Monday, March 6, 2017

Celebrity Apprentices In Politics

Been poking around in Twitterland and I noticed that actress, Alyssa Milano has been getting some grief for having political opinions. You may recall her from films and the TV show Who's The Boss? She went on from being a cute child star to being a lovely, talented actress. While it's arguably true that her IMBD profile means nothing to her portfolio as a political pundit, I gotta argue that the same argument can be made against actors Scott Baio and James Woods. I'll further argue that it's very arguable that certain politicians should not be taken seriously for their political opinions. Think Steve King or Louie Gohmert. Hundreds more if you want to think further.

Think anybody really. The folks who devalue Alyssa for her opinions likely value Scott Baio for his. I'm just a poor, humble Ferrerman and my own opinions on politics are discounted all the time. Shocking. And I was a pretty cute kid myself.

It's not just her though. It's pretty much any celebrity and even political reporters- believe it or not. I've heard celebrities and pundits say that- with straight faces- about other celebrities and pundits who happen to disagree with them. Are you sensing a pattern? A lot of people swear an Oath of Hypocrisy when they enter the political boards. I've had my moments too.

The reality of politics is that absolutely everyone is entitled to their opinion and that's irrespective of their work history. We currently have a reality TV star in The White House. He's got a SAG card just like Reagan did and like Milano has. Tell me who is more qualified. I look at Alyssa on TV and I'm quite taken by her obvious spankability but, I'm more impressed with her opinions on Trump's travel ban EO's. (She's against both of them) Like anyone else, I'm a fan of certain celebrities for their films, music or athletic accomplishments. For their politics to complement my own is an added bonus. It's probably that way for you too. But, a celebrity's politics are not always a deal breaker for me. I like most of Clint Eastwood's films, for example, and don't let his confused politics taint that. He's still Dirty Harry to me despite his chair-talking foolishness.

Politics- to me- is simply about right and wrong. It's about money to most folks though, so when you find people who get the right/wrong aspect of it, you need to cherish them whether they are famous or not. The anti-Hollywood sentiment of the right is troubling however. When you get people talking about remaking America you have to stop and think about how most sequels and remakes this side of Godfather II just really suck. You have to question why they have to always so wrongly revisit success, without success. Well, money, of course. There's big bucks in re-doing stuff that was pretty much fine in the first place.

Trump can't Make America Great Again anymore than he could make Casablanca a great film again with Scott Baio in the lead. Alyssa Milano as as Ilsa Lund wouldn't even work. I gotta be honest here. And that's no reflection on her or him.

You don't remake the classics. You love them and hold them in your heart with all the other good memories of your life. We all get old and want our childhoods back. That's a natural feeling but, it doesn't work that way in the real world any more than it does in politics or film. America is a continuing drama. Any notion of a conservative cultural revolution is just a plot twist that must be dealt with by we the people rather than those that fancy themselves to be the "executive producers". We all have a voice in this. We should all be heard.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nobody gives good news anymore

I'm old enough to remember Walter Cronkite. His era was the last great days of the news. It was a time when giving Americans the news was a service and not a business. Though he did step up and condemn the Vietnam war, it wasn't just his opinion, it was an obvious fact.

It's a business now as 24 hour cable stations have taken over. Some, like CNN and MSNBC offer news but are admittedly heavy on opinion. Fox is Fox, yammering on about some whiny shit that liberals are doing, occasionally breaking from that for news. It isn't Cronkite and Huntley and Brinkly but, it is what we have now and we have to deal with it. That idiot and his minions in the White House need to realize that.

When Trump said that the media was the enemy of the people, my first thought was that he turned on them pretty damn quick! It was them more than Russia that got his sorry ass elected in the first place. I watched a lot of news in the build up to the election and it was all about him. And even when it wasn't about him, that was because it was about Hillary's emails and how that was equivalent to his inept pussy-grabbing self. Being a business, you couldn't blame them for focusing most of their attention on the obscene side-show that Trump was (and still is) rather than the boring, nuts and bolts of the fact that Bernie or Hillary should be running the country and not just because neither is a fucking asshole. The main stream media is not supposed to pick sides but they do know which side of their buns gets buttered.

So, trust them? No more than I would hate them at the behest of the Troll In Chief. My life doesn't work that way because I learned long ago that others want to influence me in ways that favor them over me. Who knew? Well, me, if you're paying attention. If you can't see through Trump's or Kellyanne Conway's bullshit, Cronkite wouldn't help you. It saddens me that there are so many stupid people in the media today but, this nation made the Kardashian's famous. It might as well be a Kardashian in the White House. It's all for show anyway. I think Trump realizes this and rolls with it because he is going to make a lot of money whether he winds up in prison or not. If we have another duly-elected president some day, I already feel sorry for him or her because they will have to face the fact that a total fraud preceded them. You might think it'd make the job easier to have such a low bar set but would you want to follow such an act at your job? "The guy before you was an idiot. Do better..."

So, Trump says the media is the enemy of the people. It was the good-looking talking heads of cable news that fawned all over him and helped make his election possible. I like some of these people but, don't mistake them for journalists. If they are saying today that "Golly- Trump looked so presidential last night..." they aren't to be taken seriously. Like doctors and lawyers, half of them graduated at the bottom of their class. Some may have graduated from Trump University. Good night and good luck with that.