Saturday, August 26, 2017

Now We Get The Rest Of The Story?

A little birdie alerted me to a thread on Topix where ol' punch, Sublime1, has been detailing the particulars of his on-going divorce. Kind of a surprise as, though he had highlighted trouble in paradise for years in the form of mutual adultery, he had never given a hint that either he or "Bambi" were unhappy in the marriage. Actually. he put their marriage on a pedestal atop a mountain, far above all other because of all that boot-knocking. 

So, not too surprised that infidelity (however sanctioned) led to divorce but, kinda surprised that it happened when they seemed so content with the whole show.

We here at The Ferrerman blog always took Sublime's lurid sexploits with a grain of salt. Life's kinda 50/50 but Topix life is much less of a coin flip than reality. We tended to look at Sub's tales as more Letters To Penthouse than True Confessions. Yes, people do commit adultery and couples do have open marriages and all that yada-yada stuff but, they also have jerkoff fantasies a la' the letters that they like to annoy others with and that makes it 50/50. Stuff either happens or it doesn't. The realty though is that if you pretend you and your spouse are out catting around, it's about as bad to say it as to actually do it. Your wife either is a tramp or you like people to think she is. I can't see a real distinction there of good/not good. 

This was a guy who delighted in reporting that the mother of his children liked him cumming in her face. Yikes. Never minding he'd go into possibly apocryphal stories of her (and his) trysts, that just seemed a bit more on the money. Or, on the money shot, as it were.

In all his stories though, there was never any gripes about her cooking, cleaning, child-raising or shopping habits. In fact, he was pretty damn laudatory of her wife and mother skills outside of the bedroom. Reading the current thread, I can hear the late Paul Harvey saying, "Now we get the rest of the story..." 

Bambi evidently sucked at the wifely duties. Who knew? Aside from 24/7 shopping, she had recently left a used tampon in the shower. Yikes but, he left it there for a full week. Why? How is that better?

People break up and fuss about odd things but, usually you've seen those things coming as they've been telegraphed in advance. If they broke up and cited marital infidelity folks would say, 'of course". Maybe their real world friends saw all this coming as they actually know them. But, who is to say he shared those intimate details IRL and only shared the sex stuff with imaginary people on the Internet? The Internet in general and Topix in particular is a place to be all that you can't be in real life. On line, Sub is convinced that people are convinced that he is a 5'7" middle-aged bald guy, desired by ALL women and that that is just the way it is. If you don't believe it, it's because you're jealous. How sad for you.

I've long viewed Sub as Trump Lite. He's the poor man's Donald Trump and, just as Trump is the poor man's idea of a rich guy, Sub is his own idea of an idiots' idea of what awesome is. I don't know that anyone on Topix buys Sub's shit but, he seems quite convinced that they do. Fooling one's self is the first order of business for a malignant narcissist. Once you accomplish that, obviously everyone else buys in.

It's tough to find honesty on a place like Topix where nearly everyone is good-looking and wealthy- more than YOU- but, you can read between the lines. Several years ago some of the remaining cast members of the Chicago Regulars met in Florida to validate themselves and their on-line personas in real life. The takeaway from those in attendance was that Sub was extremely shy and not at all like he portrayed himself on the threads. They weren't being mean, I don't think. I believe they were pleased that he wasn't the Type A asshole he played on the threads, that that was all just an act. They said he just pretty much sat there quietly, barely making eye contact with the others. That's not very Sub-like. not very sublime. Very telling though.

So, as they divorce, Bambi is out of the house and living with a buddy of Sub's and his wife. Sub reports she has a very strong devotion to the friend's wife. Well now, maybe there was something to those sexcapades stories after all? Or is that just what the Sub wants folks to believe? In the world of imaginary people, one never knows, does one?