Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jon- take us with you! Please?

The word is that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show because he mentally exhausted from dealing with the idiocy of republicans for the last sixteen years.

After 16 years of anything I doubt there is ever just one reason but, you can see the frustration in his face. Do you know any republicans? They get worse everyday. If you are anywhere near the internet or a TV, there's no escaping these idiots. If you are Jon Stewart and you've made a fortune making fun of these people, largely by running clips of things they actually say(!) you've hit the mother-lode of comedy gold and it continues to pay off. In power or out, these assholes are the gift that keeps on giving....

And therein lies the rub. It never ends. In fact, they get worse, seemingly by the second and there is no end in sight. Suddenly, you hit the wall and comedy gold is a source of sadness. You are still funny but they aren't. You look at the usual suspects queuing up for a presidential run and you think "Oh goody!" because they are nuggets and flakes of comedy gold.

But then the reality sets in. Millions of people are hoping one of these fucking morons becomes the leader of the free world. They actually believe one of them is THE choice but, as long as it's one of them, they'll be in hog heaven even if the guy didn't campaign on slave-labor FEMA camps for all liberals. At least they know he'll probably come around...

I feel Jon Stewart's frustration. My personal philosophy is: Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke and joke 'em if they can't take a fuck." You gotta laugh in life. At least try. Laugh to keep from crying maybe?

But, these people are very frustrating. They are grown men and women who refuse to think for themselves. Or, they are incapable. They are fucking stupid and willfully so. You can't help them. You can't explain things to them. When someone believes that absolutely everything is Obama's fault or that of liberals in general, after the jokes clear their heads, they are still stupid. "But, Obama...."

Yeah, Obama- the do-nothing worst president since Carter who is also a malevolent dictator....

It's one thing for the Karl Rove's and rival politicians to say these things. That's politics. They talk out of both sides of their mouths. My beef is the mucking forons who see no problem believing out of both sides of their brains, and regurgitating such thoughts over and over again. Who does that? These people make the Germans of the 1930's look politically cautious. Those folks looked askance as Hitler followed through with his not so secret plans for Jews and other non-Aryans. Our assholes wonder where the FEMA camps for liberals are and when the final solution will begin.

You can only laugh at people so seriously stupid for so long before you realize they are so seriously deranged and not going to get better. I wish there were a million of these people. There's like 40 million. One million wouldn't be so fucking pathetic.    

Friday, February 20, 2015

Everyone old is new again?

This oughta make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and take notice:

I've heard of similar stories in the past but can't recall any that dovetailed as well as this one. There are tons of anecdotal stories of young children revealing glimpses of past lives. A lot of these things precede television so you doubting Thomas's that write everything off as being TV's fault can just shut up. In past lives you were probably as bluntly skeptical and brain dead as you are now.

And there's no reason that past lives have to mean you were a princess or Genghis Kahn. Why not a black woman who leapt to her death in a fire, coming back as a blond-headed boy?  Our pasts might explain a lot about who we are today. Or may explain nothing. The boy in the video seems to have already forgotten his past as Pam. Our clearest childhood memories tend to begin at five, although some folks claim to remember further back. The late actor, Lee Marvin, believed he remembered being born. Brian Williams claims he remembers his father telling his mother he'd respect her in the morning....

But, I digress. The boy may always have an affection for Stevie Wonder and black music of that era. Maybe not. I saw a story about people who suffered head injuries and started speaking fluently in languages they had no experience with. Past lives speaking those languages explains that to me better than anything else. Mind you, they're not speaking of a past life in that language. They are still their current selves just in Russian or Italian or Sanskrit. Eventually they heal and revert back to their native tongue with no more knowledge of the other language. Someone commented on that story asking exactly how hard you needed to hit your head and what the guarantees of language were... Don't try this at home kids!

I like to think that there is a purpose to life that supersedes killing in the name of your god or fighting to keep people from getting a living wage to better enjoy this life in. I'm probably wrong about that. I think FOX Opinion Channel probably thinks I'm wrong.  

I've thought of this whenever a child dies or is born severely handicapped. Why should that be it for them? Same with some fucking mope that becomes the billionaire governor of Illinois or a murderous prick like Hitler or Stalin. Why do they get such full, evil lives when the people they abuse do not? Shouldn't it figure that there would be karmic payback? The kid in the video mentioned God. I've long figured that a God or Gods had a hand in the creation of earth and the universes but that this God(s) probably isn't as portrayed in book and film and likely isn't as America-centric and the NFL fan that we've been led to believe. He just may kinda be looking after things as we meander through the cosmos for one reason or another, as one person or another, trying to figure it all out.

If you've got a 3 or 4 year old handy, talk to them. You might learn something, even though it looks like they just got here. You just never know.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Endangered Billionaires, Yada Yada...

Billionaire Bruce Rauner. The guy shouldn't be governor, he should be fighting crime by night with his young, male companion.

But, rather than all that good, he chooses to use whatever powers he has, not for the purposes of good, but rather for the purposes of evil. We'll see what powers he has, up against Michael Madigan and a democrat majority in the Illinois House. They'll reign in his crazy. Of course, they didn't do anything to stop the state's downward spiral when democrat Pat Quinn was in office...

But, that's politics these days, especially at the state level where too often the choice is frying pan or fire.

Billionaire Bruce Rauner should be at one of his 9 homes (none has a bat cave that we know of) buying elections- not winning them himself. Why would a billionaire want to fill his days actually governing when he could pay someone to do it? Charles and David Koch, for example, have Governor Scott Walker running Wisconsin for them and, if everything goes well for them in '16, they'll have the same kochsucker running America for them. Well, they'll try and I think he'll be the guy they try with but, barring them owning and operating all the voting machines, it shouldn't happen. Shouldn't....

I don't know if my beef is really with Rauner and the Koch's. I think that if I were a billionaire I'd be very happy playing golf, messing around with my trophy wife, buying companies for my drug-addicted kids to ruin and just relaxing. I mean- a billion dollars- enjoy it! Isn't that what it's for? Maybe that's just me? Maybe they are just bored billionaires who have exhausted all avenues of entertainment and all they have left is politics but, why watch FOX when you can be on FOX? 

No, I think my beef is with the people who let this happen, who seem to want it to happen, the usual suspects- the teapublican citizens of the United States of America. They can't see through these guys? Geez- I know they are stupid but, I didn't think they were fucking stupid!

I don't mind folks rooting for the home team and supporting a Nixon, a Reagan or even a Bush. That's what fans do. It's your team! It's your team win or lose. I'm not going to throw the Bears out with the bathwater of Cutler. So, I get why republicans voted for those guys. But Mitt Romney? And closer to home, Billionaire Bruce Rauner? If people think that it's a dilemma for the nation that yet another Bush might be a candidate against another Clinton, I can think of a billion things worse than that obscenity. That's bad because it smacks of royalty and, in the case of Jeb Bush, short-term memory loss, but electing billionaires is admitting that ours is an oligarchy and that, dammit, we want it that way! We want a CEO. We are a corporation. "Why, if I ran my country like the government runs there's, I wouldn't even have a country!"

I gather that's the, uh, thought process of teapublicans. Oh, we need an executive- one who knows how not only to make money but to save money! The debt is awful! And it's because of those tax and spend democrats! You can't tax and you can't spend! Duh! Businessmen know that! Plus, gay people shouldn't ever get married! Yada fucking yada....

Can you yada yada politics? You betcha! It's what politics is all about really. A man, or even a woman, gets on the stump or the TV and yada yada's about this and that and, if you like enough of it, you vote for them. These days a single issue can make or break a candidate with millions of people. Herb Finklebottom may disagree with candidate Joe Smucatelli's platform of beating Herb Finklebottom to death but, he'll vote for Smucatelli because of his vow to defeat abortion.

There's a lot of Finklebottoms out there voting against their own interests because they have an interest or two in something else.

A billionaire tells you that you can't tax him because that will be "punishing success". If you tax wealth, they ask, where would the impetus to become wealthy come from? What would be the point of becoming rich if Obama or Hillary Clinton would redistribute your wealth to lazy people? That's what they're going to do, ya know....

Idiots do believe that. Does it make any sense? Are billionaires fighting for their very existence because of Barack Obama ans democrats? This country is making millionaires just about every day. Think just about pro sports and the number of millionaires you watch play. There's 310 million people in this country. You've heard of the "one percent"? Do the math. That's more than three MILLION people. A mathemagical minority, for sure. But, a persecuted minority? One with no power or voice? Believing that is just really fucking stupid.

But, that's what I hear all too often on TV and read on the internet. It's not just topixtards but people all over the internet who just can't think. They can't think for themselves. Can't or won't?

 Billionaire Bruce Rauner says we'll have to make sacrifices. Motherfucker has nine houses. His idea of sacrifice is cutting Medicaid and education (and more) for we the people. The people of the state will have to share the sacrifice by losing health and education benefits, pensions- just to keep "our" billionaires from becoming endangered species. It makes perfect sense if you don't think about it. And few people are thinking about it, leastwise not in the republican party. And they are getting fewer every day...endangering themselves and us all...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Daydream Believer

Has any war brought out more of a parade of lies than The Bush/Cheney Iraq War? The whole fucking show was built on  lies built by that administration and promoted by the media. We're supposed to be shocked that Brian Williams got in on the lies in an up close and personal mis-remembrance of events? When this story first broke I joked that Brian Williams probably was Chris Kyle's spotter as the American Sniper picked off looters from atop the Superdome. Not quite that bold of a lie but Williams did claim to have seen bodies floating by his French Quarter hotel. Problem with that was, the French Quarter did not flood, thus, no bodies floating by. Close enough for jazz and close enough for journalism, I guess.

Brian Williams is no journalist. He's an entertainer. He gets paid $10 million a year to read the news and in his spare time he's slow-jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon and being Jon Stewart's Jersey boy buddy. Brian William's is a celebrity. He's no Walter Cronkite.

The thing is, we are supposed to believe and trust him.  Why? Well, because of Walter Cronkite, I guess...

Tradition? Brian Williams didn't kill television journalism with his lies about a incident that sorta-kinda happened in the vicinity of him years ago. Maybe it died when Cronkite retired. I don't know. Williams just last year signed a contract paying him more than $10 million a year...just to read the news....

Six corporations own all media in this country. Something like that. Consult your local Facebook page for the exact meme. The point is, Brian Williams gets NFL quarterback money to read whatever they tell him to read, five nights a week, for thirty minutes. His personal truth issues pale in comparison to the issues of those who tell him what to say. They are the concern, not his daydreams.

Do you even know anyone under the age of 60 who watches any major network news? There's three of them, ya know. He can slow jam the news and hang with the hip guys like Fallon and Stewart and have a daughter on a popular cable show but, no one under 60 really cares. Yet it's important to the powers that be that he and two others are paid millions to be the face of news. And it's now important to them to punish him. He has been suspended for six months, without pay. That'll learn him, I guess. Not sure what the lesson is for us though.

Good night and good luck, indeed.