Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Face In The Crowd

Over the weekend I saw a video of some mob *justice* delivered upon a teenage girl in Guatemala. The backstory of the clip was that she was part of a gang that had robbed and killed a taxi driver. The male culprits had gotten away.

The girl was surrounded by a hundred or more people.There was no place for her to go to escape them. She is kicked and punched by various people. My Spanish is quite rusty but, she was called a whore. People come at her. One guy seems to come to her aid, perhaps appealing to the crowd for calm but, it's hard to tell if that's what his intention is. At one point she's beaten down and a guy comes by, douses her with fluid and he lights her afire. She's alive while the flames engulf her body. As they subside, the guy refuels her body, briefly setting some of the crowd and the plaza on fire. You can only hope that she loses consciousness and suffers no more but, I don't know that she got that lucky. Most people, engulfed by flames, suffocate as all of the oxygen around them is consumed by the flames. Regardless, it can't be a quick way to die.

I viewed the clip on a popular republican site. The text said it was pulled from Youtube because it was so graphic but it's still on the republican site. That's actually kind of fitting.

The whole episode is so primal. So Biblical. So 20th century American South. Just like our republicans.

According to the text, they also lynched her. From 1882 to 1968, 4743 people were lynched in the US. Of those, 3,446 were African-Americans. Wiki adds that better than 85% of those were in southern states. It was typical to set the body on fire. Sometimes black men were mutilated, their genitals cut off.

I'm sure our nation's racists are pointing out: "Hey, ya goddamned Ferrerman- white people were lynched too!"

I can always count on our nation's Topix posters to enlighten us that (essentially) "both sides have done stuff so, uh, there you go..."

Then, the more Sublime will offer historical facts about how black people actually having started lynching... They didn't of course, but the more Sublime among us can deduce that, blacks were indeed an integral part of the lynching process in the south....it couldn't have happened without them....so therefore, and the party of the first part....

I guess white people just perfected it, much like the slave trade.

If you think I digress, you should have seen the comments. As if watching a human life ending in one of the worst ways imaginable were not horrific enough, reading other humans responses to it were also horrific. The folks commenting seemed to think Obama was bringing these folks to America to vote for democrats... You know how such sites go. Some folks were against the mob action and actually stayed on topic. Others went on about it highlighting the need for immigration reform.

Obviously people haven't changed much throughout the centuries. Guatemala has cell phones and videos but they have 20th century Alabama standards of justice. Alabama has cellphones but they seem to want to get back to more simpler times.

Mob justice is rather Biblical. Jesus once asked a mob: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Today, since he died on the cross for those sins and with Christian lawyers having poured over the Bible, one only has to apologize to Jesus, ask forgiveness and then one can commence rock-chucking. They make it seem that easy.

Mob justice is easy. It's not hard to reach a consensus of guilt among dull, slow-witted people with perverse revenge on their mind. I rather doubt that the girl in question actually killed anyone herself and her participation at all is probably in question. That's why we have police and courts with evidence and testimony. I don't care if she was part of the murder. Torture is not supposed to be part of the judicial process. You can tell Dick Cheney I said so.

It made me sick to see this happen to this child, this human being. To be so alone in a crowd... To plead for justice and mercy, with no one willing to help as the flames of inhumanity feed her persecutors. We're really just not getting any better at this, anywhere, are we?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

We Are An Asshole Nation

Jeb Bush thinks we should be allowed to discriminate based on our religious views. He cited two religions- Christian and Judaism- to name just two. Conspicuously absent was Muslim and all the others. You have to give him a break on that oversight because there are not that many Muslims in this country so nobody covets them as a voting block. And, Christians pretty much hate Muslims so being unnecessarily nice about them is not a good political move for a guy who is going to run for president.

(Ferrerman note: Is he running? There's like 50 of these kochsuckers running and everybody knows it but, until they announce they are just whoring for PAC money. It's anti-climatic when they DO announce because I think even the most seasoned media types probably stop and think: "Wait- what again? Didn't he already..." It's hard to tell the players without a scorecard.)

So anyways, because of all this gay marriage stuff and how it effects (affects?) our nation's pizza parlors and bakeries, it's an actual fucking issue? Unbelievable, but true. I just can't imagine that gay marriages are anymore frivolous than straight marriages. You can't outlaw those, so why the arguement about the gays and their desire for temporary matrimony? Marriage isn't even an exclusive church thing. You do not have to get married in a church. You knew that but most people don't stop and consider that. There is Vegas and there is courts. There is Sheriff Taylor as a Justice of the Peace. You can get married in a pizza parlor- if they'll let you. That is actually up to them. It's up to a church if they want to hold your ceremony- not whether you can get married at all.

Evidently some Christians are afeared that their church will be forced to marry gay couples. Nope. Not even if you worship at a Papa John's in Indiana. That's just not gonna happen. I'm as straight as the next guy (wait- who's the next guy???) and, if I go crazy and want to marry again, me and the next Mrs Ferrerman can't force any church to marry us. Not even if we ask nice do they have to marry us. The same goes for civil court and Elvis Chapel marriages. You have to ask if they can fit it into their schedules and, you have to get a license. You don't have to take a test, guess the number of jelly beans in a jar OR do it in a church. Well, I don't mean do it, I mean you do not have to get married in a church. So, why do the overtly Christian Christian's care?

Because they are assholes.

The only way to combat Islamic Sharia law is with Christian Sharia law.

Well, that's not the only way. It's their only way. Religion is a business. Christianity and it's subsidiaries is the dominant set of faiths in this country but, that doesn't make us a "Christian nation" like they like to work into practically every conversation so that it becomes a habit.

"Good morning! Of course, we are a Christian nation! Looks like rain today!"

It just means that, in a nation of 310 Million And Counting, many millions are Christians, many millions are not, and many millions are ""D", none of the above. The founders, who are as widely misinterpreted- by the same people, oddly enough- as Jesus, long ago deemed that this nation would never have an official state religion. In fact, in the very first Amendment it says that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise of....

Thank God- or not- that they didn't muddle up the first like they did the second by ending it with "shall not be infringed"  because if they did, that would cinch it that, if your religion is not the main one, you can violently revolt agin the gubmint (see 2A) as you can with elections.

Sheesh. It's the same assholes, all the time, trying to fuck it up for everybody else. They are the reason we can't have nice things. They are also the reason this country is going to Hell. Ironic, eh? They are a diversion. The corporations are sodomizing the American dream and we're arguing about how who people love and achieve (maybe) orgasms with. It's ridiculous but we fall for it all the time.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Born To Be Riled

This past Sunday in Waco Texas, several outlaw motorcycle clubs fought in the parking lot of a Twin Peaks restaurant. It was fists, chains, knives and very quickly- guns. Nine bikers were killed and about 30 wounded, last I heard. It was "Bike Night" at the TP which is some other geniuses interpretation of the mindless concept of Hooters- boobs and bottoms. Adding bikes is not a bad idea but this franchisee's version was catering to outlaw crowd rather than the pretend and spend crowd of lawyers, doctors and coke-dealing painters who want to live a sort of part-time bike fantasy, like other bars do. A lot of bars post signs prohibiting the wearing of club colors. Frankly, aside from the potential for violence between rival clubs it's also because of those colors, those colors can also scare away regular customers. It's not part of most business models.

So, rival factions...something about a parking space...fisticuffs....and then about a hundred rounds fired in close quarters....Pretty brutal. Is this the way white people riot? Where are the fathers?

I've seen a lot of complaining that the Waco PD was too easy on the perpetrators. A photo on just about every website seems to support this as it shows a bunch of the white bikers, sitting about, many of them studying their phones, while a cop appears to be standing guard for them. It does look pretty congenial.

Not so congenial though is murder and RICO charges accompanied by one million dollar bail for 170 of these guys. I'd say that's pretty serious treatment. I get that some are complaining that- if the bikers were black they'd be getting their heads split open, just for being there.

Some of the dead might have been killed by cops. This is unknown now and will certainly take time to sort out. Cops confiscated over 100 guns and scores of shell casings. All of those 170 suspects are witnesses and victims and perpetrators. At least one of the dead may not have been an active gang member at all. Remember, it was "Bike Night" (though lunch time) and some people were also there as regular customers. The dead man in question was a 65 year old, Marine veteran of Vietnam who, according to his family, was not affiliated with any club though he had been in the past.

The bikers themselves make a huge distinction between their "clubs" and gangs. There are motorcycle social clubs I suppose, but if you're dealing dope, guns, prostitution and violence, you can call yourself a club if you like but, the law and the public will call you a "gang". When you're a Jet you're a Jet, from your first cigarette to your last dying breath. We went through this with the mob and their "legitimate businessmen" defense and the "Hell's Angels" and their participation with the "Toys For Tots" at Christmas. Mussolini made the trains run on time but that did not define him like the fascism did.

I don't know if any of those arrested have made bail yet. If I remember my Math School ciphering, 10% of 1 million is $100,000 in bail cash. That's a lot of cheese to come up with, plus property. That's why we have bail bondsmen, of course, but, maybe these guys aren't considered good risks- at that price. Not very elite clubs, I guess.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Viewing Habits

Some of my television viewing is a direct result of hanging with the wrong crowd. For instance, if I had not been friends with Timmy Toadstools (not his real name) I would have never seen "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". But, one day I went over to Tim's to play Tiger Woods Golf and he had that show on. I asked who those people were and why they had a show. He said their dad had defended OJ Simpson and that's why they were famous. I thought that was pretty thin. He added that the mom was now married to Bruce Jenner. Well, gee, now you're talking! Bruce was famous at the time for being a formerly famous Olympian. That was about it. Not much to be famous for but the girls on the show had big boobs and asses and there had to be better reason than those assets to give them a show. The rest, as they say, is history. That sixty seconds or so is all I've ever seen of the show. Anything I know about it is unavoidable internet and TV stuff that is always there because those people have agents. They are still famous for just for being famous.

This came to mind because I read that American Idol is in its last season. That's another show that I could have gone my entire life without seeing, if not for hanging with a bad crowd. Once, on a road trip to Alabama, I had to room with Frank Vaginalicker (not his real name) and Frank was a big fan of American Idol. So, it was on by default because I didn't care and Frank really, really did. They were doing auditions in Alabama at the time, or at least showing them so, it was the portion where they embarrass people who might be delusional enough to think they can win. I think the idea is for folks to have someone they can laugh at so they might not cry about their own lives. So, there is a purpose.

So, if not for that blip on my radar, I could have tied a record set by many millions who never saw the show. I don't count clips seen elsewhere. You can't avoid that. Those agents and public relations people won't let you. I'm talking about never once sitting down and watching either of the above shows on purpose. There are some shows you just know you are not interested in whether it's the lives of people who have no business being famous or the train wreck of people believing they can sing. Lot's of famous singers can't really sing very well but they can be marketed. There's not many people more famous than Mick Jagger (to name just one) and he sings but, he's not really a singer now, is he?

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I've never seen Mad Men. Maybe I'll give it a look this weekend. I've heard good things. Anybody know when it's on?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

32% Of Republicans Are Unaware That Texas Is A State!

That's right! In fact, they also believe that the United States wants to invade Texas and take it over!


How 'bout that? We have military bases in Texas, baseball, football and basketball teams. Texas even has representation in our political system. One of the worst presidents we ever had claimed to be a Texan and had even served as governor of that state. We didn't take it personally nor did we seek revenge. Texans are considered citizens and have voting rights and it's been this way almost totally uninterrupted since 1845. There's a gap of five years there- story for another day.

Anyway, it's a state right here in the good, ol' USA and just shy of 1/3rd of republicans don't know that and 28% "aren't sure. I don't think that I need to tell you that most of our school books come from Texas. It's really starting to show, huh?They used to just  shoot presidents from their school book depositories. We got over that too.

It's true that the US has invaded hot, arid, oil-rich nations with despotic rulers but, those weren't states that we already had in the fold. Those were foreign countries. I hope I don't have to explain that to those 32%er's. They're kinda fucking stupid.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Texas Smexas!

Governors all over the United States are cutting budgets. They are cutting education mostly but cutting pretty much everything. It's really beginning to look like capitalism and democracy as practiced here in the US, just isn't making it. For godsakes- our nation's largest employers- Walmart and McDonald's, cannot afford to pay their workers a living wage! It's a pretty tenuous existence here in America....

It pains me to make fun of this and these asshole republicans, It's one think if a senile old fuck like Chuck Norris thinks that the US government is fixing to invade Texas this summer, but their dumb ass governor, Greg Abbott, thinks the same thing! We have military bases all over Texas. Millions of Americans already live in Texas. Texas has representation in our government and receives hundreds of billions of dollars in aid from us. It's actually considered to be a state. They could only do better is we did bomb the snot out of them and rebuilt the place!

In Louisiana, their fuckhead governor, Bobby Jindal, has cut state funding to Louisiana colleges but keeps $415,000 per episode tax breaks for the duck show with the crazy, bearded, Xtian jihadists.

And don't get me started on Sam Brownback in Kansas! That knucklehead is insane! He's cutting taxes on all rich folks and off-setting the lack of revenue with cuts in (take a guess...) EDUCATION! Oh- and he's prohibiting welfare recipients from going to swimming pools. There's a few millions in savings there, no doubt.

What is it with these assholes and their anti-education sentiment? They are not really offering anything in replacement of education when they cut spending like this. It's like with "Obamacare". They've been fighting it for several years now with absolutely no replacement plan. These assholes just want it repealed first before they can even think about replacing it with anything. It's just so bad that they can't even think! ARRRGGGH! Obamacare is horrible and has killed more people than Hitler and Stalin combined! That's how bad it is! And worse- it keeps people from even thinking about alternatives to it! So, the kochsuckers will undoubtedly just go back to the way things were...

Every two minutes some republican fuckhead is saying something stupid and obscene. I don't just mean on the internet. I mean in the legislature and whenever microphones are put in front of them. Republicans are very rapey, always talking about legitimate rapes and the beauty found in children born of rape. Stuff like that. They are also big on pillaging though. Let's just say that fiscally conservative is an advertising slogan rather than a political philosophy. It sounds good until you realize that the people who claim fiscal responsibility are the people who go to unnecessary war using credit cards and spend tens of millions investigating Benghazi after their party's investigation showed no wrong doing on Hillary Clinton's part. They're investigating something that was concluded several investigations ago because there's a slight chance they can win the presidency in 2016. Well, maybe not lose as badly. Regardless, it's an obvious waste of money. Money, that is not theirs.

There's a pattern here, folks. Sure, it's the pattern of politics and it's as old as the hills as far as the reckless spending goes but, how does a country that bills itself as the greatest country in the history of the world, devalue the education of it's people..."as a cost-cutting move"...? How the fuck does that make sense?

Well, it makes a lot of sense if you don't think about it. The people who are already stupid, have fallen for it already. You had them at "cost-cutting". The government is openly going to cut services-important ones- but it's OK because it's to save money. And don't forget, Jesus Saves. Money, I guess.

I seriously doubt Ted Cruz, for one, really believes that the US would invade Texas. He's probably not that stupid. He just wants you to be that stupid. Isn't that worse? Millions of republicans are too stupid to be offended by someone exploiting their stupidity. Even if most don't believe Obama wants to invade Texas, they willingly go along with Cruz (and others) on that insanity because they support some other belief of theirs that usually involves either money or the persecution of gay people. They hope for both. A candidate could espouse sodomizing your pets and murdering your children. but if he promises tax cuts and/or the hanging of gays, you can live with the former. Republicans have issues that they hold dear that supersede any logic that the rest of us might hold dear. This is why they vote against not only our interests but their own, as well.