Friday, August 31, 2012

Conventional Wisdom?

Well, what does one expect from a political convention? Certainly not a legendary actor talking to a chair.

I've enjoyed most of Clint Eastwood's films. I always will. I won't judge him by his sad performance last night any more than I would those stupid movies he made with Clyde the orangutan. I'm sure those seemed like the thing to do at the time, just like Sondra Locke did. Quite possibly he's in the earlier stages of dementia right now. I don't think we'll have him much longer.

So much for Clint. Now, how to explain the republicans...

In a way Clint did. Just as he was all over the place with his ramblings, the various speakers were as well. Most of the convention was preaching to the choir. It's that plus the formality of finalizing the nominee. They hope that folks on the fence will tune in and be swayed to their side.

It's a damn shame that the whole theme of their prom was based on the false premise of something our president didn't actually say. Well, really that turned out to be fitting as they pretty much did nothing but re-build lies the last three days. I covered that in the last post. The reality is that tens of millions of Americans don't really care about (for example) the outright lie about the Janesville GM plant. The diehard republican supporters will believe it even knowing it's a lie. They know Jesus forgives lies when they are intended to usurp socialists who want to give free healthcare to undeserving people. That's in Fallopian's 1:2. They appeal to the low-information voters (as the news programs call them because 'idiots' is kinda mean) by simply asking: "Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?"

Of course, most people aren't. Neither are most people capable of extrapolating more from that loaded question by noting who exactly was president four years ago. At a convention it behooves the republicans to act as if ol' What's His Nuts turned over a surplus of funds and a beaming economy to Obama rather than some his friends had sodomized and pillaged it. And they just won't talk about the election night in '08 when their defeated selves got together and vowed to stymie Barack Obama in EVERYTHING he tried to do no matter how it effected the country. They're assholes but they're not stupid.

I'm still not sure they want it. Again- they just sorta showed up in '08 running McCain/Palin knowing that they didn't have or WANT a chance. I'm not sure they want it this time either after battling everything Obama tried to do for four years now. And they are running a guy they really don't seem to like. And he's not quite the protestant they always run. Even with the absolutely reprehensible obscenity of their efforts to infringe voting (and possibly *give* them the election- by *give* I mean steal)  I really don't think they want to win just yet. It behooves them to let Obama run free, turn the economy around and have them take over after the half. If their plan is to fight him for four more years we might as well have the civil war some of the teaparty assholes so desperately want. This country cannot survive four more years of republican sabotage. We simply can't.

Well, you won't hear that at a convention. Instead we get nice stories about roses and perhaps foreshadowing of 2016 GOP candidates as Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush give (perhaps) a preview. All are better choices even in my eye. Soooo....why not this year? Maybe Rubio needs seasoning but Bush and Christie aren't getting any younger. I think they are going through the motions here and one more reason as to why is Romney assumes that if he were to win, he'd get two terms. It's almost a given. And that's another reason why the three I mentioned  aren't in it this year. It's hard to beat an incumbent. These assholes can lie all day long about Obama-this and Obama-that but, that doesn't make it so and translate into votes, just because they said so. I think Romney is fodder for this political go round. Ryan too. Losing VP candidates don't fare well as presidential hopefuls. This is it for this prom couple. They'll be no rose for Ryan on the first Wednesday in November.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Do tell...

There were a lot of sources saying the same thing but, I chose that one because the writer is a Fox contributor. That's kinda unique but it doesn't cement the credibility.  They all agree that Paul Ryan has truthiness issues. Not just him but, pretty much the whole GOP has issues.

I'm used to reading lies on the internet, particularly in the threads. People repeat crazy things and with a bit of checking you realize that their claim comes via Beck or Rush or Michele Malkin and, well, that explains that. Those people are well-paid liars who say the things their candidate  wishes he or she could say but doesn't want to have to answer for. It's Beck's job to talk about FEMA concentration camps and Limbaugh's to rail about the president murdering young, black Somali pirates just trying to make a living... Since these people don't actually work for Romney or the party, they technically don't speak for them and can say whatever they want.

Well now, Ryan seems pretty hands on! He's got NO problem doing his own lying. Is that refreshing or what?

No, not at all. Kinda scary actually. We've got a guy who wants to be vice president who could be a poster on Topix. He repeats the same shit they do. Maybe he's that Denny Crain idiot? He might as well be.

Either he's an idiot like a reichtard Topix poster or he's a liar. Neither is a good thing. The Janesville GM plant closed under GW Bush. Everyone seems to know that but Ryan and the GOP. When it's pointed out to them, they dance like nobody is watching. I do not want that sort of man, a heartbeat away from the presidency. Of course, I don't want Rmoney as president either so, maybe I'm hard to please? If I am not, I'm sure R&R will tell me that I am.

America, you must ask yourself: Do you want to be told that up is down and in is out and night is day? If so, R&R are your men. Well, to hear them tell it, that is.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Do you want fries with that?

I've got a new favorite show! "Bar Rescue". It's on SPIKE TV as I discovered yesterday while flannel chipping. They had a bunch of episodes,  I caught a few and I think I might become a regular.

Bar Rescue is kind of a "Yard Crashers" for bar/restaurants that are severely in the weeds. The expert comes in and along with a team analyzes what's wrong with the business, takes over and transforms it into an operation that actually makes money. That's pretty basic HGTV type programing but it's a nice take on it since it involves bar/restaurants instead of backyards and kitchens.

I was in the bar business for 15 years. I'm well versed in the bar aspect of it and can keep up with the back of the house dilemmas and even though I haven't poured a drink in anger in a long, long time, I still think about it. I have no idea what a Mojito is and, frankly, I don't wanna know. Can I get ya a beer instead?

Most of the kitchens I saw on the show were quite dirty. Some dangerously so. You might be very afraid if you were to spend time in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant. You might not. Actually, because of health codes (as long as we still have them...) public houses are held to a much higher standard than your house. It's all about common sense and whether you or they care to think and act on it. But, corners will be cut out of ignorance and certainly to promote profits.

People get into the restaurant and bar business because they think it looks fun and profitable. And ya know, if you've ever been out and about and the owner bought you a drink, you know how special you felt and you also know how god-like the owner appeared in your eyes. People want that power. They really do. That in itself may account for the thousands of restaurants that fail each week. A surprising number of people are truly flying by the seat of their pants, never having even been a cook, bartender or server before. The easiest way to make a small fortune in this business is to start out with a large one. No one teaches them about bar/food costs, menus, promoting the business, dealing with staff or food handling. Even the one's who might have a concept of these things find themselves overwhelmed in time. It's a tough business.

Jon Taffer is a tough guy. He looks and talks like he's be a semi-retired legbreaker for the mob. But, he's got 35 some years of bar/restaurant experience and I think it shows. He's been there and done that. Like all reality shows, there's conflict. These owners have contracted with the producers to have Jon take over their business and do whatever HE thinks is necessary to transform it. But, they still reserve the right to fight with him. THAT seems unreal but, I promise you, the ego and hard head you need to get into the business is VERY real. I haven't seen any re-enacted arguments yet. I would have liked to see Jon straighten out one of the places I worked at for the better and worse part of ten years. The better part was before the father passed the restaurant on to his son, possibly admonishing him, not to lose it. There's a lot of that too, in any business- apples falling not far from the tree and rotting away. I doubt Jon could have changed the Greek kid's evil ways. He sold that one before he lost it and wound up losing the next instead.

Like all the reality shows, the time frame seems ridiculous to me. Five days to clean a kitchen, change a menu, re-train a staff AND redecorate?! This isn't building a '65 GTO from the ground up, after all... No doubt they take the usual TV liberties here and I understand that.  Rome wasn't built in a day. Five, I guess...

But, I like the show. In checking it out on Wiki, I learned that one place resisted Jon and his staff's help even before they completed the show and went back to their original pirate theme!

Pirate theme. Now, THAT would be a helluva an episode for Yard Crashers.... Arggghhh!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rush to judgement

A long-time friend of mine posted a link on Facebook about Rush Limbaugh blaming the recent Empire State Building shooting on President Obama. Some literal shit from his mouth about Obama creating an anti-boss atmosphere, yada-fucking-yada... Obama's fault...

Whatever it was, it was a stretch even by his ridiculous *standards*. I mean, deny climate change and all things scientific but draw clear lines between tragic, extremely local violence and the president. That's not a no-brainer. That's a no-brain.

I responded to my friend that Limbaugh had less respect for his audience than we had for him.

He really does. They are the ones who have to listen to that shit AND believe it AND repeat it as if it were true. That's a tall order unless you are a fucking idiot. You have to be to believe Limbaugh. You can't listen to him and forgive hysterical hyperbole because it's a fraction of his message. It IS his message.

The GOP is off the rails because of crap like this. From Palin to Bachmann to Akin- well, gosh there are so many republican whack jobs to mention that even using those three as the highlights of the low lights just doesn't do justice. They will take anybody these days. People in the threads will quote, promote and defend anybody if it might advance their agenda even a fraction of a metaphorical inch. I don't think I've ever made a "drink the Kool Aid" reference here or anywhere but...

Sheesh. I think they're making it with salt.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Life: Put A Little Boogie In It

Last night my faith in humanity was restored. Yes, they voted Mike Boogie out of the Big Brother house. All is (somewhat) right in the world now.

I blame Thingy... but, the stupid reality show, Big Brother, is a guilty pleasure of mine and has been, well, since before I knew Thingy. She's still gonna get it!

Anyhoo, all the people on the BB show are also fans of the show. This season, four people were veterans of the show including past winners.  Most people, it would seem would be wary of winners if they were to go in competition with them, certainly if they are like Boogie- one of the most famous duplicitous bastards in the history of a show geared towards duplicity. You'd also expect that rookies would be wary of veteran players who had not won because they probably know where they went wrong. You know- like maybe they weren't duplicitous enough or even bastardy. They'd be looking to correct that.

Especially Mike Boogie who is a smarmy, squirrelly, Joe Fucking Kool without portfolio, kinda guy. I think he's from Vermont or around there, so he's Vermont Kool. But, he's been on TV and he's pretty good at playing that game at least.

And that's the thing. Everybody who watches the show knows how he plays the game and knows he can't be trusted but, until last night, they allowed themselves to be manipulated by the guy who is really good at manipulating people, and can't be trusted.

(Ferrerman note: You know who you can't trust in life? People who say: "trust me". Just trust me on that, 'cause it's true...) DOH!

If you haven't seen the show, I don't blame you. But, if you've seen life or post on Topix- you've seen the show. Like Life, you use people to get ahead. Like Topix, you lie. However, instead of lying for self-aggrandizement as on Topix, you lie to get ahead. This is where life and reality and TV and chat rooms blend together in one big, gray area. It greatly bemuses me on shows like BB or Survivor that, when people discover they've been lied to, they get mad! Imagine that! Someone lied to you on a show about lying. There aren't exactly any rules on these shows. There's no ethics except maybe after the fact and then you just look silly protesting that, in a quest for butt loads of money, someone stabbed you in the back. Who woulda seen that coming?!

But again, worse is sitting there like a republican while the top candidates explain that helping them is good for you, and you believe it. It's like watching Rmoney & Ryan telling commoners that giving tax breaks to rich people will help them. And they buy it. Essentially that's what Boogie and Frank (his vice president) were telling these people. "Get rid of strong players like Janelle and Dan because they are the ones who will get ya! We can protect you from them, if you help us..." Sound familiar? It's the GOP platform, every fucking season...

I've oft compared Topix to these shows. There's no monetary prize though. No end or time limit. No point either. I'm not saying that money justifies anything but pursuing it makes more sense that being an asshole for free. Mike Boogie does it for a shot at $500,000. People on Topix have 500,000 less reasons to play. They just do it.

The duplicity and secret alliances are there on Topix. There's a gal who barrages me with PM's most every time there's a kerfuffle on OB. She's assured me I can trust her. So, I don't. The PM's (personal messages) are to find out what I know and what I might be doing next. She always talks about how she wishes everybody could get along and then she gives me a bit of info about someone to gain my confidence. On my end, I'm not gonna tell her anything important. I'm pretty sure she's reporting back to her superiors, mean things I say about them so, that's all I need to do. See, I'm doing this without lying. I really believe that so and so IS a cocksucking asshole. I'm not lying! And I'm surely at least, half right. The other day I included a certain phrase with an emphasis on a particular word. Then I sat back to see if that word showed up in context. It did. Two usual suspects and one I had been on the fence about used it, confirming what I already knew.

 I don't know why people do what they do. I understand republicans and Boogies and the relentless pursuit of money and fame. I just don't want to be like them. Not for free and not even for the money. I'm good with that. Pretty damn good actually....I could play for money....

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Recently, Pat Robertson had this to say about adopting international children (and, perhaps, children in general?):

"A man doesn't want to take on the United Nations, and a woman has all these various children, blended family, what is it – you don't know what problems there are. I'm serious. I've got a dear friend, an adopted son, a little kid from an orphanage down in Columbia. Child had brain damage, grew up weird. And you just never know what's been done to a child before you get that child. What kind of sexual abuse has been, what kind of cruelty, what kind of food deprivation, etc. etc." the televangelist said.
Robertson continued: "You don't have to take on somebody else's problems. You really don't. You can help people – we administer to orphans all over the world, we love helping people. But that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to take all the orphans around the world into my home.

Read more:

Kinda blows all that prayer shit and trusting in the Lord right out of the water doesn't it?

In other adoption news, a young woman in Georgia was mauled to death by five dogs she adopted. Rebbecca Carey had a loving history of rescuing dogs from abusive situations. That two of the dogs were pit bulls- well, no article I saw said they weren't fighting dogs but, obviously, all five dogs were from some degree of trauma. Your average pooch doesn't turn on someone with kindness in their heart like that.

As it happened, I also saw a network program about people who keep wild animals as pets as well as for fun and profit. In Wisconsin(!) yes, THAT hotbed of jungle life, it is easier to buy a Lion than it is to adopt a kitty cat. Less paperwork anyways. My friend, Thingy, has been contemplating a Bengal Tiger but, that's a story for another day.

I don't care how cute baby lions are and if you raise them in your backyard like you would a kitty cat, they WILL eat you someday. It's in their DNA to do this Yes, they will lick your face and love on you and probably even do these things right up to the fucking second they decide to eat you. It doesn't matter that they've never lived in the wild or conversed with lions who have and might tell them to do this. And it's not just lions. They showed bears and alligators doing this. I KNOW- alligators! Who knew?

Well, I did. I've had kitty cats before. My last cat was a part-timer I called Josey Wales. We got along pretty well but, we had a few fights. I learned that, unlike other cats, he didn't like being long-stroked where you run your hand down the kitty's back and pick up it's tail. Maybe he thought that was kinda gay, I don't know. But, he reacted badly for one who ate my food, damn near drawing blood. He also seemed to think that when he was atop the refrigerator, knocking off junk that I lazily had put up there, that HE was the boss 'cause he had the high ground. He had some catitude!

Well, what's a kitty cat weigh compared to an African lion? Put a few hundred pounds on Josey Wales' catitude and there's a dead Ferrerman ripped to shreds on the couch, and Josey sitting, purring, waiting for that Ferrer to get up and open the door. So, I know that it's stupid to adopt wild animals because they need to be out in the wild, killing at their leisure. Other people find this out the hard way.

But, kids are not wild animals no matter what country they hail from. They shouldn't be dismissed or treated as such. We seem to be getting less civilized the more civilized we get.  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Jenna Jameson, formerly famous, former pornstar, recently stated that "When you are rich, you want a republican in office". She seems to favor Mitt Romney in the coming erection. Of course, I mean election. The "coming" part was a double entendre. You probably got that.

Unlike 99% of porn actors, she made a lot of money. I guess she was a savvy business person and, unlike most porn persons who do it to pay the rent or are under the illusion that it will lead to Hollywood acting jobs, she retained rights and control to her videos. Points are where the serious money is in the film business. I remember reading that a woman would get up to $1200 for the lead in a film and the men would make half that. Interesting given the usual disparity in pay among the sexes. I really think some guys did porn just to get laid. But, for the most part, men view porn to see hot chicks getting fucked and the women would be the stars that sell the tapes. I've seen articles praising Jenna for her business acumen, stardom and- if only briefly- sorta kinda bringing porn into the mainstream and bedrooms of couples. Whoop-dee-doo.

I don't think I've ever seen her work. Really. I've seen pictures of her and in her prime she looked like a thousand other blonde porn queens with fake boobs. It's not a look I like. I prefer attractive, natural women. I don't know if she's trying to make a comeback or not and if that's why she was being quoted about the election. She's 38 and could do MILF porn, I guess. I don't know if she'd find the business lucrative. These days, anyone with a camera phone and genitals can make a porn and throw it up on the 'net. I don't know if there are any stars like her any more and that's probably by design. There's no shortage of people needing money these days and willing to degrade themselves to make rent. Throw in some folks who are just plain exhibitionists and I think the purveyors have little problem getting fresh naughty bits, cheap. It's a sign of the times. She's just another rich, Kochsucker out for herself. Imagine that!

Ya know, I heard the owner of Papa John's Pizza is all upset because Obamacare will force him to offer health insurance to his 16,500 employees, adding 11 to 14 cents to the price of a pizza. (I bet he rounds it off to the next dollar though...) It seems to me that the third largest pizza outfit in the nation should have been successful enough to offer employee insurance before this. You get so big, you can afford to have NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon, in your ads. You forget you have employees, I guess.

Hmmm...a pizza delivery guy and a sultry blonde with big, fake boobies... Have we see this movie before?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

And, who might you be?

As someone pointed out, that's more than most European countries. Well, not surprising. I think there's really only twenty or so posters on Topix despite there being *thousands* posting at any given time.

The number of people who post as their pets is alarming. I actually know a couple that does this. My step-sister and her jerkoff husband have no kids but they do have a dog who has a FB account. I'm not friends with the dog or the jerkoff husband.

And I had to drop a *friend* who was an otherwise good poster because he had a penchant for friending "whores" (mostly of the European variety) who had, in turn, a penchant for trying to friend me. That was his business and I only had a problem with them bothering me. And since I really didn't know the guy (we had mutual friends) I couldn't ask him to stop being stupid so, I defriended him. Those girls- if not 300 plus pounds despite their photo portfolio's- are likely 300 pound dudes. That's his business too.

You're technically not supposed to have multiple accounts according to the FB terms of service. Evidently, since they've gone public they've had to crack down on that. Facebook is claiming 900+ million users, + or - a buncha million fakers.

So, after my Topix experience, I wasn't really surprised to see this. Voter fraud, is .0004% of voting and THAT is a crisis but, 8.9% of FB users are dogs or guys posing as women and everyone is pretty much like, "Yeah...what ev's..." Now that FB has gone public, they are accountable to stockholders and can't be inflating/padding the rolls. If this happened with Topix, they'd be fucked. Could you see an auditor checking IP's and discovering that half the posters on Topix were Sambilly, Kevin and a 300 pound, disabled longshoreman named "Lou"? That might cause a kerfuffle of sorts...

It's sad and extremely pathetic that the three above (and several dozen others) are the bulk of Topix. But, on the other hand, it's kind of encouraging too. On Offbeat I could read a vitriolic post and think: "Sheesh- ANOTHER IDIOT!" and have no hope for society. But, thankfully, I read that idiot and know it's most likely Sambilly. So, there's no hope for Sambilly but, the rest of the world might make it. Maybe.

I'm not going to say I'm flattered that these three (assuming they are not just one idiot) are so obsessed with me that each has dedicated every waking moment of their lives to stalking me. I'm not flattered. Sheesh, they are sociopaths. That doesn't make me feel special. I've got a John McClane-like ability to really, really piss off some assholes but, I can't help that. It's a gift. It would be wrong not to use it.

It's weird and it's creepy to have strangers thinking about you constantly. It's a celebrity that I didn't ask for. I post on Topix is all. If certain people cannot handle that and choose to make it their life's work to harrass me, there's nothing I have to do about that. I don't even have to feel sorry for them. Topix keeps them off the streets at least. You know, whenever a thing happens like the recent Colorado theatre shooting, it always flashes through my mind, "I wonder which poster did that?"

These people are basically harmless though. They're the obscene phone callers of the 21st century, bandwidth terrorists. You can ignore them but, they will NOT go away. I give them just enough to tweak their insanity a little. If you give them too much, give them the fight they want, they'll get to thinking that they won. They've got nothing to lose and can turn absolutely anything around in to *victory*. Ever argue with a third grader? You know what I mean.

So, 89 million fakers on Facebook. I wonder how many are Sambilly, Kevin and A770? Where do they find the time?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Silly, isn't it?

Gay marriage itself isn't important. Gay people are not dying in the streets, starving for lack of marriage. I think in six states now they can marry? There will be more to come, probably all states before the decade is out. It doesn't actually effect anyone's lives except the couples involved. It won't bring about the End Of Times and it won't even cause more hurricanes. Curious though that the same people who vehemently deny global warming, believe that their God sends hurricanes and floods to punish cities for their gay people. Very Old Testament, if you think about it waaaay too much.

Gay marriage and Chick-Fil-A are distractions. Most of politics is distraction. This stuff leading up to the election is the smoke and mirrors of our leaders doing their job. There are more than 300 million of us in this country and the reality of life is that we are not that smart and our leaders know this and count on this.

I am a smart guy. I'm pretty sure I'm brilliant. But, I fall for this shit all the fucking time! I think this stuff is important really only because others make it seem so important by being so dead-set against it.

There's actually a lot to be said for that. I've long been curious as to where and why people draw the lines that they do in life.

Years ago there was a problem in a bar we were at and we threw some guys out for being combative assholes. There was some fighting but the miscreants gave up pretty quick. Except for one guy. One little guy was banging on the back door, bloodying his fists to get back he could be thrown out the front door like the rest of his cohorts... That's what he said. All he had to do was stagger fifty feet up the sidewalk and there his friends were. They could mount a counter-offensive, leave or whatever. They just couldn't come back in.

I've chuckled about the absurdity of that for a couple of decades now. There are a lot of people like that little guy, in life today, who think they are looking at the big picture of things when they are actually reacting to the moment. And reacting wrongly at that.

The republicans are trying to win, not only the presidency but, every congressional seat, mayoral and governorship that they can. They will pound on every back door it takes accomplish this. Their thing is to appeal to every one's issues no matter how trivial and to be contrary no matter how ridiculous. Thus, gay marriage and chicken sandwiches- two things no one ever thought to associate before. No one should seriously care that the owner of a fast food chain is obsessed with gay marriage. He has a right to his opinion. You could argue that he has the right to remain silent about it but, that's only if he gets arrested for it... You, me and everybody have a right to disagree or not even care what that chicken guy thinks. Previously I wrote that it was a bad business decision to alienate a sizable portion of his clientele. But, former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckster, made me look foolish by *organizing* a day to show support for Chick-Fil-A that resulted in record sales for the chain. People lined up for hours for sandwiches to show support for the cause. Boy, do I feel like a dumbass!

There's a blood shortage right now in America and- speaking of food- several million people (including children, who are people too, my friend) are going hungry each day but, fuck that! We are seeing fit to buy chicken sandwiches to thwart the homosexual agenda that includes fabulous weddings! Priorities, eh?

Deflection. Such *political issues* are the Coliseum of Rome without- so far- the bloodshed for entertainment of the crowd. It's a goddamn soap opera. It's a diversion from what they really want to accomplish, whatever that is...

The democrats want control over our lives just as the republicans do. It's just that the dems go about it in a better way and that they don't intentionally fuck people like the republicans do. When the GOP makes such a HUGE deal about gay marriage while simultaneously proffering the rights of individuals, they're not just sending out mixed messages. They are showing their hand. And, they are showing it to the very people they court as the enforcers of their agenda. I really don't think that many congressmen really- really- care about gay people marrying. They care more about money and power and about how to get more of each. I'll venture that the vast majority of Americans don't really- really- care about gay marriage either. They just think they should because, you know, it'll end the deficit and bring back the America we all knew and loved back in the fifties AND lower the price of gasoline.

Something wrong with that thought process? Of course there is. Very few people outside of yours truly will express it as such but, this is a major part of their thought process. Denying gay people marriage today sets the stage for denying someone else of something tomorrow. Misusing the founders or the Bible to rationalize it  today sets the precedent for doing the same tomorrow. You agreeing to this today, makes you complicit to tomorrow. It sets the stage for you to become the next victim. You just don't know it yet. Gandhi said: "I like your Christ, I just don't like your Christians".  Like Jesus evidently said, "That which you do to the least of my people, you do to me." They're both right.

And this is why we care about the silly things. They want us to so that we don't care about the important things today or tomorrow. Let's take care of the silly things though because if we don't, it will get real- real- serious tomorrow. By then it will be too late. Pay attention now, America. Gay people marrying now will not ruin the country but not letting them will, in time. Don't wait and see as it will happen. It will happen by seemingly popular opinion.