Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

It was a tough loss. Aren't they all?

In a season where we lost games we should have won and won games we should have lost, it was very hard to see Jake Cutler out of the game, standing on the sidelines and -worse perhaps- riding a stationary bike.

"We" didn't lose. The Bears did. We didn't play the game and we didn't hurt our knee.

They did and he did.

Yep, it was tough to see him out of the game. He sure didn't *look* hurt....

In the post game interviews though, if Brian Urlacher tells you that his teammate is hurt and that he's a tough guy, you better fucking believe it. I think Urlacher knows a bit about being a tough guy. I also believe he knows Jay Cutler better than you, me or some sportswriter does. Not a single Chicago Bear has even hinted that Cutler wussied out. Neither has a one said he was anything but "tough". The man plays football in the NFL. He got sacked more times than any QB in the league. Oh yeah, and he plays while having Type I diabetes. Have you ever missed work because you had a cold?

The worst player in the league is a better football player than I am. Even Todd Fucking Collins is a better football player than I am (though I think Lovie should have not put him in the game at all!) Jay Cutler is a good QB. I wish we had Rogers or a couple of other obvious choices that won't happen but Jay brought 12 wins under a difficult offense, with a line that needs to get a whole lot better.

That's football.... I liked Jay better when he got away from the 7 step-drops and opted to run more when he had no receivers open, and threw the ball away rather than risk an interception. That's when the Bears really started to jell as a team that just mightcould go all the way.

And they almost did, even without him. Caleb Hanie- the 3rd string QB- stepped in and put 14 points on the board. Were it not for an ill-advised screen pass inside Green Bay's 20, well, it's a tie game and who knows what happens in over time....

We'll never know. That's football. Perhaps a healthy Jay Cutler, who played poorly in the first half, comes back and has career day the rest of the way. Us fans will be talking about this for years to come. That's our *right* as fans. It doesn't make us *right* though.

And it doesn't make Cutler a pussy. Tell it to Urlacher if you think different. Tell it to Cutler.

Don't tell it to me. I never played the game. You?

Friday, January 14, 2011

I sawr a film today, oh boy

"The Boy In The Striped Pajamas". I highly recommend it.

It's the holocaust as seen through the eyes of an 8 year old German boy, a boy on the *right* side of the fence in life.

I'm no spoiler so, they'll be no telling the end here. Rather, I'll speak to the beginnings because most of history is about beginnings as we the people keep on beginning the same things over and over again.

Do words hit harder than fists? Sure. The words I read on Topix hit hard in gut because they resonate with the awful words of history. It seems silly- and disingenuous- to equate the rhetoric of conservatives and the tea party of today to yesterdays Nazi's. They tried to eliminate an entire race of people, murdering more than 6 million Jews. Today's conservatives have not done anything like that.

But, they have talked about it. And not just on Topix. Rush Limbaugh has said on his radio program that all liberals shouldn't be killed. Enough should be spared to use as living fossils to be shown on every campus, to show what these people were all about.

Well, that motherfucker is very lucky to live in a nation where he can say such things. What he wants though, is to achieve a nation where such obscenities are policy and that no one may disagree. In the guise of dissent, he is trying to portend policy.

Can it be done? Of course. Adolph Hitler was not the overwhelming choice to lead Germany in the 30's. He certainly did not quickly rise to power or popularity. It took a lot of rhetoric, a wearing down of the German people. He pointed out "the enemy" and went about *proving* his case against them.

On Topix, on right-wing radio and TV we had this rhetoric for eight years of George Bush. Things seemed to have accelerated with Obama as president, because Obama is president. If you can forget for a moment that he is part black, if you can ignore his race, you cannot ignore that he is one of them. A liberal.

"Liberalism, of course, is a disease".

People repeat this on Topix as if it is known fact. "Water is wet." "Liberalism is a disease". It's as simple as that. Not at all complex. As if anyone just couldn't know this....

I mock these people. Hell- what can you do? It's not as if you can reason with them. Sheesh- if you ask them for a link, the fuckers got one! Absolutely ANYTHING can be *proven* on the internet. And anything can be disproven simply by denial. How DO you deal with people like that?

Well, they've made their own suggestions. FEMA camps was one. After Obama's election, the right was fearful that he would put conservatives into FEMA camps....work camps.....re-education camps.....just like Hitler did....

Of course, that wasn't true. That wasn't on the table. It wasn't in the house. It wasn't even on the property. But, some people on the right believed it were true and, Glenn Beck, while he couldn't "prove it", also" ( couldn't) disprove it....." Thus, it's still out there, in the conservative cupboard, whenever they might need it. They'll use it again.

This irks the shit out of me. Perhaps you could tell? It just befuddles me that people living in the greatest nation in the history of the world could be filled with so much hatred for NO good reason. The election, like all of our elections happened without violence. George Bush later showed Barack Obama around the White House, gave him the keys and went off to clear brush from his ranch in Texas. No tanks, no troops in the streets. No blood. Some people are very unhappy about that though. It doesn't make sense but, I understand it.

I understand it because past is prologue. Some people want it that way. They always will....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pimp My Blog

Of late, this space has come under attack by a couple of knuckleheads who believe that my followers- of which there are just two- are indicative of how many dedicated non-readers I have. Worse, one of the attackers is one of my listed followers! YIKES!

Well, as alert, dedicated non-readers know, I fired one follower- Sublime- last month or something like that, so, technically, I'm down to one follower. And she rarely comments on the blog itself but rather directly to me via e-mail. DOUBLE YIKES!

And- TRIPLE YIKES!- my #1 Fan, annie, IS NOT A REGISTERED FOLLOWER!!! How'd THAT happen?

It is humorous to me that Sub and this other guy (Craig) go about Topix often LINKING this blog to anonymous people. Thanks! They don't do it out of the goodness of their hearts of course. They are actually try ing to be mean, But, they say that any publicity is good publicity. Somehow these two think that directing people to my blog will somehow result in LESS people reading my blog.

Huh? How's that work? They must be government employees.

The idea is to embarrass me. People will follow their direction, check out my blog and read it to see what people are not reading. It's brilliant. That is, if by "brilliant" I mean: "stupid".

I don't get paid to write this. I knew a guy who started an advice column on blogspot. He solicited donations and sold advertising space. His advice column failed miserably and he came to resent his friends for not (literally) supporting him. Sublime himself created a blog and wrote exactly one rambling post (about marijuana laws) before realizing he couldn't hack it. Maybe the dope wore off. And Craig, who does not have a blog at all, equates having 1700 *friends* 0n Facebook to being a blog, thus being a more popular blogger than I. Oh, OK. I'm gonna guess there are teenage girls who have more than 1700 FB friends thus making them more popular bloggers than Craig. I, by the way, have 55 FB friends. To my shame, some of them are family members....

I write this just for fun. I enjoy it. It's there when I need it, whenever I feel like *talking* about something or writing about extremely idiotic people I know from the 'net. It's eclectic. It is, as they say, what it is.

It's not my dick but, to some people, I think they see it as their dick.

What a way to compensate....