Friday, February 25, 2011

How NOT to measure your penis.

Don't use this blog! Boy, if your manhood is defined by my alleged lack of readership, you've already got a dick that is seriously in danger of being mistaken for lady parts. Oh my!

This space seems to be a constant source of contempt by so many of my enemies, all of which claim to be non-readers of my blog and all-knowing about myself and my life. Which begs the philosophical question:

*If a Ferrerman has a blog and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE reads it, how can anyone know what is in it?*

My completely imaginary friend, Hegel, mentioned to me this morning on my imaginary Facebook site, that I never mention my blog on the threads but others constantly do. If they're not reading it and habitually gloating that only one (probably imaginary) person officially does follow my blog, why do these enemies talk about my blog at all? Why do they post links to it? It's like saying: "Hey everybody- read this blog that NOBODY READS!" Tell your friends!

Like Yogi Berra, whom I'm pretty sure doesn't read my blog might say: "Ferrerman's blog is so unpopular, everybody goes there to not read it".

This blog isn't my dick, folks. My other blog is better and more my heart and soul (as well as interesting stories about my dick and where it's been....) but, that one isn't my dick either. But, because this space has been trolled so much in the threads by not-so-dedicated, non-readers, I sure as hell don't advertise that blog either. Suffice to say, it is devoid of talk of Ferrerman, Topix or dregs. I write about that shit here. A few select people have crossed over, as it were and everyone else just knows about that one, not this one. It's better that way. There's a whole wide world of wonderful readers out there.

Here, however, there is a mix of good Topix folks and the usual dreg suspects like sublime and rational.

Sub and rat are bullies. They don't understand that I bully the bullies because I can and because someone should. Dedicated non-readers know that bullying is what the dregs are all about. It's like their own version of Fight Club. They are always on the lookout for new members, oblivious to the fact that even the old members- the founders- can't stand them anymore. Honestly, I don't think I defeated A770, 3e and Teri as much as I gave them a good excuse to bail on this bunch. Not to diminish the abject evil of A770 and 3e cause they were, indeed, wrapped pretty tight. Teri was OK, just kinda a lost follower type. With any luck, she moved on. Don't know. I think every dreg knows they are one seemingly false move from getting cast aside like MaryAnn was. (By the way, was there ever a poster as genuinely nice as her? What scumbags could abuse her or stand by as others did? Truly disgusting)

So, yes, I still fuck with them here and there because someone has to. But, i'm pretty much phoning it in, going through the motions. It's like trying to talk politics with a teabagger. You can link them to facts but you cannot make them think. When the dregs are not fighting amongst themselves, they can always fight with Ferrerman and build themselves up by believing their own lives are so much more enriched because, at least, they are not Ferrerman, he of the little dick and NO friends nor family nor blog followers.....

Thanks for reading! See ya next post!

Of course, I WOULD say that, wouldn't I?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The average teacher in Wisconsin makes $51,000 a year. That is, when the average teacher in Wisconsin isn't making $100,000 a year.

Figures lie and liars figure so, suffice to say, unless they are living under a bridge and walking to their baby-sitting jobs, they are millionaires.

I wrote about this in a more personal way about four months ago on my other blog. Some of you know I have teachers in my family and amongst my friends and I told their stories there. This blog is a bit more eclectic and rife with trolls so, I tend to leave the personal stuff out, for personal reasons.

I'm disgusted at the current situation in Wisconsin. Teachers aren't being singled out there as much as Unions as a whole are but, much of the insane crap I've read lately does focus on them as if teachers were solely responsible for the current poor economy and Bristol Palin's loss on Dancing With the Stars.

No one gets into teaching to get rich or control the world. I don't care if you liars figure teachers pay at 180 days a year, the nine month school year or over twelve months, it ain't lucrative. No one on Wall Street is thinking of giving that up to teach economics. The billionaire Koch brothers are not grumpy because they chose the wrong path in life. The same is true of the state's snow-plow drivers. Extrapolate THAT, m-effers! Those guys don't plow in July, even in Wisconsin! How rich and coddled can it get? The same could be said of unfavorable Police and Fire Unions (who don't support a republican governor). They just sit around waiting for crimes and fire and eating donuts or chili while they do this. And all of these professions actually get paid ridiculous amounts of TAX DOLLARS for this nonsense!

Well, probably only a few really crazy people think they should do these jobs for free but, every right-thinking conservative agrees that they get paid entirely too much for what amounts to baby-sitting, be it children, fires, crime or snow. Plus, worse, they get benefits for this fleecing of the tax-payers, things like insurance and vacations as if they were you or someone really important.

Some of the first to be murdered in a communist revolution are teachers. The communists don't want any educated people around tipping off the peasants about their true intent. Well, I'd be doing my history teachers of my past a disservice if I were to imply that wealthy, teapublican businesspeople were communists so, I'm not saying that. Nor am I saying that there intent is to murder teachers. It hasn't come to that yet and likely never will. But, by trying to break the Unions and by disrespecting teachers as they are, they are waging a war on America with what amounts to a *cultural revolution* without machetes and AK47's.

It's every bit as evil as communism even though it- so far- lacks the violence. Sad that it's not foreign invaders but our own citizens perpetuating this obscene revolution. Who will protect us from us?

"First they came for the Trade Unionists...."

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Was Just Joking!

Alleged journalist, Nir Rosen, has caught flack for joking that actual journalist, Lara Logan, was *just trying to out-do Anderson Cooper" when she was brutally sexually assaulted in Cairo this week. Another alleged journalist, Debbie Schussler, agreed with him. Both consider Logan a *war-monger*. I don't think that's on her resume or her job description at CBS News.

Rosen at least, claims he was *joking* with friends on his Twitter thingy when he made his comments and he apologized and seemed heartfeltingly disingenuous in doing so. It was the ol': "I was just JOKING! Can't YOU take a joke???!! Sheesh.....SOME PEOPLE.....

One of the dregs, a middle-aged, childless woman- Angela- regularly trots out her favorite joke about child rapist/murderers. In it, a child rapist murderer is walking his victim into the woods. The child says s/he is "scared". The killer responds: "You're scared? I'm the one who has to walk out of here all by myself!"

Well, fuck me. I failed to see the humor in this the first twenty times she told this joke. Two thousand tellings later, I still won't.

I don't get Nir Rosen's humor either. You could say, *well, he's a man and men are crude....*
So, how then do you explain Debbie or an Angela? Aren't women supposed to be genteel and compassionate about issues of rape, especially when they concern women and children- the two groups most preyed upon in society by rape? Are these women ahead of the curve of other women? Or are they men, trapped in the bodies of women? Women have diseased minds too, I guess. Perhaps some always did. Can't blame it on the feminist movement but, evidently there IS equality when it comes to perverted *humor*.

It's just that, isn't it just a little more grotesque when it comes from the ovary bearing gender?

Words DO hit harder than fists sometimes.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Could An Egyptian Revolution Happen Here?

Of course not. We don't have enough Egyptians here to pull one off and, the one's we do have probably love it here so, that's NOT gonna happen.

There's supposed to be a Tea Party revolution going on here as we speak but, it's not like any revolution you've ever seen or heard of before. It's financed by the billionaire Koch brothers and only our nations wealthiest 2% will benefit from whatever their efforts bring. Those fellas are probably familiar with the adage, "When there's blood in the streets, it's time to buy property". though they might encourage certain people to *talk* about blood in the streets, I don't think they really see that as wise business in this country, at this time. I hope they don't.....

If you got the nations angriest people to surround the White House and chant for President Obama to step down, you'd have only 2% of the population and, well, that's not much of a mob even if they bring along their servants.

The Koch brothers and their friends probably would find chanting and rock throwing beneath them anyway. Their tactic is to get other, less million/billionaired types to do their protesting for them. Stunt Protesters if you will or Kochsuckers as I call them because, well, they ARE suckers to be screaming for the rights of people who wouldn't even let them in the back door of their various homes unless it were to fix a sink or tidy up. Their first thought may have been to hire illegal aliens to swarm the White House but, that wouldn't have been fiscally responsible as those illegals are otherwise occupied doing the jobs that Americans don't want to do. By that I mean, everything. It would also be confusing to the media and the rest of Americans to have (mostly) Mexicans protesting taxation of millionaires. I don't think there are too many Mexican millionaires in this country. The police or military wouldn't even have to break up such a gathering. It would only take a few contractors in pick-up trucks needing a few men to break up such a crowd.

So instead they got thousands of the nations chubbiest, poorest spellers to take up their cause in various smaller protests around the nation. And they enlisted a failed governor (Palin) and several good looking blondes (MEGYN!) on FOXNEWS and one funny looking blond(?) Glenn Beck to promote their cause. (FUCKING IRONY ALERT! This is probably tax deductable!) And instead of blood in the streets, we get hundreds of threads on Topix and hours of cable news devoted to this stupid, non-revolution which is nothing more than one party's sour grapes at losing an election. Nothing more.

The average Egyptian in the streets today would laugh at us if he knew what our current revolution were truly about. I wonder if past revolutionaries- especially our own founders- aren't spinning in their graves when they look at those who look at our current situation so gravely? Any person whose ever shed blood at the hands of thugs employed by a dictator would cry at what our *revolutionaries* cry about.

It's embarrassing. I don't know what will become of Egypt and Tunisia but, I hope they never get to the point where THEY are the greatest nation in the world and have to deal with the revolutionaries that can't think straight, like we've got now. It's despicable.

I wish I could say it was "un-American" but, it is decidely American. Very sad.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Spoiled Brats

I saw where some teapublicans took issue with the Obama's Superbowl menu. It's so hard to tell with these people but they seemed to have issue with the President eating at the taxpayers expense and eating things that weren't on any guidelines that Michelle Obama might have in her campaign to combat childhood obesity. It mightcould be that they are IN FAVOR OF childhood obesity since Mrs Obama is against it or they just like fat kids. Maybe it's constitutional, under one of those amendments that isn't THE SECOND, like that "pursuit of happiness" thingy-a-doey. "We have a right to be morbidly obese!!! Nay, since those Obama's are against it, we have a duty...."

Sheesh. There is just absolutely nothing that the first couple do that these 'tards can't find fault with. If Obama came out today, against teapublicans dousing their faces with gasoline, lighting those faces and then putting the fires out with screwdrivers, you would see a run on gas stations and the Home Depot like nobody's business!

Brats, chips, cheeseburgers and beer for a SuperBowl party? Suddenly that's "un-American"?

I wonder what Sarah and Todd had- Mooseburgers maybe? I wonder if they were even together yesterday....