Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cumming Attractions?

Recently, Lifestyles editor of Topix- Sublime1- regaled readers with how he loves to cum in his wife's face. She enjoys it too! Everyone, of course, is jealous!

Sheesh. The guy treats Topix like it's his own personal Letters To Penthouse Forum. His offerings run the gamut from a lot of stories about almost getting laid, to tales of swinging with the wife's participation, to matter of fact accountings of ejaculating in the wife's face.

Like most such boasting, it's probably all bullshit, jerkoff fantasies like the aforementioned Penthouse tales. There's no way of knowing. His wife may well be the cum receptacle he writes about her as being. She also might not be and might not have any idea he writes about their personal life- real or imagined- on a public forum and includes pictures of her and the children. She might not care.

Well, whether jerkoff fantasy or truth, what in the hell causes a guy to demean his wife in virtual public like that? Sub tells me and anyone else who calls him out on this, that we are "jealous". I don't know how he figures that. It's as if he's assuming not only that such tales are well regarded in society but that myself and others started out in life wanting to degrade our wives in public but, we failed miserably. If it's bullshit, I'm sure he still stands by his assessment of jealousy.

Such is the upside down, inside out world of Topix, where you're damned if you don't have a porno wife and somehow lucky if you do. Well, I don't know if lucky is the right word. The guy seems to have worked hard at his story, for some reason. No one knows why.