Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Out Of The Closet, Assholes!

Why the fuck does anyone get into the bakery business only to fuck themselves out of an entire market of customers? How is it that conservative Christians- who are almost to a man- anti-government, petitioning that government for the right to discriminate? And why is it always bakeries?

Jeebus! These assholes get sillier every day! But, ya know, maybe we should let them go ahead with this, with one proviso. The bakery must prominently display a sign proclaiming their non-service to gays. And that sign must detail all the races, creeds and colors surely to be discriminated against should the US Supreme Court rule in favor of this asshole baker. The case isn't about gay wedding cakes. It's about bringing back the "separate but equal" Jim Crow laws of the recent American south and expanding them to include anybody today's white, male Christians would be against. Lay it all out there, white supremacists. Let US know where we should spend our money. Get out of the closet, assholes, and let us know who you are.

It's not easy being a Ferrerman, especially in these Trumpian times when stupidity has been injected with political and social steroids into a new ab-normalcy. Dedicated non-readers know how I've poked fun at the various real and imaginary dumbfucks of Topix, in the past. The reality is that for every dreg or cliquer on that site there are hundreds of thousands (millions?) of real-life assholes just like them- or worse. There are a buttload of them in the White House, both houses of congress- fuck it: everywhere. Donald J. Trump is POTUS. This means that a freak like Sublime really could be POTUS. Any malignant narcissist you may know could become president. Well, unless they pass a law against it, I suppose but, don't hold your breath.

I guess that Trump legitimizes them. If the USSC rules for the baker, that will do the same. So will the eventual passage of the current GOP Tax Scam. We've long been a nation of assholes in so many respects but, we've never been thisclose to it being official policy. Up is down. Right is wrong. Wrong, is right. There are good people on both sides of the Nazi issue. The earth is flat if you think it is. It's not only okay to be stupid, it's encouraged. It's damn near a birthright now.

Courage, good people. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Just watch the signs and keep up with the changes.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Solar Neutrality

Let's talk about Solar Neutrality. What is Solar Neutrality? Well, it's a liberal, communist program where the Sun is shared with all people, whether they are deserving or not. Solar Neutrality was quite likely signed into law (probably via an illegal Executive Order) by disgraced former President, Barack Obama. That's exactly the kinda shit he did all the time, isn't it?

It's fairly true that the Sun can be useful as a source of power but, solar power has been virtually stymied by communist Barack Obama as he endeavored to share the wealth of the Sun by spreading it around in a somewhat equal fashion to as many undeserving people as possible. How, when the Sun is free to all, does an entrepreneur use his genius to develop the Sun for the betterment of mankind and to, perhaps, make a few dollars for his hard work? This is the problem with the development of solar power today.

My solution, to foment solar creativity, is to lease the developmental rights to the Sun to the good folks at (perhaps) Exxon. This must be done at a proactive, pro-business, capitalist, friendly avenue in it's approach. Let's say, one dollar a year for 100 years for complete AND total rights to the Sun and it's development as a useful tool in energy exploration and function. Pardon my French but, you'll see some shit get done under this program! Shit that couldn't get done under Obama's share the warmth nonsense.

Think about it. Haven't we all had a beautiful, sunny day ruined knowing that the same Sun you are enjoying is also being enjoyed by those people on the other side of town? Don't you hate that? I know I do.

Call your senator or favorite Fox News host and tell them that you want an end to Solar Neutrality! Ask them why- this November, for example, are we getting shafted with cold, shorter days while Australians are enjoying our summer. They'll be as flummoxed as you at this abomination and surely will take this ball and run with it.  

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Papa Don't Preach!

Looks like I picked a bad time to lose interest in the NFL. It's nothing personal and it has little to do with standing or kneeling or even how mediocre the Bears are. The timing is unfortunate because so many reichtards have followed in the goose steps of Hair Furor and condemned the NFL for employing uppity black players, and are protesting the league. I'm certainly no part of that. And this week, the douche bag that owns Papa John's (alleged) Pizza actually blamed the NFL for the drop in sales and stock value of his business. He, you may recall, previously blamed President Obama and the ACA for his then business failings. So, I'm not lumped in with these guys. Then, where's my beef?

Well, that's a rather personal question! Oh, I guess I meant my beef with the NFL. Well, it's a combination of the game devolving into a slow, predictable, non-spectacle 3 days a week and CTE head trauma literally bludgeoning the game to death.

The latter really did it for me as I saw old time players struggle with the effects of dementia after retiring from the game. It killed Dave Duerson and a few others. It became painful to watch a guy take or give a good hit knowing that they would pay dearly for that hit, early after the end of their career. Not necessarily that hit, but certainly a culmination of all the others. All the runs up the middle trying to break through the line for a big gain- that seem to only work 5% of the time anyway- seemed that much more senseless and brutal with the knowledge of brain injuries that would follow.

And most games seemed to drag too with TV time outs and the pandering to commercials and, like the NBA and NASCAR, you could tune in for the last 5 minutes and spend 30 minutes watching the end of the game. It got boring really.

I hear viewing is down. I think it's for a combination of all the factors above as well as the controversy over Colin Kaepernick's kneeling during the anthem, WHICH I will remind is a protest against police brutality and the systemic murder of black folks. You knew that, right?

The reichtards don't. X number of them have turned their flag-draped backsides on the NFL because their leaders claim the protests are anti- military, anti-US. Who knows how effective that has been? That the Papa John's scumbag has shamelessly volunteered his douchebaggery to the mix pretty much tells me the protest of the protest is yet another lost cause for the reich. Like they needed another one... 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

America Gets Felt Up But- FREEDOM...

Would you sexually harass that man? Someone did. And that someone lived to not tell about it.

We don't know how prevalent the sexual harassment of men is in Hollywood (or the real world) but someone boldly grabbing the privates of Terry Crews makes you wonder and it absolutely highlights how prevalent and despicable the harassment of women in and out of Hollywood truly must be. That Crews didn't pound the creep- and why- is the story of every woman who has ever been felt up or raped in any work place.

It's about survival. It's about keeping your job and moving on, even if it means moving on from your dignity. It's also about America's future.

Nearly a year ago we elected (sorta) a scumbag who had a veritable Stop and Frisk policy regarding women. Even people who voted for Trump may have objected to his pussy-grabbing but, in these omelet-making times, many think that you gotta break a few eggs and, if the shells get in the mix, you gotta eat them too because, well, this is THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD and, if you don't like it, you can leave. If you want a Wall or a USSC court that will effect the change your minister wants, you got to have the Trumpy scumbag that can make that happen. Life's evidently about taking the bad with the worse.

Look at Trump and his NFL bashing. The common take on the internet and several news outlets is that black players who make damn good money in the NFL just better shut up and stand for the anthem because they earn a great living here. To me that idiotic sentiment overshadows the faux sentiment that these men are disrespecting the troops or the flag/country itself. They are not. Remember:  Kaepernick and the other fellas are protesting racial injustice and the police murdering unarmed black men and women. It's not a slam at your dad who was in the Navy for two years. Not about him at all. And not about disrespecting the flag. If it was about the flag, there would be no beer sales or bathroom visits allowed during the anthem.

Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Terry Crews and untold numbers of famous and unknown actresses and actors have all found out the hard way that, if you want to work in this town, submit and move on. The country has been going on like this, hot and heavy, for the past few decades. The notion that being poor in America is better than being poor anywhere else seems thisclose to being policy. It's the same notion that, yeah- your people may be getting murdered by cops but, they probably deserved it and you make millions so, shut the fuck up!

That someone may get molested or even raped but, be rewarded with employment is normal for many people. I've seen this with waitresses in the restaurant business. You've probably seen it at your job. These women don't get their names in lights. They're just hoping to make rent and move on, another day. Maybe a better one than today or yesterday is on the calendar.

I don't know about that. The republicans have been training their people to survive with as little gubmint help as possible- and to like it. And to be proud of it! Your rights, wages and sensibilities may be eroding but- dammit- they are eroding in THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Accept it or leave it.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

For Republicans Who Find It Hard To Hate When Murder's Not Enough

Hey- remember that gun massacre last week? The worst in modern US history? That was soooo last week, I reckon. It seems to have devolved into a discussion of the guns used since no one yet knows why the motherfucker sought to kill all those people. One of the retards on Fox & Friends actually said it was hard to hate the guy because there was no obvious reason to hate him like being Bin Laden or a "mutant living in the basement" like the Sandy Hook kid. Other than him murdering 58 people and wounding nearly 500 more, he seemed so normal. Well, to them, I guess. He's dead so, we might never know.

Without any manifesto to read, and without brown skin or Islamic religious convictions, most of the media is going with usual "mentally ill" explanation given to just about every white scumbag mass-murderer. Republicans are especially big on that. So big, in fact, that earlier this year they rescinded an Obama edict that mentally ill people NOT be allowed to own guns. There's that mentally ill interpretation of the Second Amendment that is so prevalent on the internet. NRA republicans think every American should have guns... until they can find a way to deny guns to black, brown and liberal Americans, that is. That 2A really is a double edged sword when it comes down to it. Who knew a vaguely worded amendment could be so troublesome 240 some years later?

I'm not sure what part of ...shall not be infringed that the GOP/NRA is suddenly forgetting but, they are suggesting that "bump-stocks" be infringed. It's surprising, at first, until you realize that it's what pundits these days call a "nothing burger". The ATF allowed one version of bump-stocks during Obama's terms, largely because they didn't want to fight the powerful NRA on that issue. Bump-stocks attach to a semi-automatic rifle and allow it to fire as if it were a full-auto machine gun. Serious gun owners scoff at them, considering them to be toys for less serious gun nuts who don't mind wasting expensive ammo while sacrificing accuracy. They are for the "hold my beer" crowd.

But, now we know they are also for murder. This asshole in Vegas had 10 or 12 of them. They are inexpensive and not reliable so, he was prepared with extras when one jammed. But, 400 yards away from a thick crowd of people, from an elevated position, we now know how effective they can be at killing and wounding human beings.

The NRA acknowledges this and, since it was an opportunity to blame Obama, they've seemingly agreed to not fight legislation against bump-stocks. Only the dumbest republicans would believe that the guy who they still believe spent 8 years trying to confiscate their guns, was OK with converting semi's to full-auto but, they believe what they are told to believe. Besides, their big concern now is making gun silencers 50 state legal and easily accessible for ALL (white?) Americans. That's been temporarily shelved until the Vegas massacre is completely out of the news cycle.

Ever notice how on the news after pretty much every shooting, witnesses note how they at first thought they were hearing fireworks? Evidently the NRA is tired of hearing that. They want quieter murders/massacres. They claim it's in the interest of protecting shooters hearing but, that's what fucking wearing hearing protection is for! If you're going to shoot guns, wear the headgear made for that, snowflake. If you happen to shoot it out with ISIS or bank robbers and have your gun handy but no earmuffs, tough it out. You'll be fine. I promise you. Yes, guns are loud. Yes, they sound like some fireworks. Imagine though, how asshole in Vegas's guns would have sounded from 400 yards away, with a concert going on- if his weapons had been silenced? Guntards on the 'net are quick to point out that silencers are "not like in the movies..." Some even note that they don't even work that well. Yep, it's not like the "pfffttt" in a James Bond film. Yes, fucktard, I know that. My question then is why do you need one then? If they don't work like the movies and it's simple to put on some earmuffs when shooting, why the nationwide push for legalization? 'Cause freedom?

Imagine being in the crowd that night in Vegas and not hearing something that sounded like fireworks. People are dropping all around you but, you don't know why. You'll figure it out as the blood starts flowing but, how many precious moments will pass while you figure it out and, will a silenced bullet find you before you do? However ineffective guntards may ironically claim silencers to be, the Vegas massacre was a perfect example of how effective they could have been. The question in the warped minds of NRA staffers might be, why didn't the shooter use silencers? What can they do to make them more popular? Well, that's what their *hearing protection bill* is about.

You want to hate somebody? Hate the fucking NRA. They don't hate you but, they fight every day to make it easier for someone to kill you. They don't mind losing customers to the products they shill because each death promotes more sales. Does a cycle get more vicious than that?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sunday Night Cumming Attractions

A couple Sundays back, I was looking to watch John Oliver and a show on HBO about attractive black woman caught my eye. I believe it's called Insecure. I could check on that, I suppose. Anyway, on the show one of the gals wanted to surprise her new fella with a blowjob. FTR, Ladies- that's always a good surprise! You can't go wrong with that.

However, evidently he can. The happy ending didn't turn out so happy when the guy ejaculated on her face and in her eyes. Unless you are Sublime's wife, most women don't like that.

What caught my eye though, (see what I did there?) was how they managed to fake it so well without showing a boner. The actresses reaction was well done. I would imagine that even with rehearsals she was duly freaked out each time. Don't know what they used to simulate semen but, who really wants anything suddenly flung in their face?

This past Sunday I began watching The Deuce, also an HBO show. Set in the 70's in Manhattan, it's a story of pimps, whores and the beginnings of the NY mob's domination of the porn business. Good show! It's a tough look at life then as well as now. It will really make you reconsider the lives of those involved with prostitution and porn. Anybody with a cameraphone and genitals can be a porno star now but, back in the day, it was little more than a suburb of prostitution.

This brings us to the next cumshot. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a streetwise hooker who, in the scene, is filling in for a friend shooting a scene in a porno. The rules of pornography in NYC (and most of the country then, I believe) meant no penetration could be shown. Kinda like HBO and Skinamax now, I reckon. They would have had to edit the hardcore parts back then for mainstream purchase and viewing, but keeping the penetration for more select customers willing to pay more. In the scene, Maggie plays a Viking maiden. Since her Viking male counterpart was a bit of a premature ejaculator, they had to fake the shot. They used cream of potato soup, shot from a turkey baster! This may answer how HBO did the money shot in Insecure. In The Deuce however, since it was a sort of behind-the-scenes look at how porn was done then, we see the basters and we see Maggie getting creamed- or rather, souped. It's funny how these things all come together and, I don't think I need to alert you to what I did there. Vichyssoise porn, I guess. But, served at room temperature.

Friday, September 8, 2017


To put Hurricane Irma into perspanktive, my spankings only go as high as Category 3 (moderate to severe). Irma is a Category 5 (as of this writing) and may only *weaken* to 4. So, keep that in mind.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Now We Get The Rest Of The Story?

A little birdie alerted me to a thread on Topix where ol' punch, Sublime1, has been detailing the particulars of his on-going divorce. Kind of a surprise as, though he had highlighted trouble in paradise for years in the form of mutual adultery, he had never given a hint that either he or "Bambi" were unhappy in the marriage. Actually. he put their marriage on a pedestal atop a mountain, far above all other because of all that boot-knocking. 

So, not too surprised that infidelity (however sanctioned) led to divorce but, kinda surprised that it happened when they seemed so content with the whole show.

We here at The Ferrerman blog always took Sublime's lurid sexploits with a grain of salt. Life's kinda 50/50 but Topix life is much less of a coin flip than reality. We tended to look at Sub's tales as more Letters To Penthouse than True Confessions. Yes, people do commit adultery and couples do have open marriages and all that yada-yada stuff but, they also have jerkoff fantasies a la' the letters that they like to annoy others with and that makes it 50/50. Stuff either happens or it doesn't. The realty though is that if you pretend you and your spouse are out catting around, it's about as bad to say it as to actually do it. Your wife either is a tramp or you like people to think she is. I can't see a real distinction there of good/not good. 

This was a guy who delighted in reporting that the mother of his children liked him cumming in her face. Yikes. Never minding he'd go into possibly apocryphal stories of her (and his) trysts, that just seemed a bit more on the money. Or, on the money shot, as it were.

In all his stories though, there was never any gripes about her cooking, cleaning, child-raising or shopping habits. In fact, he was pretty damn laudatory of her wife and mother skills outside of the bedroom. Reading the current thread, I can hear the late Paul Harvey saying, "Now we get the rest of the story..." 

Bambi evidently sucked at the wifely duties. Who knew? Aside from 24/7 shopping, she had recently left a used tampon in the shower. Yikes but, he left it there for a full week. Why? How is that better?

People break up and fuss about odd things but, usually you've seen those things coming as they've been telegraphed in advance. If they broke up and cited marital infidelity folks would say, 'of course". Maybe their real world friends saw all this coming as they actually know them. But, who is to say he shared those intimate details IRL and only shared the sex stuff with imaginary people on the Internet? The Internet in general and Topix in particular is a place to be all that you can't be in real life. On line, Sub is convinced that people are convinced that he is a 5'7" middle-aged bald guy, desired by ALL women and that that is just the way it is. If you don't believe it, it's because you're jealous. How sad for you.

I've long viewed Sub as Trump Lite. He's the poor man's Donald Trump and, just as Trump is the poor man's idea of a rich guy, Sub is his own idea of an idiots' idea of what awesome is. I don't know that anyone on Topix buys Sub's shit but, he seems quite convinced that they do. Fooling one's self is the first order of business for a malignant narcissist. Once you accomplish that, obviously everyone else buys in.

It's tough to find honesty on a place like Topix where nearly everyone is good-looking and wealthy- more than YOU- but, you can read between the lines. Several years ago some of the remaining cast members of the Chicago Regulars met in Florida to validate themselves and their on-line personas in real life. The takeaway from those in attendance was that Sub was extremely shy and not at all like he portrayed himself on the threads. They weren't being mean, I don't think. I believe they were pleased that he wasn't the Type A asshole he played on the threads, that that was all just an act. They said he just pretty much sat there quietly, barely making eye contact with the others. That's not very Sub-like. not very sublime. Very telling though.

So, as they divorce, Bambi is out of the house and living with a buddy of Sub's and his wife. Sub reports she has a very strong devotion to the friend's wife. Well now, maybe there was something to those sexcapades stories after all? Or is that just what the Sub wants folks to believe? In the world of imaginary people, one never knows, does one?

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Well, this will Make America Great Again:

Sigh. For the millionth time... If you can't afford to pay your employees even $10 an hour, you do not deserve to be in business! The difference between $10 per hour and $7.25 per hour (aside from being $2.75) is food on the motherfucking table and rent for shelter to workers. If you think your fucked up little company or your Walmart is operating on a thin margin, try working for $7.25 an hour knowing that *your* reps in your state house are plotting to take that away too. The GOP hates the Federal minimum too. They claim it "kills jobs". While eliminating the minimum wouldn't legalize slavery, you could sure see it from there. They are a few state legislatures away from calling for a constitutional convention. The kochsuckers that call themselves "strict constitutionalists" have a lot more problems with the constitution than anybody else. These are the same assholes who want to take away health insurance from 23 million Americans. The repeal and replace crowd is mostly going for tax cuts for the 400 or so wealthiest but, a huge selling point for this is destroying the legacy of the nation's first black president. Yeah, it's that but, don't kid yourself- it's the money. It is always the money. There are upwards of 330 million people in this country. By volume alone, this allows for tens of millions of idiots. Lots of just plain assholes too.

Whether it's Russian trolls, paid trolls or just the whores on Facebook, Twitter or Topix who give away despair and hatred for free, there is no shortage of Gullible-Americans willing to put party over country. I haven't worked for the minimum in decades so, no, it doesn't affect me. But, it effects me in that I have to live in a country that won't pay it's citizens a livable wage, uses government to enforce it, and works night and day to cut social services to AMERICANS because that "saves money"...

Saves who money? Well, the folks who already have the bulk of it. I say that because, as a non-attorney spokesferrer who knows a bit about math, when they cut taxes on the rich and increase military spending they have to get that money from someone else. That someone else is the rest of us. You may *save* several dollars off your federal tax bill when they cut off social services (hungry kids/old folks/etc.) but that means you now have several more dollars to spend on the military. That's fucking exactly how that works. Millions of Americans are too fucking stupid to figure that out and some of those are also just angry enough to feel: "Whatever- as long as loser poors are getting fucked hard, I don't care!"

We are not the greatest country in the world, despite what the brochures say. The country that claims that wouldn't exploit it's citizens like that or lie to them as ours does. In the six months that Trump has been in *power* our standing in the world has plummeted like never before. Even if you don't think he's Putin's bitch, much of the world does. Every civilized nation that has healthcare for it's peoples is aghast we don't have universal care and that we're working to eliminate the ACA. The richest/greatest country can't afford it? We're not smart enough to pull it off? If you buy that, you deserve to be Putin's bitch too. I don't. Do any of us?

Monday, March 6, 2017

Celebrity Apprentices In Politics

Been poking around in Twitterland and I noticed that actress, Alyssa Milano has been getting some grief for having political opinions. You may recall her from films and the TV show Who's The Boss? She went on from being a cute child star to being a lovely, talented actress. While it's arguably true that her IMBD profile means nothing to her portfolio as a political pundit, I gotta argue that the same argument can be made against actors Scott Baio and James Woods. I'll further argue that it's very arguable that certain politicians should not be taken seriously for their political opinions. Think Steve King or Louie Gohmert. Hundreds more if you want to think further.

Think anybody really. The folks who devalue Alyssa for her opinions likely value Scott Baio for his. I'm just a poor, humble Ferrerman and my own opinions on politics are discounted all the time. Shocking. And I was a pretty cute kid myself.

It's not just her though. It's pretty much any celebrity and even political reporters- believe it or not. I've heard celebrities and pundits say that- with straight faces- about other celebrities and pundits who happen to disagree with them. Are you sensing a pattern? A lot of people swear an Oath of Hypocrisy when they enter the political boards. I've had my moments too.

The reality of politics is that absolutely everyone is entitled to their opinion and that's irrespective of their work history. We currently have a reality TV star in The White House. He's got a SAG card just like Reagan did and like Milano has. Tell me who is more qualified. I look at Alyssa on TV and I'm quite taken by her obvious spankability but, I'm more impressed with her opinions on Trump's travel ban EO's. (She's against both of them) Like anyone else, I'm a fan of certain celebrities for their films, music or athletic accomplishments. For their politics to complement my own is an added bonus. It's probably that way for you too. But, a celebrity's politics are not always a deal breaker for me. I like most of Clint Eastwood's films, for example, and don't let his confused politics taint that. He's still Dirty Harry to me despite his chair-talking foolishness.

Politics- to me- is simply about right and wrong. It's about money to most folks though, so when you find people who get the right/wrong aspect of it, you need to cherish them whether they are famous or not. The anti-Hollywood sentiment of the right is troubling however. When you get people talking about remaking America you have to stop and think about how most sequels and remakes this side of Godfather II just really suck. You have to question why they have to always so wrongly revisit success, without success. Well, money, of course. There's big bucks in re-doing stuff that was pretty much fine in the first place.

Trump can't Make America Great Again anymore than he could make Casablanca a great film again with Scott Baio in the lead. Alyssa Milano as as Ilsa Lund wouldn't even work. I gotta be honest here. And that's no reflection on her or him.

You don't remake the classics. You love them and hold them in your heart with all the other good memories of your life. We all get old and want our childhoods back. That's a natural feeling but, it doesn't work that way in the real world any more than it does in politics or film. America is a continuing drama. Any notion of a conservative cultural revolution is just a plot twist that must be dealt with by we the people rather than those that fancy themselves to be the "executive producers". We all have a voice in this. We should all be heard.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nobody gives good news anymore

I'm old enough to remember Walter Cronkite. His era was the last great days of the news. It was a time when giving Americans the news was a service and not a business. Though he did step up and condemn the Vietnam war, it wasn't just his opinion, it was an obvious fact.

It's a business now as 24 hour cable stations have taken over. Some, like CNN and MSNBC offer news but are admittedly heavy on opinion. Fox is Fox, yammering on about some whiny shit that liberals are doing, occasionally breaking from that for news. It isn't Cronkite and Huntley and Brinkly but, it is what we have now and we have to deal with it. That idiot and his minions in the White House need to realize that.

When Trump said that the media was the enemy of the people, my first thought was that he turned on them pretty damn quick! It was them more than Russia that got his sorry ass elected in the first place. I watched a lot of news in the build up to the election and it was all about him. And even when it wasn't about him, that was because it was about Hillary's emails and how that was equivalent to his inept pussy-grabbing self. Being a business, you couldn't blame them for focusing most of their attention on the obscene side-show that Trump was (and still is) rather than the boring, nuts and bolts of the fact that Bernie or Hillary should be running the country and not just because neither is a fucking asshole. The main stream media is not supposed to pick sides but they do know which side of their buns gets buttered.

So, trust them? No more than I would hate them at the behest of the Troll In Chief. My life doesn't work that way because I learned long ago that others want to influence me in ways that favor them over me. Who knew? Well, me, if you're paying attention. If you can't see through Trump's or Kellyanne Conway's bullshit, Cronkite wouldn't help you. It saddens me that there are so many stupid people in the media today but, this nation made the Kardashian's famous. It might as well be a Kardashian in the White House. It's all for show anyway. I think Trump realizes this and rolls with it because he is going to make a lot of money whether he winds up in prison or not. If we have another duly-elected president some day, I already feel sorry for him or her because they will have to face the fact that a total fraud preceded them. You might think it'd make the job easier to have such a low bar set but would you want to follow such an act at your job? "The guy before you was an idiot. Do better..."

So, Trump says the media is the enemy of the people. It was the good-looking talking heads of cable news that fawned all over him and helped make his election possible. I like some of these people but, don't mistake them for journalists. If they are saying today that "Golly- Trump looked so presidential last night..." they aren't to be taken seriously. Like doctors and lawyers, half of them graduated at the bottom of their class. Some may have graduated from Trump University. Good night and good luck with that.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Smells Like Team Spirit

Are Americans tired of winning yet with Trump? Not even close! There's so much more winning left to do!

Just three months ago, republicans in congress vowed to stymie any USSC appointments by President Clinton. They figured we could go on just fine with eight justices on the Supreme Court. Of course, they hadn't figured at the time on seeing the inside of The White House anytime soon. With Trump/Pence they were merely fielding a team to remain in the game. They were figuring on retaining both houses of congress and being obstructionist, Grumpy Old Pricks. It's what they do best. Amazingly, however, Trump won the presidency using the Electoral College, an archaic system of voting that the founding fathers installed as a form of Affirmative Action so that the presidency wouldn't always be a popularity contest. There had to be a way to get less-popular candidates in there so as to level the playing field. Pay no attention to that notion that the EC was a safeguard to keep out demagogues. If that were true, we'd have another President Clinton right now.

Many people had posted vaingloriously about holding their noses to vote for either candidate. "Trump was not a mainstream candidate...and yada, yada yada" And, of course, "Hillary had a private email server! Who does that??!!" Well, everybody in the current Trump administration actually but, hey, we dodged that bullet...

Now more than ever politics is a team sport. You want your team to win no matter what, no matter how. Winning isn't just everything- it's the only thing. The Chicago Cubs (finally) winning the World Series brought me immense personal joy. There's no doubt about that. Myself and others get bragging rights at least for a year. Not bad but, I personally did not win the WS. My team did. The guys who did, many of them will win new contracts, bringing them more fortune to go along with their fame. Ticket prices will rise for the games along with concessions as being champions is great for the wallets of a lot of people. But yeah, we won!

That's baseball. Any sport, really. You get bragging rights in politics too. All over the internet you see people who are likely about as republican as Trump isn't, boasting about "our win". Mostly though, much of that boasting is more about the liberal loss than a republican victory. In this respect republican fans are a lot like Chicago White Sox fans in that they hate the crosstown Cubs far more than they love their team. If you live in Chicago, you know what I mean. It's pathetic fandom, indeed. Lots of hate involved without much love self love. It was more important for them to know that Hillary was defeated rather than Trump was declared winner. They erroneously describe her as "liberal" and being representative of all the feel-good, liberalness that ruins their lives on a daily basis. Trophies for participating. Safe places in schools for after-shooting therapy. Open arms for refugees. They hate that shit. Anybody who defeats that is okay in their minds. They are tough and armed and they shoot good and, if God were not for us, who could be against us? They've been trained to believe this since Reagan. It finally accidentally worked.

I really can't see your average Trump voter getting anything more than bragging rights out of this. Concessions will go up. Turns out Mexico is not going to pay for that wall after all. Who didn't see that coming? Sixty million Trump voters, that's who. Many surely doubted the wall would be built at all but appreciated the sentiment just the same. Now it looks like they'll not only get the wall but they'll get to pay for it via income taxes and again with higher prices on goods from Mexico. Trump never mentioned that during the campaign. When you can get people to even pretend to believe something like building a wall and making the neighbor pay for it, you pretty much can get away with anything. Trump really grabbed those people. When you're rich and a celebrity, you can do things like that. I believe Trump did mention that.

We're about 12 days into his term and he's already signed 20 Executive Orders. EO's used to be something a dictatorial king like Obama did. Now they are as cool as private email servers.

There's no telling what other mischief Trump has in store. We worried about an oligarchy but it's looking more like a kleptocracy now. This administration is out to loot and pillage everything they can grab. How long can these idiots cheer for that? How long before they realize that maybe the best they can hope for is a *job* as a kapo in a concentration camp? Don't think Trump or the republicans will go that far? Why? Because they were against that when they told you Obama was going to do that? These people foreshadow everything they intend to do by assigning it to someone else. I bet you did Nazi that coming.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Porn Flakes

Saw a sad but, interesting piece about porn and drugs on the National Geographic Channel last night. They drug-test in porn. That just strikes me as odd. I'd have thought they'd be more receptive to performers getting high given the work that they do. The women at least. If, for example, a woman is going to blow ten guys, shouldn't she be stoned for that? I don't mean in the Mike Pence way. I mean in the way that this is not normal behavior for sober people, no matter how much you pay them and they ought to be pretty heavily medicated.

In one segment, some ugly old guy who is a producer was field testing a young  starlet before he would send her off to San Francisco to some private event that sounded more like prostitution than a video op. In another, an actress who produces her own films was having trouble lining up the males in her cast. The guy she hired became unavailable for whatever reason. Plus, she was waiting on her dealer to bring her some dope. The dealer- a former performer himself- was asked to join the filming but thought better of it, probably since he was already taking a big chance at the high school dance by agreeing to have his dope-dealing filmed by Nat Geo. The woman wound up calling the legendary Ron Jeremy to perform. He's made like a million porn films but seems to be famous more for making all those films while basically looking like a hedgehog. No easy task.

I did not recognize any of the women featured in the program. Maybe I don't watch a lot of porn? Maybe I don't stick around for the credits? Do they have credits? Probably. I mean- they drug-test. It's a legitimate business. There are standards.

I recall seeing photos on the internet of porn chicks at work and IRL. Many are shockingly unattractive off camera. Not being mean. It was just amazing how different they looked when not getting pounded in the ass for work. Most looked like any woman you would see in the grocery store. One woman who was attractive and formerly quite famous, opted out of porn and drugs when the voice in her head telling her to kill herself was drowned out by another voice telling her to live. She believes that was God talking to her. I believe it was the drugs with both voices but, whatever works for you. Religion can be a drug as well, in that it can most certainly be abused but, yeah, she's better off not hitting the meth pipe and fucking for money.

Another woman, a skinny blond with blue hair, apparently somewhat famous for having fucked Charlie Sheen for and out of $30,000, has so far not heard the voice of God. She knows she's an addict and that it's hurting her career but, like an addict, she can't quit. Not being able to pass a drug test, good-paying porn work is harder to come by. When they left her she was making a date with someone over the phone and- again- it sounded like prostitution. Well, that's just because it was.

As per the program, the average length of employment in porn is 4-5 months. A lot of women (and men) are likely one and done though. They either quickly realize it's not what they thought it would be or they were just trying to make rent. I bet the latter is typical.

Not per the program, currently the vice president of the US, Mike Pence, is very much against pornography and drugs. It remains to be seen how draconian he gets. It's not going to be pretty. It's hard to be in favor of drugs, porn and prostitution but, tens of millions of people in this country are, to varying degrees. Of course porn is exploitative. So are drugs. Pence is no fan of women having any choices though, especially orgasm-wise. That's obscene in itself and it's a choice he made himself. He'll make the choice for all of us if we let him.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day!

I've actually enjoyed this past week. I KNOW! Crazy, right? Yeah, there are dark days on the horizon- make no mistake. But, I'm so inspired after the marches in Washington, Chicago and all over the world and by the strong, cohesive responses to the Trumpocracy by millions and millions of people, here, there and everywhere. We're not gonna take it. We can do this.

Whether it's been dialogue on Facebook or on the TV, the vast majority of Americans have recognized what a train wreck the Trump transition has been and will continue to be. Whether it's alternative facts or the sheer, small-dicked insistence that his crowds were bigger, Trump has exposed his foolishness to the entire world. Even the dumbest trumper has to have noticed this. Mind you- they won't voice their concerns but, I think they know they fell into some shit here.

The final verdict isn't in yet but they sure got fucked on that wall. We all will, of course, if he does carry through with it. Our taxes will pay for it and we'll pay again in much higher prices for goods coming from Mexico. On the threads there is a financial genius who calls himself "Denny Crane" who habitually has declared that the US should not tax the wealthy or corporations because they simply pass on the cost of those "punitive taxes" onto we-the-people. Like the wall... Trump, and now Paul Ryan, have admitted that, yes, taxpayers will fund the wall. However, they dangled yet another carrot of Mexico eventually reimbursing us for sometime in the future...

That's for the brain-dead believers to hang their MAGA hats on. They'll figure it out. Or they won't. Their stupidity is not really our problem. This is their time to shine and they can enjoy it while they can. It's certainly not going to last. It's been amusing to read people talking about TWO terms for Trump. They're getting a little ahead of themselves. He probably won't make the year without getting impeached and replaced with Pence- the guy the republicans really want as their front-man anyway. Does anyone in their right mind think Trump really wants to do this shit for eight years- let alone four? The presidency ages a man. Could you imagine what this lump of shit would look like after eight years in office? He's 70. He's already off to a bad start just based on age alone. Just take a look at him now....

Yeah, he's crazy and dangerous but, most of us realize the real crazy and danger lays in the republican house and senate, led by McConnell and Ryan. They are the front-men for wealthy and corporations. Those people are mostly in it for the money obviously but, we do not know how far they will take America to the brink. There is no reason they can't turn America into a third world country and, as long as they convince enough people that it will be the greatest third world country EVER, there are millions of Idiotic-Americans that will go along with that. There's more of US than them though.

Your average CEO with his mega-millions bonuses each year probably doesn't care about gays and abortions and which church people attend. Just money. Trump doesn't either but Pence most certainly does. Right now they are interested in throwing the red meat to their vengeance-hungry base as a reward for their voting. The people on the Facebook sites whom you see railing against gays, blacks and libtards and their "special rights" must be satiated in their vengeance. It keeps them in the fold and maybe keeps them from noticing that the wall is going to cost them bigly and that, no, those coal-mining jobs are not coming back. However, under a Trump administration there'll be no men sucking each others cocks! Of course, under Pence rule, there will be no ladies sucking cocks either. He frowns on such pleasures no matter who is giving or receiving. Therein lies the ironic rub.

How far do these people want to take this? They have the presidency, both houses and nearly 2/3rds of governorship's. We may well be in the midst of a slow-moving coup that could quickly get ugly. This is their chance to reign. If democrats are complete pussies, there will be a new USSC pick that is guaranteed to be crazy. If they even bother to keep things quasi-legal, there will be massive voter suppression designed to keep republicans in power until they explode the planet. That will be *evidenced* by those "illegals voting in California..." that cost Hair Furor the popular vote. Even they know that what they are doing is wrong and they will take all the steps- necessary and otherwise- to ensure that no democrats ever get a chance to step in and undo their carnage. It's looking doubtful that we'll be switching party's every 4-8 years as we had become accustomed to over the years.

So, how can I be encouraged in the face of all this? I don't know. Maybe I like chaos? I know I like a good fight. There may be one coming. Instead of a revolution, there will probably be a civil war. Will Americans kill each other over this nonsense? We did over slavery. Who woulda thunk that now? They did then. Imagine that...

The good people are gathering though. That is encouraging. There are more of us than them. Ironically- if there is a God- he's on our side. At least his kid is. If you've paid attention to his words, you'd know that.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Who knew Trump would be such a uniter? Oh, he's working hard to divide the country but, in doing so, he is uniting more of America than he is dividing. The women's marches in DC and all around the US and the world proved that. More people attended the woman's march in DC the day after the inauguration than attended the trump inauguration itself. And this was by bigly numbers. Trump has made us realize- very quickly- that women, men, Mexicans, Muslims and gays- we're all in this together. Anyone who is with Trump was already divided against us before him. He just happened along at the right time. It could literally have been anyone like him.

But, even some Trump voters are starting to realize how crazy he is and how wrong they were. Not in throngs, not yet. But, it's only been a week. I read a piece earlier in Mother Jones that suggested that Trump's tweets aren't for we the people, the media or congress but rather, for his loyal minions. Trump watches TV and sees Bill O'Reilly going on about the "carnage" in Chicago and immediately tweets out something bold and vague about him sending the feds there if Chicago doesn't solve itself. The people also watching Fox see that tweet and, well, it's as if he's speaking directly to them! Oh my!

Same with that stupid fucking wall. It's not for US- it's for THEM. He told them he was going to build it and though he freaking lied about making Mexico pay for it, any idiot who believed Mexico would pay for it can now forget that part of the insane, unnecessary wall and be thrilled and impressed that he is keeping his promise to, them. These are not deep-thinkers, these Trumpolines. He seems to be aware of that.

Their takeaway is that he's fulfilling a promise to them. It's a stupid, unnecessary promise but, by golly, he's keeping it! No matter how much it costs them. Same with the dismantling of Obamacare. They'll figure out the first time they go to the doctor that Obamacare was the ACA and they're no longer covered but, he did what he said he was going to do, by golly!

And it will be the same with a Muslim registry if that comes to pass. You don't register people without the intent of deporting all of them so, at the very least that's a carrot to dangle in front of the dumb asses for several months or a couple of years. Whatever it takes.

But, that's for them- the great, unwashed masses of Trump voters who knew not what they were doing. There wasn't as many of them but, there were enough in key states to take advantage of The Electoral College (an archaic Affirmative Action program for republicans) and the rest is history. Interesting that Trump is currently obsessed with investigating non-existent *voter fraud* in California to prove that he also really won the popular vote. He won't spend a penny on the obvious interference of Russia (in his favor) of the election he technically won but, he'll go plenty pound-foolish on investigating Americans. He must know which side his khleb is buttered on. We do too.

It's bittersweet fun perusing the internet and watching some of the stupidest people on the planet defend this clown. With some it hasn't affected them yet but, it surely will. Come tax time it will. That wall ain't gonna pay for itself and neither Trump's cronies nor the poor will be paying for it. Not with money anyway.

Your average Trumpeteer is as vengeance-driven as Trump himself. They all want revenge against Obama, his *liberals* and the blacks that offend them. And against women and everyone else that makes them afraid. They voted for vengeance when they voted for Trump. They did not consider that they would be the ones getting avenged. Trump is at war with America. They won't get that until it's too late.

Well, it's only been a week. We saw this coming a year ago. They'll catch up one day....

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Crazy republican thoughts on a cold winter's Saturday

The solution to immigration is not a wall. It's repealing and (not) replacing the minimum wage.

You take away the economic incentive to immigrate to the United States and you defeat immigration without lifting a brick or strand of barbwire. Easy-peasy. Republicans already hate the minimum and have plans to repeal it and replace it with "the free market" anyway so they can do that and pocket the $25 billion or so that an unnecessary wall would cost. These are people who believe that $7.25 an hour is "too high" anyway so, of course they believe that free-market wages would be good for America. What they haven't (at least publicly) considered is that eliminating the minimum would also virtually eliminate illegal immigration. Why would anyone come to America to make a dollar an hour when you could stay in Mexico or Uganda or Canada and make more? People in oil-rich Equatorial Guinea live on $2 a day! We can do that here. Why not?

The business of America is business. If you don't like it- leave. Or, stay and create a better credit default swap derivative. We welcome such innovation.

Making America Great Again is not easy. In fact, it's pretty fucking hard. That's why, beyond the red hats and hashtag, the republican party will do nothing to actually make America great, neither again or in the future. Does a great country take health care away from it's citizens? Not that I've heard of. How about taking away public education and replacing it with private schools? Sweden doesn't do that. Neither do those socialist commie pigs in Canada. Just the US does that. Or, at least seriously considers doing that. Will they? Yeah. Probably. Republicans think everything should be privatized. They'd be all about abortion if it wasn't more lucrative to *fight* it. If that were not the economic situation they'd be the first to call for a woman's right to choose and there'd be an abortion shop next to every Walgreens or Starbuck's. They scream about the gang murders in Chicago but, maybe mostly because they can't figure out a way to privatize it and make money off of it? You'd think that they would promote the violence as a clear interpretation of their beloved 2A as people are defending themselves with God-given weapons. Well, maybe not God-given. The gangs get most of their guns via legal purchases in nearby Indiana and/or from theft. In a sense it is privatized, maybe? We arm the world for fun and profit- why not ourselves? They may be black or Hispanic but- by God- they are living the republican dream of entrepreneurial, gun-toting freedom.

I do wonder if this president and this congress might rethink their affection for guns as they strip even their own constituents of rights and privileges. There's a bunch of guns out there and part of the GOP sales pitch was to buy guns and ammo to protect yourself from the government. The republicans probably doubted they'd ever see the inside of The White House again (or for a long while) and so it was good business to push anti-government rhetoric while there were democrats running things- especially a black one. But, now with an orange, technically-republican president they might not be so keen on second amendment remedies all of a sudden. That's usually the way revolutions and coups go. People ought to pay attention to history. Past is prologue ya know.

How quickly will this happen? As promised, they are moving fast on the ACA repeal with nothing resembling a replacement in sight. They didn't think Trump would win and they weren't sure they'd retain both houses. They did and probably just planned on at least four more years of obstruction. On November 8th of last year though they were like the kids that suddenly lost their parents and realized that-hey- there's cash and a stocked liquor cabinet and we can do whatever we want now....PARTY!!!!

They have no excuses now and hardly anybody to answer to. They can pretty much do as they please and change the rules as they go along. They seem to be curious as to find out how much shit we'll take from them. We haven't come close to bottoming-out yet. Trump supporters don't seem to be disturbed at the ACA removal or talk of privatizing or eliminating Medicare or Social Security. My guess is they view republicans as "smart". Throw an alleged billionaire like Trump in as president and they gotta figure these guys know what they're doing...

They do. They've got a license to steal. Well, they have the rights to the printing of that license at least and it looks like that's enough.  

Friday, January 13, 2017

Trumped-up Logic

Now, this is some cognitive dissonance:

"If Clinton won the CNN coverage and mainstream media coverage would be all about how inspiring it is that the "glass ceiling" was broke, how this sends a great message to all the girls growing up, highlighting the best characteristics of all her cabinet appointments, things of this nature, while ignoring any and all controversies. 

If you guys don't see this and realize how dangerous it is to have a group of elites by and large controlling the message people hear. I don't care what their political persuasion."
Has this asshole not seen the resumes of Trump and his cabinet? They are almost exclusively billionaires and millionaires. He's charged a woman who never spent a minute in public schools with guiding the destruction of our education system. I'd understand this if she had been a gangly, awkward gal taunted by her peers at PS 31 and she was looking to get even with her tormentors. That'd be wrong but it would better explain things than her simply being a billionaire who desired to make more billions by privatizing education. Rex Tillerson (another mega-millionaire) is a business partner of Vladimir Putin whose primary mission as Secretary of State will be to carry on with his oil bidness with Putin, after Trump lifts the sanctions on Russia preventing Exxon from drilling the vast oil reserves of that formerly communist country. I could go on about the other cabinet picks but, you probably know all about them too. The dilemma is not that these bloodsuckers are obvious scoundrels. The dilemma is that assholes like the idiot quoted above either don't know or they don't care.

There are a lot of willfully stupid people in this country. There are more being made every day. Politics is mostly about right and wrong. You need to know right from wrong in politics as in life. It's not hard. But, too many people choose to make it hard.

Trump is clearly stocking his cabinet with looters and pillagers. That should be clear whether you are a coal-loving hillbilly in Appalachia or a sorta-patent attorney in North Carolina. Denial is not a river of pee in a Russian hotel room booked by Trump. It might be, now that I write that. But, it seems to be the first stage of republicanism. Denial is followed by obfuscation. Obfuscation is willful acceptance of something that is wrong. The internet is chock full o' nuts willfully ignoring the blatant obviousness of the impending Trump regime and obfuscating those obvious intentions.

Politics is like Fantasy Football. There's the games played every week and there is the game within the game where you draft players and play a separate, unofficial game based on the performances of the individual players. It doesn't count in the standings but, you win or lose just the same. Congrats to anyone who picked Trump in their Political Fantasy draft! Your friends may have giggled and called you an idiot but, you laugh last!

But, unless your name is Rex Tillerson, Betsy De Vos or any other cabinet members and unknown billionaire backers of Trump, all you get is bragging rights. Yay team?

Revenge is another motive in the game. People voted for Trump because he promised revenge- often in so many words- against practically everyone that weak, white males fear. Women. Blacks. Mexicans. People of faiths other than Christianity. And, ironically, elites.

Is there anyone more elite than a billionaire? Is he really the billionaire next door, the one you'd like to have a beer with? The fucking prick doesn't even drink. Nor would he dream of living next door to the likes of you. Sure, he promised to "drain the swamp" in DC. But, he's really just restocking it with his own alligators and peeing in the White House pool.

I've got a serious problem with people who can't or won't see through this charade. Stupid really is as stupid does. These fucks are buying into the destruction of the United States for revenge against their own weaknesses. I will not share a foxhole with these pussies when the revolution comes. Trump really grabbed them, didn't he?  

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trickle-down Freakanomics

Trump is so rich he has Golden Showers!

There's plenty more where that came from! But, you probably have Facebook and know that.

The PEEOTUS is a freak. What- a surprise? No, not at all. I read a book years ago titled, "What Cops Know". It was written by a former Chicago cop, a female officer from a cop family as I recall. She had access to a ton of inside stories about crime and the people who commit them. One aspect that has long stood out to me was how freaky rich people get. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It seems to be worse with guys like Trump who arrive at success and wealth with so little effort, usually starting with an inherited fortune. In the back of their minds they seem to know that they didn't earn their wealth but, dammit, they deserve it and they also deserve special attention.

This could manifest in many ways. People- men usually- might start getting a little bored with regular sex and seek a bit more excitement. In the book, the cops investigated the sudden death of a successful executive. Turned out there was no foul play at all but, he happened to be found wearing women's silk panties. It happens. Nothing really wrong with that. Less successful men might have the same fetish. He might have been into other things as well. I think a successful man tends to reward himself in ways that others might not have time to consider. I once worked for a man who was arguably the best estimator in town and built a very strong paint company based on his skill. He liked sex with women and, after a time, banging a succession of secretaries just didn't do it for him. He found satisfaction in prostitutes who charged $10,000 for a night. I never heard the details so it might have been merely a case of Viagra (not literally a case...) and several goes at women who he swore were "10 times prettier than a TV anchor" or, for the money, he might have been doing unspeakable acts that would even shame a Trump. But, he spent $10 grand for an evening of pleasure.

Speaking of Trump..."golden showers", "water sports" are fairly mainstream (tee hee) perversions that anyone with a lot of time on their hands might conjure up as a fantasy. Why- I don't know. But, they do. You probably just thought of it as "Eeeewwww!" and crossed it off your list of fantasies. Evidently he didn't. And mind you, there isn't concrete evidence of all this yet. It could be bullshit but it also could be the tip of the iceberg.

Trump's already boasted about going backstage at a teen beauty pageant that he owned and seeing the young women in various states of dressed. Evidently you can do things like that when you are rich and/or famous. That's what we've heard from Trump himself. At the pageant in Moscow some 5 years back where it is rumored that the Russians began cultivating him,  there may well be film of him having sex with an underage girl. The Russians may very well have something like that on him. And we will soon have a president who thinks grabbing an attractive woman's pussy is an acceptable way of saying "hello". How can anything they say or may say not jibe with that?

Trump is his own worst enemy. As his list of enemies grows longer each day, we the people can't help but believe that we are on that list as well. And I know we didn't sign on for that freak show. We cannot afford this guy.

Monday, January 9, 2017

They'll stone you, just like they said they would

If we are to remain free, shouldn't ALL citizens be armed at all times, always ready to shoot it out?

With the recent shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale airport we learned that the Florida legislature was entertaining a bill that would have allowed concealed carry in airports.

Sheesh. The carnage was bad enough with five dead and several wounded but it sure would have been worse with many more armed civilians responding to the gunfire, fearing for their lives, not knowing who was shooting and why.

America does seem to becoming more of a free-fire zone every day. The same people who decry the gang-shootings in Chicago (blaming that violence on libs and Obama) desire that all Americans be free to protect themselves as the gangs in Chicago do. They just don't exactly own up to that. They might be a little jealous of their darker counterparts in arms. There is a certain freedom to being a gangster.

The US is the largest supplier of arms in the world. If there's a war going on, we're supplying it. Often, we're supplying both sides. Business is great but, it could always be greater. Yesterday's millionaires are losers if they are not today's billionaires. There are more guns in this country than there are people and that is still not good enough for some. Those some are the gun makers and sellers themselves and the people who love guns. It's not like every man, woman and child in the US actually has a gun in their possession but, that appears to be the sales goal. On that capitalist surface, can you blame them?

Conservatives and republicans love to tout that the USA is the only country in the world that has the Second Amendment to its Constitution, guaranteeing it's citizens the right to bear arms. Whatever you believe to be the founders intent regarding the 2A, realize now that it's little more than a sales tool. Imagine if any product, say- marijuana- had an amendment to the Constitution making it an unalienable right. Even conservatives would be touting a fully-stoned nation.

That's where the money would be. And that's where the ALEC law makers would be. Well, I would not feel alone- EVERYBODY must get stoned...

But, it's guns, not weed. It's pushing death upon American life rather than mellowness. The need for protection rather than recreation. And just as you shouldn't be high all the time, you shouldn't be armed and ready to kill all the time. There's no need for either now, is there?

With Trump as the CEO of America, the sales pitch of a democrat taking your guns away is off the table. What we will see in its place is new laws concerning open and concealed carry. State's rights might get a wee bit infringed when cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco  and New York object to 50 state, Federally ruled gun laws where those and other major cities are forced to follow the same rules as Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia. Not every city thinks like the fine denizens of rural America do. There are millions of reasons why they shouldn't, and they all have lives to live that don't involve taking the lives of others for fun and profit in some dystopian American nightmare.

Social Injustice Warriors


Is there anyone more addicted to outrage than today's white, male republicans? Are these people familiar with radio and the fact that it's not a visual media?

One of the usual suspects on Topix, Sublime1, expressed his outrage over the clip above as "liberal spin". He seemed upset that the perpetrators were not designated as black, thus confusing the audience into thinking they might have been white because they repeatedly said "nigger" and "Trump" while they abused their victim. I don't know how one would deduce white or black from that very brief report. Nor am I sure why that's so important.

We've long since been heading towards separate realities in media. This began with Fox news giving a conservative slant to everything since its debut and now includes fake news disseminated by Trump's Russian comrades as well as Breitbart's Steve Bannon, who is Trump's Senior Adviser. Fake news is like religion in that you can believe it if you choose without any proof at all. You just gotta believe. To many, you have a God-given right to believe in God. With republicans claiming to be the party of God, it's an easy reach to grab and embrace fake news as one's own reality. Add in a distrust of big gubmint in general and the media in particular and you have a very unhealthy stew of beefs.
Worse, Trump and his ilk are big gubmint now. That's not very palatable but it appears to be the new menu.

I seriously doubt Dean Reynolds had any intent to portray the perpetrators as white and the victim black but, Mediaite sure thought so and Sublime1 and his fellow Social Injustice Warriors readily chose to believe it. CBS Radio is not the only game in town and they know full well that visual media- newspapers, TV and the internet- would certainly be posting the pictures of all participants. If the public was to be fooled, they wouldn't be fooled for long.

Some people choose to be offended. They are addicted to outrage because they choose to be. Outrage is their safe place. Aren't we all entitled to our safe places? There must be safety in the numbers of stupidity for our conservative friends. And soon they will have a stupid leader in the most powerful position on earth. Bless their hearts...they're just not ever going to figure this out.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lost In The Oversight

Well, they tried.

The first order of business for the new republican congress was to eliminate the Independent Office Of Congressional Ethics. They succeeded- for awhile- until we the people lit up the phones of various congress-persons condemning the outrageous action. Our Electorally appointed CEO-to-be took credit for the rescinding of the move because he (of course) tweeted about the timing of the move, rather than the move itself. He simply thought there were other nefarious actions they could have taken first. CNN and other sites have willingly given Trump credit for the change in direction. Trump seems to have really grabbed them.

The republicans have long screamed about "job-killing regulations" but that has usually been directed at the EPA. They believe that no one should tell a company where to drill for oil or what mountain top can be blown off to get at some coal because those activities create jobs for people. Deregulation makes a lot of sense to people who don't give a lot of thought to things.

I'm not sure if many ordinary citizens were upset that congress was caught with America's pants down around its ankles. Even the dumbest reichtards must have been aghast at the intent. I looked for comments on the threads and none of the usual suspects were upset about the thwarting at all. They aren't the most astute bunch. Though addicted to outrage, they save most of it for manufactured drama like Hillary's server or black folks getting all uppity (again) about their special civil rights. No complaints so far about damn liberals hog-tying congressional business with job-killing ethics...

I'm not so certain that the usual suspects suddenly recognized right from wrong. They spot trends all the time, things that turn out to be one-in-a-row actions usually committed by blacks or libs that pose a dangerous precedent in the Land Of The Free. Things like "safe places" on college campuses. You'd think they'd want their congressmen to have safe places too. Safe places like congress itself where they could enact legislation without the watchful eye of the press, the media, the nosy liberals or any ethics watchdogs. Isn't that what they voted for?

This congress isn't going to allow any live-streaming of it's business either and will tolerate no protesting by democrats or we the people. The abrupt, interrupted dismantling of the ethics office was an extension of those other actions. Kind of an exclamation point. It'll happen eventually in some fashion. They can just defund it, I'd imagine. "Too expensive", they might decide, "we've got homeless veterans, ya know". That's a common refrain these days.

We'll see if there isn't some gnashing of teeth about this. You have to figure there will be if some *independent* outlets like CNN were so quick to praise Trump for not actually doing anything. Even outside of the congressional gangsters and the warlords they toil for, there has to be idiots that believe a republican congress should be free and clear to operate as they see fit. You know the drill. Some paid poster is always on-line noting that "...the democrats could have done (this) too when they had the majority of congress but, they didn't- but they could have..." So, that makes it OK for the republicans to do it- the precedent of not doing something, essentially.

Amongst the republican fan faithful there is an abundance of people who think our police should be free to kill darker people without oversight from liberal do-gooders. These are the folks who signed on to the ALEC-written "Stand Your Ground" laws without pausing to consider that they could be killed and their killer walks free because of such a law. These people don't think things through. They're too busy reading between the lines. The law and life are like jazz. It's the notes they don't play that some people hear.

White, conservative males will sign off on a lot of things if they think they will only affect minorities or women.  For people who always think only about themselves, they never really think about themselves.