Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Solar Neutrality

Let's talk about Solar Neutrality. What is Solar Neutrality? Well, it's a liberal, communist program where the Sun is shared with all people, whether they are deserving or not. Solar Neutrality was quite likely signed into law (probably via an illegal Executive Order) by disgraced former President, Barack Obama. That's exactly the kinda shit he did all the time, isn't it?

It's fairly true that the Sun can be useful as a source of power but, solar power has been virtually stymied by communist Barack Obama as he endeavored to share the wealth of the Sun by spreading it around in a somewhat equal fashion to as many undeserving people as possible. How, when the Sun is free to all, does an entrepreneur use his genius to develop the Sun for the betterment of mankind and to, perhaps, make a few dollars for his hard work? This is the problem with the development of solar power today.

My solution, to foment solar creativity, is to lease the developmental rights to the Sun to the good folks at (perhaps) Exxon. This must be done at a proactive, pro-business, capitalist, friendly avenue in it's approach. Let's say, one dollar a year for 100 years for complete AND total rights to the Sun and it's development as a useful tool in energy exploration and function. Pardon my French but, you'll see some shit get done under this program! Shit that couldn't get done under Obama's share the warmth nonsense.

Think about it. Haven't we all had a beautiful, sunny day ruined knowing that the same Sun you are enjoying is also being enjoyed by those people on the other side of town? Don't you hate that? I know I do.

Call your senator or favorite Fox News host and tell them that you want an end to Solar Neutrality! Ask them why- this November, for example, are we getting shafted with cold, shorter days while Australians are enjoying our summer. They'll be as flummoxed as you at this abomination and surely will take this ball and run with it.  

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Papa Don't Preach!

Looks like I picked a bad time to lose interest in the NFL. It's nothing personal and it has little to do with standing or kneeling or even how mediocre the Bears are. The timing is unfortunate because so many reichtards have followed in the goose steps of Hair Furor and condemned the NFL for employing uppity black players, and are protesting the league. I'm certainly no part of that. And this week, the douche bag that owns Papa John's (alleged) Pizza actually blamed the NFL for the drop in sales and stock value of his business. He, you may recall, previously blamed President Obama and the ACA for his then business failings. So, I'm not lumped in with these guys. Then, where's my beef?

Well, that's a rather personal question! Oh, I guess I meant my beef with the NFL. Well, it's a combination of the game devolving into a slow, predictable, non-spectacle 3 days a week and CTE head trauma literally bludgeoning the game to death.

The latter really did it for me as I saw old time players struggle with the effects of dementia after retiring from the game. It killed Dave Duerson and a few others. It became painful to watch a guy take or give a good hit knowing that they would pay dearly for that hit, early after the end of their career. Not necessarily that hit, but certainly a culmination of all the others. All the runs up the middle trying to break through the line for a big gain- that seem to only work 5% of the time anyway- seemed that much more senseless and brutal with the knowledge of brain injuries that would follow.

And most games seemed to drag too with TV time outs and the pandering to commercials and, like the NBA and NASCAR, you could tune in for the last 5 minutes and spend 30 minutes watching the end of the game. It got boring really.

I hear viewing is down. I think it's for a combination of all the factors above as well as the controversy over Colin Kaepernick's kneeling during the anthem, WHICH I will remind is a protest against police brutality and the systemic murder of black folks. You knew that, right?

The reichtards don't. X number of them have turned their flag-draped backsides on the NFL because their leaders claim the protests are anti- military, anti-US. Who knows how effective that has been? That the Papa John's scumbag has shamelessly volunteered his douchebaggery to the mix pretty much tells me the protest of the protest is yet another lost cause for the reich. Like they needed another one...