Friday, December 30, 2011

Flattery will get you nowhere.

A new friend advised me that Topix had finally gotten around to improving their search engine so that folks could find threads easier. I had given up on using it to find threads I had almost forgotten about because, in the past, you had to to spell (or misspell) a thread's title EXACTLY like the bonehead who started the thread wrote. Sheesh- what were they doing being so anal? I mean, with google all you have to do is get close to the neighborhood and they'll get you where you want to be as if they knew what you were going for before you did. Whereas google searches for information all over the universe, the Topix search engine only has it's own Topix self to search and it couldn't even get that right. It's like walking into the Scotch Tape store, asking for some Scotch tape and being told they couldn't find any but, could you check your spelling please?

So, I googled- typed in- "Ferrerman" and was quickly rewarded with 21 threads about Ferrerman! Some, I hadn't even known about. Many had zero comments on them. They weren't very popular considering I'm rather popular in my un-popularity. I kinda though there would be closer to one hundred. Sheesh- what's a Ferrer got to do to get disrespect around here? A Ferrerman can't live on bad icons alone.

Except for two that I started myself just to be a Ferrerman, all the others were started by the troll generally known as "Sam".

I hesitate to refer to Sam as "my troll" partly because he really belongs to so many posters but mostly because I don't care to have ownership of the idiot. Some posters are flattered to have trolls of their own. I am not. I just don't see anything special about having what amounts to a stalker on the internet. Do you think John Lennon died with a smile on his face knowing that someone was obsessed enough with him to kill him? I doubt it made him feel special.

I might joke that I wish I had a better class of enemy but, the reality is that if I did those persons wouldn't be enemies. I'm a target because of my liberal politics. There is no one on the internet who is an "R" or a "T" whom I envy or even respect. Certainly none I fear. Some are just less annoying than ohers.

Well, OK, it's very likely that statements like that don't win me friends amongst the allegedly conservative crowd. But, my point is, I would not want these types as my friends. Dedicated non-readers know this. I've written a bit about this....

So, I'm not impressed that someone devotes so much time to me. I'm high-profile in the small world of Topix and if I weren't hated for my politics, I'd be hated for something else, like other posters are. Ya know, there's probably even some people who take issue with my pro-spanking of women's bottoms stance. I KNOW! How could they?

Oh well, it's nice that someone cares, right? It's the thought that counts.

It figures

I always figured that 10% of the population just doesn't get it. "It" can be there inability to conform to societal standards of respectability, alcohol/drug consumption, criminal activity- just about anything. It also includes people who grow up under varying degrees of priviledge, the same as the majority, but just don't advance along the same path as the rest of us. That same 10% figure might also speak for those that succeed in life despite the supposed handicap of poverty or race. Some will, despite the long odds, overcome adversity and some will, despite the good odds, stumble through life. There are alcoholics and criminals from the best and worst homes and from the best and worst families, regardless of race, income or gender.

It is what it is and on an individual basis we deal with it as best we can. Society too has a vested interest in this and it's why we set aside money to, for example, make sure poor children at least begin their day with food in their stomachs that their parents cannot always provide. You might say it's the Christian thing to do. You might not because other religions also provide and promote such benevolence. Suffice to say, it's the humane thing to do.

It's also thought that 10% of the population is left-handed. About the same number is gay. Again, that's just the way it is. Nuns can whack lefties on the knuckles to try to change them and Marcus Bachmann can try to pray away the gay of that 10% but, these things don't alter the natural course of people's being.

We're supposed to be the greatest country in the history of the world. We might be. We invented baseball and the '57 Chevy. Say what you will about Rome but, they didn't begin to do anything that cool.

So, why all of a sudden can we not feed our poor? How is *cost effective* now important in that equation? There were always redneck whiners who resented welfare- maybe 10% of the population- but, now there seem to be far more. In good economies these people resented giving handouts to others. If I can sorta *get* that during good times, they completely lose me during bad times. "GET A GODDAMNED JOB!"  doesn't sound very helpful in the midst of a recession or a depression. Is it somehow easier now? How so? How does eliminating the safety nets of welfare, unemployment benefits and school lunch programs promote society or encourage people to be more productive?

What you get is starving, angry poor people. It's like the tough love of the dads who, to teach the child to swim, chunk them in the lake. Sink or swim. I hate hearing those childhood stories from well-meaning, successful people. They never end with "...and that's why I won ten medals at the Olympics!"  They are as much bullshit as the knuckleheads I've known who bragged- and thanked- their dad's for beating the hell out of them, every day of their young lives to create the twice-jailed, alcoholic scumbag holding the paintbrush before you today. IF I had a dollar for everytime I heard that on a paint crew.... And not to pick on painters, because I am one but, only about 10% of us can really bring it on the job....

These republican ideals and values they are promoting disgust me. Perhaps you could tell? You cannot call America The Greatest Nation EVER, while turning it's back on its poor citizens. I think other countries are beginning to talk about us. Our enemies know that we can be had. If you sit by the river long enough you will see the body of your enemy float by.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Going out of business

There is a plethora of survival shows on cable these days. Gun shows too. Are they preparing us for a republican presidency?  I have to wonder.

We're still in a recession no matter what the news programs tell us and these things just don't end according to the calendar or because some man preached to the biggest choir. But with the R's telling us that we cannot survive as a nation being kind to our fellow man, woman and child, and that- it turns out- was the way our founding fathers intended it, we best get to surviving as they did. Since we're the greatest nation EVER, we should have no problem doing that.

So, perhaps to build towards (backwards?) to that there are more shows about shooting and eating bugs while lost in the woods with a camera crew than there were shows about buying houses with no money down a few years ago, where we learned that you cannot go wrong with real estate.

With republicans taking a chain saw to BIG GOVERNMENT (something they could have done at the beginning of this century- but there wasn't a colored guy in the White House at the time so, it didn't seem important....) we are all going to learn to live without a few safety nets in life that our founders never intended anyway. Things like Social Security, unemployment compensation, welfare, minimum wage laws, unions, etc. et-fucking-cetera. Basically anything thing that smacks of kindness and costs money that could be put to better use by Wall Street and other magical job creators. BIG GOVERNMENT's only role should be waging war against Islamic nations. That's it.

It makes a lot of sense if you don't think about. We could have near total employment if we eliminated minimum wage and those damn unions. Eliminating corporate taxes and those job killing government agencies like the EPA would practically overnight bring millions of jobs back from overseas. If they would only let the free market dictate wages and where sewage could be spilled into lakes and rivers, we could make this country strong again! How? I have no fucking idea. But, everyone who watches Foxnews is absolutely certain of this and they are number one in cable news.

I know what you're thinking: "Ferrerman, I have a pretty good job right now and I don't want to make $2 an hour!"

What are you- Muslim? The R's are offering total employment!

"But Ferrerman, how can I feed my family, making- $2 times 8 hours....$16 a day?!"

EIGHT HOURS!!? What are you- a fucking communist? That'll be a 16 hour day, ya lazy bastard. And don't moan about daycare and school either. Little Johnny and Janie will be right alongside you earning their way through life and learning the value of  a dollar, 25 cents at a time.

"No way THAT happens, Ferrerman! I won't be able to shop at Walmart at those rates. America needs me to be a consumer too, ya know!"

Oh, really? Do the children in Malayasia who make the Nikes, wear Nikes? No, because if they did, Nikes would  be really cheap and unappealing to consumers elsewhere in the world. The Nikes that you and the kids make will sold for big bucks to the Chinese and Brazillians who have yet to be fully exploited by our corporations. Those people are not all  'gimme-gimme' like Americans were before they returned to their roots and made America strong again!

And the gunshows? Them R's are pretty big on the 2nd amendment, They want EVERYONE to have guns, as the Founders gloriously intended!

Guns? No. The last thing you need in such situations is an armed populace angry at having to work for a fraction of their former wages. I don't know how the motherfuckers intend to do it but a republican will take your guns away. Have you noticed that Obama hasn't? Despite all the fears that he would, he hasn't. Hmmmm....

And that Constitution and those Founders? Inside of a generation- more likely sooner- you won't hear about those fellas anymore. They were revolutionaries. Seditionists. They are the kind of men we need right now. I bet they are spinning in their graves.  They gave us a good run though.... From the ashes of America, one day there might be more of their kind to lead us back to where we were before corporate America burned the place down for the insurance.    

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I did not come here to be annoyed!

Oh, Ferrerman, where do you usually go to be annoyed?

Well, Topix, of course but that isn't important right now.

I was on The Huffington Post this morning, looking at their comedy page- TRYING TO- because as I scrolled up and down, a survey went up and down with me. You've seen these. You can make them go away by clicking on the "X". Or, you can do what they WANT you to do and take the survey. Either or, they've got you (and Ferrerman) jumping through their hoops.

I understand that advertising pays for the internet and yada-effing-yada and that because of that we have to put up with some degree of crap, like sitting through commercial before we see some videos. Ok. And is HUGE on asking for donations before you see there stuff. This HuffPo thing is too much like that.

The either/or  thing pisses me off. You either take the survey or x it out. You either contribute to Moveon or x it out. Or you can opt to not go to those sites and see what they offer.

Well, that's not gonna happen and you know, they know it and Ferrerman knows it so, why do they have to fucking annoy people?

I guess that like everything else in our world today, the numbers people have to have their numbers to tell them what people are thinking. No doubt Xing out the surveys counts as a view and that means something to the numbers people and that something somehow adds up to dollars, somehow....

I think they just enjoy annoying people. They remind me of Earl, a dude I worked with in New Orleans back in the 20th century who liked to stop women on the street and compliment them on their appearance. That was his pick up technique.

I asked Earl if that had ever worked and, no, up to that point it had not but, he told me, "If it works once in 10,000 tries, it will have WORKED!"

Well, shit. He's probably a millionaire several times over in telemarketing because that kind of bullshit logic just has to be rewarded by the masses! Leastways it seems to be the common logic of all advertising once they reach the point where commercials just don't cut it anymore and they have to take hostages to move their product.

The last time I saw Earl, my girl and I were going downtown on the streetcar on St Charles avenue and Earl and his buddy were with their dates. The buddy's date was really good looking. Earl's date might have been her mother. Earl looked a little sheepish seeing Joy and I.  Could be that Earl  was trying to invent MILF's that day but he settled for a cougar.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

RON PAUL!!!!!!!

I've been wanting to write about Ron Paul and-

No, I haven't. I've not really been wanting to write about Rob Paul. Rather, I've been thinking that I should.

See, he's the bum of the month or "party savior" as the republicans might call it instead because "Bum Of The Month" just doesn't have the proper zest for a front-running candidate and "party savior" is pretentious, even for the same folks who derisively dubbed Obama "The Messiah" of the democratic party.

It was just a week or so ago that Ron Paul was not getting the proper respect or turn as the GOP bum of the month and people thought he never would. That wasn't fair because everybody but Santorum and Huntsman have had their turn as have people like Trump, Palin and Christie who haven't even actually run this season. Worse, for Paul, Santorum and Huntsman, was that people were making noise about Jeb Bush! Yikes! Only three years removed from the eight year reign of terror of one of the worst presidents in history and people were talking about appointing his brother as POTUS??!! Wasn't that the whole idea of Rick Perry?

It was like Ron Paul couldn't catch a break. Of all the candidates, to me he seemed the most tea partyish/constitutiony/small governmenty of them all. But Foxnews treated him like the goofy uncle everybody describes him as and talked behind his back a lot. When they did talk to him it was to get his opinion on whoever the current front runner was. That's kinda like a father asking one boyfriend what he thinks of the other guys who are fucking his daughter.

More than the other GOP candidates, Ron Paul makes sense if you don't think too much about much of  what he says. He doesn't think we should be fighting wars all the time and I'm in favor of that. It makes sense also that the threat of terrorism might pretty much go away if we quit fucking with these Arab/Muslim countries. And why do we go around arresting all our drug users? Sheesh- if you wanna get high, what business is it of the government? And I think instead of spending billions on a fence between here and Mexico, he's in favor of enforcing the laws already in place and eliminating the lure of jobs by cracking down on those who hire illegals. That is a Ferrerman idea, dedicated non-readers might recall. Actually, to be fair to me, so is the isolationist platform. We can't force democracy on other countries and pay for it with the blood of our boys and girls (and Chinese loans). It took a generation or two but the world figured out that, left to it's own devices, communism will fail whether we shoot at it or not so- save the bullets. Same with people who insist on worshipping Allah. It's their business.

Most of life is walking in the other fella's shoes a bit and thinking about how you might react to anything, as he would. This is pretty simple stuff. Would we like to be invaded by another country because they didn't like our leader, thought we had WMD's (WE DO!!!) and their VP had a financial interest in rebuilding whatever they blew up at the expense of that country's taxpayers?

No. And, no, it's not any different because we think or know that we are the GREATEST COUNTRY EVAH!!!! That doesn't  matter. Would we accept such rationale from China or Russia? If God not be for us, who could be against us? Make the world England?

We don't have to police the world nor do we have to act like we're Mormon missionaries out to convert the world. We could just let people be. How 'bout that? We could just let Ron Paul be too. He's just a crazy old uncle, ya know, hardly worth writing about, especially when he starts rambling on about "The Fed"....

Besides, I think it's Santorum's turn about now....

Saturday, December 10, 2011

And another thing....

Absolutely worse than closet case teapublicans are the republican candidates I watched tonight being interviewed by Mike Huckabee and three state's attorney generals. Yikes.

If you believe that our Civil War WAS NOT AT ALL ABOUT SLAVERY and was strictly about STATE'S RIGHTS amongst states that (IRONY ALERT!) just happened to disagree about slavery then, you might be surprised to learn that our next civil war could very well be about states rights.

Not a good idea then, nor now. The AG's, even the spankable blonde one, scared me more than the candidates. Well, maybe. Ron Paul was there....Newt....Perry....I think Santorum showed....both Romney's showed.... The usual suspects minus that Herman Palin dude.

BIG GOVERNMENT has been in the news since the day Barack Obama got elected and increased the government by one black guy, causing much consternation amongst the second-place finishers who felt government could get smaller by getting him out and one of theirs in. I've done the math and that works out to an even trade actually.

So, that math might have occured to them too so, they decided to also focus on trying to eliminate other portions of government that weren't Obama but they didn't like either. You know- stuff like the EPA, FDA, and other letters of the alphabet that might cost money and inhibit growth amongst the 1-2%  that we exist for.

Well, that's just my insane liberal opinion. Using math again, I factored in their desire to end Social Security, Welfare, Unemployment Compensation- anything that costs money that could be used in the Wall Street Casinos instead, and their anti-alphabet sentiments, carried the anti-Obama sentiment and figured;  teapublicans are greedy assholes.

Part of me thinks those things were smokescreens, at least at first. Candidates and parties make promises that sound great but aren't always doable. Guantanamo, for example. Candidate Obama says he's going to close it. President Obama found out that's easier said than done. These current GOPers can talk all they want about building electrified fences with "boots on the ground" and drones but, once they (shudder) get in the White House, they'd find there's no money for that. Maybe because they lowered taxes on their rich friends?

And part of their small government agenda is turning over more power to the states themselves. Let the states decide education, abortions, who can sit at lunch counters (and who can't) and lot's of yada-yada stuff. Let the states redecide for themselves all the stuff that happened in the few hundred years. In short, make each state it's own BIG GOVERNMENT. Huh? One big government is too much but 50 is just right?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Conflict of Interest or interesting conflict?

Yesterday, I learned that my most menacing and persistent troll (sorry, Angelique- you are slipping in the polls) is a homosexual.

Not that there's anything wrong with that....

It is a bit of a quandry for me though because, though I am a liberal who believes in freedom and equal rights  for all, I'm also a dude who likes to make fun of homos. No hatred or bashing here. Just jokes. I'm not always politically correct and reserve the right not to be. You can still have fun without denying people equal rights and/or bashing them in the head.

Maybe that's disingenuous and that's why it's a quandry.

*Sam* has an anonymizer/proxy server that allows him to post un-registered all over the country. He takes his many personas on the road, day and night. The thing is the tone is always the same; angry, *conservative* and bitchy. Why a poster can't do that as one persona is beyond me.

But, some people have a secret side to them that they can't always share, even on an anonymous public forum. If you're a tough guy, gun-loving, liberal-killing-wannabe and a teabagger, you don't want your conservative cohorts knowing that you do that other teabagging thing on the down low. They are against gay people. They might kick you out! They certainly won't show at your wedding.

I caught him making posts from Pennsylvania that were very much pro-gay and decidedly anti-Christian. That's not what cinched it though. It was his usual teapublican nastiness from the same locations  elsewhere on the threads that tipped me off.  What are the odds that some podunk town in Pennsylvania suddenly gets slammed with pro-gay posts and anti-Obama posts, that sound like the same person wrote them? And, in both cases, that person also posted (same made up name) from Philadelphia, just like Sam's usual posts from all over Ohio, Florida, etc. I don't know the ins and outs of proxies but, evidently they bounce around. I've heard cell phone posting is like that too. People use them to hide and maybe keep from getting caught.

So, the dude who considers himself to be my arch-nemesis, who's perpetually promising to have me banned and run off the threads FOR EVER, is a cocksucker. Not that there's anything wrong with that....

No, what's wrong is that he rails so against the people who would (and do) stand up for his rights while he supports a party that would love to strip him of all his rights. That's a lot of denial. Very sad for him. Odd politics indeed.

I knew there was a good reason to not like that homo!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Street-fighting Ferrerman

Admitedly, I like to fight. My specialty is fighting actors. I've never been defeated.

It's not because I'm so skilled at the manly art of fisticuffs. It's that actors are generally skilled at stage fighting. They are taught to pull their punches so that no one gets hurt and editing makes it look real. Sound effects too.

When I fight an actor, I hit them and kick them hard and for real. By the time they realize I'm completely un-trained in stage fighting, they are on the ground, writhing in pain, while I go all Robert DeNiro on them with my loafers.

Oh, by the way- I will NOT fight Robert DeNiro. He's a method actor. You don't wanna mess with a guy who purposely gains 60-some pounds to play fat-Jake LaMotta. Are ya crazy? DeNiro gets fully immersed in a role because it adds to the realism. It's in his contract that he actually kills the other actors in his movies (when the script calls for it). DO NOT play Russian roulette with him! He's very good.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I'm Rick Hairyson and THIS is my Post Shop.

Earlier today this guy comes into my shop with posts he says are Ferrerman posts. Ferrerman is one of the hottest posters on Topix. His stuff is GOLD!  He's poignant, thought-provoking, witty as all get out and extremely charming. Word has it that he's quite the charming bottom-spanker in real life as well.

My suspicions however are that these aren't real Ferrerman posts. Because he's so high-profile, he gets trolled a lot. Fake Ferrerman avatars are fairly common. I had one last year that looked OK to the casual eye- the Ferrerman photo of his six year old, handsome self and the quotation/location were current for the time. The problem was, there was an extra "r" in Ferrerman. Trolls do this to get around Topix laws as well as to be assholes. If you're not careful, you might fall for these fakes. Another problem is that trolls archive Ferrerman posts. Some trolls collect absolutely everything he posts in hopes that- I don't know- they'll get the Ferrerman life 'cause they have no life of their own?  So there are roughly 12,000 plus Ferrerman posts out there....some are brilliant, some are funny....some are brilliantly funny. With that many posts, you're bound to get fakes.

The Ferrerman Brand is very important to him but, he does "gray box" post. That's when a poster isn't registered or chooses to post un-registered for a time. In Ferrerman's case, it's to post with a fake, often humorous name, one that pertains to the post itself. The key with these posts is like real estate: "Location, location, location". Anyone who *knows* Ferrerman, knows that his ISP is ALWAYS in the Chicago area. I've seen fake Ferrerman posts from Florida to Ohio to California. The trolls always try to claim Ferrerman has a *proxy server*. No deal. Ferrerman does not use a proxy. Why would he? He's a Hall of Fame Topix poster- perhaps the best ever. Did Babe Ruth ever hit home runs under a fake name for different teams? Well, yes, because his real name was George Herman Ruth but, that's a different story. Ferrerman, because of his Illinois ISP, can't hide so, he doesn't. He WANTS you to know it's him posting. It's like Muhammed Ali standing over an opponent he's just knocked out. He wants you to know that Ali just knocked you out- not Cassius Clay.

So, I ask the jerk-faced weirdo what he wants to do with these posts. Amazingly, he tells me he wants to get Ferrerman banned!

Well, there's no market for banning Ferrerman. This would be like killing Wyatt Earp- Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp, if you're scoring at home. You just don't do it. Topix Boot Hill is full of those who tried, and failed miserably.

So the guy protests that Ferrerman is *mean*. Well, Ferrerman bullies the bullies. Girl-fighters don't stand a chance with him! The guy has never been defeated in political combat either. Because he's left, he's always right so, it's very hard to beat him if you come at him with Foxnews hyperbole and histrionics. I honestly don't know why people try. But then, Topix Boot Hill....

So I didn't even need to call in an expert for these fake, non-Ferrerman posts. I had Big Hoss and Chumlee escort the pathetic loser out of my shop. Then I logged on to Topix to check out the real Ferrerman. That guy cracks me up!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Why we need Ronald Reagan

The guy got things done.

Hostages in Iran? He got them released ON HIS OWN RECOGNIZANCE!

All he had to do was get elected president and, suddenly, Iran was like: "Hey! OK. SORRY! Here's your people! Our bad! Just don't hurt us!"

Communism? How many presidents had spent how many trillions of dollars fighting a Cold War against Russia? All Reagan had to do was say: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!"

Had anyone else thought to just ask???!!!

And, except for the seven times he did, Ronald Reagan NEVER RAISED TAXES!!!!

He hated BIG GOVERNMENT too. Famously, he said that the most frightening words ever spoken were: "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." George Bush copied off of that for eight years, it was that good.

In Reagan's eight years in office, government was limited to him, the senior George Bush and a guy named Carl who picked up around the White House. Carl, by the way, was not union.

Pretty neat, eh?

Monday, November 14, 2011


The Ferrerman- starring Mr Ferrerman as Mr Ferrerman: an innocent victim of blonde justice. But, that's a story for another day. Falsely convicted of leaving a woman in his car and then selling it...reprieved by fate when a train wreck of a forum freed him enroute to banishment....freed him to hide in not-so-lonely desperation, to even change his identity, to toil on many threads...freed him to search for the fictional character he saw leave the scene of the crime....freed him to run before the relentless pursuit of the fake internet therapist obsessed with his capture.

Tonight's episode: "The Buick"

"Ladies First, Not Always"When out on a date I always open the car door for my lady. But, the way I see it, once i've shown them how the door works they should be able to figure how to get out when we arrive at the restaurant. A few years back, a funny thing happened. I was dating a girl named Liz. Conversation was going well, we were hitting it off and i pulled in to parking lot. I get out the car, still telling her how I was looking forward to meeting her folks and all. This was in Oak Brook. It was about 100 yards from the car to the restaurant. So, all this time I'm walking and talking- looking like an idiot- she's in the car waiting (I GUESS) for me to open the freakin' door for her! Well, that wasn't gonna happen. I went in the restaurant, had nice a nice meal and a couple of glasses of Merlot.and waited for Liz to catch up to me. Well, some girls can be hard-headed, I guess. I can be too- you know that. But, I felt sorry for her. I told the waiter what happened, gave him an extra $20 and askedhim to bring her a little something when he got off shift. Then I called a cab for me. What? You think I'm gonna drive her home after that?! I didn't like the car anyways. It was a Buick. What was I thinking? Women- what are you gonna do...

With special thanks to:

Friday, November 11, 2011

It'll come to me....

Sure I felt sorry for Rick Perry. You don't have to be a doddering, old fool of a Texas governor to have a *senior moment*  and fail to complete a thought. How many of us did that as seniors in highschool or college, speaking in front of the class? And even our illegal immigrants must have....senor momentos.... pues- perdoneme, no recuerdo la palabra....

It happens to pretty much everyone, at some point in their lives. It doesn't define Rick Perry but, let's face it;  he's pretty much toast now as a contender for the republican nomination. As one Ferrerman put it this morning at breakfast: "You can put a, uh, er- this thing right here in my hands- uh- fuck, I'm eating eggs with it! Uhhhh... whatever- .Perry's done!"

See? It even happens to Ferrerman!

So, it's very forgivable. The man may not look it but, he's human.

What I find fault with is the spin-doctors in his party who will spin this to display his human side by regurgitating the *57 states* vomit they spun about Obama. There are people out there who *believe* and want you to believe that the president of the United States, believes that there are 57 of those states in his country. Of course, he does not. I've heard the recording. You'd have to be mentally homeless to CERTAIN he meant 57 states. More than likely he meant 57 stops.  I believe that, in context, the words were uttered while he was campaigning for the presidency. States, stops, whatever. There were 57 of 'em.  I'd bet my life that Obama didn't think there were 57 states in the union then. Would you bet your life now that he does now?  The same goes for the spinners who scoff at victims of Herman Cain's roaming hands coming forward now. Do you also doubt the Penn State children?  Do you think they are "piling on", "seeking money", "lame-stream media assassins" out to get Paterno?

So, yes, Perry had my empathy at those moments. I've actually seen him in a better light as he's campaigned than when I first heard about him and he was making noise about seceding from the Union. I've lived more than a third of my life in the South and that talk bemuses me except when it comes from the higher-ups whom I believe should know better. Whatever he did say regarding secession did not result in any firing on Fort Sumter so, water under the bridge. Personally, he is too Bush-like to me to have had a serious chance anyway. We're just three years removed from the eight year stench of GW Bush and no one wants that again. Nice man but, he's not gonna be president, gaffes or no.

FORK!!!! You can put a FORK in him because he's done!

That's what I meant to say!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This morning....

You know you've been on Topix too long when you wake up thinking about "The Walking Dead".

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Mods are not here to create disorder....

....they are here TO PRESERVE disorder! DUH!

Very few of my friends and family know that I ever posted  on Topix. It's one of those things, like masturbation, that you know everyone is capable of doing but, you just know you shouldn't talk about it in polite company. So, like whacking off, I'm not proud of it no matter how good I am at doing it.

Boy, I sure showed some talent! On the Topix I'm sure I mean. I was high-profile, controversial and humorous as well as poignant, and often all at once. I was nowhere near being the best poster ever but, I did make the Hall Of Fame. I certainly pissed a lot of lesser posters off in the process. That was fun! Honestly, I made it look easy.

I think Topix was pleased. Until recently, I never even got a warning. I kept my posts reasonably clean even when Topix abandoned all decorum and let people post vulgarities. Fuck those motherfuckers! There's a time and place for such crap. Why do they cheapen it? The cocksuckers....

It's a business. Topix is the Foxnews of message boards. Fox knows what sells and so does Topix. If, for example, democrats and republicans are not getting along, it's in Fox's interest to exploit that. That kinda stuff get's people watching. People watching translates into advertising dollars. Making money, is what it's all about. If you're the least bit republican, you have to worship that.

Topix is a lot of things but, for the most part, it's a sewer. Topix likes to keep it that way because enough people like it that way that it is profiable. There are some who seem to be content to post salutations all day to other posters but, 90% of it is people fighting. And it is fighting that keeps people coming back....for the most's a mixed bag.

I see a lot of regular posters NOT posting, if that makes sense. Some people are so sick of the fighting that they have pretty much given up posting like I have. Some are far more sensitive than I. It's definitely annoying that every post I make is iconned and trashed five or six times (usually by one asshole under a couple of names) but, that's life on Topix. Topix counts on that, thrives on that and expects that. People un-related to my posts hate that but, Topix doesn't care about that because, well, they'll post anyway AND the fuckhead will post 5-6 responses to my posts, running up a tab with the advertisers.

That's not my beef, as ignorant as that is. My beef with Topix is, no matter how much I and my friends complain about a specific cocksucker posting my real name, Topix chooses to NOT do anything about it.

I can only conclude that Topix wants people to know my name because they are doing nothing to stop it. Thus, the mods are there to PRESERVE disorder. Disorder is good for business.

To be fair to Topix, they know that banning some asshole's avatar means they have to take two minutes out of their life to open a new e-mail account and re-apply for a new avatar with Topix. So, with that as part of the equation, why should they care? When you're in charge of slapping the wrists and the slapping of the wrists does nothing, why bother? To actually ban someone, as other forums do, could cost revenue. Your average, whiney Ferrerman will just have to lump it if he doesn't like it and post more!

Either that or fuck Topix by not posting anymore.

You get what you pay for and Topix is free. And worth every penny!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Last Great Poster

Topix got old a longer time ago than I care to admit. My biggest fan- as seen in the previous post- is indicative of how ugly it's gotten lately. That sorry bastard spends his days and nights creating new avatars and unregistered nicknames to troll myself and a few others. It's supposed to be political rivalry but he barely goes through the motions of politics anymore. I'm not sure he ever really did. Politically I think the guy is more of a neo-Nazi than anything. I recall when his posts were somewhat political he thinly disguised his hatred of black people with a pretty blatant hatred for black presidents. THAT is half of Topix. There's a part of me that would like to see Herman Cain get elected president because guys like my biggest fan/stalker would fucking explode with hatred!

Well, that's not gonna happen but, as a Ferrerman, you know I fucking love irony.

Topix, now more than ever, is the Wild West of trolling. As long as the post counts remain high and the advertising money rolls in, they don't mind people swearing, for example. Three years ago when I started posting, LOL showed up as *** because it was considered offensive, as if one were laughing at another poster rather that with them. Now, you can post: "That's FUCKING hilarious dude!" and no one seems to care.

A lot of people. noticing what people are getting away with are also noticing who is getting away with what. Some people think some posters are employed by Topix to provoke others in the threads to promote more posts. Why not? I think it's lame but you'd do that too if your business relied on a volume of posts to receive advertising revenue. I'm fairly confident that the Republican party employs a few folks- perhaps on Topix but, certainly elsewhere on the 'net- to put their propaganda out there under the guise of it being 'real people' posting their 'real thoughts'. Again- why not? I'm sure they don't pay too well.

One reason might be, too many people are out there giving it away!

Damn sluts!

That's the case with biggest fan/stalker. That guy's the fat girl at the bar giving it away. The pro's are working a somewhat better part of town, I would imagine.

No, my boy is just full of hate and what he lacks in talent, he makes up for in having a lot of time to post. Topix needs him as if he were an employee though. Aside from single-handedly puffing up the post count for them, his posts provoke more posts from several other posters. This asshole may make 300-400 posts each day, registered and not. That's close to 3,000 a week and there are thousands of posters like him. I don't know what Topix' deal with the advertisers is but, I bet they're making a few dollars....

But, not from me. I'm sick of their not doing anything about my complaints. The asshole regularly posts videos that happen to have my real life name on  them along with links to this blog. Myself and friends write Topix asking them to remove the posts and to ban the cocksucker's avatar but, they do neither. Honestly, from their perspective, why bother? They know full well that the guy will just do it again. More than likely the fuckhead got my name from someone whom I was friends with on Facebook. I should have known better.... The legendary Dean Davis was banned more times than he can count and he just kept coming bac moments later with new ID's. This prick is not the (cough) talent that Dean was but, it takes 2 minutes to sign up for a Topix account even though it's one per email, last I knew.  They probably changed that when they realized it was kinda detrimental to business. Like legalizing pot, while it wouldn't ruin crime, would kinda fuck up the prison rolls leaving too much room for yucky gang-bangers. Who wants that? Not the guards or the corporations that own the prisons..

I can't change Topix. People try. Ginny surely does and those silly Topix Keeper kids- I guess that's what they're all about. Maybe? Hey, if Topix can't see fit to curtail the cussing and keep people from posting people's personal information, then they don't need my business. They're not willing to act on these issues because they don't care and the reality is, that's not their problem. I'm the one who cares about this, not them. I get that part. I also get that Topix is a business. It's my choice whether I choose to patronize them just as it's their choice to refuse (or not) service to anyone. In technical terms, if I don't like it, I can lump it.

All in all, it was a good experience. I met people whom I otherwise would not have had the pleasure of knowing. They know who they are. I fought alongside some brilliant AND FUNNY liberals against some of the most despicable republican assholes EVER. We whupped 'em all and had fun doing it.

Now the fun's over. The inmates are running the asylum. These are someone's 'good ol' days' on Topix now. That is very sad. I now leave Topix to the assholes who made it what it is today.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011


You can't spell conservative without *serve*. Well, no *e*. I guess they dropped it because they are frugal.

Pretty neat slogan, eh? I came up with that!

Yeah, me- the liberal! You haven't heard that before from any conservative even though it's a nifty slogan that could be put to use by conservatives to make people think they aren't a bunch of angry assholes. This is because they are a bunch of angry assholes. They don't want to serve anybody because, as Jesus Christ and the other founding fathers intended, it's every man for himself here and the only people who serve, are lazy democrats and congressmen. America is a buffet- serve yourself and keep as many of them out of the line as you can so they'll always be more for you!

I found out recently, that at my sister's house they use the hippie bathroom policy; "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down". LIBERALS!

You're half right. My little sister is liberal but her hubby is decidely conservative. The bathroom policy is his idea. I haven't actually discussed this with him but, knowing him, it's a matter of money as well as conservation. I do the same thing and have for years because 5 gallons or 3.5 gallons is waaaay to much water to dispose of a coffee cups' worth of beer or- well- coffee residue. This is the same whether I'm paying the water bill or not. I just don't see the need to waste water.

You might be surprised how many people who call themselves conservatives do see the need to waste water and other resources. They literally say it's our RIGHT.

A bit un-conservative, says I. But they are seriously against low-flush toilets and the new lightbulbs as if they really were a liberal conspiracy to control their lives. In the threads, several different conservatives have posted that they flush toilets every chance they get for no other reason except because  they can.

Take THAT you fucking liberals!

And thousands more are stocking up on the inefficient, incandescent lightbulbs to thumb their noses at the energy efficient CFL's that the libs mandated!

Ferrerman's note: The CFL mandate was signed by noted liberal, GW Bush. Obama and liberals get the blame for everything so, I don't even wonder why any more. They just do...

Anyway, the new CFL's are supposed to last up to nine years. The old bulbs lasted anywhere from 9 minutes to nine months. Ninety percent of the energy used by incandescents turns into HEAT. They were great for Easy Bake Ovens and OK for lighting.  So, the reverse is true of CFL's. Unless most of your cooking is done on your kid's Easy Bake, what do you need  the old-fashioned bulbs for? Childhood memories?

Ya know, for a group of people who practically believe they are a race (and the chosen one at that) these assholes sure do bitch a lot! They fucking whine about EVERYTHING! I just don't get the God-given, constituitionally ensured, motherfucking right, to waste resources. Water, electricity, oil equals: WE GOT IT/ WE FUCKING FLAUNT IT!!!!

We are, of course, the first country in the history of the world that the vast majority of it's citizens have indoor plumbing and it's a given that we can poop and shower all day long and at relatively low cost. How many people in India or Africa (to name just one country and one continent) can say that?

This, of course, makes us better than everyone else and more deserving of the world's natural resources  than the lazy people who do not have indoor plumbing because, well, I guess they don't deserve it. They're not Americans! DUH!

My BIL is one of the smartest guys I know. He's very practical. I don't know why he's not a democrat, he's so smart. He doesn't really follow the politics much and would be very shocked to learn that people who call themselves "conservative" are so wasteful and foolish. And so...liberal in their use of all the worlds resources. So....entitled.....

It would behoove them to become more....conSERVative.

How wonderfully ironic!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Then it hit me

I saw a commercial where some gradeschool girls are playing soccer and two of them coming running up to the coach, all dehydrated and cute as bug's ears. "Drink up," the coach says, handing them a Gatorade-style energy drink, "you're losing water out there."

The blonde-headed soccer player wonders aloud: "If we're losing water, why aren't we drinking water?"

With that the coach questioned everything she ever had learned about hydration via television advertising and a bottle of NESTLES water appeared over her head like a lightbulb of an idea.


Well, the Nestles song wasn't part of the commercial but, back in the day when they were known for chocolate, Nestles wasn't known for water. It woulda been kinda dumb selling water, what with it coming of the faucets in peoples homes and all. You might also know water as the stuff that comes out of the sky (usually when you have outdoor, weekend plans) and is the main ingredient in our lakes, rivers and oceans (though oceans have a different flavor). Gatorade and it's siblings were created, beginning in the early 70's, and tasted crappy and were supposed to help you play sports better because they have *electrolytes*- something water evidently doesn't have but needed back then. Water has evolved now and doesn't need electrolytes. It just needs to be bottled, have "Spring" somewhere in it's title and not have any rat turds in it (according to the god-damn FDA!) The really important thing is that it be packaged in a plastic bottle that requires oil to make. This makes everybody happy. By everybody I mean eveybody from Nestles and the Oil Companies, on down to the guy at Nestles who turns on the faucet to fill the plastic bottles of natures own elixer.

So, what they are  saying is, you still need Gatorade but you need  water too! Cause it's Rocky Mountain SPRING Water which is just as good as our BAVARIAN Spring Water but, affordably priced....

Barack Obama will spend like a billion dollars trying to get re-elected and most of that will be spent on advertising. His republican opponent will likely spend as much. Ralph Nader will spend thousands. All this money is spent to repackage everything we already know about these guys but need to forget because, they've been new and improved!

If done right, advertising works. A republican candidate will spend millions to tell you that Omama is wasting millions on this, that, or the other thing and that he won't do that. I guess ya gotta spend money to not spend money. Rick Perry, the likely republican challenger, will do away with Social Security not because it's socialist like his rivals say (and socialism- to them equals *communist*) but because it's "criminal"! "A Ponzi Scheme!" Wow! That's some new and improved shit right there!

For a front-runner, ir seems like nieche marketing to me. All his cohorts pretty much want to end Social Security and give the money to their real friends on Wall Street because the stock markets just aren't the least fucking bit criminal or any kind of a scheme....

Sheesh. "Criminal"?  THAT is criminal. If you fear that SS won't be there for folks in 20 years like he says, all you have to do is make certain that Congress can't get their grubby hands on it to go shopping or pay some bills. That's all you have to do to save SS.  They won't let me look at the books but, my understanding is there is a 2 TRILLION in SS right now with more coming in every day as well as going out to the elderly and dis-abled. Without anybody fucking with it, it'll be fine. "Won't be there in 20 years!"?? Give it to Wall Street and it won't be there in 20 days!

Marketing. Politics. They are the same to me. And they'll stay the same until some whiz-kid Don Draper tells me they are different and makes me believe it.

Madison Avenue: Do not piss on my back and tell me it's raining. Neither should you rain on my parade and tell me someone else is pissing.

I already know that water is wet and, in conjunction with air, the best thing on our planet. Please don't figure out how to package air and sell it. You fuckers are smart enough to get us into that situation but nowhere near smart enough to get us out. Neither are the politicians.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello, Teaparty? This is your bluff calling....

Three dictators have been deposed- by the people- this past Arab Spring/Summer. It seems that everyone is saying "NO!" to dictators.

Everyone, that is, except America.

Obama still rules America with an iron fist. Oh, there may be no tanks and troops in the streets but- make no mistake- there is socialistic healthcare for all pointed at our heads. And, that Constitution that he wipes his ass with? Well, it still has a 17th Amendment! All the others too!

The teaparty is certain that they will prevail in the '12 presidential election no matter who they run.

Um, hello! Dictators do NOT lose elections! Always winning elections is how they stay in power. The teaparty will have to do better.

They will have to revolt.

They claim to have the will of the people behind them. FOX polls prove this and they, BTW, are the most watched, most popular, non-Lamestream media outlet. They have the backing of wealthy Americans. They have 2nd Amendment remedies. They claim they have the military behind them as well.

So, where is the fucking revolution?

What is taking so long?


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dangerous Minds?

Back in the day, I used to tend bar. Dedicated non-readers know this. Now you know it too.

Before there was the internet, there were bars. If you were angry and/or stupid, there was a bar for you.

These days there are still bars but, with the internet and more stupid people than ever in the history of the world, more people are opting to *phone in* their anger and stupidity over the internet. They probably all have DUI's or have been kicked out of all the bars in walking distance. And, let's face it: you don't have to wear pants to be on the internet. You ladies know what I'm talking about!

There was an old guy back in the day who used to drink burgandy wine by the half carafe and periodically announce, to no one at all in particular: "and the Catholic church has a home for pregnant nuns!"

Well, fine. It'd be rude to put them out on the street, not having husbands and all so, nice of the church to care. Honestly, the man said this A LOT. He also would blurt out that his daughter was a prostitute and a heroin addict. I had given up trying to engage him in normal bar room banter and after a time didn't even bother to fuck with him by asking if there was anything new in the Catholic church world. I just had to accept that it was this guy's mission in life to come to this bar, drink wine and remind me and anyone else that nuns can indeed, get pregnant. It was like Bill Murray's "Groundhog's Day" for him. For me it was just like re-runs as I had other customers and better things to do, for the most part. I have never suffered fools gladly but, suffer them I do.

The internet is the bar room of the 21st century. It is chock-fucking full of fat old men lamenting pregnant nuns and junkie daughters and handsome Ferrermen making fun of them. Who knew? Well, if there is a forum for pregnant nun discussions, I haven't found it but, the wine-drinking nuts are there. Mostly they are blurting out shit about liberals and colored presidents but they make as much sense as the guy with the nuns. They just talk (as it were) to hear themselves talk. And they do it because they can. I couldn't throw that old guy out back in the day because he never really did anything to warrant that. It's similar on the threads. Just ignore the idiots.

Kinda hard to do though because there are so many of them. Mostly it's several assholes using several socks to inflate their ego and numbers. I certainly don't mind anyone being republican and having an opposing political view but, if you started screaming that Obama  was ruining the country, the moment he got elected, you don't HAVE a political opinion. You're an asshole. You might as well have a junkie daughter who is a pregnant nun. If you really believe that our president is only (Ferrerman's) president, you do not have a political opinion. You're an asshole. If you think that the president shouldn't have vacations or Air Force1 like other presidents, you do not have a political opinion. You're an asshole. And if I see a pattern developing and suspect that you hate this president so much because he's black, then you have no political opinion AND you are a racist asshole. And if you accuse me of playing "the race card" because I think you have no political opinion and you're a racist asshole, you just PROVED you are a racist asshole.

Why do I bother? I don't know. These fuckheads are as dense as the pregnant nun guy. Instead of taking up space on a barstool, they are taking up bandwidth on the internet. So what, Ferrerman? Why do you care? There are so many intelligent, humorous, kind people who don't hate America to play with. People who aren't violent and mean and who actually love America and want to improve it rather than burn it down for the insurance. I've got my friends on Facebook to keep me hopeful. Most all various degrees of liberal, of course, but all sane and politically astute. Musta been something in the water back in the day, at school. Dangerous minds, all of us. Imagine that- loving and caring about people = *dangerous minds*! People who scream about colored presidents think they are the sane and righteous ones.

I wonder if the Catholic church still has a home for pregnant nuns? I doubt that guys junkie daughter took over the family business. But, so many other assholes have gone into business for themselves....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wake up call

I woke up this morning thinking about "lowest common denominators" and "the debt ceiling". This is silly because the debt ceiling crap was sooooo two weeks ago. People quit *caring* about that after about two days of Monday morning quarterbacking. The teapublicans won that one and everyone moved on to Iowa and all it's flavors of corndogs and teapublican candidates to be named later.

Are you the lowest common denominator amongst us?

We really don't matter to those who run things except when we care about things we are told matter. If you watch the news or read the threads, there are a variety of things that matter. Sometimes its HUGE things like debt-ceilings and Anthony Weiner's penis but, usually, it's small things put out there by the folks in charge to see what we think we think matters. They like to throw stuff out there to see what sticks- like how some people might make spaghetti.

Like 57 states. Most people know that the president did not say there are 57 states and certainly does not think their are 57 states so they don't care that there actually is a youtube out there of him saying something about having made stops in 57 states during the campaign of '08. Rational people know he meant 57 stops in X number of states. The lowest common denominator KNOWS though, that he believes that there are 57 states because that's what he said! They won't believe a motherfucking thing about anything else he says but, they will believe that. Because he said it. Sorta.  They just won't let that go no matter how stupid it makes them look. The folks on the threads can be forgiven. A clown avatar and a boner for president Obama  doesn't really add up to a real opinion that matters anymore than the initial mention of the 57 states bullshit by a paid, professional talking head did. Whoever *broke* that story is probably laughing at the clowns who believe it just as I am. Right now I'm looking at Bill Hammer (?) on Fox (the guy that looks like he might have been kicked by a mule and they just couldn't get the eyes right...) and I'm wondering if he walks out of the studio at the end of his shift and worries about rich people getting taxed. Is he a rich-people-getting-taxed-worrier or does he just play one on TV?

I don't know. He might believe everything he reads on his teleprompter. Maybe not. He doesn't make Beck/O'Reilly/Hannity cash but might think he needs to believe to continue working, to have hopes of making that cash. It's like when you're about six and you're pretty sure there is no Santa but, you're afraid that Christmas might completely go away if you don't play along. Most of us have been there, gotten past that.

But, do  the lowest common denominators amongst us- the one's that believe that Obama believes there are 57 states- still put out milk and cookies for Santa? Maybe. Why not? If you believe that taxing the nations wealthiest will hurt the economy and that ONLY cutting spending on social services can reduce a debt,  you might as well believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny too because, YOU ARE the lowest common denominator. Congratulations, you are the demographic most politicians and news organizations want to reach.  And, they know exactly where you are and that you are always there for them.

And they appreciate the milk and cookies!  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Anchors Away?

The various tea parties are all against "anchor babies". Apparently, anchor babies are generally Mexican and grow up to be democrats so, they need to be nipped in the bud or, in the crib.

Should just being born in America make you an American?

Don't be so quick to say "YES!" If you have children or grandchildren, should they be American citizens just because they were born here????

The differentiation may be that, unlike anchor babies, regular ol' babies of the non-anchor persuasion are born to Americans. What if  you had to prove that? What if, like the Mafia, to become a Made American, you had to be able to trace BOTH sides of your family back to the founders?


My father's side of the family has been here since the 1600's. We should own the place but, we drink a bit.... Mom's side got here in like 1902 (?) and my grandpa wasn't even born here! So, was mom an anchor baby?

The various tea parties rarely think things like this all the way through. They are in such a hurry to run absolutely EVERY aspect of our lives ( small government= micromanaged....) that they tend to take some things for granted. If you want to make birthright so special, consider that your birth wasn't necessarily that special either, that a lot of white people might have made the cut, just because they were born here. Do they get *grandfathered* or great-greatgrandfathered, as the case may be? Why should they but, not the Mexicans here now? More imortantly, why?

I'm not at all in favor of illegals. I certainly don't think illegals are a plot by the democrats to fatten their voting rolls. Illegals were brought here by republican corporate interests to build up profits by bringing down wages. Now that they've done that, if the democrats want to make them citizens, how is that any more obscene than what the R's did? How is that any different than people who just showed up here a coupla centuries ago? 

Just wondering- it's one of my rights as an American. Right? 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Babysitter Wanted

I think that most conservatives would hire Casey Anthony to watch their grandchildren as long as she spoke ill of Obama and/or liberals.

That does seem to be the ticket in these days. Politics has always made strange bedfellows but, the Anthony statement might not be that absurd. In the threads, all sorts of odd folks have gathered together to condemn Obama who wouldn't necessarily have gotten along before.

Didn't people think he was going to unite the country?

In the republican debates, all sorts of odd folks have gathered too. The only thing they have in common is they all are against Obama and that just seems to be good enough. The only question left for the RNC is to pick which one is most against Obama and see if that is good enough to unseat him.

It might not be so, they're also making it hard for democrats to vote. If this were happening in another country, Jimmy Carter would be overseeing the voting.

I've yet to come across an intelligent republican debator in the threads. All are truly awful people who try to shout down opponents even though they must realize, you can't do that with the typed word. No matter how many times you call a poster *gay*, you still can't dispute the fact that GW Bush and friends ruined the economy for their own personal gain. They cite a Topix poll  that has absolutely NO restrictions on voting as *proof* that Obama will not be elected because *69% of respondents voted 'NO' 100+ times a piece*.

That's all??!! Unrestricted voting and 69% is the best you can do??????!!!!! Where do these people come from?

Good Lord!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

No poor man ever gave me a job!

That's a common statement from the right. As deep as summer puddles as they are, it passes for profundity.

Perhaps because of the way my mind works, I always wonder if it isn't also usually followed by: "....but a poor woman gave me a blow job!"

Take a step back. Don't jump into this apparent puddle just yet. I'm not talking about me getting my dick sucked. I'm referring to the Kochsuckers who habitually regurgitate the first witticism as if were the altruism of the history of the world. It isn't. It's, at best, the "Hope and Change" of the right wing. It's every bit as vague and promising.

There's another saying about oral sex: "Even bad head is better than no head". 

I swear- this is still not about me getting my dick sucked. Really!

People in Congress and on Foxnews and their minions in the threads worship the rich. They are (at least) metaphorically on their knees, taking the rich in their mouths, lovingly, adoringly and- seemingly- free of charge. They claim they do this more out of respect than worship but, there's no mistaking the reverence of power involved. Well, OK, there's money involved with Congress and Fox but, that doesn't make it right. That makes it prostitution. Whores do a lot of things for money but, for every Julia Roberts "Pretty Woman", there are 500,000 women feeding a drug habit or supporting a man. Maybe more.  What about the millions who just like sucking dick?

Yes, what about the tea baggers? We're told they are people just like us only patrioticly moreso. They've worked hard for what they have and they've done it for men who have worked even harder than they and they just want to keep all their hard-earned dollars and not share with the lazy folks. Why, for example, pay to feed the lazy children of lazy people when that money could be better spent feeding our glorious troops everywhere they are gloriously needed? So, teabaggers, in an apparent effort to shrink government, want ALL social services cut. Eliminate them and you make government small. Small is evidently good. Get rid of welfare and unemployment benefits and you force people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and become millionaires. Or die. Just like the founders intended. Is it that simple or is it just that simple-minded?

So, the teabaggers are appropriately-named Kochsuckers, doing it because they like the associated power. Rich by injection, I guess. They're like the eye candy on the arm of the old, rich guy. Of course she loves him! And he loves her! And if he wasn't already married, he'd be married to her! And what- she should be with a poor man who gives her nothing?

Hell no! Who wants to be a slut? There's no money in it.  Just love, respect and freedom.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


They get government handouts, for nothing!

You've probably seen them in their fancy cars, wearing their fancy clothes, buying the fanciest cuts of meat at the supermarket.

They don't pay taxes! Why should they?

YOU pay their way! YOU!

They always have their handout!

And worse, they are violent, hate-filled people who despise YOU  and laugh at YOU for making it easy for them!

They call themselves a MINORITY and have a whole political party devoted to catering to them and their every need!

Disgusting! Lazy bastards don't want to work and won't work as long as some people in our government coddle them as they do!

When will this cycle ever end?!

Probably never. See, corporations are people too.

Funny how that worked out.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

America Goes to Rehab

Amy Winehouse is dead and buried. Though I liked her singing, I honestly hadn't thought about her since a couple days after her death, until I saw one of those cut and paste Facebook status's decrying the degree of attention paid to her death versus the deaths of Marines in Aghanistan. If you're on FB, you know the drill. If it weren't Amy Winehouse it would  be Lindsay Lohan's legal troubles. I can't cut and paste and I've yet to see a canned status that made me want to learn.

I know their intentions are well meant. I'm just not sure what their intentions are.

Do they want the wars to end? Do they want celebrities to end? Do they want dead Marines to have celebrity status?

I don't know. These status updates seem to transcend party lines. I've gotten them from democrats and from some of the reichest republicans I know. Neither side are in favor of dead Marines and both seem to be not in favor of Lohan and Winehouse but, I suspect they are trying to say something else.

This is not  Sparta. We're not a Warrior Nation even though we do tend to fight a lot and have DOZENS of wars going on right now (according to the republicans...) Though we have men and women fighting and dying overseas,  these kids are not in the forefront of our collective 300+ million minds. Winehouse is no longer in the forefront of those millions of minds either. Damn, we are a fickle bunch! I bet that after the republicans collapse the economy, people won't care about that anymore either.

The thing is, whether it is war or celebrity, life goes on. We've always had both. People being aware of the death of Amy Winehouse does not trivialize the deaths of Marines in Afghanistan. Posting on Facebook about the unfairness of  it all does trivialize it.

Make this your status if you agree....

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cuckold Nation

I used to tend bar with a guy who was, reputedly, a bit a Johnny Holmes in the Penis Department. (That's on the 3rd floor, conveniently located next to Lingerie) One night the cooks made dinner for us and Billy's meal came with a banana protruding from it with (I think) two limes at the base. Huh-what?

"That one's for me" Billy said. "I guess you didn't know I've got a big dick."

"No, man and I don't care" sez I. "I don't work that side of the street!"

Billy was very offended that I might think he was gay but, he was a lover, not a fighter and he could only protest so much. I'd a beat his ass and he knew that. I had already heard stories, mostly from the old man regulars who worshipped him as a God. They called him "The Firehose". At their age, I couldn't fault them for living vicariously through a young stud but, it was really weird to hear them talk about *it*. I didn't. After Billy got fired for stealing, I heard he was taking two girls a night out to his van. This pissed me off. I wondered if he had ever left me or other bartenders in the weeds while he was banging some slut?  Punk.

Billy had a wife and a kid. One night, after doing a 16 year old girl, he brought home a venereal disease. The wife was pissed but, maybe she loved him. She had to know even before that, of his activities. Girls talk about boys. That's how people get reputations. She may have hated it but, she chose to share him with anonymous women, just the same.

One night a gal came into the bar. She was a mousy little thing, about 20 pounds overweight. She was not the kind of gal you'd really give a second look. I was standing in front of her, surveying the lounge area for misfits, when she said this to me:

"So, are you the guy with the big dick"?

I gave her a second look.

I'm not without portfolio but, it crossed my mind that a woman going out for the evening to get the ride of her life might have bothered to wash her hair!

"No", sez I. "He's not working tonight." Then I went off to service some waitresses in the manner in which I was being paid to do.

I was thinking about that girl and Billy after battling conservatives on Topix regarding the hot-button issue of taxing rich people. How do they differ from the mousy little chubby looking to get 5 minutes with the big chubby? How do they differ from the old men and their idol worship? How do I differ from me not beating Billy's punk ass on the principle that he was an amoral, misogynist asshole?

Well, to be fair to me, I'm not an unecessarily violent guy. There was no real reason to beat Billy's ass and there had been quite a bit of fun in punking him out from time to time. Like Topix is now. They also serve who post on Topix and make fun of reichtards. What gets me is people worshipping something they'll never have and vainly defending those that do have, that something. They speak of the rich and the corporations as "job- providers" while neverminding that those jobs tend to be taken offshore as they lay-off Americans to increase profits whilst giving their CEO selves multi-milliondollar bonus's. Somehow these people see this as "earning" such dough. Incredible. "Why" they habitually add, "should these men be penalized for their success?  Why, that is redistribution of wealth and that is communist!

Why such penis envy? Yours is never gonna get bigger. You may win the lottery or invent a longer lasting lightbulb (like GE did!) but, if the wrong color guy is POTUS you're party is only going to fight that new bulb even though your guy signed off on the legislation. Can you not see the insanity of that? Of defending the excesses of the filthy rich and offending the great un-washed? Taking away social services so that the rich can get more and some magical fucking debt ceiling can be lowered is stupid. People who despise welfare, think nothing is wrong with corporate welfare in the form of subsidies to already rich AND powerful corporations. They pretend(?) to feel sorry for them?

Obama is asking simply to go back to the tax rate of the Clinton era. This was lower than the fucking Reagan era! Everyone did better under Bill than Ron and most certainly George. They love to say: "No poor man ever gave me a job!" Well, duh. But, are rich people giving out jobs now? No. They say they will once the Bush Tax-cuts are made permanent but, while they were in effect for ten years, the magical-mystery debt ceiling was raised SEVEN times and we went into the worst recession since The Great Depression. Fucking terrorists they are. Too smart to fly their (tax deductible)  corporate jets into buildings though but bent on destroying America, just the same.

Sigh. Wake up republicans!. You are that mousy little woman at the bar looking to get fucked. You have been rode hard and put away wet by the men you want so badly and you're hoping for more! Unlike that gal at the bar, back in the day, you will....

Oh, and republicans, wash your hair! Sheesh.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It was an honor to be nominated.....

I last saw Extremely Blonde Susan where she was waitressing at the Cafe Du Monde, on Jackson Square in New Orleans. She hadn't been a serious girlfriend of mine but I liked her and-well- she was extremely blonde. Good looking too. A young Doris Day comes to mind. I stopped for coffee.

Booty calls hadn't been invented yet (and, no, I didn't invent them) but, I was there for that purpose as well. I knew she had an insane roommate, a self-styled Voo doo Queen who had cast a spell on her involving blowing some powder in her face but, that's New Orleans. Needing a roommate myself, I thought we might unite and conquer, at least for another evening.

Susan wasn't in favor of living with me. I think she could deal with the witch and- let's face it- living together and fucking is kind of a commitment. We were both too young for that Friends With Benefits thing which I also failed to invent that day.

However, she was not at all against having sex with me. She just wanted to be paid for it.

She was looking to get into porn and wanted me to join her. It was magazine porn, of the $20 a book variety. I could make love to her and other women and get paid for it. This would seem to be a Ferrerman's dream. Mere mortal men's too.

I declined, shy I guess. I certainly had portfolio and wasn't that shy but, it sounded too structured and weird to me. I had seen the books. Penetration, cumshots and all but with a whole lot of lighting changes and a director. This was not what I was used to I really don't need third party instruction on how to make love. I don't recall if Susan had turned pro yet or if she even ever went through with it. We lost touch and I never saw her again after that. I think about her every time it snows though....

And I thought about her when I read about a gal who particpated as an extra in one of those "college party sex" things. I had been wondering what kind of money could be made in porn these days when anybody with a camera phone can be a porn producer and anyone with genitals could be a star. The girl wasn't paid and did not participate beyond cheering the actual participants. She said it was a bunch of phoney bullshit. Jenna Jamison might be the last *star* I ever heard of and might be the last mainstream star ever. I don't know- I'm not an expert. I recall reading that old school porn gals could draw lines- no facials, race-mixin,- anal, etc. If you've looked lately, they just must not object to anything! Sheesh- even a jaded Ferrerman is shocked! Back in my non-existant porn day, Extremely Blonde  Susan and I wouldn't have done some of that stuff for money or in the privacy of our homes.

The world has changed. I'm glad there are no pictures of me like that for my (future) or anyone else's grandchildren to see. What are these people thinking?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let's run it up the flagpole!

The City Council of Eugene, Oregon is debating whether to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before every meeting. Is that necessary? I mean is it necessary for grown men and women to recite a pledge, to flag and country, everytime they get together? Why is a political party that rails against BIG GOVERNMENT whining about people not worshipping government enough? Just what exactly do they have in store for us should they be sucessful in their bid to overthrow the Obama regime?

I think it's a mixed signal they are sending. You can't walk around saying out of one side of your mouth that government shouldn't be Mr Bossy-pants and then, out the other, complain that the current administration isn't bossy enough.

I *get* the part where they want there job and power back. That's politics. The losing party has to look shocked and say: "Dammit- these guys aren't doing any of the things we didn't elect them to do!" The second place finishers have to disagree with EVERYTHING the first place champions do. For example, the other day Obama cured cancer. You'd think the teapublicans would be happy about that because they get cancer too. But, they weren't.

"Obama hates funeral directors and cemetaries!" they cried. "Doctors too!" they added. Foxnews called him "The job-killing-cancer-murdering-one-term-president!" And that was just to introduce a report about flooding in North Dakota.

I made that up. He hasn't cured cancer yet but, I think I fuckin' nailed the future teapublican/Fox reaction should it ever happen.

The point is, in the second-place finisher quest to get back in front, a lot of stupid things are said. The stupidest of all might be the all-encompassing "small government".  We're going to shrink government. Stand at attention and sing while we do it! We're rugged individualists here in America. recite this pledge of allegiance. Or else....

Their idea of shrinking government is cutting out any social services- anything that costs money but doesn't get you and/or a crony richer. If there were millions of dollars to be earned by privatizing welfare (for example) I could garaunfuckingtee that there would always BE welfare. Privatization is not on the table, of course, so that's just food for thought. I hope... I don't want to give them ideas that they already likely have. The right always likes to say that government should be run like a business, as if that ensured success. The malls are full of the ghosts of business past. Cutting social services would save tax money. I suppose it would save mega billions. It wouldn't lower your taxes though. That money would go elsewhere. Where exactly? They haven't said. It just wouldn't go in the pockets of those crack-smoking-liberal-leeches! That's all we need to worry our pretty little heads about anyway. Just move along....nothing to see here....OH! Look at that!

Be careful what you salute, America. Be wary of what you sing about. Be extra wary of those who tell you what you must salute or sing about. Just, be wary.   

Friday, June 24, 2011


I went to the store yesterday to buy some Busch beer (work with me here, beer fans). Better than ten years ago, Busch beer cost $6 a six-pack, which was a reasonable price- in fact, lower than it had been in years. The president though, decided that Busch beer- the money-maker- should be priced at $4 a six-pack  for ever and ever, amen. Congress said "no" to the forever and ever part of it and set the price at $4 for 10 years. The president and his buddies were NOT happy about this. Evidently, they're hard to please.

Chips and pretzels, two things that go well with Busch, sky-rocketed in price! This was great for the manufacturers of chips and pretzels but not so much for the folks who liked those things. Thank God- or someone who sitteth on the right side of God- that Busch was so cheap! It got to a point where we were borrowing money to pay for chips and pretzels but- what the heck- this was back in the day when deficits didn't matter! For eight years deficits didn't matter. It's just coincidental that they matter now. I think the moritorium on them NOT mattering must expired or something....

Anyway, with the costs of chips and pretzels exploding and effecting all other products, it got to a point where it was ridiculous to have what I'll call The Busch Cuts, in effect, cutting income while expenses rose. A smart guy would say: "Hey, the price of Busch before the Busch Cuts was very reasonable and in these tough economic times we need to return to that". He might also add that: "To offset lots of money going out you need more money coming in!"

Well that makes sense. It makes sense unless one is Fox-trained in Reaganomics. This philosophy seems to state that, if you don't have enough money coming in, you need tp stop spending to make up for it. This is interesting in a stupid sort of way in that it makes sense if you don't think too much about it. Yes, it's always good to stop unnecessary spending in any situation but, it's not always clear to people what is unnecessary and what is promoting the health and general welfare of  women, children and old folks. Sometimes it looks like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic simply because it is.

The Fox-trained among us say that repealing The Busch Cuts is a "tax increase" and therefore a "bad thing!" Ferrernomics points out that, much like a sale at the beer store, The Busch Cuts a sale at the beer store. That means *temporary*. Let's say that the beer store decides to have a special price on Heineken beer. It usually costs $14.99 for a 12 pack (nice price for a great beer) but, to promote it, for three days- Friday,  Saturday and Sunday ONLY- the price will be $10.99. That's the way sales work. Tax breaks too. When the price returns to the already low-low price of $14.99 on Monday, it's not an increase. Yes, the price went down and returned to where it had been but, it didn't increase. An actual increase would be if there had never been a sale and the price increased, as prices do all the time. Like when Ronald Reagan raised taxes six years out of the eight he was in office if you want to get technical about it and confuse raising taxes with tax cuts.  That's Reaganomics though. This is Ferrernomics. When the *sale* is over, prices go back to normal. You can't sell the Heineken FOREVER at $10.99. That would break you what with the costs of it and everything else going up, up up- especially the chips and pretzels!

And really, how much did they drink while the Busch (and Heineken!) were on sale? Are they drunk thinking that ending The Busch Cuts is an "increase"? are they drunk thinking that The Busch Cuts should go on FOREVER?

They must be drunk thinking all that and thinking that all their bullshit cuts are the answer to this whole economic mess. Drunk or stupid.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who might you be?

One of the most sympathetic characters I ever came across on Topix was Sublime1. What a nice guy! I never read him terribly close because, well, he wasn't that interesting. A family man, he wrote a lot about him and his wife raising the kids- boring, typical suburban stuff like that. He liked to exchange parenting notes with the moms who were in the regs at the time. I noticed the guy would post a bit racier in the evening to the girls and I figured he was having a few cocktails. Twice he went a bit too far, got a little too horny with the girls, and they pretty much told him to stuff it. No big deal to them, just the cost of doing business as a woman. Guys get stupid. You either marry them or tell them to fuck off, right?

Anyway, they told Sub to stuff it and, into his cups as he was, he reacted badly. It was Topix but, I really think the guy was literally crying. His posts were rambling- alternately whiney and threatening, just like a drunks would be IRL if he thought a gal had done him wrong. But, he wasn't a bad guy. He was just a guy having a bad night. I recall asking a couple of the ladies to see if they could straighten things out with him. He really seemed upset. I talked him down as much as I could.

It just seemed like the thing to do at the time. I wasn't certain I did the right thing afterwards but, my heart was in the right place. You hate to see somebody suffer but, you also hate to have somebody following you around like a puppy just because you did something nice. I talked him off the Topix ledge and the guy was suddenly my new bestest friend. I was his hero. He wrote responses to my blogs that were longer than the blog entries themselves and got miffed that i wouldn't publish them. (Ferrerman note: I could never tell if he actually agreed with me even though he seemed to be agreeing with me. His replies would just ramble on, presenting all sides of whatever I was posting about  and then, eventually, end. So, I encouraged him to start his own blog. He did. He made one post about legalizing pot and quit.) Within time, I fell out of his favor. I don't think I was ever mean to the guy but, he started getting angry towards me. It's kinda like "no good deed goes unpunished" meets "how much money does this guy owe me?" I had a boss that would ask that whenever it got back to him that one of his people were talking bad about him. It's human nature to talk shit about your creditors. Wonder how much the republicans owe Barack Obama?

Anyway, in time he began to change. After losing his job and moving the family across the country to start anew, his whole persona started anew. He started talking in the threads about how he and the wife were swingers. Chicks had always dug him and the wife saw fit to share him with the rest womankind because, well, he's that good.... Suddenly, instead of posting about raising a family in the suburbs, he was the Lifestyles & Entertainment writer for the regulars. He got a Harley to carry him and the wife to their sexcapades. He started wearing $900 sunglasses, losing them and shrugging it off. He upped the usage of thug slang in his posts. He was definitely the most "G" of any lawyer, anywhere in any hood! Word!

I had to wonder if, way back when, I had not created a monster....

Well, not me. Someone had created a monster but it wasn't me.

I've felt for nearly a year now that Sublime is not a real person. The complete reversal from family man to The Most Interesting Man In The World  WITH a family is just not to be believed. We already went through this crap with the fake therapist. Cheese and Ricearoni, kids: it's the internet and if it seems too good to be true, why the fuck are they on Topix???!!! I'm not saying that Sublime is full of shit  and he's the typical Topix poster living in his mom's basement and yada-effing-yada like everyone says about everyone else on the internets. I mean that he's a character in someone's head, totally made up. No wife, no kids, no Harley or lawyering being done. No obnoxious wife-swapping and Letters To Penthouse retellings of such. Just a character who does these things in someone's mind.

There are "socks" all over Topix and everyone acknowledges that. But, we're not talking a sock puppet here. We're talking a complete, detailed real fake identity here. Who goes to all that trouble?

Well, whoever created a French therapist/teacher with a Secret Service husband, who had a grant from the government to study people on Topix,  maybe.... I think I've documented that pretty well.... I don't know who that person was and it doesn't really matter. You get what you pay for in life and Topix is free. It gets a little implausible at times and isn't as entertaining as it should be as most people are just posting bullshit about themselves but, it makes you wonder how many other posters out there are figments of someones imagination and how many others "talk" to these people every day. How many of them are completely made up as well?

If Ferrerman did not exist, who would invent him? I'd like to think they'd give me more hair..

Being careful what you wish for

Ya know, regardless of how you feel about Obama, if you have even a lick of sense and an understanding of politics as well as an understanding of crossing streams on horseback, you know that him being a one-term president is OK as reichwing propaganda but really fucking stupid in practice.

You know what happens if Phil Intheblank (who hasn't announced just yet....) wins as the republican candidate for president in 2012?

Four years of "HE DID IT!!!!"

"HE", of course being Obama (with special guest appearances by Clinton, Carter, LBJ and FDR). There will be no moratorium on bashing Obama or any democratic presidents because, constitutionally, only republican presidents are protected under the Derangement Syndrome Laws.

Gaining the presidency- which I'm still not convinced they want, will not shut these whiney fucks up. They'll continue to blame Obama for not un-fucking all the damage Bush did because a democratic senate will not let them do all the insane things the corporations want.

But, there's a part of me that likes to cut to the chase and watch the good part. So get to the part where the republican president magically demolishes the deficit, cuts spending to the bone and makes government small again, like it was under GW Bush. I wanna see that!

I wanna be the one to post on Topix how *Phil* needs to be impeached....before he even takes office as folks did the moment Obama got elected.  All us libs need to have a little fun blaming absolutely EVERYTHING on *Phil*. After 4 years of birthers and all the insane shit from the reich, WE can be the ones to demand everything. Forget "WHERE ARE THE JOBS, MR. BOEHNER???" (because, well, he still won't have a plan in '12) we'll get to DEMAND of the new president, where are the jobs! We can start that on election day! It's the patriotic thing to do.

Now, I know what you're saying. You're saying: "Ferrerman, you're being silly!"

Well, yeah, I am. Who in their reich mind would want the party of GW Bush in power to fix the problems of the party of GW Bush?

Well, the folks who brought us GW Bush and want to give us Sarah Palin, that's who....

Call their bluff. I dare you.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Are you better off....

What if McCain/Palin had won in '08? Would we the people be better off or worse? Would Sarah Palin still even be VP? Would there be a tea party? How much would we pay for gasoline, which was over $4 a gallon prior to November 2008, today? Would we be in a depression or in a recession?

It'd be pretty weird to have a team from the same party that got us into the mess trying to get us out of the mess. Who would they blame?

Well, Clinton and Carter like they do now when they're worn out from blaming Obama. And FDR for his socialist programs of  over 70 years ago would be blamed. Don't forget LBJ.... Suffice to say, McCain wouldn't be blaming Bush (too much) publicly because that would be bad form.

The American people tend to vote in different parties every four to eight years. After eight years of Bush/Cheney shenannigans, there was little chance of McCain/Palin getting elected. The RNC just wanted to field a team and- hey- why not throw our first girl in there?

So, it wasn't gonna happen but, what if....

Well, there certainly wouldn't be a Tea Party! Without a black democrat president, why would there be? The tea party was formed less than two months after Obama took the oath. That was a bit impetuous don't ya think?  I think they would have been more receptive of McCain  and Palin than that. They likely would have waited another term or two before realizing the country was going to Hell.

Would Palin even be vice president? She might have resigned by now for a lucrative job at Foxnews and to make films. You don't think so?  refer to her half term as governor.

How 'bout the house of representatives? With a republican president would there have been this *revolution* as we allegedly saw in '10? Remember- there wouldn't have been a tea party to *make it happen*. (Ferrerman's note: I'm sure they helped things along but, November 2010 was NOT a mandate from the people. If the teapee'ers think it was that ship seems to have sailed as they really haven't taken advantage of  that regime change, have they?) So, a few seats would have changed butts, quite possibly more R's than D's.  That seems to happen every election....

I bet firing teachers, busting unions and trying to cut social programs would be the mantra of McCain and the right just as it is now. They would STILL be trying to tell us that rich people paying LESS in taxes was the only way to create jobs. The democrats would still hold the senate so, that would be a lot of rhetoric to this point, the foreshadowing of things to come, as it is now. That the republicans are tring so hard to stymie Obama makes me wonder if this country will ever really recover. If one of these lunkheads gets into the White House in '12, it will be four years of nothing but blaming Obama for everything and four years of begging for four more years because it will take time to undo the carnage....,

Kinda sounds like now with the democrats, eh? Yeah, a little bit. However, starving poor people and feeding rich people (MORE!)  will never be the answer so, I'll never go along with the republicans as they will never come off of that. Plus, I'm a coffee drinker anyway.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The more things change....

I don't know if this link will work and it seems to be a video of a TV broadcast so the quality is not there but, in just over a minute Roseanne Barr explains (as Roseanne Conner) how politics and business work. Here it is, just the same:

When I worked in the south, I used to read the business section of the newspaper to see what the outlook for work might be in the future. Just being a Nosey Nate, I wanted to see what my company's clients might be up to as far as expansion. I also was curious as to whom else might be coming to town.

The incentive to come to Memphis- or any city- has always been first and foremost a favorable tax package for the corporation. They don't care about the weather or quality of the workforce. It could be Siberia with Taliban jihadists for all they care. It's not like the CEO is gonna live there. As long as the taxes are low, there they will go. And they will stay there until the next great deal comes along.

Whoever bottles Pabst Blue ribbon beer signed a deal to bottle in Woodridge Illinois a couple years ago. If memory serves, it was a 10 year deal and it meant a few dozen local jobs. They didn't make it ten years because (I believe) San Antonio Texas offered them a better deal and they basically told Illinois they were leaving and, if you don't like it, you can lump it. This is not legal but, is it worth suing over? I don't know what's gonna happen with that. Corporations do a lot of odd things that seem stupidly expensive but, they just have to raise their prices to pay for these things and- likely- it's a tax write-off anyways. I really think it's about a Charlie Sheen "winning" thing more than fiscal responsibility. {Incidently, what's that motherfucker up to lately?} The corporations, methinks, just want to get their way. They are going to make money, of course, but, there's just something about power....

So, cities have long cut deals with companies to entice them to enjoy their low tax rates. This is great because it provides jobs for the citzens. My company would remodel the buildings that other people would occupy as employees. It's the way things worked.

Well, it's the way things worked.... The gloves are off these days. You can blame it on NAFTA if you want but, jobs went overseas  not because of high taxes here but because of no taxes over there. And no labor unions. And no EPA or OSHA....

Some of the stupidest people you'd never want to meet exist as teapublicans on Topix. There you hear all this shit about how "high" taxes are here compared to there (regardless of what 3rd world cesspool there is). You rarely hear though, how taxes are the lowest they've been since the 70's- since before Reagan. The thinking is supposed to be that those jobs lost overseas and across the border to Mexico will return once we get a teapublican president- one that doesn't fucking hate business and America like Obama! And we have to end this free ride of entitlements by the elitist teachers, construction workers and government workers like cops and fireman  with their hoity-toity unions! All we have to do, while we're at it, is end unions and their communist *collective bargaining* and the *job-killing* minimum wage. I garaunfuckingtee we will have near 100% employment in America if we do that! Who could NOT want that!??

Well, US. We the people. That's who! Because, if you do all these things, we the people (the bulk of us) will be working alongside our children for a few dollars a day....just like the bulk of us did in the 19th and into the early 20th century....with no protection. No representation. No security. No freedom.

Don't think so? You take away unions and all the protections they bled for....and you take away ALL THE PROTECTIONS THEY BLED FOR.... Protections that you enjoy even if you are not Union. You can believe that companies will continue to offer these things to be "competetive" or because "dammit- they're AMERICANS!!!"  If you want, you can also believe that Sarah Palin poops ice cream. Have a taste and see, Any American company operating in Bangladesh, is NOT going out of their way to accomodate the children working in their sweatshops. Know why? Because they don't fucking have to! And it costs MONEY!  Remember slavery? Remember what we had to do to end that? Paying blacks a living wage wasn't even on the table then. And Vicksburg Mississippi was the wealthiest city in the country- more millionaires than New York! Guess why?

Now, we're not heading towards slavery. Well, not that I know of... (what have you heard???)  But, we are heading back to the future of the gilded age of robber barons, sweat shops and oweing one's soul to the company store. And we're supposed to see this as our *patriotic duty*?

How fucking ironic that teapublicans love the 2nd amendment so! Well, for now they do.....