Monday, December 5, 2016

A Trumped Up Economy

I found an interesting take on the impending republican tax cuts and how they would likely benefit blue states while punishing the red states that supported Trump.

Trumpublicans have also made a lot of noise about eliminating the Federal minimum wage and (probably) leaving it up to the states as a 10th amendment thing. Stupid people might find a wage cut *honorable* if it freed them from the yoke of gubmint oppression and everyone else was in the same boat of individual wonderfulness. But, smart people in smart states might instead see the opportunity to expand their business by paying more. Even strict (dominatrix-like) constitutionalists might not be able to figure a constitutional remedy to stopping states from paying citizens more money.

Now, if you are one of the denizens of Trumpland, you would scoff at this notion because surely all business would head to Texas for it's cheap labor source of poor-but-proud 'Mericans. Why would a business pay $15 or more for any employee when Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, etc. and etc. offer employees at far lower wages? Well, because that's business.

There's Walmart and there is Costco. Both are very successful. There were plantation owners in the south who had slaves and there were businesses in the north that had paid employees and both business strategies were successful. There is always at least two ways of doing something- anything- right? Which one is "right" depends on how well you do it. You can make money paying damn-near slave wages (do the math) but- amazingly- you can make money paying employees a fair living wage! If you've paid attention over the years you'd see this. It's what made America great in the post WWII years, a greatness title we had undisputed until 1980. There are different approaches to capitalism it seems.

Progressive states such as those on the west coast and in the northeast, would likely keep their higher wages and attract the best employees with those wages and the lifestyle they bring. That would be an interesting juxtaposition to the *right to work* states offering more flexible wages, perhaps in the $2 an hour range. You might see a renewal of the trek out to California by Okies from as far away as Florida.

It's good business to pay people good wages. Happy, contented workers not only perform better, they put those wages back into the economy in the form of purchases and taxes that lead to good roads and gooder schools. It's amazing that even successful, otherwise intelligent people can't seem to grasp that.

But, they do. They just choose to disavow this. The easy way out is government sanctioned oppression as we saw in the south with slavery (and now with right to work) and, yes, Russia with communism. That's right- communism. An oligarchy controlling wages and production is just a bastard relation to communism. What is the different between state-controlled economies if it's 6 or 7 corporations or 6 or 7 members of a politburo?

The problem with capitalism as it is practiced in this country, is that eventually you run out of other people's money. You may have heard a slightly different version of that before. With Trump they seem to be poised to get it all. Then what? I really don't think they know. I don't think they've thought that far ahead.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Holes In Her Stalkings

One of the features of Blogger is that they give you stats so that you can know where your blog traffic comes from. This can be useful information. Sometimes it can be a little disturbing too.

Recently I noticed that one of the traffic sources was a gay porn site. Yikes. I also use a service called Statcounter. This not being a well-traveled blog, I went to stat counter to see what IP matched up with that visitor. Turned out to be Oviedo, Florida. That's CrunchyBacon territory! Regular non-readers know that Crunchy is the stalker also know as "Sam" and the original character of "Angelique770".

We never believed that A770 was an actual woman any more than we believed she was an actual therapist. The internet is a place where you can be all that you can be. You can be a Vietnam veteran, a lawyer or a therapist. And you can be a woman even with male genitalia. As the MTV show "Catfish" has documented a few thousand times, it's quite common for men to masquerade as women and vice versa. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility in these Trumpy times. It's not our president-elect's fault, of course. I simply mean that a billionaire populist was elected by the great unwashed of America to "drain the swamp of DC" and, well, he hasn't come close to doing that. Very Trumpy, indeed.

We also found it hard to believe that A770 as a woman would devote (now) eight years of *her* life to stalking the likes of this Ferrerman. I've been with some crazy women but they all gave up and moved on relatively quickly when things ended. And this one I had had nothing remotely resembling a romance with, by any stretch of the imagination. I don't even think he *thinks* so.

So, why does this guy still obsess over me? Why am I the overwhelming concern in his life?

I have no fucking idea. How do you rationalize mentally ill people? I don't know what set the asshole off. It might be as simple as my having busted the whole silly therapist scam years ago. Much of obsession is based in revenge. It's curious where some people draw their lines in life. I recall a guy we threw out of a bar once damn near broke his hands pounding on the back door of the bar to get in so he could be thrown out the front door like his buddies. Mind you, they were all outside at the time. That's what he told us. Hard to argue with such logic.

I don't know if CrunchySam770 runs the gay porn site or how he uses it to view the blog. That's above my cyber paygrade! He claims to be a software developer and a professional gamer though.  He uses it, a Youtube proxy, and a variety of other proxies to view this blog and, of course, to troll me and others on Topix. Many of the usual *Sam* locations show up on the Stats as well as Topix. Again, not a well-read blog so, it's pretty easy to match up who is who.

I'm not upset that a gay man is stalking me, posting songs and house pics in the CrunchyBacon voice and frequent references to cocksucking and cum, usually in the *Sam* voice, all over Topix. I wouldn't want a woman doing that either! I'd rather not have anyone stalking me at all. But, you can't pick your stalkers, can you? For whatever insane reason, they pick you. Only they know.