Friday, May 31, 2013

Celebrity Trolling!

If you watched Nickelodeon in the 90's you know who Amanda Bynes was. She was a cute, funny kid who appeared on that channel and later did a few movies. I remember watching her show with the kids and thinking she would go on to have a successful career as a grown up actress if she chose to do so. She seemed to have a grown up sense of humor too but, that might have been the writers. Lucille Ball isn't an influence for most ten year old's I say. I was kinda surprised when, perhaps a year ago, I read that she had retired from acting and would be focusing on fashion. Well, OK, She was 26 and maybe Hollywood had just quit calling and it was time to move on.

Lately I can't look at Yahoo without seeing about Amanda's latest exploits. She seems to have done everything but make a sex tape. That could change any moment now.

Here's a rundown of her whacktivities:

Yikes, eh? It's been supposed that it's all been an elaborate stunt like I guess Joaquin Phoenix did when he got fat and weird several years ago. Performance art? Is Andy Kauffman still dead? Is bad publicity really better than no publicity?

I think there is some sort of mental illness going on here rather than an elaborate publicity stunt. I would prefer it be some stupid stunt than think this kid (well, 27 is a kid to me) is crazy. She's getting plenty of press out of this and you would think that, by now, her family would have stepped in and got her into some facility where she could get help. I don't know why they haven't. Perhaps she was one of those child stars whose parents squandered their earnings and she has no contact with them? I hope she's not that alone.

Whether a stunt or mental illness, someone please stop her before she finds Topix!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I've often depended upon the unkindness of strangers

It would make sense if they were "paid posters". Don't we always want crazy things to make sense?

If a dozen or so people on an internet message board are paid to make stupid polls about a person on that board to entice other people to post there, driving up ad revenue for the site, that would make sense, right? That's business!

Telemarketing is business. If you have to call 1000 people to sell vinyl siding to just one customer, that is business too. Stupid, lame and archaic but, it's a living.

The lawyer who represents George Zimmerman and is trying to get things about Trayvon Martin's past teenage antics entered into evidence in his clients trial, is a businessman. His business is trying to get his client off and found innocent of murdering Trayvon Martin. Getting his client the Congressional Medal Of Honor for killing the kid would just be icing on the cake he could have and eat too, if he's able to pull it off.

A lawyers job is to do everything in his/her power to see that his client gets the best representation possible. That's why we need to know what a rape victim was wearing and if she had ever had premarital sex before- 'cause, you know, she may actually have been asking for it. Maybe Trayvon wasn't asking to be killed but, the defense will try to prove that he deserved it and society dodged a bullet when Trayvon did not that night.  That's the business of law.

The lawyer is just doing all he can to free his client. I'm sure he'd respect another lawyer trying to vilify his dead child too. It's just business! Nothing personal!

That takes us back to Topix. Business or personal? It would be really nice to think a business is NOT actually paying people to be abusive to other people. But, then you have to think that that business is simply counting on the unkindness of strangers to further it's business. Is that better? Really?

If it weren't the former and it was the latter, wouldn't you want a control group of sorts keeping that malevolent nonsense going? I mean- what if things got slow and people stopped fighting? You know what you call Topix when it's just a bunch of people saying "hello" to each other? Email. That does happen and it's boring. Left to their own devices, people can be pretty boring. After awhile you might want some asshole coming in and taunting someone else about their perceived weight, politics or children.

Well, maybe not but, something to break up the monotony.

Honestly, I'm holding out that the people who fight with me or anyone else are doing it for the money. Not much money, mind you, because they suck at it. We say this a lot in construction when a guy is struggling or just not talented: "You really should think about doing this would help us all a lot..." This "you're gay/fat/ugly/gay/gayer and gayest" shit got old in the fifth grade. If these assholes are in the fifth grade, I apologize. If not, they're just hacks and I only feel sorry for them. If they are the best that Topix can do- yikes!

And, if trolling people, insulting and trying absolutely anything to hurt their feelings is something you do for free...yikes for you.... If Topix isn't hiring, maybe they should? It's just somehow more pathetic that people are assholes for free when they could be lawyers or vinyl siding pitchmen.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Psychological Warfare!

According to my very wise friend, Hegel, that is what Topix is all about. Well, I have only one thing to say about that:


Indeed. Of course, not everyone on the threads operates like that. It mightcould be that most don't even post with the winning of Topix in mind. Imagine that! What a buncha losers!

If you have been playing along at home, you know that a small group of miscreants have dedicated their Topix lives to trying to run Ferrerman off of Topix. They lay in wait of each Ferrerman post to deluge it with bad icons! THE HORROR!! The idea (if that IS one) must be to let the posting world know that Ferrerman posts are not well thought of in the impolite siociety of Topix. No, in fact they are considered to be clueless, nuts and spam! That is, when they're not being, mean, racy and off topic! 

If someone does agree with me, they get to experience similar psychological warfare against them. Presumably, the warfare stops when they stop agreeing with Ferrer. If they don't stop, they don't stop...

Why did this all happen, again? The reasons are as muddled as the brains of Ferrerman's detractors. 

Angelique770 is STILL butthurt that I questioned her *therapist* scam on the old, Chicago Regulars thread. She just does it on a different forum, under a couple hundred names but still manages to have minions doing the anti-Ferrerman heavy lifting. Interestingly, she still uses a few of the same old stooges. Some people never learn. 

And then there's *Sam*. By his own admission, his mission in life is to avenge "Air Cav" a poster whom he claims me and my gang ran off of Topix, forcing him to annoy people on Facebook instead. I don't think we did that and I think it's an awful excuse for dedicating one's entire life to something you can't control anyway but, that's his story and he's sticking to it. 

It's weird because usually if a guy has a beef with another guy but, can't explain it, he tells people it's "about a girl..." What's wrong with Sam that he insists it's about a guy??!! Ewwwwww!! At least Sublime has the sense(?) to, after I've bested him (AGAIN!) on the threads, try and say his anger is in defense of his wife...even though his wife has nothing to do with Topix beyond his "couples swinging" stories. (You have to bring a date, evidently)

It's not, of course, but, that is his story. He thinks Hegel and I want to harm his family. To that end, he is consulting with attorneys to sue us. According to Sub, even if he doesn't win, he will force us to fly to his town to answer the charges- whatever those charges are- and that will learn us!


Hegel was right about psychological warfare. Although, 'PSYCHOlogical' might have been a more apt pronunciation...And maybe no 'logical' now that I mention it...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Show & Tell

Did you know that you can show AND tell? And that your tells show? Sometimes on purpose?

A popular tell is the dyslexic spelling of "the" as "teh". There are people who can't help themselves I guess but, I suspect there are more who can and actually choose to spell it "teh" because it was a cool internet thing to do a couple of years ago. I mean- you do that and you've pwned the 'net! That's the cool way of saying owned but in a non-good typing sorta way.

Despite my own poor typing skills I think most of these tells are manufactured and bogus. Too many people craft perfectly acceptable sentences and paragraphs only to not be able to properly spell "the".

Fuck that Spelchek- it STILL looks fine to me!

I'm not sure why they do it. Maybe it's a signature of sorts? Perhaps it's a way of expressing one's individuality, like the hundreds of thousands of Brandy's with i's? (No, not Brindy...)

Posters have tendencies, for sure. Certainly I do. No one has been able to duplicate them to troll me so, they just make ignorant posts under a fake name that has no connection to me and then they get on the private messaging feature of Topic and tell people "THAT'S FERRERMAN!!!!" And that works. Stupid really is as stupid does.

I remember when I was friendly with various members of the Clique, they'd occasionally ask if I was certain people on Offbeat. There's no point in going into the array suspects but- yikes- none were flattering! I was slightly offended but more miffed than anything else that my *friends* would think that I would troll as idiotic characters. For what purpose? Really. That's a serious question.

Of course, I didn't realize that I had fallen into a den of trolls and that they had mistaken me as one of their own so. Sometimes I can be too trusting. Obviously- at the time- I knew that that Opis knucklehead was a troll. I figured that was his problem and that the others were not similarly afflicted.  Well, I was wrong about that! I write pretty well and can play a character rather easily. I just can't sustain one. I don't know why people would unless they are writing for a TV series or are J.K. Rowling.

But, again, I digress. Since so many tells might be manufactured  for nefarious purposes, why bother studying them? I should just assume that Dondo Dork laughs at the end of all her posts because she's one of those crazy nervous people in real life who chuckle after every sentence, like my old boss, 162 IQ Lou (NOT his real name). She was one who regularly inquired as to who else I might be. Of course, on the internet, denial is not only not just not a river in Egypt but, it's also an admission of guilt because, he would deny that, wouldn't he?

Casting aspersions might be the biggest tell of all.

Or so the Ferrerman would have you believe....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We, the people...

They may be imaginary people, these denizens of Topixland but, they reflect the real people that they are in non-internet life. I've always felt safer with some of these people on keyboards rather than on our streets. But, they do both.

I looked in at my old stomping grounds, The Chicago Dregs Thread (NOT it's real name!) and Edogxxx (NOT his real name!) was lamenting that the unemployment office had informed him that, due to sequestration benefits were being cut 16%. The kid was outraged. He blamed Obama...

This is funny on many levels. Edog blames Obama for pretty much everything that happens in this country that is bad. He presents himself as a republican but reads like a tea partier. They absofuckinglutely love to talk about how self reliant they are yet find themselves thwarted by democrats at every turn in life. This having your cake and choking on it too is typical of the reich wing these days. So, it's also funny on the level that this self reliant man is applying for unemployment benefits... like the loser democrats do...

If they have no shame, it's Obama's fault. They had shame until he seized power...

I don't know Edog, of course, so I can't say for sure whether he's an idiot or just someone who likes to say outrageous things to provoke others. I think both. I think his friends in that thread take him too seriously, frequently getting mad at him for the rather obvious ignorant things he says. He strikes me as an idiot little brother that never quite outgrew that role in the family.

Well, that's Topix and that's the internet. Some people check their filters at the door. With yesterday's tornadoes I kinda wanted to make a post like "OKLAHOMA! WHERE THE WIND COMES RUSHING DOWN THE PLAIN!" but, I thought that would be in poor taste. It is and it's only slightly funny in a sadly ironic way, at that. So, except for here, I passed on it.  I have high standards. I just don't attach a lot of hoops to them.

But, then there are real life people like Tom Coburn (R- Oklahoma) will accept Federal aid as long as it is paid for with budget cuts elsewhere.

Unfuckingbelievable. This was consistent with his stance on Federal aid to Hurricane Sandy victims though. You can't just call him an asshole because of this. You have to recognize that he is a fiscally responsible asshole.That's an important distinction.

Maybe Edog will accept unemployment as long as it's paid for by cuts to Meals For Seniors.

There are some on the right who might think Coburn and Edog are pussies. They might think all of us who aren't living in the woods hunting our own food are pussies. Mind you- they are NOT living in the woods hunting their own food themselves. No, they just think that a nation of 315 million people should live that way and could, if only the damn government would get out of the government business. The internet is rife with people who are so self reliant and so self made that 99.99999% of the world pales in comparison to them. These people are known as delusional fucking liars, That's a clinical term, I think.

These people, whether they talk big like Edog or have a position of some power like Tom Coburn, do not represent we the people at all. They just have a voice like we do and seem louder is all. But, we the people are louder when we the people speak in unison. That's because we the people are the ones that live and die in hurricanes and tornadoes and bury the dead and rebuild.

And we do NOT do it by their leave unless we the people let them control us.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Safety Nets

One in seven Americans is now relying on food stamps for all or part of their daily sustenance. That's AMERICANS, with a capital 'muricans. According to my calculations, 45 million people. Can you imagine that in what is generally regarded as "the greatest country in the world"? 

Kinda makes one think that that slogan is just lip service. It's easy to say. It's cheap, too.

Republican congresspersons, shocked that the monetary lay-out has increased from $35 billion in '07 to $80 billion in 2012 want to drastically cut that. The Senate wants to cut $4.1 billion from the program and the house wants to cut 5 times that. You know they won't stop there. These are the same assholes who, as of this moment, have voted 37 times to symbolically repeal "Obamacare". This, at a cost of $50 million dollars to the taxpayers. So, no charge to GE, Exxon, dozens of other major corporations, various billionaires and, of course, poor people. What's that definition of insanity again? Oh yeah- "Doing the same thing over again and expecting different results."  Congress accentuates that.

Well, what else can they do? Any idiot can tell you that you need to take in less money and cut spending to be successful. Duh! You shrink government down to a size where you can drown it in a bath tub too. It makes a lot of sense if you don't think about it.

But, they have thought about this and somehow it makes sense to them, to do this. Regular people pick up on this for a variety of reasons.  An idiot can look at the time period, note that it covers the Obama first term (except for the last two years of Bush...) and determine that, yep, Obama is "The Food Stamp President" as thousands of idiots have proclaimed him. Figures don't lie, ya know. Obviously, it behooves him to get the entire country on welfare and food stamps that's what he's a socialist mooslime!

See? That explains that! Republicans, having failed at their main mission of making his a "one term presidency" (Mitch McConnell) now must ensure that Obama be limited to two terms. Mark my words- they will succeed at this. I don't doubt that.

There has to be a good reason they are still going after Obama, tooth and nail. It's too easy to say these assholes are insane. It's too easy to simply say they are simply assholes. Too easy to say they are racist.

They are insane, racist, assholes but those traits are simply incidental to their greed. Truth is, they don't care anymore about my white ass, or yours than they don't a black or Hispanic ass. It's all about greed. Racism and national pride are just sentiments to exploit to get others to go along with their own demise.

Our own demise. What else could it be? They've shipped jobs overseas while letting bankers rape and pillage the economy and now- while a ridiculous amount of people are dependent upon the government (the "we" in  we the people by the way) they want to eliminate food stamps, welfare and Social Security which they have convinced stupid people is a gubmint gimme for lazy old people rather than a program working people pay into for their retirement. And never minding all that, instead of increasing the minimum wage to more closely reflect the cost of living here in 2013, these fuckers want to eliminate it!

I guess wages are an entitlement now?

No, they argue that, you will do better with the shackles of a minimum wage (or Union scale) removed. Don't like that $2 an hour this guy is paying? Move on down the road until you find someone willing to pay you, what YOU command as a worker. 

Keep on moving until your hat floats because, when the parameters are removed, we will all be working for what the bossman dictates. Remember when Mitt Romney was caught on tape admiring how Chinese factories had to have fences and guards to keep people out who, if not impeded, would come in and work in hopes of getting paid 97 cents an hour? Mitt believes that! I guess the nets spread out over the atrium's in those Chinese factories are fun-time trampolines rather than safety nets to cheat depressed employees out of suicide.

Those safety nets are our future. Why? Evidently, it's good business and, the business of America is business. I think that's 'murican for arbeit macht frei. It's all starting to sound familiar...

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Company Time

So, who's on Topix?

No, Who is on first...

A lot of people post on Topix from work. I suppose anyone who has to use a computer for their job must have sites they go to when the boss (or anyone else) is not (to their knowledge) looking and that those sites aren't necessarily pornographic. Before I was ever on the computer myself, work would find me in offices and, among the maze of cubicles I'd often hear someone chuckling. What could be so funny about a screen full of numbers, like the other folks were looking at? Well, now I know that those people were looking at any one of millions of sites on the internet and probably chuckling at some amusing anecdote made by a Ferrerman wannabe back then on a site like Topix or watching a cute cat video. Same difference, right? If I had to look at a computer all day, I'd quickly tire of spreadsheets and look around the internet for something more interesting than, say, lawyerin'.

It appears that some people DO get paid to post on Topix!

Screwing around, killing time on the 'net at work isn't the worst thing an employee can do if they are discreet and frugal about it in a time-management sort of way. But, sheesh(!) if you are sexually harassing women on company time, on company computers and plotting the demise of a rival who bested you on the internet and you're doing that also on company time and on company computers, maybe it's time you followed through on masturbation fantasies of criminal charges and civil suits. Or, just go to personnel and say:

"Ya know what? I'm sick of stealing money from you by posting on Topix all day! So, before you can fire me for not doing my goddamned job, I might as well QUIT! I can blame that on Ferrerman too!I won't have to wait to figure out I fucked up by trying to make Federal case out my acting like an idiot on Topix when I was supposed to have been working! Why should I open up myself to such scrutiny and act like my family is seriously in danger for some convoluted, fucking stupid 'reason' that no jury in the world would buy? I'm trying to win Topix, that's why! And if you don't like it, I'll sue Ferrerman for THAT too!"

Of course, if you're NOT doing those things and not plotting the demise of a Ferrerman,  you are probably not all that insane about Topix or anything else and, like most people, you just look at cat videos on Facebook when you're bored at work. What could be so wrong about that? More people should try and find out.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Free Speech At Any Price!


I recently got such an admonition from a poster. It brings to mind the NRA-inspired mantra taught in concealed carry classes where, when faced with an opportunity to shoot someone whom you don't like, make it all legal by loudly proclaiming: "YOU ARE PUTTING ME IN FEAR OF MY LIFE!!!!"  before emptying a clip into them.

Hey- better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6- am I right? High-five, patriot!!!

Magic words. It's a wonder we even bother with courts. Well, we still have to have courts to sue people for being mean on the internet, I guess.

There is no Stand Your Ground Law for the First Amendment like there (sorta) is for the Second, but some people think there should be. These days, does anyone really care about any amendments besides the 2A? Ya know, as long as we've got our guns, we don't need those other rights, right?

Well, the FIRST AMENDMENT is FIRST for a reason. It's first because it's our best and most precious right and, though it's been trifled with from time to time, (Talk v. Hand comes to mind) it's still first and best of all amendments and can't be subjugated to catch phrase status like the second can.

In the recent kerfuffle here, I had a poster demand I stop posting to him. He claimed his wife feared for her safety(???) How does that work? I've never posted to her. To my knowledge, his wife doesn't post on Topix so, I don't know how her fear factored into any of this stuff.  But, dude is a lawyer and can sue anybody he wants, for any reason, at no cost to him. He'll win, of course(!), but even if he were to lose, me and Hegel would foot the bill. (Hegel is the co-conspirator in this legal whackfest, for the record) This is all his legal meanderings from reality so, I can only speculate that the law might see it differently because I have no law degree. My bar exam consisted of a guy named Tony giving me a list of the 12 most popular drinks of the time and telling me that everything was a variation of them. I passed!

But, I digress...  I don't know if the speech of imaginary people on the internet is protected or not but, some jackleg copyright lawyer isn't going to be the one to take it before the Supreme Court. A dentist is a doctor but, that doesn't make him a brain surgeon. I'm just glad there's no open carry of firearms on the threads...I have been warned...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Head Games

I read earlier this week about a hockey player- Derek Boogaard- who died from an overdose of oxycodone and alcohol. His family is suing the NHL because team doctors supplied the pain-killers. I think though, given the attorneys handling the case, the focus of the suit will be why he needed those drugs in the first place because the same firm is handling a suit in the name of late football player, Dave Duerson. There is a lot of concern and pending litigation in football about head injuries and how the league handles them.

Derek Boorgaard was an enforcer. He was a fighter. It's part of the game of hockey. At 6'7" and 270, his job was to protect his teams better players from the bullies on the other teams. He had @174 professional fights, including his time in the minors and @70 of those were known NHL fights. They've been debating for years about fighting in hockey and whether it's an integral part of the game or a gladiatorial sidelight. I've always kinda saw it as a part of the game because the players accepted it as such. Say what you will about football but, second for second, hockey is THE most physical of the major sports. It's the only sport with a dental plan. The lack of teeth isn't just from fighting. Errant pucks, elbows and stick factor in as well.

But, fighting. In a sport where each guy is wearing padding here and there and where helmets are now mandated by the league makes fighting interesting and a bit difficult. I'd expect more broken hands than cracked skulls but, I guess those helmets come off on accident and on purposedent.

Seems like a (pun-intended) no-brainer but, hitting people in the head is a very bad thing to do.

I watched a video on the internet about a girl fight at a Waffle House and looked at several other Waffle House fight videos on YouTube. There are thousands of videos of fights all over the world to view there. If anyone ever asks again: "Can't we all just get along?"  The answer is, no, not really. Not according to YouTube.

Fights happen and they are chaotic by necessity. People are often fighting for their lives because there are no rules. It may be a fight over a girl or a parking space but, that doesn't mean one or both parties shouldn't take it seriously. Look at the various forms of cage-fighting/MMA these days. Beating someone about the head is accepted even when the guy is on the ground. This isn't the sweet science of boxing where your opponent goes to the canvass and you go to your corner. You have to finish him or her off. Feet are okay too. I remember seeing that happen when I was in high school. Two dudes I didn't know had a quick fight between classes over God knows what. Dude A got the best of Dude B, who went down fast. A finished off B with a Dingo boot to the head and stormed off. I had seen and been in many fights and never saw that before. It seemed so uncivilized.

Dude B survived and got up and on to class with his life. Maybe his pride was hurt more than his head? Who knows? Aside from it being cold-blooded and un-necessary, I had just thought it dirty until many years later when my little brother had a brain tumor. The doctors asked if he had ever suffered any head trauma. It wasn't conclusive but, mom recalled he had fallen out of a grocery cart when he was a toddler. He had also played football in HS. It just made me think of Dudes A and B and all the accidental knocks we take as kids that could manifest as tumors years later. Too many hits to the head have caused dementia in fighters and pro ball players as well as suicide. Geez- why do it on purpose to someone? Why take the head trauma even for the financial payoff and short-lived glory that is professional sports? And, for God's sake- why risk killing someone for the glory of a YouTube video and the excitement of the crowd?

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Special Guest Blogger Day was a resounding success scoring over 200 hits as Hegel took the reins here and ran roughshod over a comment the Topix moderator had made. Today, so far, two trolls have sent comments to the blog and,  I could just publish them as such and forget about responding to their vulgarity but, where would be the fun in that?

Here's one from "Anonymous" (Not his/her real name)

"I guess you don't know as much as you think you do, douchetard. Got nothing better to do than sit in your piss-stained worn out K-Mart office chair,& hack into people's computers?? How else would you have gotten such info? Hopefully Grandma will let you outside one day to see some sunshine,&walk to the store to buy your Cheetos &breathe some fresh air. For now, enjoy your solitude,&daily venturing into lives of others via online, because you apparently do not one of your evidence shows you've made a BLOG of it. Good god, get this man a Xanax milkshake. LoL."

YIKES! For you non-Topix folks, that's about half the posts on Topix, regardless of topic.

This one's from "Crunchy Bacon", this idiot's real, fake name

Crunchy Bacon has left a new comment on your post "They Troll For Thee": 

"Smell that? You smell that?

Butthurt, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that.

Smells like.... victory.

Just popping in to say hi kids, and offer a word of advice. 

Don't take this shit so super serious, topix is just a silly forum, not your whole life.

OK, maybe it is fagerman's whole life LOL.

peace out mah bitches"

Again- typical- but, par for his course. I'm supposed to be jealous of this cheesedick- he almost always tells me so but, never really makes the good case because his posts are mostly as above.

This next one just came in and evidently is supposed to be a follow up to the first and is from "Bex":

"Hi Ferretface, Bex here, lol. Apparently you don't understand what I posted, even though I used English.
I hope this cleared some things up for you and the only time you bested me .... was in your dreams. You have yourself a wonderful mother's day".

More from Bex. This is getting complicated:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "BRING A TROLL TO BLOG DAY!!!!!!": 

"I apologize for my share of the Sam posts. It seemed like the thing to do at the time because we were all hurt when you left the Clique. Sorry


So far, that's it. There's a thread elsewhere on Topix where someone is really going batshit crazier that usual but we're saving those for another blog. I'll publish more inane, vulgar comments here, as they become available. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

They Troll For Thee

"I know a lot of good people who have left because of the PI getting out there, some because it was and some because it might. Some of those folks were great, witty, intelligent, and a whole lot of fun. 
That's a real shame when people come here to engage in banter and some asshat has to ruin it. 
There's healthy debate and then there insane mode."

That's the anti-Ferrerman sentiment of famous troll Bex, under her "Bad Bex" profile. She's blaming the blog post here earlier this week for driving away posters from Offbeat, retroactive to months and years ago. Oh, for the simpler times of earlier this week when only Ferrerman's real name was being regularly posted in the forums. 

Last night Hegel pointed out to me that most people don't really like the fighting and the bullying that goes on but, beyond wishing it would stop or imploring people to play nice, no one does anything about it. I agreed. I think it's the group mentality of, at least they're not picking on me...How many children and adults are afraid to stand up for others for fear that they will be alone in doing so and, get their ass whupped along with the original target? That's human nature. That's the 99% going along with the tyranny of the 1% for peaceful- but cowardly- co-existence. 

How many Topix posters really want to post on any thread knowing that, if Ferrerman posts there, a small group of people will converge on his posts to tell him how gay, stupid and small-dicked he is? None of these are actual Ferrerman qualities mind you, but EVERY post I make evokes a deluge of such assessments from these people. How can normal posters (there are some...sorta...maybe...) enjoy that? What if every time a news person interviewed some on the street, a smelly homeless person showed up to spew obscenities and filth? That would get old real quick. 

Even if I don't post, these scumbags post nasty things in the hopes that I might be reading, intending to post. Perhaps worse, characters have been created to harass others and are explained as being Ferrerman in disguise. This is confirmed- ironically- by Sam- a gray box poster who doesn't exist- NEVER DID IN FACT- and certainly wasn't Bex herself...but, nonetheless can confirm the identity of the graybox being Ferrerman. That cocksucker Billy R can verify too. Him AND his fake twin sister...

Of course, it's not just me that gets singled out. Frankly, if you are going to cowardly bully someone from behind the anonymity of a gray box or a sock, Ferrerman is a good choice. I give much better than I get. I'll verbally whup your sorry ass but you'll neither know nor care because your idiot self is happy just to have called me a "fag" and lived to tell about it..on the internet.... 

Where the fuck do we get these people? 

Ferrerman didn't ruin Offbeat. Anti-Ferrerman sentiment didn't either but, it sure helped. That fucking idiot Bex has a screwed up timetable to go along with her screwed up assessment of Offbeat's rise and fall. The Clique ruined Offbeat. Any small group of citizens or posters that thinks it IS the country (or the Forum in this case) can ONLY ruin things for everyone else because they are only thinking of themselves. When they decide that every thread that Ferrerman, or *Geno* or *Harley* or that cat guy post on will be a thread to ridicule any and all of these people, they have decided to ruin that thread for everyone else. Same with the stupid *polls*. Google Ferrerman. There's been over 100 polls about me. Can you smell the obsession? 

Can you blame a person posting sitting at their computer somewhere in Idaho maybe who may longs for the days of Offbeat where any given  thread didn't devolve into a hate-fest against Ferrerman or anyone else who may have run afoul of someone in the Clique? Can you blame them for leaving Offbeat? Look at the Topix Forum itself. It's maybe days away from being that fucking idiot Kevin talking to himself and his Mole. I think the business model for Topix was the raping, pillaging and gutting a la Bain Capital. Either that or they just don't care that a small group of miscreants is running roughshod over their business.

"Bad Bex" first claimed that the names and Facebook pages were an elaborate ruse to trap infiltrators. It worked! She claimed the FB pages were fake and so were the people. She LOL'ed at the foolishness. CHUMPED AGAIN!

Then that changed to real people but innocent victims who don't even post on Topix...  

Now it's they don't post on Topix any more and now live in fear that someone will kill them because their names have been revealed...

And, of course, there never was a Sam or anyone that she knew of posting my name and- presumably- setting ME up for murder because there was no clique and yada-fucking-yada...

They say you the government you deserve. Well, I think you get the government the 1% wants you to have but, yes, in the end you deserve it because you do nothing to stop it. 

People get the Topix they deserve for the same reasons. 

First they came for the Ferrerman but, I was not a Ferrerman....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Celebrity Posters!

Guest Blogger Day was a resounding success! Hegel did great! We beat the previous days record for hits. AND that doesn't count Stalker Sam's hits on the blog. I long ago blocked him from being counted because I was getting triple digit readings even when I hadn't made a post. Sam's a bit obsessed....

Hegel, like me, is a celebrity poster. We are both very good writers with sharp wits who have managed to hurt the feelings of lesser posters in the threads and been stalked for it. In her case, at least, she hasn't even tried. She can simply anger people by out-posting them- posting better. The troll philosophy is,  since you can't beat 'em, harass 'em! Kevin and Persephone(?) follow her around full time as do other trolls.

Interesting (well, not really) her stalker trolls and mine tend to cross over. Sometimes they bother to change names, sometimes they don't. Angelique, who has stalked me almost from the moment I first posted on Topix back in the old, Chicago Forum days, also stalks Hegel as various incarnations of Sue's and Princess's. All the trolls are crossing back and forth on the forums because, I guess, they like to play in traffic. Dave, Laura and Bex troll part-time on the Main Forum and Sublime  likes to bore people to tears on Offbeat now. He says they *fight too much* on the Main Forum. Their is like ten actual people on the Main Forum- plus 80 or so socks of Kevin and Sue. And no fighting on Offbeat? Has he met Sam and Bex and the rest of the reichtards????!! Sheesh.

Anyway, when you are a celebrity poster, all of fandom wants to know everything about you. Facts don't matter much. Facts are pretty useless on Topix as they are hard to prove. However, opinion can be proved, usually via Billy Rubin. He is the last word on everything Topix, though, admittedly, most posters bypass him and run with the first thought in their heads as gospel. Did you know, for example, that Hegel weighs 300 pounds and is an old cat lady? I read it on Topic- many times- so, it must be true.

Well, it isn't. Not 300 pounds, and not an old cat fancier.  To be fair, that's a typical ballpark assessment of any woman on Topix. Our trolls bring nothing new to the table. In fact, I believe they say the same thing about Barbi and Rose, as well. Wrong again! One troll, Crunchy Bacon(!?) wanted desperately to meet Hegel for drinks so that he could charm her into having an affair. Happily married and not being one to be party to any end of the adultery spectrum, she turned him down and, though his pride was hurt, he went back to talking about his alleged trophy wife.  Crunchy didn't have a chance but, he'll never know what he missed when he struck out. Gosh, I wish I could show him! U mad bro? You should be! Hegel is definitely prettier than the wife you cheat on. Think of the woman in the Wendy's commercials but, without the red hair...

And me? Mostly my famous self gets the usual short and fat, old and gay that is all the men on Topix at some point, in someone's estimation. You know how half of all marriages end in divorce? I'm the bad half. Yep, I'm that guy- the divorced loser. You may be trying to step out on your wife with women you've never even seen,  on a chat room, or you maybe be on the same message board bragging about how you and your wife keep things fresh by SWINGING(?!) and, yep, I'm the loser because i'm divorced. Gotcha.

 Everything else is speculation based on that. They can't make up their minds whether I have a son or daughter, both or more or how old s/he/they are. They are confident that I'm a horrible father. Why argue that point with trolls? In the blog and on Topix I've talked about being a painter. I've been taunted about it too, as if it were something akin to manslaughter or homicide. (It's not but, I could tell ya stories...) Just last week Stalker Sam was DEMANDING to be told what I do for a living. This from a guy whose whole life is devoted to trolling me! Well, he's not very good at that if he has to ask me things about me. Sheesh, where was that coming from? I'm the last guy you ask about my thoughts, feelings and actions! Well, if you are a troll, that is.

So, we are Topix royalty, I guess. Everyone wants to know all about us and what we do or don't do, because their lives are far more interesting than ours. YOU WON'T FIND THEM ON TOPIX----

Well, actually, yes, you will. That part seems to escape them. They're not catching up on our antics via TMZ, on a break from their own exciting lives. They are posting day and night on Topix, trying to prove they are better than us. Prove to whom?

They don't get that part. They never will.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hello, readers! Today I'm turning the blog over to my friend, Hegel, who is quite the writer herself.
Here is her take on the recent kerfluffle with the JG's Swallows miscreants, as told to a Topix Moderator who does have questionable sympathies...

You people? I've never used anyone's real name, nor would I. Thanks for the vote of confidence and letting me know how you guys REALLY feel. I have, however, seen them use Ferrerman's real name over and over and over again for more than a year. When we've reported it it's taken anywhere from a day to more than a week for it to get removed. That's IF it gets removed. Sometimes it doesn't! Is that a matter of "you people" deserving what we get?
The posters who hide to post his real name just go on and on with their bullying and feel nothing but emboldened because nothing is said or done privately or publicly to stop them by YOU people. He's put up with them calling him a "perv" and a "fag" too many times to count. A day rarely goes by when he's not labeled a pedophile or followed around by gray boxes who do nothing but attempt to disrupt any conversation he tries to have. But that's OK because it's just Ferrerman, right? If we reported everything and continued to do so until YOU people took action we'd have no time to do anything else.
He may not be perfect but I can't blame him for losing it every once in a while when he feels HE has no recourse against about a dozen people who gray box filth using his name (either about him or 'AS' him) and mods who don't seem to give a shit about cyber-bullying despite the lofty, caring public statements put forth by Topix LLC. It seems your only solution is for him not to be able to post with his friends. He's just supposed to take it while they troll on unabated. But go on and continue to blame the victim. Topix is famous for that and you've gained that reputation because it's deserved. "You people", indeed.

Well said, Hegel. Thank you!  :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Name Game

Topix has been experimenting with allowing users to use other posters real-life names of late. It's been a small experiment so far, mostly using my name only. This hasn't tested well in the Ferrerman market. In fact it's maybe happened a hundred times over the last couple of years and I'm still complaining about it! Ask Bex Bailey of Conyers, Georgia- i'm a fucking whiner! Every time she posts my real name on Topix, there I am complaining! And probably complaining to a Topix moderator that is friendly with her.

Her friends, Lara Chauxim and Ruth Ward might disagree. Mike Finn, Dean Davis and all the Dentons might concur as well. There's Maria Denton and her brother James and his wife, Nancy Teller Denton. They might disagree because, implicitly (complicitly?) they agree that personal names of Topix posters should be used whenever some Ferrerman has bested Bex Bailey or anyone else on the threads. This is to say ALL THE TIME! Early and often.

The troll creed seems to be: If you can't beat Ferrerman (and you cannot) post his real name whenever you get liquored up and feeling all liquid gutsy!

I know Carla Burgess agrees! Marie Henson too. Paula Conlan, Jane Dalhinger, Corvette Aubuchon and Alex De Boer also must be saying this first name basis concept of Topix is a good thing as so many of their friends are doing it.

And that's just on Offbeat. The Topix Forum itself has Kevin Knoop, Leanne Stokes and Michael Pruden have been joined by Offbeaters Dave Collins and Beth Little, as well as Bex Bailey. Surely they agree as well. I guess they are in favor of all this real name stuff because, evidently, not a one of them ever taken Bex Bailey aside and told her that habitchually posting Ferrerman's personal information is NOT a good idea. I know Topix never did!

That's assuming Bex Bailey is stalker *Sam*. Honestly, I don't know. I don't think Angelique Desaussin is the real name of Angelique770. Sounds like a stripper name to me. The thing is, the people mentioned above might not know who *Sam* or Angelique are in real life. They just post with them and do their bidding and they are perhaps friends with them on Facebook and allow them access to all their info. I mean- if you are on Facebook with someone who goes by Sam Iam or Billy Rubin, and you think they are your friend, you might want to think again. Someone you think you know has been stalking me for over four years. Of course, they won't do that to you... Right? Just Ferrerman. Certainly they draw the line at you... And that would be because...?

Sometimes you don't wanna go where everybody knows your name....

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gun Wrongs

This week in Cumberland County, Kentucky, a five year old boy shot his two year old sister to death with a rifle. It was his rifle.

There is a company called Keystone Sporting Arms that specifically makes guns for children. I guess kids have 2A rights too. I mean- who doesn't? What part of "...shall not be infringed..." are you not getting here? The 2A is pretty specific about this. Why our nations prisoners are denied their 2A rights is a fucking disgrace and a story for another day.

This is about the children...

I'm not going to say anything horrifically flippant like: "The only thing that stops a bad baby with a gun, is a good baby with a gun" because that would just be wrong.

Instead I'll quote this hillperson, speaking of guns in Kentucky: "Down in Kentucky where we're from, you know, guns are passed down from generation to generation," White said. "You start at a young age with guns for hunting and everything."
What is more unusual than a child having a gun, he said, is "that a kid would get shot with it."
What an unusual thing to say! I understand it and understand that it's really rare that children shoot each other but, it does happen. It's just completely bizarre that a child would use his own weapon...
Typically, a five year old might get his hands on daddy's pistol which he found in a drawer. An average child of that age would not be able to differentiate between a real gun and a toy. My little brother was about five when he found a pistol in a neighbors yard. We didn't know the people- they were hill-persons renting for a short time. I saw my little brother walking down the street, pointing the gun and say "Bang! Bang!" I didn't recognize it as a toy from the family arsenal and something told me to check it out. 
Thankfully, it wasn't loaded. I turned the pistol into the police and they made a perfunctory investigation. This was decades ago but, as I recall, the hill-persons had been drinking on the porch the night before and it fell out of somebodies pocket. It was a total accident. They were taking a break from playing pool in the living room and Joe Buck musta been showing it around and maybe Cletus dropped it? Who knew? Well, no one got hurt. I believe the gun was returned to it's wrongful owners.

But, in Kentucky, the child used his own rifle which had been given to him as a birthday gift. His little five year old self had probably received some instruction/training about firearms because, in that part of the world, that is the whole idea. Learn 'em young.

Careless adults. Dad or mom set the rifle in a corner of the trailer without clearing the weapon. How are you going to teach them young when you don't know yourself? The rifle was not only not cleared, it was not put up where the five year old could not get it. It might as well have been been a toy gun to him the way his parents treated it. It's a damn shame. A two year old died for her brother's second amendment rights.