Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well said!

Clarence Page had a good piece today about the flack MSNBC's Chris Matthews received for his post-State Of The Union observation that, while Obama was speaking, "(he) forgot he was black."

People on the "right" wanted to jump on that, especially since it came pretty much on the heels of Harry Reid's observation that Obama lacked a "negro dialect", unless he wanted to use one.

This isn't Klan-speak or any kind of hate mongering. I know that a lot of white people cringe when they hear of a black person being described as "well spoken". It's not an insult. It's an observation. I wonder if these offended people have ever actually known any black people who weren't Clarence Page or the president.

I have lived in two southern cities, Memphis and New Orleans, both of which have a majority black population. English, as I speak it, is NOT a first language for most of our black citizens. You may also say that I, having been in the minority in those two cities, never bothered to learn the local language. This is true. I simply couldn't grasp it like I could "white redneck" of which I consider myself quite fluent. It's a cultural thing. If you are Spanish, other Latin based languages are more easily learned like Greek (for example) because they have similar origins. But ebonics is totally lost on me unless it's spoken by someone like Oprah Winfrey who can seamlessly go from speaking english like the queen to ebonics, often in the same sentence.

There was a black guy, James, who drove a truck for one company I worked for in Memphis. I avoided conversation with James like the plague. The cadence of his speech- to me- was like a machine gun. I rarely knew what he was saying to me or anyone so, not wanting to get into conversations I could not get out of, I opted not to converse with him. I'd say "hello" and such but I'd usually get scarce when he was around in case he might talk to me. He probably thought I was a racist, redneck who ignored him I just saw that as an easier way out than standing there not understanding him and maybe agreeing or disagreeing with whatever the heck he was talking about and being way wrong about it. Older and wiser now, I should have explained to him that "my yankee ears" couldn't keep up with him thus putting the blame on me and not Memphis City Schools. I don't know if that would have worked. It might have just led to more futile conversation but, it would have been more polite.

There were thousands of times in Memphis that I felt a stranger in a strange land amongst black folks. In a sense it was like being the Mexican, fresh from the border, hearing English everywhere he went and wondering how he would ever fit in with these people and their crazy language. To hear four black laborers on a job talking away and having NO idea what they were talking about made me feel like that Mexican. Having been the only white guy in the room, I think I know what it feels like to be the only black guy in the room. Or the only Mexican...

Harry Reid was speaking to Barack Obama's electability (my sic) as a black man in a predominantly white country. Black candidates before him were Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Chris Matthews was trying to say that the racial divide was closed- at least politically- with the election of Obama. I got that on both counts. They were being honest was all. Sharpton or Jackson had zero chance of getting elected (though both are "community activists...) because they do not have cross over white voters. Harvard educated Barack speaks the language though. The last guy we had was a Yalie. What the fuck was he talking about? I never knew...

It's all about education and environment rather than race. Al and Jesse and Clarence and Barack all came up differently though all are black. Though Al and Jesse have achieved a good deal of success in their fields, they are of THEIR people rather than of THE people like our president is. And by THE people, I mean ALL of us- black, white, brown and etc. That's in case you didn't understand me. You see, I ain't got but a high school edumacation myself...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yeah, I know, "internet relationships"- what are you gonna do? But before you scoff, I never had so much attention from a woman in my whole life! Never mind that we never met. Never mind that I never even saw a picture of her nor heard her voice. It was as real- as unreal- as any real life relationship.

My troll broke up with me. Yeah. Dumped me. She said, it was because her grant was not renewed and thus, she couldn't afford to..."study"... me anymore but, I suspect it was something else. A ferrerman knows...

Hell, Angelique770 was trolling all the ninnies and dregs too. By her own admission she had joined them to study them- mating habits and such, I suppose. But, liking them so much, she decided to stay even after her research was over. Does it get anymore special than that?

Well, that's what she said. I don't endorse people's lies and fantasies, I'm just an observer in life. NOT paid for it either, I should add. Whereas Angelique has the time and energy (AND STAFF! AND STUDENTS!) to research people's posts to cull facts from them to be used in insipid *stories* about her findings about the dregs and ninnies and the people they encounter on the net, I'm a bit more old school. I listen when people talk- or write- and I pay attention to detail. "Hmm," I might say to myself when a guy my age talks about his combat tour in Vietnam, "MY candy ass was in Social Studies thinking about boning Mary Jane Rottencrotch (not her real name [it was Sally]) while this guy was killing commies!"

But, that's me. If you don't laugh at or about these people, you could become these people. Perhaps nowhere in our modern times is the line between reality and fantasy blurred more than it is on the internet. Years ago when I tended bar, some fat, stupid looking guy could sit on a barstool and regale everyone with his romantic tales of frequent conquest of women. No one would believe the slob. It would be evident to anyone that he was not the great lover he purported himself to be.

But, put that lardass on a keyboard, access to photoshop (for an avatar), his same line of bullshit, and you've got the most interesting man in the world. You might even have a female therapist in Portland Oregon...

That was one of my favorite taunts to her. You don't know who you're dealing with on the net. She could be a 300 pound disabled longshoreman named Lou who's got a lot of time on his hands and something of a feminine side to explore...

Does it matter? She COULD BE a therapist too. Does that matter?

Well, yeah. I've been told that a lot of people get into psychiatry to find out what's wrong in their own weird heads. That Army doctor at Ft. Hood comes to mind. I'm sure most get into mental health to actually help others, help themselves. They probably don't write stories about hunky orderlies and sexy doctors and the trolls who love them. Yeah, that's your average "Misadventures Of The Regs" stories and/or someone's extra credit towards a PHD. Pretty crappy stuff. There were times I wondered if s/he wasn't a teenager given the sophomoric level of the writing and an odd, underdeveloped knowledge of pop culture. Well, perhaps not all that odd when you consider that s/he was sometimes born in Europe and other times born in the USA. That's gotta affect a child some...

And, of course, the whole lie about the penis pics kinda sealed the deal. You can lie to anyone you choose about something I "did" but, if you lie to me- tell ME I did something that didn't happen, you've just flushed all of your credibility down the toilet that is your soul.

Don't forget to wipe, Angelique. Toilet training is a very important part of infancy and early childhood development...

You can google that.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Wasted Draft Pick

I like Peyton Manning. Great arm. Probably no quarterback in the history of the NFL can read a defense like he does. He's tall, athletic, maybe even good looking and arguably is the prototype of all quarterbacks to come. Seems like a nice guy too.

But, put him on the line of scrimmage with the Detroit Lions and he sucks. He's got no one to throw to, his backs have butter-fingers and his defensive teammates are going to give up more points than he can usually put up on the board. Your only as good as those around you let you be. You gotta have those sure-handed receivers and quick backs...

America is the Detroit Lions. We suck. We have sucked for years. Nine now, to be exact. The people who own this team went out and got Barack Obama to quarterback this team but neglected to get him the TE's, WR's RB's and the defense to back him up. Management loses more games than any player. I'm a Cub fan. I know. It makes me wonder if it isn't on purpose like in the sports movies like "Slapshot" or "Major League". Does someone want the team to lose for a tax write-off? Hmmm...

Barack Obama is the right man for the job. Timing is everything in life though. If he "had succeeded Bill Clinton nine years ago and kept that going...Wow. America would be as great as the lip service we ALL give it.

However, the way this country works is we have to take turns every four or eight years. Whether the democrats or the republicans are running things, the first four years of an administration are spent trying to ensure that there is a second four years. If you do *pretty good* and/or have a war going get a second term as president, the titular head of the country, and your party gets four more years. You fail, and there is a regime change. You can look it up. If you need a link: American History.

There are trillions of dollars at stake. The way we print and worship money- make that gazillions. The losing party each term still gets paid handsomely but, lets face it, the big money is in winning and controlling things. Obviously, in politics anywhere in the world, no one in defeat ever really shakes the hand of the winner and says, "Good game!" The pat on the back in politics is searching out a good spot for the knife to go in.

This is human nature both politically and socially. If you don't think so, take a look at your job- if you still have one. For most of us, a job is the way to pay the bills. I don't care what you do for a living or how seriously you take your job, there is ALWAYS someone in your work place who takes the job far more seriously than you do. They will do ANYTHING (maybe) short of murder to get ahead. You know that. It's happened to all of us in the work place. Everyone's job is like Survivor Island but without the chicks in bikini's, the exotic locales and the million dollar prize. The goal for some, if not monetary, is to have as much control as possible. Why would politics and the bottomless pit of money and power that it offers be any different?

There was no way the republicans were going to retain the presidency after 8 horrible (but profitable) years of Cheney/Bush. No fucking way. And the democrats had a Heisman Trophy winner in Barack Obama coming into the league. The republicans knew it was time to punt. They put up a dog and pony show of McCain/Palin to make an effort and got back on defense knowing that the democrats were so deep in their own territory, they would regain possession on the next series.

They will, too. I don't think any president has ever been sand-bagged like Obama. There's no way that "we the people" are coming out of this no matter how great Obama is. "Change" has been coming to this country since John F. Kennedy was murdered. Eisenhower warned of the danger of the "military-industrial complex". Kennedy took a bullet for it. And now the SCOTUS has determined that corporations are free to "contribute" unlimited dollars to candidates. Think your vote counted before? What's in YOUR wallet?

It isn't "our" country any more. It isn't democratic, it isn't republican. "We" are a corporation. "We" are fucked.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Crip or Blood?

Those are, from what I understand, the two largest gangs in Los Angeles. One gang wears blue and the other identifies itself with red. I'll assume the Bloods are red. Other than that I don't think there is anything else that distinguishes the two gangs. Each one deals in dope and violence and hates the other. It is what it is.

Frankly, I've long felt that each gang was actually the same, owned and operated by either the same guy or the same group of guys. It makes sense. If you want to corner the market on anything in the business world, you have to control the competition. What better way to do that than to be your own competition? Diversify. If it's just the Bloods selling dope on the street, another gang will want to take over. Maybe even one of your own top earners might like to strike out on his own. People get ambitious. They also get complacent, lazy. Wars keep people in line. You might not be too keen on going out on your own knowing that there are evil Crips out there looking to kill you. You need your gang behind you. So, you stay.

Who's to say that the leaders of the Crips and Bloods don't dine together, hang out and maybe vacation at the same spots? That they don't get together and plot business strategy? Both "sides" have franchises in several other cities as well. Someone obviously has to control the expansion as well. It's just good business and good business is the American way.

Can someone tell me the difference between a Democrat and a Republican? I mean- beyond the fluff about Republicans being against big government and Democrats being for it and yada-effing-yada, socialism! gay marriage! more yada-effing-yada...

What is the difference? You can't tell by looking at someone if they are Republican or Democrat. If it weren't for the "R" or the "D" by their names on TV, I wouldn't know which most politicians are. Like Crips and Bloods are all black and speak ebonics, politicians tend to be (mostly) white and speak double talk. Neither makes a lot of sense to me. All of them want my money. Yours too.

See, kids, that's what it's all about. Hang's all about the Benjamin's...

I've never registered as a democrat but, by default at least, I am one. I've at least stood accused of being one. If someone thinks, therefore you are... In a political confrontation, if a Crip- I mean, a Republican- identifies you and throws down on you, as an enemy democrat, there's no time to explain your being independent in thought and deed. It's kill or be killed.

It sure seems that way in the threads where bluff, bravado and threats are the order of each day. I'll tell ya, if I weren't a democrat I'd become one despite the FACT that liberalism is a DISEASE and they want all men and women to GAY MARRY AND HAVE ABORTIONS! And, I'd be one because they tend to be much quieter, at least when they write, because THEY DON"T CAPITALIZE EVERYTHING!!!!!

You're probably wondering why the font changed these past two paragraphs. I am too. It's probably worked out to be a good effect. Or an affect. I don't know. It wasn't on purpose but it does illustrate that I'm just a regular ol' dumbass trying to make his way through life, flying by the seat of my pants. I don't have all the answers but I have good questions that I at least ask to myself, when life happens. Do you think Republican politicians REALLY care about you? Or Democrats? At best, one is the lesser of two evils. Pick one. Politicians are businessmen. It takes lots money to get elected to any position in this country. Someone has to WANT you to be there and that someone, has his/her own interests at heart. Not your interests nor mine. Just theirs and those of their friends. All the issues and causes are the dog and pony show that goes with "public service". Politicians want your money! Who knew?

Judging by what I see on TV and read on the internet, nobody. The media kinda dances around it with talk of pork but gets easily distracted by gay people wanting to marry and old Supreme Court decisions that STILL piss people off.

The John Boeners and Harry Reids of this world are laughing at us, probably while they're having dinner together or playing a round of golf. They're laughing at the "us against them" sentiment that we all have these days. Laughing because it keeps US from being against THEM.

Tonight, in any city in America, at least one dark-skinned young man will die at the hand of another dark-skinned young man. It will be "gang-related". One wore blue, the other red. It is what it is.

Mr. Crip and Mr. Blood, Mr. Boener and Mr. Reid though, will be safe at home, enjoying the warmth of their wealth, given to them by the support of others. Tomorrow is another day. It is what it is for them as well.

And, so it is what it is for us. At least I got that font thingy worked out. Don't know how...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don't get me to lying...

Came across an odd posting on one of my threads today...

It was vague but, evidently a poster I was slightly familiar with was kicked off of Topix (presumably for vulgarity?) and another poster, whom I never heard of at all, was purported to be the invention of two college girls working on their thesis.

Wait a minute- people are going to college to study Topix bullshit!!?? The usual route is to go to college, get some sort of degree, get a job and THEN post to Topix from said job ALL FRICKING DAY. What's going on in our institutions of higher learning?

Immediately, I thought of 770, my stalker. At 39 (so she says...) she recently completed her dissertation which apparently was about Topix and evidently waaaayyy too much about me or rather, Ferrerman, my internet persona. I don't know really because she seems to make this shit up on the fly as it suits her. She has admitted to infiltrating the gang of girls known as "The Introverts" to "study" them and, liking them so much, she stayed to be their friend.

She's the Victor Kiam of the internet. He liked the razor so much, he bought the company that made it.

There aren't enough crazy people on the internet and people think they need to invent some? For college credit? Please...

What kind of on-line- night school- GED course would accept this as a thesis, a treatise, a dissertation or even an excuse as to why one were late for class? Well, I didn't go to college (except to party with friends) so, I don't know. It just seems to me like the guy who explains his purchase of a stack of porno as "research". Hmmm. "The Cause and Effect of Naked Women in Regard to the Penis" by Jack Mehoff. What follows that- a PHD about how you re-invented the wheel?

I would imagine that, on gun forums for example, there are a few Federal agents posing as crazy, right-wing, radicals to attract real crazy right-wing radicals who may desire to be the next Tim McViegh. This needs to be done. Most of the gun nuts are probably like the guy doing "porn research"- just jerking off. Certainly, there are police who track predators like we've seen on "To Catch a Predator" with Chris Hansen. That's necessary as well. But if you are creating a fake persona on the net, for your own self-aggrandizement, please don't call it research. Call it the mental masturbation that it is.

Yes, you can be anything or anyone that you want to be on the net. It's a perfect venue for liars. Before I got on-line, people had to lie to me to my face, like the guy my age who had been a Vietnam war hero. In person, I know he's a fucking liar. But, give him an ISP address, an avatar and a moniker like "Force Recon '69" and there's suddenly a 50/50 chance that he *might* be all he says he is. Who knows, who cares?

For those of you who might be new to this blog, I'm Ferrerman. Back in the '70's, I was the stunt double for John Holmes. You see, what John Holmes *was* was a very gifted, talented actor. What he wasn't, was very well hung. Yep, that was me in all those sex scenes (EXCEPT THE GAY ONE'S!!) and many were filmed in Vietnam while I was researching porno at Harvard...

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Decade...

...same ol' shit.

Sigh. The first e-mail I get in 2010 is from "Janet". Presumably this is the same "Janet" of Portland, Oregon who is one of the multiple personalities of the nutjob known as A770. Evidently she wants a770isaho/Raptor to stop trolling and she felt my blog was the place to reach him/her. As if posting similar messages on current and former threads all over the Chicago Forum weren't enough...

An alert non-reader had alerted me to the old thread aspect of this campaign of hers and through a google search of "ferrerman", I found several long-forgotten threads where A770 posted recent taunts to me. Recent taunts on threads no one had been on in several months! How bizarre is that?

Another not-so-alert non-reader had recently posted a quote falsley attributed to me and I found this one as well. Still, months later, this particular non-reader failed to notice the PORTLAND OREGON ISP of the poster pretending to be "ferrerman". Forget about the singer- they liked the song! If you love Beatles' music, nevermind that it's William Shatner covering their songs! It's all the same! I guess PEllen IS the only person who pays attention to ISP's after all. And when some moron from Downers Grove creates an avatar like mine (but with an extra "r" in "ferrerman") AND posts an age-similar photo of (presumably) her hated ex-husband- like my photo of my six year old self, THAT is close enough as well.

I don't know if this goofy bitch (New year's resolution: no more "c" word- wish me luck!) is trying to imply that I was Raptor25 all along, or what. I always assumed that was "rational"... This is as insane as those stoopid "stories" that "Janet/A770/Diedre/Elise/et al" brought back while one of her was on vacation. All I do know is that this won't end until she gets help and I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

Other than that, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I'll roll with this decade like I rolled with the last one. Thanks to all my current and former non-readers!