Sunday, November 29, 2009


It's been a couple of weeks since I've made an entry here. I must say that a lot of that had to do with the purge of Sublime and Lil Roo from the dregs. That shocked even me. Two of the nicest people on the threads were brutally beat down and cast out of dregdom. One was chastized for lengthy posts. The other was singled out for finding amusement in a post of mine. These were their "crimes". Wow.

Watching the dregs/ninnies self destruct is like watching the republican party implode. 770 is their Sarah Palin...

But, 3e- who led the purge of both Sub and Roo- DID apologize. That's the important thing with these imaginary people. Say and do whatever you feel like (if fully vested in regdom, that is) and then apologize. That clears your conscience and absolves you. DO NOT admit that you are wrong, just apologize like kids on the playground. "Resolve" conflict by washing it away with apologies. Go ahead and hit the smaller child- just be sure and apologize like mommy said..."Poor parenting" that is. Why, if ferrerman had only apologized for things he had NOT done, he would be drinking bubble tea with the dregs and ninnies right now...

You have to wonder about someone who calls herself an introvert and yet habitually EXPLODES when she is (so easily) angered.

I guess this is all to say that, I'm kinda sad that I'm not the number one enemy of the dregs anymore. I've been replaced.

They have a new enemy: Themselves.

Who will be the next to go? Stay tuned...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Keep Your Friends Close...

...and your enemies closer? Well, that's what the Godfather taught us. You may have seen how well it worked out for Michael Corleone. Not very, if you didn't see I or II.

But, that's the movies. In real life, we don't like our enemies to be close to us. This is because they are enemies and, since we don't like them, we don't want them around. Pretty simple. I don't hang around with my enemies and whenever they see me, they tell me to go away. They get very upset when I do not heed their warnings. Well, that's enemies for ya! That's just the way they are! Those damn enemies!

What if your friends treated you like that? Would you still consider them friends? Probably not.

But, what if your friends treated you like an enemy but did so under the guise of "friendship"? As in, "We love you but, you've made us mad and now we're going to say mean, hurtful things about you and you better take it because we're your friends!" That would be weird. A little incongruous. It would be worse if, while they stuck a knife in your back, they told you that someone else was going to stick a knife in your back but that THAT friend wouldn't really be your friend...

We all saw this sort of friendship unfold twice in one week with that group of friends know as "the regulars". Two of their friends had commited egregious acts against the regs. One fella, accused of being rather wordy in his posts, refused to take a verbal ass-whupping from a higher ranking reg because of his lengthy posts. One after another, other regs came to join the verbal beat-down of their friend. There is a pecking order. He went up against someone with more rank than him- someone who was more of a friend to the regs than he- and he had to pay the price for that. What are friends for, if not to remind you just how good of a friend you are?

A few days later, a young woman made the mistake of laughing at a post that your's truly had made. Dedicated non-readers of this blog know that me and the regs don't get along. Though they treat me like a friend... I am NOT their friend. To wit, when they fuck with me, we go to the mattresses. I know who my friends are and aren't.

So, when this young woman laughed at my post, it was the final straw for some of the leading regs. She had shown pro-ferrerman sentiment in the past, something TOTALLY against the rules of the regs. Independent thought is frowned upon by the regs. She had been warned before! She broke her "double-secret probabtion"! So, at the command of 3e (or perhaps higher{?}) hell was unleashed! It wasn't pretty. Their version of friendship never is. They have two speeds: AWESOME and HOW DARE YOU!

Non-readers, I am not a gang. An army of one maybe but, not a gang. My two best friends are women. One, whom I've know for a year now, is a former "innie", the hierarchy of the regulars. The other, was a regular poster on the threads until she too got the friendship treatment from the regs. I trust these two with my very life. We love and respect each other as real friends do. They "have my back" but also know that I can take care of myself. I don't DEMAND that my friends walk through doors that I choose to open. They know that there's nobody here that I can't handle. They are wise enough to question why I bother and friend enough not to harangue me for doing so. They counsel but they don't tell me what to do. They think for themselves so, it follows that I will think for myself as well. Wow. Independent thought! What a concept!

And it works. I'm very lucky. No gang affiliation. Just real friends.


Monday, November 9, 2009


Over the weekend I received an "anonymous" comment on this blog from A770. It wasn't a comment really and, though it was on my post, "Everybody Must Get Stoned", it had nothing at all to do with that story.

What it was, was a sad and disgusting re-print of a once familiar rant of a Topix poster who hasn't been on-line in a few months. It was verbatim, a taunt this person used to use against people who attacked this person. A770 "signed" it with his screen name. She's a class act, eh? Definitely a coward.

Now, though it was "anonymous" and though it was "signed", I know who it WAS from and I know who it WAS NOT from.

Who amongst us has the time-and the "staff'- to research obscure quotes from obscure threads in Topix? Who else would bother? Who else would be so depraved as to leave THAT?

Anyone else would have left but a mean taunt as several others have in the past and opted to remain anonymous. Hell, I got a whole folder of one girl's "rants". She always left her name on her rants. Right or wrong as that may be, she wanted me to know those rants were from her. You gotta respect that. Well, I guess. They're still rants...

Anyway, A770 will apologize for this in her usual manner. She will say that she is sorry that I think that she wrote the disgusting, despicable, horrid rant and that, perhaps I believe this because of some early childhood trauma. Poor parenting perhaps? She will recommend counseling...

She won't admit to doing it. She'll only be sorry that I think she did.

However, unless she is completely insane, she has to live with what she did. Everytime she tries to pass herself off as a therapist whose mission in life is to help and cure, she will have to face up to the demon inside her that posted the vulgar rant, the rant that was not meant to help but to hurt. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Therapist- heal thyself!

That's not gonna happen...

So, from here on out, no more anonymous comments on this blog. Simply sign up for a google account and we'll take it from there.

It might make a man or a woman out of you (provided you've met life half way already as one or the other).

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Song Remains the Same

There's a little old thread in the Chicago Forum called the Quorum

Introvert Quorum!

It is run by 770 come and take her test in the Ouorum

Introvert Quorum!

They're all girls you bet
Race ain't one (well not yet...)

In the Quorum

Introvert Quorum!

And that's Uncle Joe he's a thinkin' kinda slow

In the Quorum

Introvert Quorum!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Everybody Must Get Stoned

T is a huge Bob Dylan fan. So am I. We have both seen Martin Scorcese's "No Direction Home" several times and, in a recent discussion, I asked her if she had ever heard that the singer, Jewel, had referred to Bob as "(an) old homo" because he had declined to sleep with her. T had not heard that. She did not believe that assertion. He's Bob Dylan. Damn.

Women, throughout history, have done most of the romantic rejecting whether it be the playground, the senior prom or This side of movie stars, athelete's and rock star's, that's just the way it is. Men have to be in a desirable position of power- or be a pizza delivery man with a difference (as in the porno's)- to be in a position to reject women. Otherwise, we're supposed to take what is offered to us and like it.

Women do not handle rejection very well. If they are good looking, like Jewel, who like a few million other women in the world could walk into any bar in the world, offer their body and be swamped with acceptance, they won't fret much about rejection. Your average, non-celebrity good looking guy, probably couldn't do as well in the same situation. (For the record, I haven't tried. Believing as I do that a man's got to know his limitations, I probably would tire after three or four women and want to fall asleep to SportsCenter. So, what's the point? )

I had to reject a woman once. I was maybe 25 and she was in her mid-fifties. She was the ex-mother in law of my ex- step brother, Timmy (if you're scoring at home) and, I wasn't the least bit attracted to her though she was wild about me. This was back in the 80's, before "cougars" were invented. I think she was a badger. I don't recall her name but, I'll call her "D" here. D had been married seven time's before but, I'm not certain that any one of them was an 'enry. I had suspected that as many as six of them might have been prison lifer's though. Regardless, I wasn't about to be 'er eighth ol' man, Ferrerman. Despite her marital history, D was simply not an attractive woman to a young fella such as myself who was as young and pretty (at the time) as like to think I was...

Anyway, D had shown up at a bar me and Timmy were at one night, and she made it clear that her sights were set on me. As luck would have it, Diane, a co-worker of mine, also showed up that night. While D was freshening up in the badger's room, I met Diane at the door, explained the situation to her and asked her to be my girlfriend for the evening. She cheerfully obliged.

I don't know that I could have picked a better faux girlfriend. Diane was of Puertorican/Dominican extraction. Exotic and dark, she could pass for Jennifer Beals and had actually done so in a bar one night. Her girlfriend had playfully run a bluff on the manager of a latenight place and she and "Jennifer Beals" were rewarded with champagne and drinks on the house. Diane waitressed where I tended bar. She was pretty good at that but, her greatest talent was that she could change out of her work clothes (slacks) and into a dress to go to a club. Oh, I should mention she did this while DRIVING. Very talented. I drove behind her twice while she did this. Please, kids- don't try this stunt in your car. She pulled it off (along with her pants and all) but, it's not a good idea.

I introduced her to D as my girlfriend. Diane and I smooched and caressed each other, as lovers do. D cast a suspicious eye. She began to ask questions. Diane and I had worked and partied together for several months at that point so, we knew each other pretty well as friends. We hadn't had much time to concoct a background story but, we were both good at winging it. We were pretty good at making out too.

"I could get used to this", I whispered to Diane as she nibbled on my neck.

"It's just for tonight," she cooed back, her lips rising to my ear.

True. Good looking as she was, Diane was a little wacky for me. We liked each other but, we fought a lot while working. She was no more full-time girlfriend material for me than I was full-time boyfriend material for her. I think we had both reached that conclusion long before that night. But, ya know, when you're making out with somebody, you can't help but wonder...

A reasonable woman in D's position would quickly realize that she was over-matched by Diane. D was not a reasonable woman but, she eventually gave in that night, bowing to the youth and beauty of Diane. She reluctantly gave us her blessing, the night ended and all concerned went home safe, un-satisfied but with all feelings intact. Nobody got hurt.

I still feel a little bad for D. Perhaps she was once as young and pretty as she used to like to think she was. Seven husbands, ya know. But when I met her she was twice my age and playing in a different league than I. Rejection is never easy but, if a man or a woman know's their limitations- if not their desires and needs- rejection doesn't have to happen. In a sense, Diane had already "rejected" me prior to that evening because we had never hooked up before. They say that women know in something like 10 seconds if they would like to sleep with a man or not. Same for men, I reckon. That all seems fair and normal human behavior to me. The problem arises, in both men and women, if you "know" within 10 seconds that you WILL sleep with that person. Self-deception is not limited to short, fat bald guys.

It was ignorant of Jewel to validate herself by attempting to tarnish Dylan's sexuality with his reputed brush off of her. He couldn't possibly not be interested in her, too old for her? He just had to be an "old homo"? Please. He's Bob Dylan.

Jewel will one day be in her sixties. She may set her sights one day on a young, up and coming folk/pop star. He may go for that, may opt to get himself not just a piece but a piece of folk/pop history.

Or, he might just pass on the "old dyke"...

Well I would not feel so all alone...