Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sunday Night Cumming Attractions

A couple Sundays back, I was looking to watch John Oliver and a show on HBO about attractive black woman caught my eye. I believe it's called Insecure. I could check on that, I suppose. Anyway, on the show one of the gals wanted to surprise her new fella with a blowjob. FTR, Ladies- that's always a good surprise! You can't go wrong with that.

However, evidently he can. The happy ending didn't turn out so happy when the guy ejaculated on her face and in her eyes. Unless you are Sublime's wife, most women don't like that.

What caught my eye though, (see what I did there?) was how they managed to fake it so well without showing a boner. The actresses reaction was well done. I would imagine that even with rehearsals she was duly freaked out each time. Don't know what they used to simulate semen but, who really wants anything suddenly flung in their face?

This past Sunday I began watching The Deuce, also an HBO show. Set in the 70's in Manhattan, it's a story of pimps, whores and the beginnings of the NY mob's domination of the porn business. Good show! It's a tough look at life then as well as now. It will really make you reconsider the lives of those involved with prostitution and porn. Anybody with a cameraphone and genitals can be a porno star now but, back in the day, it was little more than a suburb of prostitution.

This brings us to the next cumshot. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a streetwise hooker who, in the scene, is filling in for a friend shooting a scene in a porno. The rules of pornography in NYC (and most of the country then, I believe) meant no penetration could be shown. Kinda like HBO and Skinamax now, I reckon. They would have had to edit the hardcore parts back then for mainstream purchase and viewing, but keeping the penetration for more select customers willing to pay more. In the scene, Maggie plays a Viking maiden. Since her Viking male counterpart was a bit of a premature ejaculator, they had to fake the shot. They used cream of potato soup, shot from a turkey baster! This may answer how HBO did the money shot in Insecure. In The Deuce however, since it was a sort of behind-the-scenes look at how porn was done then, we see the basters and we see Maggie getting creamed- or rather, souped. It's funny how these things all come together and, I don't think I need to alert you to what I did there. Vichyssoise porn, I guess. But, served at room temperature.

Friday, September 8, 2017


To put Hurricane Irma into perspanktive, my spankings only go as high as Category 3 (moderate to severe). Irma is a Category 5 (as of this writing) and may only *weaken* to 4. So, keep that in mind.