Friday, January 10, 2020

Royalty Comes To The US!

It's already here! We just have to make it official.

Trump's been impeached and he needs to be removed. Now, that's not likely to happen given the fact it's a Moscow Mitch led senate that would do the deciding and they've already stated the fix is in, but he can be beat in November even though Moscow Mitch is working on keeping that from happening too. They definitely need Trump to get a second term for them, but after that they really don't need him.

I'll say it again that Trump was the only republican that could get close enough to Hillary Clinton to make an Electoral College *victory* look legit. Cruz or Kasich could not have pulled that off. Remember: She beat Trump by THREE MILLION votes in the popular vote. Ours is the only nation on earth that would let him be leader by finishing second- via a leftover relic of the founding days of slavery. All this fucking mope has to do again is place again and- if he *wins* the Electoral College, Moscow Mitch and Putin get four more years... I think Trump wants a landslide like Putin gets whenever he holds a vote so, it could get weirder this time. I mean- we don't know his opponent yet but we know who it isn't. It isn't Hillary, who- in case you did know this- BEAT HIM BY THREE MILLION VOTES LAST TIME- but fuckheads keep insisting was the lesser of two evils and they had to hold their noses while voting for her, and stupid shit like that.

So, no HRC this time. And no- if he ever really had it- new car smell about Trump. All that punditry about him being a businessman and an outsider who can clean up the DC Swamp can't be said with a straight face by anyone but the most reichtarded idiots on the internet, and in congress.

People are on to Trump now. He's never had 50% approval. Not even on Day 1. In my estimation, *the media* did more to elect him than Putin did. Since then he's done nothing but heap abuse upon them. They could have- and should have- Gary Hart-ed him for his obvious sex crimes but I think they kinda held hope that there was no real chance that he'd win, but if he did...what a ratings bonanza that would be... So, he's not exactly got them in his corner.

He's done nothing to expand his minority base by winning new friends and influencing people. There's that not getting near 50% again. Even to cheat you need numbers to make it look good. He's acting like he knows the numbers don't matter.

But, I digress. This is about Royalty, isn't it? Sixty two million of the nations dumbest motherfuckers voted for Trump and those 62 millions love him more today than yesterday, but, darling, not as much as tomorrow. Those still aren't leader numbers though. We shouldn't accept second best as president. Once was bad enough. Twice would be the death of us.

So, let's make Trump King! Titular, of course. Make it like Great Britain with their Royal Family- just for show and tourism. And I mean the entire Trump family. Ivanka could be a princess and the boys can be princesses. Barron could maybe be a Baron.

From the day Trump got the EC, his minions have been plotting the family's ascension to the presidency and that's not really how this country does things. I assume they were talking about legitimate 2nd place finishes resulting in an Electoral College victory- no, who are we kidding? These un-American fucking assholes were talking about Trump kids being appointed to the presidency. They don't think we need elections anymore- if we are to remain free, that is... That's the way they *think*.

Give them a Trump monarchy. Let them pretend the Trump's are the royalty they already pretend they are. Just put them out there for show like Britain does with their royals. Let the minions worship them. Just don't let our royals have any say in our government. It's a win/win for all! Blimey! What a jolly good idea! Give the stupid cunts something to do that won't hurt us.