Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ferrerman's Troll-fighting Tips

When being trolled, it's always a good idea to take a look around the room and notice who is NOT there.

Now, that might seem like a tall order and a lot of head-counting but, it's not. These people tend to roam in packs- cliques, if you will- and it's pretty easy to match up who is who. They don't put a lot of thought into it. So, if a Ferrerman tweaks a BillyR and the next thing ya know a rabid troll is going crazy with alleged Ferrerman PI, isn't it odd when BillyR doesn't make a sound?

Odder still, his imaginary twin sister, Nancy Teller Denton, does. To be fair to Nancy, she did sorta kinda try to stop him. She told him he was "better than this". Turns out he wasn't! Who knew?!

He put up a Facebook picture of me and Hall Of Famer, Ernie Banks. Mr. Cub and Mr. Ferrerman are in different Halls Of Fame together, if you're scoring at home.  It was a profile pic I used for awhile on Facebook. The asshole troll did this via Photobucket. Here's another Troll-fighting Tip: Hit the report abuse icon and the pic goes away! This action will piss the troll off but, LIFE pisses the troll off so, there's that.

I reported the pic to Photobucket and they informed me it wasn't a registered user. It was just some idiot who posted the same pic several times, wondering why it kept going away....

To their credit, Topix banned the offending IP but, they admitted that was all they can do. He was going to do it again...

Well, we all knew that. Flustrated by the pic being pickled, he went and posted some personal misinformation. Close but, no cigar. It's the thought that counts though.

Google is your friend. I googled some non-friends and found the home addresses and phone numbers of Dean Davis and James Denton. These guys are friends of my stalker. Might even be my stalker. Who knows?

And well, who cares? One lives in Ravena, NY and one lives in Hardinsburg, Kentucky. Big deal. I could be wrong about that, right? Do you believe everything you read on the internet? Should you? Marie Henson claims to have killed a guy. But, Marie Henson also believes that anybody with an Illinois ISP IS Ferrerman. She has no concept of proxy servers even though most all her friends use them. So, how reliable about anything is Marie Henson? I'd have to say, not very! There's a lot of Marie Henson's BTW. Not just in Indiana either. So, ya know, who knows?

Anyway, you look around the room and you notice who's missing. Then they show up like nothing happened....


Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Chicks are not right

Ask a simple question....

Per my post the other day about sin taxes, I posed the question of tea party interest/noninterest to the mistresses of a Facebook site called: Chicks On The Right.

Remember  a few weeks ago when some guy organized a trucker drive on Washington? I think it was called "The Million Trucker March" or some nonsense. A few hundred trucks might have made the occasion. Nowhere near one million. Well, the Chicks put up a photo on their page that showed a couple hundred trucks making a mess of traffic and headlined it as one of those events that the lame stream media doesn't want YOU to know about.

Well, the problem was, the photo in question was an aerial shot of an ITALIAN TRUCK STRIKE FROM 2008, not an anti-Obama trucker fiasco in 2013. Oops!

So, I posted on their wall asking if they had put that pic up. "Nope", they responded. One of their fans also replied that, simply responding "nope" was the time-honored response to trolls, when they ask trollish questions. And then the conversation went south from there.

I had caught them with their pants down. I think you dedicated non-readers know what happens when a Ferrerman catches a lady with her pants down. For you new non-readers, what happens is spankings! Sometimes literal but, usually just political. Dammit.

Anyways, what ensued was the usual back and forth one would find when engaging 'tards in political battle on Topix. Same shit, different venue. The internet is full of reichwingers.

The Chicks site is the usual vitriolic anti-Obama fluff you can find anywhere. For example, there was a "you'll only see it here" story about some dumbass 19 year old who was plotting to lose his gay virginity in public and call it "art". Some foolishness like that.

The Chicks think one in a row is a trend and and cited this as yet another reason why the country was going to hell under Obama. Their fans agreed!

For all I know, the gay virgin artist story is as true as their trucker strike lie so, I was rolling the dice. I thought I'd pose my question about the laziness of sin taxes and get an actual answer as to why the various tea parties  never mention these taxes as being abusive or even wrong.  It's probably because not too many 2 percenters smoke so, the tax means nothing to them. It's for little people. But, I was curious as to why this never comes up. It's my contention that the taxes that are killing folks are local and state wide rather than Federal. Sales, property, license plates, etc. etc. are always going up. There's no deductions for them. No credits. You have to pay. Yet you never hear the various tea parties scream about that. I think it's because there is no black democrat in charge of those taxes. I mean, in many parts of the country the tax on a pack of cigarettes exceeds the price of the product. Whether you smoke or not, the severity of the tax should piss you off, at least a little. First they came for the smokers but, I was not a Marlboro man....

So, I think I asked them if they knew of any sites that were political since they seemed to be more interested in the usual anti-Obama fluff n' stuff rather than political shit  like taxes. They had distanced themselves from the various tea parties, as well. There are so many, you'd think they'd like at least one. They just claim to be "conservative".  Oh and all their posts are anti-Obama and anti-liberal. But, they're not political...

BTW, I checked and they aren't satire. You have to do that these days when the likes of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann spout off things that make the writers at The Onion say, "Why didn't we think of that??!!"

So, the Chicks fired me. I can no longer comment on their site. I can look but, I can't touch.

I don't blame them. Who needs someone mucking up their site with politics? It's their right to keep it politics free!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The singer, not the song

There are just some people that simply do not like anything Barack Obama says or does. It's nothing personal. They are just more astute than anyone else is and are therefore able to readily recognize that everything he says and does actually IS wrong and WILL lead to the total destruction of America as we know it. It's nothing personal and it certainly isn't racist because, they don't feel that way about all niggers, just him.

Really now, how could everything a president says or does be wrong? What are the odds?

Honestly, in the threads Ferrerman was getting the same treatment. I was was always "clueless, nuts and spam" no matter what I posted! Imagine that! What are the odds?

I noticed that not all democrat posters were treated that way. I always was though. So, of course, it had nothing to do with the quality of my posts. It was just cheap, anti-Ferrerman sentiment. A couple of people- for their own psychotic reasons- had chosen to dedicate their lives to putting negative icons on every post Ferrerman- or a suspected Ferrerman- makes on Topix!

Well, we already knew that. DUH.

The thing is, anti-Obama sentiment is the same as anti-Ferrerman sentiment. It's all hated-based and nothing else. In my case and in Obama's, politics is used to justify hatred for an individual. This is weak. It's not to be respected or feared. When opinions are hate-based, they cease to be opinions. They are merely vulgar expressions of fear.  Atticus Finch would  not debate a rabid dog.

If it wasn't so generic and perfunctory, it might be taken more seriously. What a surprise that a teabagger is against something Obama wants to do! What a surprise that a teabagger is against Ferrerman saying "hey" to an attractive,  blonde, English chick! The bastard! I don't know if that post even got iconned. It was pulled, literally inside of five minutes. It's hard out there for a Ferrerman when one of your trolls is a Topix mod. Just sayin'....

So, it's hard to take Obama detractors or Ferrerman detractors seriously. It's interesting that they tend to be cut from the same soiled cloth of misplaced patriotism.

One of the reasons I retired Ferrerman from Topix was, there was barely anything resembling polite, political discourse. No matter what brilliant insight I posted, it was captured in reply by various socks calling me names. I would rarely post to these miscreants anyway but, they'd see "Ferrerman" on the index and swarm like flies to honey. Whether it was one person with 50 *personalities* or five with fifty, theirs is an exercise in futility. They need to hate. And Topix needs the clicks. It's a match made somewhere south of Heaven. I don't think we ever have to worry about these haters getting better, in thought or deed.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Not Taxed Enough Apparently

The various tea parties, if they wanted the backing of a Ferrerman, would do well to address the ridiculous taxation of cigarettes, particularly in Chicago, that hotbed of Black, community activists who go on to become President Of The United States. It would seem to be right in their wheelhouse because the "TEA" in Tea Party allegedly means: Taxed Enough Already.

Sin taxes are the epitome of lazy government. Raising taxes on cigarettes or alcohol is phoning in government. They are barely giving a nod to the heroic "saving of lives..." anymore. You think cigarettes kill? You want to save the lives of men, women and children? MAKE CIGARETTES ILLEGAL. How can you tax/profit off of something that kills people? (Well, see: guns & ammo but, story for another day! Could you imagine the uproar if ammunition was taxed like smokes!)

Why pussyfoot around with saving lives lip service by allowing a product that people evidently like and want, when it kills people? Why are cigarettes so dangerous that they can only be battled via taxes? Why aren't cities and states legalizing crack, meth and heroin and taxing those things to save lives? And, uh, make a few bucks....

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel wants to raise the city tax on a pack of smokes $.75 making the total tax on a pack $7.42. That includes state, federal, county and city taxes. So, with cigarette company costs/profits, and the store's markup- you are paying @$11.59 for a pack of Marlboros? Most of your expenditure for that tar and nicotine pleasure goes, not to Liggett Myers but, to various governments that want you to quit....for your own good...

I guess they want you to quit so they can tax something else?

The government never- EVER- says that not enough people are quitting smoking so, because of that failure of the people, government is forced to raise the cigarette tax- AGAIN- to encourage people quit....

They never say that. Actually, people quitting is part of the reason they meed to raise the tax. There's some yada-yada in there about health related costs but, they barely go through the motions about that because, the money doesn't go to healthcare. It goes to running the broke-ass cities and states. Except for millionaires, when do taxes ever go down? If a city or state is used to getting income from something, they budget for that. If income goes down because more people stop using the taxed product, that money has to be made up somewhere. They either also tax something else and/or they raise the tax on that product.

With cigarettes and other sin taxes, it's a no-brainer. No one speaks for the smokers and the drinkers who get taxed every time they turn around. Having no voice themselves, they just roll with it. Or roll their own....

Golly! If only there were a political group- focused on unfair taxation- to speak for these disenfranchised folk! If only...

Apparently, the Koch brothers don't smoke. They founded and fund some of the tea parties. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: They are billionaires- they can well afford to smoke! They probably quit when they were millionaires and, with the money saved, became billionaires.

Yet they are against taxes. It's just that one of the most egregious taxes of all goes unnoticed by them for some reason. Mind you, this is not a Chicago or Illinois thing. Prices and taxes vary. That same pack of Marlboros will cost about $5 in Kentucky, the lowest of the 48 contiguous states and, a tobacco growing state. Less that ten years ago I did some work outside Louisville and paid $2 a pack. Even the tobacco friendly states are getting in on the gravy train of saving lives through taxation.

This is why I cannot take the tea parties seriously. Fighting to keep the super rich from being taxed "too much"(?!) but completely ignoring the near-sodomizing tax of the poor and working class because they smoke? By default they must think the sin taxes are just and fair. I'm certain some smoke and must be aware of the taxes. They simply must not care. I wonder what they might tax if they were ever to gain control of government?  My guess is, anything but wealth.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Kids say the darnedest things

Yikes! Creepy indeed. Some of these were very frightening.

Here's some more:

I found the latter researching the former. I'm more intrigued about the kids speaking matter-a-factly about past lives that saying weird stuff. A lot of people and some cultures believe in reincarnation and the recycling of lives. I've always kinda leaned towards it myself. Of course, that's because I taught reincarnation in a previous life, in Salem, Massachusetts before I was burned at the stake for heresy... As far as I know, I made that up because I'm a damn Ferrerman after all. Still, I do have a distinct fear of fires and will not step into them EVER.  So, ya know?

The kids in question here all seem very young, like 2-4 years old, rather that precocious eight year old's displaying their imagination. It seems like they just blurt this out and do not speak of it again. You may have done it at that age. What do you really remember since before you were about five? It is around that age that our earliest clear memories are usually formed.

We're not talking false memories here like folks might have as adults after years of television, movies and reading books. If I feel like I was a cowboy in a past life, it's probably because of TV and movies and that, I wish I were a cowboy. If a three year old remembers being a Viking and executing might want to listen. How much TV have they seen at that age- without you?

I'm not sure what the method to the madness is here. By that I mean, life. Is the point to serve God, worship him and get to heaven? And if you don't do that, spend eternity in Hell? Kinda doubt it. Are 1.5 billion Chinese really going to hell because they are not Christian? I've heard that. Your actual results may vary, depending upon religion. With so many non-Christians in the world for so many years, I think even a God would have given up long ago.

But, perhaps there is a God and he's far less needy and far deeper than portrayed. What if we are deeper than portrayed? Why not recycle souls for the purpose of education or redemption- even punishment?

What's the method to the madness with reincarnation? I don't know. I doubt anyone ever will. The little baby you might be holding in your arms today might know a bit about where he's been and he may even be trying to tell you but, it could be that he's entering a new world and leaving behind his old and that where he's been is not as important as where he is now. I'm wondering if this is always kept in the family lineage. Can a blonde haired, blue-eyed Swede in Stockholm have been a Masai warrior? Vice versa? Anecdotaly, people who have *died* and *come back* have reported the bright light and being greeted by a deceased relative and told that it's not their time. Heaven? Maybe. Sorta. Could be sort of a waiting room. Eternity lasts a long time. There are a lot of places to go and a lot of people to get there.

Friday, October 18, 2013

When you're a proctologist...

A 12 year old girl, bullied by classmates, leapt to her death from a three story cement plant structure. One of her tormentors wrote on her Facebook page: " 'Yes ik (I know) I bullied REBECCA nd (and) she killed her self but IDGAF (I dont give a f---)." Keep an eye on that kid- she may be running for Congress soon.

More than likely though, she'll just age and comment on Topix and elsewhere on the internet, along with the other assholes. She's in the farm system now...learning....

Topix aside, if you've ever been on any site where people are welcome to comment, you already realize that there are a lot of assholes out there. It's not like Topix where there are just several dozen assholes on any given forum. Most any news site or political site gets far more traffic than a Topix Forum and none of it is posters are saying "hello" to each other or have mods posting about their lunch.

There are some seriously deranged people out there and, I'm not going to lie to you- 99% of these assholes are teaparty/republicans. The little bitch that gave her classmate the verbal shove off of the cement tower- and bragged about it- is never going to reconcile her adult self supporting any sort of benefits for under-privileged folks.

If the various tea parties stand for anything it's that it's OK to be an asshole, as long as you wrap yourself in the flag. Just feel free to hate everything and everybody as long as it smacks of "liberalism". I'm sure that on some sites- right now- people are posting that the dead child was "weak", "surely a liberal", or (from an intellectual) "a product of a soft, liberal society where every child gets a trophy so that their widdle feewings don't get hurt..."

It hardly matters what the subject is. Liberals are to blame for everything. They're the ones that think the Washington Redskins is offense to Native Americans. I looked at a site earlier that had the Redskins flag, alongside the Confederate battle flag and the Nazi flag. This was on a conservative site mind you. They weren't complaining that the Redskins football team was unfairly being lumped (somehow) with those two, mind you. They were putting it on an equal footing with the others. Think I'm kidding? Have you seen the Confederate flags at rightwing political events lately. You don't usually see Nazi flags do... Two conservative chicks equate it with the stars and bars. I didn't see any cons complain...

And you never see Confederate or Nazi flags displayed at democrat events. Libs are so closed-minded!

Our children are not mentally progressing. How can they? We aren't either. We have an entire political party dedicated to denying people things because they don't like them. They say certain Americans are losers and don't deserve things that others have. They are not only talking bad about these losers among us on the internet, they are at times, getting physical with the losers, up to and including killing them. See: Trayvon Martin.  See the backlash about his death and how unfair it was to the guy who murdered him....

There are 300+ million people in America. Untold  millions of them are fucking assholes. They vote for assholes who will promote their asshole agenda. And they have little problem letting the nation know their evil ways.

I don't want those losers at my lunch table!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


There is a scene in the film, "DAVE", where Kevin Kline, who plays Dave (who is playing the President of the United States) is going through the Federal budget with his buddy, Murray (Charles Grodin) who is an accountant.  Dave notices an expenditure of some ridiculous amount in a government program that, in his estimation, makes people 'feel good about the American car they already bought'. It's a waste of money.

Well, the teapublicans just blew TWENTY FOUR BILLION American dollars making the delusional fools who follow them feel good about the insane, anti-American activities they have been at since the very moment Barack Obama was elected President. That's a pretty hefty price for the rest of us to pay. In the fictional '93 film, tens of millions of people bought American cars that they already probably felt OK about. In the reality of 2013, only a few million people feel good about tea party tactics. It was a very expensive and unnecessary sermon to the choir.

Oh, I know that they believed they would gain some converts. They also believe Obama was born in Kenya and didn't go to college, as well as a thousand other easily checked tidbits about his life. I won't go through those because they are stupid. Suffice to say, they have been brought to us by the same folks who brought us the shutdown though. And that speaks volumes. Billions really.

For their time and our money, House teapublicans got nothing. None of their demands were met. The ACA (Obamacare) is still the law of the land and all the other demands they piled on in hopes of getting Obama to settle for something were not met either. They got nothing.

This was terrorism. Economic terrorism. Hostages and demands- just no gun play. The tea partiers like Cruz are simply terrorists who don't like the finality of airplanes. Al Queda surely took notice. One of their stated goals is the financial destruction of the US. 9/11 and a few terrorist attacks have caused the government to spend untold billions on anti-terrorism. They likely view that as a "victory". We view it as something to spend money on.

Our own House republicans shut down the government and nearly bankrupted the nation, something Al Queda could only dream of doing.

I'd like to know why. They've been acting like jilted lovers since Obama's first election. The GOP- the Grand Old Party- for a party that fancies itself  the party of patriots, they haven't cleanly won an election since GH Bush waaaaaay back in the 20th century. This whole thing reeked of: "If I can't have her- no one will!" That's no way for a patriot to treat Lady Liberty.

Whether it's greedy Wall Street bankers orchestrating a recession for fun and profit, or a party in part of the legislative branch of the government trying whatever they were trying to do, there is no greater threat to the US than us. We've got the right guy in charge. I'm just not so sure we've got the right country.

Ted Cruz, by the way, was born in Canada to a Cuban father who fought alongside Fidel Castro in the communist revolution in Cuba. True story. Ted just led the shutdown of the United States government. His followers believe our president is Kenyan and not qualified to serve as POTUS.

You can't make this shit up. If it were a movie, you'd walk out. It just wasn't worth $24 billion.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Posting For Dollars

I think I'm heading up on four months now since my last Ferrerman post. Maybe it's four years? I don't know. Who pays attention to such things?

Anyways, I looked at Topix and I see that this is the last week for the points game. It was an interesting game in that there was no real prize. I use Adblock so, unless I open in another browser, I don't see the results of the game or a scoreboard. I never actually played the game and sought points because there was nothing to be gained. I quit when Hegel discovered the way to opt out. I had thought I was stuck with it.

I just looked at the scoreboard and an old tippler who goes by "TallyHo" is the reigning champ...tied with seven others(!?). That's how soft this nation has become! EIGHT *WINNERS*???  That's out of ten posters- not people, mind you. This is Topix. Tally might be all of those eight posters. Maybe the second and third place posters too.

Someone, I reckon, will be crowned ultimate posting champ next week. They won't get anything for it though. Just the pride associated with posting more than any other registered poster...on the Offbeat Forum, that is. Other Forums have their own champs. Some, like the Chicago Forum, don't even have to bother with the game as there's hardly anyone there to play. The Main or "Topix" Forum is like that. There's maybe 90 some people viewing on average. Most of them are moderators.

I'm kidding! Only 6 or 7 are mods. The rest are Kevin.

Kidding again! But, not by much. I don't get why they are killing the game. Aside from Kevin and A770 characters posting, the game would seem to be the only thing keeping Topix afloat, on a forum by forum basis. People click on threads and get points. Some such nonsense. Topix then uses those clicks to show advertisers how popular Topix is. Truckloads of money are then delivered. Something like that. Topix is a volume business and they have more forums, all over the world, than I care to count. So, they do OK. Maybe they're just giving up on Offbeat and the Main as hopeless basket cases?

Topix is primarily a troll-based economy, to coin a phrase I've already coined, and Offbeat and the Main are prime examples of that. The business plan seemed to be; organize a gang in each Forum and have them harass posters for fun and profit. Start fights and get people to post. When not fighting, say hello to everyone. You know how in baseball when a guy pops up the announcer says, "It looks like a line drive in the boxscore?" Exactly.  Well, that's what it seemed like. A770 had a new gang on the Topix Forum  and, with a prolific poster like Kevin leading her crew, she just had to phone it in, occasionally showing up as some version of "Sue". Talk it up out there, guys! Let's hear some chatter! GO TEAM!

On Offbeat, I am not quite certain who the head troll is. Whoever formed the Clique, I guess. Offbeat seems more overloaded with trolls than any other forum. I think a few of these trolls might be professional.

Wait. Professional? Let's just say they "get paid for it".  They may be a pimp's bottom bitch but, that doesn't make them professional.

A couple months ago, I noticed a poster credited another poster for a thread that had wound up with a lot of posts on it. I hadn't viewed that poster as a factor on that particular thread at all. This particular asshole doesn't bring a lot to the table about anything, really. Most of his posts are masturbatory exercises in self aggrandizement. And weather. So, I checked and noticed that he had posed the question that headlined the thread. That takes some talent....

It just struck me as water-cooler, office fluffing. It was really unnecessary. It wasn't like the guy had actually done anything...

Maybe that's how it works in a troll based economy? Paid political posters or those that promote products don't make much. They say don't quit your day job. Facebook pays 3rd world folks $1 an hour(!!) to review complaints. Topix may double that for mods....It would still be too much.

But, what might they pay for someone to manage a group of miscreant posters, to promote posting on a thread?

Not too much, I hope, if merely posting first on a thread that you posed a generic question on gets you a pat on the back. I think that that idiot, Sam started 3,687 threads about Ferrerman and two of them got as many as 50 posts. That asshole is not posting for dollars- he's just a meth head. I am certainly not implying that Topix pays him anything or that anyone should.

There's just some people that, when they quit posting I always wondered if they didn't get promoted,  transferred to another forum or fired. Well, that's troll biz, I guess.


Here's Ted Cruz outside of a bank (The Federal Reserve?) winning hearts and minds:

I tease because I love!

Well, OK, I don't love these assholes like Cruz but I do kinda sarcastically love their chutzpah no matter how obscene it is.

THEY shut down the government, not Obama and democrats. Right prior to their shutting down the government, THEY made a new rule that only the Speaker Of The House (John Boehner) could call for a vote to end the shut down. This used to be something any member of the house could do. It doesn't sound like THEY really want to deal, does it?

As soon as the shutdown began, Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin were at the WWII Memorial wondering why it- a government venue- was shut down.

These two need to pay more attention. As I mentioned here in an earlier post, some Congressperson erroneously yelled at a Park Ranger thinking she had shut down the government. It turned out it wasn't her, it was some people above her government pay grade. It was, of course, that asshole Congressperson and his buddies! Why can't they get this straight? THEY ARE the government!

They might as well be Al Pacino's character in the Dog Day Afternoon scene. By the way, the film was based on a real life incident where a gay guy and his lover robbed a bank to get money to pay for a sex-change operation. At least Sonny and Sal had a goal. Teddy and John are just winging it.

Al Pacino as "Sonny" is trying to win the hearts and minds of the neighborhood by reminding them of the horrific riots that had occurred at the Attica prison. This took the crowds collective mind off the fact that Sonny and Sal were robbers, not social activists.

It's the same with Ted and Sarah although, I doubt Sarah desires a sex change. I think she's happy with her penis. But, I digress. In both cases, the perpetrators misused the result to justify the means and deflect the blame for their action onto someone else.

WWII veterans, used as pawns. Imagine that. The last great, honest American war.  For many, if not all, of these men, it could be the last time they visit the memorial to them and their brothers. The memorial shouldn't have been shut down. But them, neither should the government been shut down. What part of GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN did Ted, Sarah, John et al NOT understand?

Well, all of it. Their action created the shutdown. They robbed the bank. They took hostages. They are the children who, having murdered their parents, stand before the judge begging for mercy because they are orphans.

This cannot end well because it wasn't planned well.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Da Bonehead!

I first heard about this on Thingy's blog. It seems that Da Coach regrets not running for the senate in Illinois against Barack Obama.

Ya know, I regret not being coach of the '86 Bears. As coach, I would have made sure that Walter Payton- GREATEST RUNNING BACK EVER- got a Super Bowl touchdown before lovable cartoon character, William "The Refrigerator" Perry got one. The fridge was a defensive lineman. It's not exactly a class act to have your defensive linemen running the ball in a blowout when your Hall Of Fame-bound back should get the ball. It kinda illustrates that, that team was so fucking good that, an idiot like Mike Ditka OR  me could have led them to the Superbowl. But, I would have given the ball to Payton instead of Perry. I'm a purist. Ditka is a showman. He's also a punchline like Chuck Norris is. Daaaaa Beaaaaaarrrs....

Now, Ditka isn't saying that HE would be president right now. He's saying that, had he run and- of course- won against Barack Obama, there would be no President Obama now because there would have been no Senator Obama then. Oh. And he's saying none of this shutdown and other horrible stuff would be happening. Oh. If only we had elected McCain/Palin instead? Oh?

I'm gonna remind him and all that, had Obama not been around to run in '08, a young lady named Hillary Rodham Clinton would still have been running and would have handily defeated McCain/Palin as well. Does Ditka regret not gay-marrying Bill Clinton years ago?  He's not available to comment on that, I guess.

If there's anything republicans hate more than a First Ever Black President, it's a First Ever Woman President Who Is Married To Bill Clinton. Just like yours truly was on the fence as to which candidate I liked best, the GOP was in a quandary as to which they hated the most.

I don't know if President HR Clinton would have made healthcare her mission but, I can guaranfuckingtee  that the teapublicans would have bullied and fought and obstructed her every inch of the way, through both of her terms. Quite likely they'd still be shutting down the government over something to get their hands on Social Security cash, Medicare and anything else they could grab. We'd still have idiots in tri-corner hats and absolutely everything she did would be treasonous, just like with Obama.

So, Ditka- who failed miserably at creating a dynasty with a team that many experts believe might have been the best ever in the NFL, couldn't be bothered to save the country from affordable heathcare, "because of a busy schedule"! 

How ironic that he trashed the Patriots back in '86. It's HIS fault the patriots are getting so soundly whupped now. He just said so himself.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Blame Game

Both sides are to blame, I thought to myself as I watched the video.

All the guy wanted was everything in the cash register. That's all!

But, evidently, that was too much for the store owner as he refused to compromise and, instead of handing the money over to the gun-wielding patriot(?) he produced a two foot long machete' and chased the  patriot(?) out of the store!

Yes- he brought a knife to a gunfight! And won!

Both sides are not to blame though. In the video (which did happen, by the way) the robber with the gun trying to steal was wrong. Crime is wrong. The store owner had no culpability.

However, metaphorically speaking, republican patriots(?) who are the robber in this scenario have sole culpability for their actions. Teapublicans tout themselves as "The Party Of Personal Responsibility" so, if they are going to claim that talk, they need to walk that walk. Shutting down the government- clearly their mission and call- and then blaming the President is obscenely ridiculous and not at all walking right.

A lot of odd things have been halted and not halted and I'm not sure what the method to the madness is. The Congressional Gym is open for business so that Mitch McConnell can work on his abs and The Headstart Program is not. The former is deemed essential  and the latter is hungry children, wanting to learn.

Much was made of the closing of state parks, which I covered here the other day with that asshole teabagger that yelled at the park for ranger, thinking SHE closed the park, not HIM and his shower buddies at the Congressional Gym. I'm not certain of this but, I think she was deemed an essential employee who had to work but, was not getting paid by this useless fuck, just yelled at by him.

I don't doubt the insane sincerity of these tea baggers. This prick really does not comprehend cause and effect. He has no concept that a government shutdown might- oh- shut down government!

So, he's on TV yelling at a lady and blaming her because his brain is so loosely wired he believes it's her fault because her boss (he's one of them, ironically!) wouldn't compromise. He's mentally ill, like Sean Hannity or Michele Bachman. Ted Cruz too. I could go on because millions of tea baggerz and republicans are genuinely insane but, that could take all week. I'll give two examples od republicans who are not insane. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are just assholes but, they are politically motivated rather than thisclose to playing with their poop in public. There might be a couple more but, these two are the top dogs. When they say it's "Obama's fault" or "Obamacare will ruin the country", they don't mean that. They are playing politics. If it wasn't Obamacare "ruining the country" it would be something else. Maybe Benghazi or renaming the Washington Redskins. The ACA really is a big deal but, if you think it could ruin the country, there is poop in your pants that needs your attention.

You can forget about this small government bullshit that teapublicans also tout. The Law Of Unintended Consequences took effect the moment they shut down the government to allegedly force Obama to repeal his own ACA. The government closings illustrate just how much we need government. I mean, unless they're trying to tell us that The Exxon WWII Memorial would still be open (during regular business hours, of course) to any vets with $20 in their hands is the actual goal here. Maybe it is? Because, you don't shut down the government to coerce a president to repeal a USSC approved law. That's just stupid! Mitch and Boner know that.

But, the insane baggerz don't know that. Most of the people on Fox *News* don't know that and, millions of everyday Americans don't know that. And Mitch and Boner know that.

They've counted on that. No matter what, Obama will not can the ACA. Folks may have noticed it's in effect despite the shutdown and a squirrelly website start up. They just think Obama won't compromise. They think this because they have been trained to think this.

So, they are after something else with the obviousness of the debt ceiling bullshit next week. The shutdown was just leverage for that. The ACA, the fulcrum. Some people think they really are going after Social Security. They have millions of fucking morons thinking it's an "entitlement" like welfare(!) that keep lesser Americans soft and lazy. It doesn't say that on your paycheck under deductions though, does it? OH! But, what happens when you give someone Social Security? Why, they QUIT WORKING! OH, they CLAIM "retirement", "death of a spouse", "disability" and other such dodges but, they are LAZY!

While it's somewhat true that, grandma- all stooped over like she is- might appear to be able to pick lettuce for a living, the reality is she can't. She's old, rather than lazy!

It appears that the GOP and the wealthy folks they represent don't really think SS is an entitlement from the giverment like the baggerz do. They really just see it as a fucking huge mountain of cash. A mountain that they want to be King of.

What is it- a trillion dollars? They keep saying SSI be out of money in 40 years and that nothing can be done between now and then so, give that money to Wall Street! They have a similar thoughts about water, for example. Why conserve now when, you can give the water rights to Nestle and Coca Cola and let the invisible (to us) hand of the free market set conservation prices?  It worked with oil. Grandma scrapes by on @$1100 a month and there are tens of millions like her. The GOP sees that as a waste. $1100 multiplied by tens of millions in the hands of gangster friends on Wall Street, however, is very hard to resist.

There is nothing to fear from adding 25 million people to the insurance roles. I'm sure the insurance companies are pissed that they can't fuck people as hard as they used to over preexisting conditions and 80% of premiums now must actually go to healthcare rather than yachts but, they'll be fine. AllState and State Farm won't have to rely on Social Security to live. They will have millions of new customers and insurance won't be as big of a scam as it was for decades.

The ACA will go on. This time around SSI might still survive. But, to appease these Greedy Old Pricks, cuts in spending on social services will be made. That money, BTW, will not go back into citizens hands via lower taxes. Well, not your citizen hands, that is! Corporations are people too, my friends! Or did you forget that?   

Friday, October 4, 2013


When you heard "SHOTS FIRED AT THE CAPITOL!!" didn't your mind immediately go to some disgruntled teabagger trying to expedite the ruination of BIG GOVERNMENT with a generous helping of his 2A wrongs? I know I did.

The last thing I would have considered was an unarmed, mentally damaged woman who thought Barack Obama was stalking her. I really didn't think of Michele Malkin at all! Or Laura Ingram! It turned out be neither of them. Or Michele Bachman. Or Palin....But, I digress....

My heart does go out to her. She just wasn't right in the head if she thought the President of the United States was stalking her. Here are some other people who are not right in the head and some of the things they believe:

If you are at all familiar with the internet or Foxnews, you probably are not too surprised at the beliefs but, to break it down into, out of five republicans, two or three are batshit-fucking crazy is kinda scary. Some of these re and teapublicans are in Congress mind you. I don't think the teaparty congresspersons pretending to be crazy. They really are! Look at this asshole:

Neugebauer blames the park ranger for the WWII Memorial being closed! He says this with a straight face knowing that Fox news readers will repeat it with a straight face and that @44% of republicans will make funny faces in anger over this GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE (the one with the hat- not the asshole in the suit with the American flag he clearly snagged from the ground for the photo-op) closing down the Memorial.

Neugebauer is most likely crazy. Politicians like Boehner and Harry Reid know what to say and when to say it. They also know what not to say. Boehner will say with a straight face that Obama and the democrats refuse to negotiate. That's a dog whistle for his party faithful, crazy or not. No one in their party is really going to sit back and consider that there's nothing to negotiate. The Affordable Care Act (TO be confused with "Obamacare" which is the same fucking thing!) is the duly legislated, USSC approved, law of the land. The republicans want it repealed. They are demanding that the man who made it happen repeal it. They have shutdown other facets of government to hold them hostage to get a law removed. That's not negotiating. It's also not how laws get repealed. I would have thought Neugebauer might have gone with the Captain McCloskey response as in the hospital scene in "The Godfather". McClosky had ordered all of Don Corleone's bodyguards removed from the hospital so that McCloskey's gangster friends could finish killing the Don. BUT, Michael Corleone showed up and Enzo (the baker!) had his back, totally fucking up  McCloskey's plan. So, Neugebauer could have been pissed because the park ranger showed up for work when he had closed down her job! He could have punched her in the face! But, he didn't. He went for the gut instead.

But, Neugebauer is a fucking moron and i'm tired of typing his stupid name. I'm guessing the made members of the GOP gangster squad don't consider him a wartime consigliere either. Or even know how to spell his stupid name. And two out of five republicans are probably playing with their own feces at this moment.

Keep your friends close and crazy people out of Congress, I always say.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stupid Biker Stuntz

You may have seen this on the internet:

Pretty frightening stuff, all the way around. What would you do if surrounded by 30+ angry bikers?

As the reporter points out at the end of the clip, we don't know what happened before the video started. The media refers to a "fender bender" and that- evidently- is when the idiot stops short in front of the SUV. Why the heck did he do that?

The fender bender doesn't happen if the guy on the bike doesn't stop short in front of the SUV whose driver is probably quite concerned about all the other bikers surrounding him, his wife and baby.

The guy on the bike is an idiot. There is no good reason for what he did. I don't recommend you cut someone off like that even if you are driving a tank- a literal tank, not just a big ol' SUV. Depending upon strangers, particularly strangers who you intend to (at the very least) intimidate, to stop just because you are in their way, is just stupid.

There will be some he said/she said when this goes to trial but, clearly something happened before this to cause the biker gang to swarm on this family. Maybe he cut one of them off or looked at them cross-eyed  or something. It wasn't just him deciding to stop short on the free directly in front of a moving, two-ton vehicle. Evidently his stopping like that was "to help the driver", like his wife said. You just don't stop folks on the freeway to help them.

I say "biker gang". Argue that they are a "club" if you like but, the "Hollywood Stuntz" as they call themselves have a history of intimidating other drivers like this. In fact, there were some two hundred reports about them this particular day. There thing seems to be the public streets are their playground to perform their stunts. Driving just isn't interesting enough without some idiot doing wheelies at 80 mph.

Running someone over is a pretty harsh thing to do. I would do it and so would nearly all the people I've seen commenting on the internet about this- even people who ride motorcycles. Very few had sympathy for the biker. You're under no obligation to pull over for anyone on the road except for the police, and House republicans are probably easier to deal with than 30 angry bikers. Maybe. Maybe not.

They didn't give this guy much choice. Apparently they knifed at least one tire and the pounding on the vehicle surely didn't bode well for him and his family. So much for helping him.

Well, they did catch up to the driver and were able to beat him as they had set out to do. He survived and the wife and baby were not harmed. The biker that was run over will likely be a paraplegic for his teachable moment. It wasn't what he had intended, I'm sure. So much for mob rule. I guess that this, along with the shutdown, might give us pause to consider that maybe we still need a little decorum after all because, left to our own devices, we still make dumb decisions.