Monday, September 28, 2015

Let me tell you how not to think

Recently, a mother and daughter were attacked in a New York City restaurant by at least three people who mistook them for a lesbian couple.


No one has been arrested yet but cops have blurry photos of a white man and two white women. The victim's were Hispanic. Being attacked in a Korean restaurant for any reason was probably the last thing the Santiago women expected but they believed the attackers were drunk. And in their slurred minds, they thought the mother and daughter were lesbians and needed to be punished for that.

These days perception seems to be 9/10's of life. Even the otherwise fairly wonderful Pope Francis thinks that conscientious objectors like Kim Davis should be allowed to inject their faith into any level of government.

The old guy was doing sooooo good too. Let's face it- he's a likable spokesperson but, the product is not exactly new and improved, just the presentation.

Francis, of course, is not at all calling for violence against anyone, even against the gays his church does not approve of, but, you have to admit that almost any religion is definitely an enabler. If you can discriminate against people because your god seems to say you can, then your country is a de facto  theocracy. Why would one expect that discrimination stops right there before things get violent? Discrimination is the foundation for violence.

This trio of miscreants can explain that they attacked the mother and daughter because they thought they were gay but, that's not the stay-out-of-jail-card that some on the right might want it to be. Not yet. They keep warning us about the danger of Sharia Law happening here because they want Christian Law happening here instead. What they don't tell you is they are like Coke and Pepsi. Either one is refreshing in moderation but, not at all healthy in frequent use.

Thinking bad  about someone does not make them bad. It does not mean that they are how you perceive them to be. The problem often exists in your own mind and in the quest to find others who *think* like you do, and all too often in life it winds up as lynchings (as in America) or full scale holocausts as in Germany in the 30's and 40's. But, it all begins in the not-so-perceptive eye of the myopic beholder. It all begins with you and I.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ever seen this guy?

That's "Bill The Butcher" as portrayed by the great actor, Daniel Day Lewis in the film "Gangs Of New York". The film takes some liberties with the character such as William Poole (the Butcher) getting killed in the NY Draft Riots of 1863 rather than eight years earlier in a shooting but, that's Hollywood! Bill The Butcher was a leader in the Know Nothing party, a group of Nativists who fancied themselves more American than any other Americans, were against immigrants and, the Catholic church.

Does that remind you of anyone today?

If you said: "The republican party", you win!

I'm not Catholic and I'm certainly not religious and that makes me an awful, awful American because I also believe in the freedom of  and from religion. You should be able to practice whatever religion you like as long as it doesn't physically hurt anyone. Or, you can not practice. That's a right too. I'll add too that you need to understand that the founders set it up that America would never have an official or state religion. You can look it up.

So, when Pope Francis speaks about the dangers of global warming and how capitalism has let down hundreds of millions of people, my non-Catholic self has to applaud the man. I think he's sincere. There's no money in what he's saying. In fact, the big money would be in him defending corporate interests on the subject of environmental and corporate abuse. But, this man does the opposite and republicans hate him for it! Instead of dining with Congress, he opted to lunch with homeless people. Who would do that? Well, Jesus comes to mind....

Someone described him as a new salesman re-packaging an old, tired product. I don't think so but, even if so, it's about damn time. The Catholic church is as silly as any of the other major religions who all can compete with hocus-pocus, skulduggery and flim-flamming fecundity. Essentially they are mostly working off of the same story and it's presumed that one of them may be the right one. But, that's like four guys at one intersection, all proclaiming themselves to be Jesus. True, they can't all be Jesus but, that doesn't mean that one is.

Back in the day when I worked nights, I used to watch Oprah in the morning. Her show was more talk-showy then and I always figured that if Jesus returned, he might be hip enough to return on OPRAH!  I then imagined that a woman in the audience (perhaps from the suburbs) might be skeptical and Oprah might sidle over to her with the microphone for the woman to demand: "Well, who died and made you boss?" To wit Jesus might reply: ""

Pope Francis is the first Pope in 600 years to succeed a living Pope. This totally cheats all of us from an idiot like Ted Cruz standing on the Senate floor and demanding of Pope Francis: "Well now, who died and made YOU boss?!"

Ted still could and he might but, it wouldn't be quite as delightfully ironic. Ted and a whole slew of conservative republican presidential wannabees and politicians think a religious leader has no business telling America what to do. Even Mike Huckabee said so but, he might have been looking in the mirror at the time.

Francis is making suggestions rather than orders. Good ones too. Actually very good Christian ones, regardless of which franchise you belong to. Take care or the earth, take care of the poor, take care of each other, and don't go to war- all good advice. Only in America could conservatives find fault with a religious man saying such things.

Bunch of fucking Know Nothings!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

You can't hurry love. It's not fiscally prudent.

I watched Ted Cruz last night on Stephen Colbert, talking about gay marriage and "state's rights". Cruz said that the 10th amendment gives state's the authority to rule themselves on things not covered in the Constitution for the federal government.

Yeah, well, maybe....but, here's the thing about that. The federal government has made the call in the past about many issues not specifically covered in the Constitution and that's the way it is. Perhaps now more than ever you have to think of the states as petulant children who drastically (in some cases) need a lot of guidance and ground rules. It's the function of the Supreme Court to decide these things. While they don't make laws, they do interpret them as to how they relate to the Constitution. It was their call that it was illegal to deny same sex couples marital rights in the United States so, effectively, "gay marriage" became legal in the US.

Suddenly, Ted Cruz (and others of his political faith) declared that five lawyers in Washington (of the nine on the USSC) shouldn't decide what they think is a state's right to decide. I guess they'd be agreeable to four making the call if the state's were to decide to rescind math laws and deem 4 to be a greater number than 5.

The thing about any Supreme Court is it's always an "activist court" to the losing side. Republicans think this court- The Robert's Court- is one because not every decision goes their way. The losing team's fans always think the ref's conspired against them. Then next week when they win, the ref's made good calls. That's how that works.

When the USSC rules that you can't deny gay couples marriage licenses that's that. They are the highest court in the land. You can complain and you can even ask them to consider the matter again but, they don't have to. Bitching about them "redefining marriage" is not going to change things. The same arguments were made in 1967 with the case of Loving v. Virginia when the Supremes ruled that the state's who had miscegenation laws could not have them. Blacks and whites could marry, in any state in the Union. If Cruz could overturn this decision, the state's could overturn that decision. And don't you think for a moment that they wouldn't try. They may be a republican president and a couple of more conservative justices away from doing God knows what. We don't want to find out.

But they certainly do. Who marries whom is such a non-issue. Gay marriage doesn't actually effect anyone but the happy couple. Same with inter-racial marriage. If someone you don't know, getting married across the street or across the country impacts your life in a negative way, your life is way too fragile. If you believe the Bible and the way God defined marriage, then you believe the sale of daughters, polygamy and all sorts of weird shit that isn't "...between one man and one woman." Remember- 48 years ago they argued that God didn't want blacks and whites to marry even though there was nothing in his book that said anything against that. It'll be a long time before we hear the last of the gay marriage debate. It's a moneymaker like abortion still is 42 years after Roe v. Wade.

I don't think most Americans really care about gay marriage. It's a republican issue because enough people do care, or are willing to care, that it becomes part of the republican market share of the country and it's a moneymaker. Planned Parenthood has been around for decades and managed to survive republican presidents who have had republican houses of congress. Republicans have never liked it for a variety of stupid reasons but they never try to kill it when they have the numbers. Golly, why is that?

Well, they need it. Not for the contraceptive and health services it offers. They need it for the small number of abortions they provide, with 3% of their whole existence being abortion services, services not paid for with Federal money, by the way. That's a fact. Republicans would have you believe like they have their fan base believe, that all PP does is abortions but, it's just not true. They want you to view nonexistent videos if you don't believe them....

The Greatest Country In The World (tm) and we're still being subjected to grifters and con artists trying to sell us monorails and small government. The last time they shut down the government to punish the president for being president, it cost we the people $29 BILLION. Does anyone remember the "reason" for the shutdown? Look it up. Tell me if it worked. It's unbelievable that so many people still fall for this, every fucking election. I really wonder if the grifters in the GOP really want to govern? I know that they're not very good at it. The big money must be in keeping the con going.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gray Lives Matter

Things are not looking up on Topix. Neither are the trolls.

It happens so often that someone is going about their troll business and either the proxy fails or they simply fail to look up when they think they have changed IP's. It's a regular occurrence, usually revealing what you already knew anyway.

Half of trolling is these people trolling their friends with or without their knowledge. I think it's usually without their friends knowledge but, you never know. In these little cliques it's how the clique leaders keep people in line and on their toes. It's stupid and juvenile but, that's Topix! 

Back in the day when I had an avatar/profile on Topix, if I posted gray to be cute, I'd blow it on the next post forgetting I wasn't signed in to my profile. No big deal as it was harmless fun but still, for me, it was a Homer Simpson "DOH!" moment. Though the circumstances of Topix banning my profile and IP were dirty and foolish, it kinda simplified things. Well, once I figured out how to post, that is. I always liked the ability to use names pertinent to my posts whenever I would post gray, something you obviously can't do with a registered profile.

I never really intended to get a profile. Having one makes it easy for others (including Topix...especially Topix...) to track you. I got mine when a Troll Mod was spoofing my gray self and I figured registering would protect me. It didn't. Someone promptly spoofed my profile, complete with a copy of my profile pic. Such shenanigans aside, Topix likes to ban profiles, forcing people to kowtow to them and re-register. I doubt I could have done that being IP banned but I wasn't going to anyway so, kinda moot point. I kinda do but don't miss the Private Message feature that comes with a profile. First of all, they're not quite private. Mods can read them. This means they might share them with their troll friends. But, they were a convenience in contacting people you wanted to communicate with offline.

I don't have to bother to look up anymore though and that's kinda nice. It's always bemused me that many of the worst trolls on Topix are registered and that they look down on most all gray posters as "trolls". Almost all. Not the ones they know, love or fucking are much of the time. It's just silly that creating an email address for Topix, picking a name and an avatar and it's like you're a natural born citizen and can suddenly demand walls and sanctions on undocumented people. Kinda like real life in America.

Friday, September 18, 2015

I Have No Shame!

I watched more of the GOP debate than I thought I would. The debates are stupid and archaic. But, so are the GOP candidates and *ideas*. The format of spreading questions to be answered in 30 second time frames is silly whether there are 11 suspects on the stage or three.

Politicians, like cops, are allowed to lie to you. Just like a cop can tell you: "We've got 20 people- including your mother- who can put you at the scene!" politicians tell you that they have seen videos of jars of still living aborted fetuses flopping about before they are sent to the Planned Parenthood chop shop to be sold for parts.

Cops, however, are expected to tell the truth once they get to court. I'm not saying they do, but they are expected to... We really have no such expectations of politicians. You knew that.

I was reading the other day that Ann Coulter isn't as marketable as she used to be. She's not getting the bookings anymore. She and Rush Limbaugh used to be THE go to's for outrageous comments. Those two said the things that republican politicians were afraid to say. Well, no more. These republican candidates and politicians have no filters these days and few seem to have any qualms about saying outrageous crap. They don't have to back anything up with facts. Fuck facts. If you are a republican, your opinions pass as facts to other republicans.

If I were a republican, I'd be ashamed. Of course, if I were a republican this whole post would be about how Obama is a secret Muslim who eats Christian babies. I just don't have it in me. I can't sustain the crazy. I don't know how they do it.

Politics seems to be the great equalizer. Billionaire Donald Trump polls really well among blue collar rednecks. They relate to his jingoistic musings about Mexicans. There's that and, well, he's a rich boss so, he must know what he's talking about. One of these types stood up yesterday at a Trump speech, declared the president a Muslim and stated that we have a "Muslim problem" in this country. Trump didn't even try to disavow that.

Every minute these candidates and politicians sound more and more like trolls on the internet. When I read reichwingers saying idiotic things I now think: OMG- this asshole could be a republican front-runner! He'd be one or two Kochs away from maybe getting the nomination! YIKES! President DennyCranesplace?! Noooo....

He's not that smart. They are that stupid. Trump, Jindal, Cruz- they do speak for their constituents. That's a goddamned shame. So, there's that- they're not completely shameless...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jade Helm 15- Republicans 0

Jade Helm 15 concludes today. You probably forgot all about it. I almost did until yesterday when I saw a short YouTube video made by a trucker who said he got drunk with some British soldiers in Albuquerque  who told him that by September 15th our government will have taken over the American southwest and would be implanting chips in everyone. The trucker was convinced and, after he delivered his load of mattresses, he was going home to gather up the wife, kids, guns and provisions to hold off the government troops. If you can't believe drunk people, who can you believe.

That scenario was one of who knows how many thousands of JH15 stories told so far. Even the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, had announced he had put the Texas National Guard on alert and probably even Chuck Norris. Surely, Chuck Norris. They could have had the lovely and sane, Wendy Davis, as governor. But, no. They picked the one that would expect the US to invade itself and to be obvious about it. If we wanted to break Texas we'd withhold their federal money.

So, end of the day, the military exercise is over and no guns have been confiscated, no towns destroyed and no chips installed. Of course that's "that we know of..."

That's the thing with these people and their beliefs- right or wrong- they still might be right about anything no matter how wrong they were so, no need to apologize or admit that they were wrong. It's like how Scott Walker talks around President Barack Obama being Christian. Kochsucker Walker cannot confirm or deny that Obama is a Christian. He "hasn't seen it" is, I think, how he put it. I guess that means that unless he sees you at his church your religious conviction is a complete mystery to him no matter what you say. I think half of the republicans still believe him to Muslim and that same half will tell you about his 20 year relationship with Rev. Jeramiah Wright's  America-god-damning Christian church. That's hedging your bets, folks. But, it's hedging on losing two ways instead of winning on at least one.

The trite movie line: "Don't apologize- it's a sign of weakness" must be the first commandment for the republicans. They just never, ever say they are sorry or admit that they were wrong about something no matter how obvious it is. The JH15 conspirators were caught with their pants down and their hands on their little dicks but, you won't hear them say so much as "oops". They have no shame in believing any stupid theory or conspiracy that comes their way with no contrition when proved wrong. Now, who would want to conquer a people like that? They've already conquered themselves.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thanks, Huckabee!

I went into town to get a fishing license. No can do, said the clerk. She's a vegan and you know- "anything with a face"...

We've all got to suck it up because Mike Huckabee championed the cause of that Christian woman in Kentucky and forgot to push it as a strictly CHRISTIAN right. If Kim Davis wins and he wins, so does every religion. Well, Christianity wouldn't actually win, the way they keep score. When the other religions win too, they lose. 

Anyway, my buddies that hunt lost out too. So did the guys looking to get gun permits from Brother Ezakiah, the Quaker who clerks at Window #3 where you used to get gun permits. Over at the DMV my sister, Sue, was refused a driver's license by Mohammed because, evidently, women are not allowed to drive according to his religion. I had to also go to Walmart to pick up a few things and it took me going through 3 lines to check out. The Catholic guy wouldn't sell me condoms, the Jewish woman refused to ring up my pork chops and the Mormon dude refused to sell me smokes and beer!

It certainly is a mixed up, jumbled up, shook up world and don't even get me started on Lola. 

I was thinking that what we need is a separation of church and state, a constitutional law that prohibits the establishment of a state religion so that government can't be controlled by religion. Then I noticed that we've actually got that in the First Amendment of the Constitution. Who knew?

Not presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, evidently. He and other Asshole-Americans paid no mind to the Jewish saying: "Be careful what you wish for- you might get it!" Mike's assuming his matter-a-fact declarations that "we are a Christian nation" actually mean that we are a Christian nation. Nope. He just maybe forgot that other religions might have an interest in our government too? Like you can't just say that "Christian Laws Matter" when others might think that "ALL Religious Laws Matter"?

And hey- doesn't Mike always say that "the government can't pick winners and losers"? Sorry, Huck- the founders decreed a long time ago that the government was NOT in the religion business. Like Kim Davis, your first mistake was starting at the top of your own chain of command, with a God who doesn't speak in public- just to you and guys on a street corner. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wall To Wall America

On Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and so many Fourth's of July, we often stop to ponder the men who died so that we may enjoy various freedoms. We know that men died storming the beaches at Normandy for any freedom you can name. Specific rights were never up for grabs or on the table to be lost, mind you, but the general notion is that, if our soldiers had not won, our rights would have gone away. The Vietnam Memorial- "The Wall"- contains the names of 58,267 men who died in the Vietnam war. We lost that war but not any rights.

We average 85 deaths a day from guns. That's murders, suicides and accidents. Over a year that is 31,025 and that was actually for 2010. It hasn't gotten better. It's estimated there are 300 million guns in the US. Amazingly, the NRA, various gun nutters and highly paid congressmen, believe that this number could be more manageable if there were more guns....

That's that good guys with guns bullshit that makes sense to people sitting in bunkers with cans of beans and a wall full of AR15's but it doesn't really mean much to those of us outside of the bunker mentality. And that's most of us. And that's most of the victims of the gun shootings. The unarmed black men shot by cops. The theater-goers and school children shot by madmen. The spouses murdered by the ones who promised to love them until death do they part. The curious children finding a cool toy... The sad people who give up and want to end it quick. All the people who die because there was a gun handy and someone was willing to use it.

These people- these 85 every day- die for your second amendment right to have guns, to have as many as possible. Does "...shall not be infringed" ring a bell? They die far more directly for an American right than any soldier ever sacrificed his life for. Who honors them though? They are anonymous to the NRA and the gun manufacturers they represent.

Trump and the other wannabes are promising to build a wall on the southern border to keep out illegals and, well, make a few bucks. Let's honor all the US victims of guns here in America by putting their names on that wall. And let's put the names on both sides of The Wall so that people who come here might know what the are getting into.

And let's do it now and let's try to stop the madness before we need to build a wall on the Canadian border just to fit all the names.