Sunday, December 6, 2015

Good Connections

There is much gnashing of teeth over the treatment of this young lady:

Were it up to me, I would let her off with moderate to severe spankings. However, many people want her punished as severely as less attractive defendants, not eligible for spankings. And that misses the point.

We're such a revenge-based society these days. Instead of asking why cops shoot any unarmed people, too many of us wonder why they don't also shoot white people. Would that help somehow? The cops should not be killing unarmed people of any degree of pigmentation.

Same with drug sentences. This adorable young woman should not spend the rest of her adorable life in prison for being the connection for her friends (and making a few dollars in the process) any more than an inner-city boy or girl. That goes for users too. Being a drug addict is a sickness. Drugs, alcohol- they're not for everybody. You don't put sick people in jail to make them better. Same with people who are dealing to friends, or friends of friends. Where's your capitalist, entrepreneurial spirit? This country was soooooo slow in state's allowing marijuana sales- and it's still against Federal law and some state's, despite crying "state's rights" on this, that and the other thing, don't think Colorado and Washington should be allowed to legalize pot.

Little, seemingly off-topic note about state's right's as they pertained to The Civil War; The south may claim today that their beef with America was "state's rights" but one of their beefs with slavery was the Federal government's refusal to force northern states to return fugitive slaves as per The Fugitive Slave act. Some northern states saw it as their right, to not comply. Fucking ironic, eh? The south used "state's rights" to get ugly about state's rights!

So don't cry because this terminally adorable young woman isn't likely going to be Bertha's bitch in prison. Make sure Laquisha or Dejuan get the same deal. The legal system should not be vengeance. It should not ruin lives to make certain people content.