Friday, November 20, 2015

Somebody told me....

These days you can't tell the players without a scorecard. To me, Trump, Cruz and the other GOP candidates sound just like idiot reichtards on the internet. The obvious thought is that the trolls are parroting their favorite leaders but, I'm suspecting that the leaders are taking their cues and stances from their favorite trolls.

In the sports world, the Green Bay Packers have lost three straight games and, as anyone who considers himself a football expert can attest, the Packer QB- Aaron Rodgers, is certainly failing in bed at home. Or, the girlfriend is not putting out or she's putting out to much. There, I just explained sports. It's all about pussy. Too much, too little, win some, lose some. Get some.

Sheesh. According to some ESPN journalist, Rodgers may be slumping because of problems at home with his girlfriend, actress Olivia Munn. He based this on a conversation with an agent who suggested that girl troubles was often the case when an athlete slumps. This just shows to go ya that agents are as dense as sportswriters when it comes to actually playing the games. Yes, there are psychological factors in sports just as there are in any aspect of life. Fighting with a spouse can affect a QB just as it could a bus driver. It's just one of a myriad of difficulties any of us can have at work, no matter what work we do. It shouldn't make headlines.

But, it does in the sports world because a writer needs to fill column inches or a minute on a TV show.

Olivia Munn did some tracking on the internet and it's quite likely that the alleged sports journalist got his *facts* from a bitter, vitriolic internet troll. She found a local cheesehead troll who has it in for her as well as Muslims and blacks.

Olivia is probably right. To make a deadline, sportswriters will concoct possible trades based on conversations around the office with each other. "A source tells me..." That source could be another writer or now some scumbag troll. "I read that..."

The ESPN guy was likely getting his info from a trolls who is as knowledgeable about Rodgers and Munn as he isn't about Muslims and blacks.

And that might be the same asshole that GOP presidential wannabes are getting their, um, ideas from. Who can tell anymore? Trump, Cruz, various republican governors- they all sound like the assholes I deal with on Topix. Or the ones that troll liberal websites or propagate hatred on Breitbart.  And now they fuel our second place finishers. They are the tails that wag the lesser dogs. Not all of the dogs, necessarily. At least the butts.

It turns out that Rodgers is now reporting an injury. As A Bear's fan, I'd like to say that he hurt his vagina but, that would not be accurate. He's been playing with a bum shoulder and, more recently, a hurt leg from the Lion's game. It could be a deflection but, I don't think so. Football IS a contact sport, you know. Injuries do happen. Probably more so than girl girl problems.

And, politicians do listen to their constituents, I guess.

I guess that what you believe all depends on who does your thinking for you.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ramblin' Ferrerman

Just a couple of things I've been thinking about...

"Spring forward/fall back??!! What kind of liberal nonsense is that? Let the liberals and their lame stream media go back in time an hour like some magical Back To Your Future thingy-dingy...we'll just stay right here in good ol' 2015 at the same bat time, same ol' bat channel as yesterday! Don't retreat- RELOAD!"

~Sarah Palin, speaking to an empty auditorium, one hour before scheduled, about Daylight Savings Time.

I think a really fun drinking game would be watching old episodes of "Holmes Makes It Right" and doing a shot every time his foreman, Damon, calls somebody "buddy". A double shot when Damon calls Mike Holmes (his boss!) "buddy". If you survive the hour without dying from alcohol poisoning, you're my new buddy, buddy!

Full disclosure: I used to work with a guy who called everybody "boss" even though he was technically my boss and others. Once he was lining everybody out and suddenly I realized he was trying to get my attention. You know how it is when, though there are dozens of people about, someone yells "HEY YOU!" and you know they are talking to you? Well, it's not like that. They are usually talking to anyone who will answer to "HEY YOU!" Anyway, the guy says, "Boss, I was talking to you". To wit I replied, "How the fuck would I know that when you CALL EVERYBODY BOSS??!!" This guy didn't have the ego that TV's Damon (above) has, but he just couldn't be bothered to remember and use people's names. I think with Damon it's a power play like that. My guy was just slow... If you've ever been in a conversation with someone, you know you like it when they use your name. Do manners a favor and use their name too, eh buddy?

Ben Carson. I first heard his name 3-4 years ago when a Facebook friend was linking and posting about him. She is a serious tea partier and fired me from her Facebook a few years ago but, her and others like her were on the vanguard of Carson. Then as now, I found it hard to believe that there was a brain surgeon in the Tea Party. Now you might too. The guy is nuttier than squirrel poop. I almost doubt that he was ever an actual brain surgeon. How does a guy get through medical school doubting science? How does a group of people believe that a guy who knows nothing about politics could be a functioning president? Did he operate on their brains? Carson believes the pyramids were built for grain storage. The pyramid builders themselves wrote down why they were built but, I guess ol' Ben knows better than to take something written so long ago as gospel...