Wednesday, October 11, 2017

America Gets Felt Up But- FREEDOM...

Would you sexually harass that man? Someone did. And that someone lived to not tell about it.

We don't know how prevalent the sexual harassment of men is in Hollywood (or the real world) but someone boldly grabbing the privates of Terry Crews makes you wonder and it absolutely highlights how prevalent and despicable the harassment of women in and out of Hollywood truly must be. That Crews didn't pound the creep- and why- is the story of every woman who has ever been felt up or raped in any work place.

It's about survival. It's about keeping your job and moving on, even if it means moving on from your dignity. It's also about America's future.

Nearly a year ago we elected (sorta) a scumbag who had a veritable Stop and Frisk policy regarding women. Even people who voted for Trump may have objected to his pussy-grabbing but, in these omelet-making times, many think that you gotta break a few eggs and, if the shells get in the mix, you gotta eat them too because, well, this is THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD and, if you don't like it, you can leave. If you want a Wall or a USSC court that will effect the change your minister wants, you got to have the Trumpy scumbag that can make that happen. Life's evidently about taking the bad with the worse.

Look at Trump and his NFL bashing. The common take on the internet and several news outlets is that black players who make damn good money in the NFL just better shut up and stand for the anthem because they earn a great living here. To me that idiotic sentiment overshadows the faux sentiment that these men are disrespecting the troops or the flag/country itself. They are not. Remember:  Kaepernick and the other fellas are protesting racial injustice and the police murdering unarmed black men and women. It's not a slam at your dad who was in the Navy for two years. Not about him at all. And not about disrespecting the flag. If it was about the flag, there would be no beer sales or bathroom visits allowed during the anthem.

Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Terry Crews and untold numbers of famous and unknown actresses and actors have all found out the hard way that, if you want to work in this town, submit and move on. The country has been going on like this, hot and heavy, for the past few decades. The notion that being poor in America is better than being poor anywhere else seems thisclose to being policy. It's the same notion that, yeah- your people may be getting murdered by cops but, they probably deserved it and you make millions so, shut the fuck up!

That someone may get molested or even raped but, be rewarded with employment is normal for many people. I've seen this with waitresses in the restaurant business. You've probably seen it at your job. These women don't get their names in lights. They're just hoping to make rent and move on, another day. Maybe a better one than today or yesterday is on the calendar.

I don't know about that. The republicans have been training their people to survive with as little gubmint help as possible- and to like it. And to be proud of it! Your rights, wages and sensibilities may be eroding but- dammit- they are eroding in THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Accept it or leave it.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

For Republicans Who Find It Hard To Hate When Murder's Not Enough

Hey- remember that gun massacre last week? The worst in modern US history? That was soooo last week, I reckon. It seems to have devolved into a discussion of the guns used since no one yet knows why the motherfucker sought to kill all those people. One of the retards on Fox & Friends actually said it was hard to hate the guy because there was no obvious reason to hate him like being Bin Laden or a "mutant living in the basement" like the Sandy Hook kid. Other than him murdering 58 people and wounding nearly 500 more, he seemed so normal. Well, to them, I guess. He's dead so, we might never know.

Without any manifesto to read, and without brown skin or Islamic religious convictions, most of the media is going with usual "mentally ill" explanation given to just about every white scumbag mass-murderer. Republicans are especially big on that. So big, in fact, that earlier this year they rescinded an Obama edict that mentally ill people NOT be allowed to own guns. There's that mentally ill interpretation of the Second Amendment that is so prevalent on the internet. NRA republicans think every American should have guns... until they can find a way to deny guns to black, brown and liberal Americans, that is. That 2A really is a double edged sword when it comes down to it. Who knew a vaguely worded amendment could be so troublesome 240 some years later?

I'm not sure what part of ...shall not be infringed that the GOP/NRA is suddenly forgetting but, they are suggesting that "bump-stocks" be infringed. It's surprising, at first, until you realize that it's what pundits these days call a "nothing burger". The ATF allowed one version of bump-stocks during Obama's terms, largely because they didn't want to fight the powerful NRA on that issue. Bump-stocks attach to a semi-automatic rifle and allow it to fire as if it were a full-auto machine gun. Serious gun owners scoff at them, considering them to be toys for less serious gun nuts who don't mind wasting expensive ammo while sacrificing accuracy. They are for the "hold my beer" crowd.

But, now we know they are also for murder. This asshole in Vegas had 10 or 12 of them. They are inexpensive and not reliable so, he was prepared with extras when one jammed. But, 400 yards away from a thick crowd of people, from an elevated position, we now know how effective they can be at killing and wounding human beings.

The NRA acknowledges this and, since it was an opportunity to blame Obama, they've seemingly agreed to not fight legislation against bump-stocks. Only the dumbest republicans would believe that the guy who they still believe spent 8 years trying to confiscate their guns, was OK with converting semi's to full-auto but, they believe what they are told to believe. Besides, their big concern now is making gun silencers 50 state legal and easily accessible for ALL (white?) Americans. That's been temporarily shelved until the Vegas massacre is completely out of the news cycle.

Ever notice how on the news after pretty much every shooting, witnesses note how they at first thought they were hearing fireworks? Evidently the NRA is tired of hearing that. They want quieter murders/massacres. They claim it's in the interest of protecting shooters hearing but, that's what fucking wearing hearing protection is for! If you're going to shoot guns, wear the headgear made for that, snowflake. If you happen to shoot it out with ISIS or bank robbers and have your gun handy but no earmuffs, tough it out. You'll be fine. I promise you. Yes, guns are loud. Yes, they sound like some fireworks. Imagine though, how asshole in Vegas's guns would have sounded from 400 yards away, with a concert going on- if his weapons had been silenced? Guntards on the 'net are quick to point out that silencers are "not like in the movies..." Some even note that they don't even work that well. Yep, it's not like the "pfffttt" in a James Bond film. Yes, fucktard, I know that. My question then is why do you need one then? If they don't work like the movies and it's simple to put on some earmuffs when shooting, why the nationwide push for legalization? 'Cause freedom?

Imagine being in the crowd that night in Vegas and not hearing something that sounded like fireworks. People are dropping all around you but, you don't know why. You'll figure it out as the blood starts flowing but, how many precious moments will pass while you figure it out and, will a silenced bullet find you before you do? However ineffective guntards may ironically claim silencers to be, the Vegas massacre was a perfect example of how effective they could have been. The question in the warped minds of NRA staffers might be, why didn't the shooter use silencers? What can they do to make them more popular? Well, that's what their *hearing protection bill* is about.

You want to hate somebody? Hate the fucking NRA. They don't hate you but, they fight every day to make it easier for someone to kill you. They don't mind losing customers to the products they shill because each death promotes more sales. Does a cycle get more vicious than that?