount and we have this thing called inflation. Do that across teh economy and no one gets ahead.

If I get a 20k raise this year, but I end up paying 20k more for all the goods and services I purchase over the course of a year, because the cost of labor has gone up 20k for all those goods and services, I haven't really gotten a raise. 

The only way for you to come out as a winner on such a scheme is for you and folks in your profession to get the 200% raise and for no one else or very limited other folks in other professions to get that raise. 

In such a situation, while the person getting the raise might be better off, everyone else who doesn't get that 200% raise is worse off, because they will have to pay more when they buy whatever goods or services made or provided by the folks who actually received the 200% raise! Also, if a lot of folks decide that these goods and services now cost too much and no longer purchase them because the cost has gone up because the labor cost has gone up, you could wind up out of a job rather than with a 200% raise

Wait a minute, Wilbur- it sounds like he's really defending the multi-million dollar bonuses that CEO's get. Like somebody has to get rewarded for the good year the company is having and it has to be the CEO because, if you take $8 million and divvy it up among the help, financial chaos ensues because of inflation. You actually wind hurting more people by giving them more money because the prices for goods and services go up. The 200% raise can't keep pace with inflation. Giving a several million dollar bonus to one person or several CEO's, however, means only a few CEO's suffer the raise in pay and prices don't go up as much. 

Well, fuck me but, that's the dumbest thing this guy has said since he explained that business hires only when their tax liability is low. Evidently the law of supply and demand had been repealed when he argued that. 

Today, thousands of fast food workers in about 58 cities from coast to coast are striking, in protest of their low wages. The minimum wage is $7.25 and the fast food average is $8.94 an hour. Folks may argue that fast food is geared towards a teenage labor force but, those folks might still be supporting the Vietnam war and Richard Nixon too. The reality is that most fast food employees are over 20 and 30% have some college. They didn't go to college to work in fast food but...there they are. People are trying to support their families in fast food, not saving for prom. 

I know that figures lie and liars figure but, I also know that when I was making the then minimum wage of $2 an hour when Nixon was president and the Vietnam War was going on, it was pretty decent money. You can't add decades and only $5.25 to that and expect that it's the normal course of things. Some financial experts think the minimum should (adjusted for inflation) be $21 an hour. The fast fooders are only asking $15. It seems like they're offering a bargain- off the dollar menu of sorts.

Interesting as well is that the same folks who are so dead set against raising the minimum wage also happen to be against the fact that there is a minimum wage at all! Forget raising it. They want to eliminate it. 

Curiously, like our educated friend above, these folks argue that paying less would actually be better for everyone! I don't get how that works. You have to have a college education to fathom such economic theories. Ask your counterman tomorrow or maybe the fry guy. Odds are they will know.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mind if I don't actually smoke?

I read about E-cigarettes this morning. They may or may not be bad for you- get this- depending upon who you believe! Ain't that life these days? It is all in what you believe.

It's always been this way with coffee, for example. One week a survey will say that coffee (the elixir of the Gods and Ferrerman) is *good* for you. The next it will say that coffee is *bad*. Though caffeine is a stimulant, evidently, studying caffeine is an exercise in manic depression.

I just go along, enjoying coffee the same regardless of what they say.

Who are they? Politicians? Pundits? Those theys are one and the same. Those lines got blurred years ago. Is there a difference between Glenn Beck and any Congressman? Politics is all about selling selling something to someone and Glenn Beck will try to sell snow to Eskimos if someone will pay him to do that. I mention him because on Facebook I saw a clip of his show from June of this year, where he shows a clip of a rebel leader in Syria cutting out the heart of a rival soldier and eating it...

Well, you won't see Brian Williams show that on his program. I'm not even sure if back in June Brian even mentioned that guy doing that. The cannibal in question is someone that we would be giving guns and power to and Glenn's bit went on to show Russia's Vladimir Putin apparently asking (in Russian) if that was the sort of guy we wanted to give guns and power to. Very good question.

The answer probably is "yes". A better question might be, why is Glenn Beck siding with Putin? I don't fucking know. He started whining about progressive democrats AND republicans and why they would give guns to that guy and take them away from, I guess that was the point of that. I really think he just goes up there and wings it. He's a failed stand up comic and I think he falls  back on that and just riffs to see who is paying attention rather than laughing. It's not about what he says, it's all in how he says it that reels certain people in and keeps them coming back.

I'm not well versed in the Syria situation. I know it's a ...syriass...situation but my take on it is we're going to do whatever we do based on money rather than morals or any sort of humanity. Duh! Gassing people is awful but, awful shit happens all over the world ever day. It's just more urgent when it happens on ground that has oil under it. Sorry, Africa.

So, are e-cigs as bad as regular cigarettes? We will probably never know because, like everything else in the world today, it's  a matter of opinion. The e-cigs are essentially cigarettes without smoke. There's a vapor instead of smoke and a thing that you fake-smoke it out of that looks like a cigarette...and that's probably the problem. It's likely safe as all get out but- BUT- the government or somebody in authority thinks it might promote smoking real cigarettes so, a study has to be commissioned that finds e-cigs to be just fucking awful. It's like battling obesity. Any fucking billionaire moron knows that you have to ban large sodas to eliminate obesity. Again- DUH!

Frankly, I think they are just looking for a way to tax the bejesus out of e-cigs like they do the real ones. That's a money-maker and that is what makes the world go around. You heard it here first.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Big Bother

Between the two, I always figured I'd prefer to participate in the Big Brother show rather than Survivor because on BB you can smoke and drink. I don't do a lot of either but, I like having the option. Survivor is like a 37 day commitment(?) if you hang around long enough to make the jury- or win- and BB is nearly three months. Yikes.

I've noticed in watching both shows that the contestants tend to be very knowledgeable students of the game. They frequently talk about past players and moves they made or should have made, as they plot their own moves. This is interesting because I remember the train wreck that was the first season. No one knew how to play the game and towards the end the remaining players threatened to walk out unless the producers told them what the heck was going on. It was pretty funny but, pathetic at the Network level. After a couple of months, the remaining players must have wondered if this thing was ever going to end. I remember a guy with one leg won. That's how unusual the game was. Most games, two-legged people win. They have a leg up, it seems....

Anyway, the players today know the ins and outs far better than a casual viewer like me. I watch every season but, I have little room in my head for but a handful of players. I can't picture most of the people they talk about unless they were over-the-top obnoxious and even then, I don't really know the names. I think most of these people- though they want to win the $500,000- are trying to become actors. The players tend to be attractive and/or very personable. And young. Both shows have dabbled in middle-aged contestants but, chicks in bikinis and handsome dudes are better for ratings. A couple of people from Survivor have gone on to other TV exposure, to different degrees, but, Big Brother seems to be the red-headed step-child as far as an avenue to fame. No one has wound up hosting a cable show like Colby from Survivor or been a sliver of tea party fluff  on "The View" like Elizabeth Hasslebeck was.  Some on BB may just be looking for something to do on their summer vacation.

This season I discovered that there is extra coverage on TVGN (the TV Guide Network) that scrolls your cable listings (um, check your local listings for that...) and it's fairly interesting. It made me change my mind about secretly wanting to be on the show. The 'live' feed shows how fucking boring the experience can be as the players seem to spend most of their time lying around in bed.  But, it also gives you behind the scenes info that doesn't make it to the 'official' show.

For example, the cute little blonde who had been portrayed as a racist, turns out to be a tramp as well. Twenty two years old and evidently the little spank has been with 23 fellas. She's tied with the young dude who had won at everything in life....until he got evicted from the show...not even making the jury. That fucking loser probably has banged a few more chicks since getting bounced from the show because the line; "I've been on TV!" can now be used in his repertoire. Oh- I think number 23, BTW, was the hot bartender gal from Minnesota. That's what he claimed.  Everything these people do is filmed so, it must be on tape somewhere. His winning her was a claim he made to the boys and can be taken with a grain of salt but, they were an item- what they call a showmance. My guess is she blew him under the covers. I don't know if  they let the people take off their microphones while sleeping or not. The idea is that every moment of their lives is filmed and recorded but, they draw the line at pooping and showering. Not sure if they draw the line at sleeping and undercover activities. Would the producers want to listen to people snoring? Slurping, maybe.

Anyway, the cute blonde bragging about her conquests, I actually missed. This was brought to my attention by a fan of the show on the Offbeat Forum. I thought Aaryn- the blonde in question- was simply relaying Jeremy's track record of winning. Who knew she was such a stud? She must be quite the stud to get so many men to sleep with her. She's probably got a huge- oops- make that a really tight vagina. Sheesh. All things being equal in life, we don't have to complain that sexually active women are called "sluts" while sexually active men are called "studs". They're both sluts. How 'bout that? Sexual parity in this post-sexual revolution world. Yay. Get tested kids. One of these people is back out on the streets and the other one will be in a few weeks.

It's things like that though that make the show more interesting if not also more real in it's fakeness. I can't say that the show isn't faked and scripted. I heard one of the players say that they are told before the show starts that "it's not a level playing field..." and I'm not sure what that means. It certainly sounds in the diary room interviews like the replies are scripted. Most all reality shows are like that. Most of these shows, the people are not actors so, much of what they say has to sound forced and faked because we're not trained or experienced actors. If the winner is predetermined, it's a long way to go to give someone half a million dollars. I think things are guided and maybe nudged a little a bit along the way. The second a player starts to talk about his or her diary room sessions or anything regarding production, a Big Brother producer gets on the house speaker and yells at them to stop. They really are listening. It's annoying to my old ears when they whisper but, I think that is to keep their enemies from hearing rather than the producers or fans.

And the drinking? It's not a party every night. Apparently it's up to the producers if and how much they drink.  They must not want the people getting wasted because when they do give them alcohol, it's in extremely odd and sad amounts. Like- FOUR cans of beer and TWO bottles of wine for eight or more people! I can appreciate that they don't want drunken brawls every night even though that might be a ratings bonanza but, sheesh- the blonde tramp would probably call that amount of booze her Monday night back home. Come on, let these people live a little! THAT is real life. I guess I'll stay on Topix. No half million in prize money there but, I can play in my boxers. However, the producers are always yelling at me...FERRERMAN! QUIT PICKING ON THE TARDS! And there's really no chance of winning.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


I hope that asshole is getting paid for that because nobody should be that stupid for free!

I say that a lot while reading people's comments on the internet. But, alas, they are. While there are certainly paid posters all over the internet, I severely doubt they are on Topix and, they shouldn't quit their night job at 7-11. It's not a lucrative deal. AND, one of the requirements is you have to sound like you know what your're talking about. Parroting Glenn Beck or Foxnews just doesn't get it. Nor does it show much initiative either.

We Americans are (obviously) impressed by money. John Steinbeck noted that true socialism would never take hold here because every American sees himself as a temporarily embarrassed millionaire. And that was during The Great Depression when half the country was in line for soup! This is basically why we don't want millionaires taxed. You, me and the bus driver are each one lottery ticket away from being rich. And we don't want the gubmint fleecing our brothers and  sisters now when we will surely be joining them, probably after tonight's drawing.

You may, for example, cringe and guffaw at clips on TOSH.O where young men are punching each other in the nuts but, what if I told you those boys were getting paid a thousand dollars a day for that?

They're not. But, I got your attention and you were just about to say: Ferrerman- where do I sign up??!! And half of you don't even have nuts. Ya cheaters.

Really, Topix is more like people punching each other in the nuts but, the point is, they do it for free. Nobody but the mods are getting paid to post and they can't be getting paid much. Oh- and Sublime. But a foreign car company about to close it's doors in America pays him to post Letters To Penthouse on Topix, not Topix itself. This is America in the 21st century. Everyone knows that no one gets rich by properly compensating employees. Duh!

But, I digress. IF someone is getting paid- well paid- to slam Unions, advocate against the minimum wage, being in favor of restricting voting as much as possible, and arming Americans for the express purpose of race and class warfare, essentially making America an exclusive, members only club then I will say, OK, it's how this asshole makes a living. I get that part. It probably pays better than those less-lucrative nut-punching positions. AND you get to work from home or the job you don't realize you are advocating paying YOU less for barely doing the job you have now.

But, the reality is that 99.9% of the time, the asshole you see spouting off on Topix or elsewhere on the internet is doing it for free and doing it just because they are an asshole. Topix is like a dating service for idiots. How else- short of a Klan rally- would these people find themselves?

See, these people- especially the ones that scream about how much they love America- hate America more than any ten Al Qaeda members you could find. They really do. Nobody hates Americans more than other Americans. It's in all the papers and on the news on TV all the time.

Think about it. Is Al Qaeda working to restrict Americans voting rights? Are they the ones looking to cut welfare and unemployment compensation to Americans and destroying Unions? Are they the ones advocating arming all Americans to protect themselves from other Americans? Is Al Qaeda the ones working to virtually enslave the American woman or is it the Baptists in concert with ALEC? I know they are not the ones poisoning our water supply while promising jobs and lower gas prices because Congress would be very upset if foreigners were doing that because Al Qaeda doesn't pay like Exxon does.

But ya know, virtually every virtual asshole with anti-Ferrerman sentiment believes the aforementioned anti-American sentiment is true and worth fighting for, even if it means killing Americans. And they love, love, LOVE America! Doesn't it show? To paraphrase Gandhi: I like your America, I do not like your Americans.

So, paid posters on Topix? No. Just assholes spreading the love on the internet. For free. While ALEC and Al Qaeda sit back reaping what they sow.

It keeps labor costs waaaay down and what potential millionaire couldn't love that?  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

FIRED!!! Why would a Ferrerman care?

Well, he said he didn't quit....and that he wasn't fired but, Charlie Manuel is no longer manager of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Hall Of Famer, Ryne Sandberg, was named interim manager, moving from the third base coaches box into the dug out. Good for Ryno! He has been wanting to manage at the Big League level for several years now. Evidently he had asked prior to the Cubs hiring Lou Pinella maybe seven years ago but, had no managing experience at the time. Hall Of Fame or not, it's customary that a man move up in the ranks, usually beginning in "A" ball, in the low minors. Jim Hendry, them General Manager of the Cubs gave Sandberg that position either to appease him or to groom him. Most minor league managers are baseball lifers with different degrees of hope to get to The Show like the players they coach. But, unlike the players, a home run swing or a wicked curve are going to fast-track them. Even a winning record is no guarantee of promotion. Sandberg rose through the ranks with success at each level but, when Pinella retired a couple of years ago he interviewed but did not get the parent club's  job. It was said that Hendry didn't like him and it was his decision to make.

Hendry went with Jim Quadde, a guy who was no more or less qualified than Sandberg. I was on the fence about that move.  Managers are hired to get fired. Whether dickhead Hendry liked him or not, if Ryno had taken the job then he was doomed to a team that could at best hope to be .500 for the next couple of seasons. People get frustrated with mediocrity and want trades and heads, sooner than later. Hendry was no genius but, he did Sandberg a favor by not hiring him that year. Quadde was a hapless nice fella who clearly was overwhelmed by the job and just thrilled to be there. It showed in post game interviews. He was gone after a year and so was Hendry.

Enter Theo Epstein as GM and a mission to rebuild. This is where and when I thought the Cubs should go with Sandberg. His minor league stints had show his ability to manage young players, some of whom are with the Cubs now. I saw him as a natural for a rebuilding program. Theo Epstein saw Dale Sveum. Theo never listens to me.

Sveum is alright. My only real problem with him is his hard to pronounce name. Gosh, I wish Harry Carey were still around! Sveum spelled backwards, by the way, is Muevs.

Sveum is doing a good job with what he's got. Theo is unloading dead  heads like Marmol and big contracts like Soriano and the Cubs are, well, rebuilding. As a manager you work with what you've got. You can't pitch and hit for these guys. I'm not going to be one of these armchair geniuses who don't like the way he handles pitchers, and other cliches. Baseball is a business and managers manage as much as they are allowed to. Sometimes that means trotting out the closer who real, REALLY, seems to be getting paid by the other team because somebody fucked up and paid him too much money. It's like you are the GOP and you have to say with a straight face that Palin or Herman Cain is perfect for the job....

Business. Ryne Sandberg knows that now. The Phillies mightcould  finish at .500 this season with Sandberg at the helm but, they were going to do that with Manuel anyway. As interim manager, there is no guarantee that Sandberg gets the job next year. In fact, it's typical that a favored coach takes over until they decide who they might go with for the next season. Sandberg was drafted by the Phillies back in the day but, his HOF career was with the Cubs. I can't speak for Phillie fans but, I doubt they love him like we do. He's a class act as a ballplayer and a man and Cub fans wish him the best, even if it's not with us.

Now, who do I replace Larry Meber with? Tough question for a Hall Of Fame Ferrerman. I've got a guy in the minor leagues that I've been bringing along. Maybe he's ready...

Friday, August 16, 2013

I really hate to say this....

The truest threat to America is other Americans. Forget Muslims. There really is no group hated by Americans more than Americans!

There's over 300 million of us here. The odds are that scores of millions of us would be assholes. There is just no getting around that.

Except for the occasional vote banning Sharia Law, every law passed in this country is aimed at restricting the rights of fellow Americans. There is no getting around that either. We try so hard to restrict American's voting. Isn't that weird? Land of the free, home of the brave and all that. We are perpetually reminded that men died on the beach at Normandy because our freedom was (obliquely) threatened by Germany, yet we see nothing wrong with hindering the freedom of fellow Americans whether it be voting, whom they may have sex with or what sex they might be.

So, it's all well and good that grandpa died protecting us from the Germans and the Japanese, who protects us from US?

These assholes on Topix that I make fun of are real people. Well, several of them are. A lot of them are repeats, of course. But, there really are idiots out there on the roads and in offices that are Sublime, Kevin, Bex, Sam and so on. Many of the stupid things they parrot on the threads were said by actual tea party people/GOP people who were elected to public office! You and I can laugh at these knuckleheads but, I'm not making these assholes up. Some idiot bagger thinks up a way to restrict the rights of other Americans, tells some idiots that (for example) not feeding poor children will save money AND make the country "strong again"(?) and some asshole who graduated at the bottom of his law class and posts on Topix all day will agree!

And I could go on because that's all these cocksuckers do is go on about how to hate Americans for fun and profit. It may be fun for them but it's for the profit of others.

Most of the world- it seems- hates America. The drone attacks and wrong country invading does NOT endear us to the world but, those are not the best reasons to hate us. The fact that we're assholes who pretty much condone those actions is one thing but, if the rest of the world really put some thought into it, they would hate us because we are so ugly to each other. There is no good reason for this, mind you. It's just that We are the greatest country....IN THE WORLD whether we are enslaving one race while trying to wipe out another. It's the same now even while our politicians and cable news outlets teach us to hate each other because it keeps us from realizing- as a people- that we're getting screwed, and they're keeping us from doing something about it.

So, yeah, hate us but, don't hate us like we hate us. Hate us because we're idiots and obscenely proud of that.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Enlist Today! Men With Tanks Paid Extra!

"If I ran my business like the government, I'd be OUT OF BUSINESS!"

You know one aspect of BIG GOVERNMENT that should change and be run at a profit? The military! We outspend the next seven closest governments combined when it comes to the military. Well, that is what happens when you get the government controlling things!

We need to privatize the military. As it is now, not only is it socialist but it is choking on government regulation. This is because there is NO COMPETITION! If you privatize the military, the free market takes over. This country was built on free market capitalism. The military hemorrhages money and constantly has to ask for more from the government.

If we privatized the military and got free market capitalists involved, you would see armies run at a profit. Get the private sector involved!

George Washington- I think you know who he was- was against standing armies. He used to run a standing army so, I think he knew what he was talking about. In fact, the Second Amendment of our constitution allows for militias, saying nothing about standing armies. So, there you go. Exactly what part of "...shall not be infringed..." do you not understand, by the way?

Don't you think that, with their business expertise, companies like McDonalds, Walmart or JC Penny could operate armies or navies, not only at a profit (as God intended) but at a low cost to the consumer?

Back in Washington's day we had mom and pop militias. A lot of them started up to protect local areas and property from angry and or discontented property, known at the time as  "slaves". Well, loooong story there but, businessmen ran militias to handle that problem. And they did really well until government got involved. We got away from all that. We need to get that back.

Goodness- if we can run prisons and healthcare at a profit, I think our private sector, entrepreneurial minds can run an army or two at a profit.  It will create new jobs- as long as the tax breaks are there (business hires when they have extra money from not having to pay taxes- DUH!) and, with Obamacare and all, those jobs will mostly be part time jobs to get around that. But, that is how business works. The government failed to realize that.  Military pensions are expensive! Private armies will offer a 401k plan for full-time employees instead. Those are practically foolproof, I should mention.

Just some thoughts here. I haven't worked out all the details. That's for better minds than mine! Not everything in life is meant to be run at a profit. I thought churches were and that they were doing well but they keep getting involved with politics and government. It's as if they want government to take them over! Weird!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Show me the TROLLFAX!

It's interesting that, after Sublime's sorta passionate, sorta defense of *Sue* and justifying her activities as Angelique770, *Sue* throws him under the Topix bus by saying those socks were given to her by Topix! "bequeathed" was the $7 word she used. It's the Topix version of, "It was like that when I got here....".

Well, shit- that explains that! Any fucking idiot would have to believe that!

This might be a new money-making scheme some enterprising job creator might like to get in on. You could probably do it without any employees so, it's a republican job creator's wet dream.

As Suegelique770 pointed out in the threads when she defended her selves against the accusation that she was a serial nut job, she was simply "...bequeathed some interesting socks". Obviously, when you register with Topix they give you a profile, one that they have laying around on the shelf. You get to give it a new name and photo but, it's previously owned, like an Audi or pistol. Who knew?

Well, I hope whoever had my profile before me was a handsome, charming, witty, bottom-spanker!

Sue got stuck with angry, bitter, nasty profiles with sad, anti-Ferrerman sentiment!

I'm glad I didn't get any of those! YIKES!

That's why I think someone needs to invent TROLLFAX. This would be a service that researches the history of a Topix profile to uncover whether it has been used in any past trolling.

I'm thinking of commercials where a little cartoon troll accompanies a person while they are profile shopping at Topix and the cartoon troll says: "Show me the TROLLFAX!" And them the shopper says: "Yeah, show me the TROLLFAX!!"  

And the Topix profile-giver gets all nervous and, instead of offering profiles for free they'll just give them away.

But, the important thing will be that new posters or serial nut jobs will get brand sorta new, certified, pre-owned, profiles with a complete history of all trolling accompanying each one. Make sense?

Of course not. It's fucking stupid.

But, just to be safe, since a certain Sue might be unloading several dozen socks in the near future, ask for the TROLLFAX if you are shopping for a profile on Craigslist, a garage sale or if some creepy dude approaches you in a dark alley. It can't help to ask for the TROLLFAX but, it couldn't hurt either!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ferrerman felt he had never slept in a better bed.

Hegel and I have been doing a bit of research, looking into the ways and means of the poster, Sue, formerly known as Angelique770. Well, that and a few dozen others, I should say! Sue, Susan, Princess Sue, et al, all have denied any association with the notorious Angelique770 and her obsession with this Ferrerman. She and friends like Kevin and Perse who wouldn't know and Sublime who would know, all denied that Sue was anyone but the lame poster she presented herself as when she arrived at the Main Topix Forum. There was an element of plausible deniability even though we knew this bitch was guilty as sin. 

So, as we've outlined here, A770 evolved and devolved into a variety of characters, kinda pissing all over any plausible deniability that there might have been. She's kinda loony toons, I might add. It's fairly interesting because most people who knew her back in the day would probably say she was incapable of showing any personality other than that of the half-assed, sometimes French, therapist that she had portrayed herself when she first went to war with me on the Chicago forum, in '09. We shall see who exactly was trolling whom.

I gotta tell ya kids, don't try these stunts at home! I think these stunts were either performed by a Topix employee or someone who is thisclose with one. How many times can you change a profile before someone at Topix says "Cut it out! Pick one!"

Strap yourselves in. It's going to be a bumpy ride....

Here’s Angelique unregistered:
And here she is in her original  Angelique770  account which is now  _Anabella_

Of course, some of you will remember her incarnation as  _Chiarra_

Now here’s where it get’s interesting!  On this thread where she was hoping to hide from trolls,
Angelique770  created a new account.    A sock named....._Camille_.   Or IS SHE?

Oops, although  _Camille_ remains alive in the reply, she seems to have undergone a name
change to Cutest Troll.   From Susanville!

Now, that’s not the only time Angelique770 openly used an account to hide.  Here she is as

Oops, although Veronique remains alive in the reply, she seems to have undergone a name change to  _Oh Well  (Princess Sue’s Prop Emissary).

The above is the thread where she met teenagers who later became the Topix Keepers, asking them to come to her rescue.    She worked hard to convince them that two people were trolling her:  Raptor and Ferrerman.    As soon as they saw what she was doing her “husband”, Sean, showed up.  He likes using the term “pussboi” a lot.   (Strangely enough, Sean posts for points with Susan’s other socks!)

Not long after that, another person entered the fray to support the poor victim.  This one went by the name of  _Elmer Fudd.  Classic!

Oops, although _Elmer Fudd remains alive in the reply, he seems to have undergone a name change to Says Who_, yet another resident of Susanville.   I wonder where else, besides posting for points in various places, Says Who_   might turn up?

Why, here’s another familiar face and resident of Susanville!  It’s good ol’ Princess Sues Sock.  Small world, eh?    

Please note that at the time, the sock hadn’t yet undergone a name change and was still known
as Raptor_, a clone sock of a poster Angelique770 didn’t like very much.
Back to new identities!   Here’s Angelique770 with another one!

Ahhh, Susans Troll is ALSO from Susanville but must have undergone a name change because she used to be known as  _Francesca_

Whew!   Is anyone confused yet?

Here’s another friend of Susan’s socks!  Why its... _Gail_.   Although back in the day she was known as _Angelique_.    Better safe than sorry, I guess!

Let’s take a little break.  I know I need one.  Rather than focusing on names, let’s focus on what is said.   Here’s one to bear in mind.
“Your isp "location" is stupid easy to spoof. Lots of free browser plugins will do it in a crude fashion by simply forwarding you through an open proxy server in a different town.
If you want to get fancy, use a packet interceptor and set up a man-in-the middle. You can change things like your ip and mac address inside the packet. You just need to be familiar with how these attributes are encoded inside the tcpip packets. Easy since its an open protocol. It's not to hard, a smart 5th grader could probably do it...”

Back to the socks and names and socks and names!   This one can be found posting with his friends from Susanville on lots of the points threads these days, so maybe you’re not surprised to see him jumping into this thread.  He used to go by another name that’s a play on a real one.  See it in the reply.

Yikes!  Says Who_/_Elmer Fudd is not a very nice person!

Next on the list is Far Drifter, another friend of the Susanville crowd on the points threads.  But you’ll be surprised at what his name used to be.  Yep, ANOTHER name change!  This time to Ex-Ferrerman

It appears Far Drifter is an AC/DC aficionado.   Very un-Sue-like, but then most of this is.  And that’s the point, isn’t it?   I thought I hadn’t met Sue before the main forum.  She told us all she’d only ever posted on the Evolution/Atheist forums.  Apparently, that was another lie.
But she has been on those forums.  Fancy meeting all of these folks here!

Far Drifter/Ex-Ferrerman liked to visit faraway places but his story stayed the same.  See if you can connect the dots!  (in reply, and oops, I don’t think the kid had been told the truth about that sock.)  (Elvis fans need to know!  And check out the one about the blog up above.  Sounds familiar!)

Far Drifter is more interested in points these days, as are most of the others but they do make appearances here and there.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


There has been a tremendous influx of visitors to the Ferrerman blog these past several months. For many of these non-readers, mine is the first blog they likely ever not-read. If they are used to Topix, for example, they have a bit of trouble with the comments portion of the blog.

I, like most bloggers, screen comments. If you've ever seen Topix or been pretty much anywhere on the internet where commenting is allowed, you know that people say the darnedest things! If you don't screen comments, you'll spend a lot of time deleting comments after the fact. Most of us like to head folks off at the pass.

For example, one non-reader who calls himself "itk cub fan" got angry because I neglected to post a really vulgar comment he made about "Dondo Dork". I may not like Dork  (and I don't) but, publishing disgusting comments made by others does me no good. "itk cub fan" took umbrage at this and now he posts "sup pie" in revenge. Amazingly, I don't  publish that either!

Someone else who is"anonymous" posts stuff that is also provocative but not in a disgusting, anti-Dork way like itk cub fan. But, what this person posts is more conducive to Topix than the blog. I like the comments to be about the post or relative to it in a dialogue promoting way. I don't even know if it's the same anonymous because, well, they are anonymous. Topix like posts taunting others can be fun if they are fun. Most of these haven't been.

Though I write about Topixtown and it's wacky denizens, this blog is not an extension of Topix. I think some of these disgruntled non-readers might be used to being on the good side of censorship as they travel the mean streets of Topixtown with a concealed moderator in their pocket. This ain't like that. This is me, a Ferrerman and his blog.