Friday, August 28, 2015

The Big Bother Show

I've been sorta, kinda looking at the Big Brother show this year. It gets worse every year. Just like scripted programs become derivative of themselves, reality TV does too. Most people on BB grew up watching it so they are heavily influenced by past seasons. Same with Survivor. You get people on a show talking to each other about someone on that same show from five years previous, and it really gets silly.

If you watch shows like that, the common theme among the folks who get voted out is that "you don't really know what's going on in the house or on the island when you are there."

What the huh? That would seem like an excellent time to know. Granted, you aren't privy to the private conversations of your enemies like the viewing audience is but, you are there to look these people in the eye and to notice who they hang out with, and who they whisper with. How hard can it be? Weren't they ever in the 6th grade? It's very frustrating watching people playing so poorly. At least do what I've long done on Topix- look around and see who is not there. Usually the asshole who is not there, not signed in, is actually the asshole you're really dealing with.

Recently, the old guy who plays the combat veteran, retired judge on Offbeat, forgot to look up and he posted gray, from his town as "Rosa". Now, I can't speak to who Rosa is because I never cared enough to read *her* but, now I know who Rosa is. If you're scoring at home, Rosa is a fake combat veteran/retired judge, that's who. Or, is she?

Eh, probably. You have to allow for the possibility that *Rosa* was a pass-around personality and it was the idiot judges turn and he forgot to look up.... That happens a lot. There's a lot of mentally ill birds on Topix that flock together. The one that played the therapist on the Chicago Forum years ago used to slip up a lot. *She* explained the trip-ups as "interns/students" getting on her computer and playing around. Anybody who bought into a therapist-studying-Topix bit bought into that. Amazingly, some still do believe that there was an Angelique Desassain, a sometimes French-born, internet psychologist, studying Topix on a grant from the US government...and yada, yada, yada. Some are still loyal. I'm looking at you- Michael and David....No, not that Michael. The other one.

Anyway, yeah, some profiles are passed around, even gray ones. It's always the idiotic ones like *Sam* because anybody can post like a closeted, homophobic reichtard. That's half the internet.  The thing is, as I've tried to point out for years here, these are not real people. There's people behind the scenes but it's like that current Sears commercial where the couple is lying in bed discussing dishwashers and the husband suddenly realizes that they actually said that they trust "peanutbubbles44".  It's an eyeopener and a laptop closer for the couple.

That is how you have to approach Topix though. If you find yourself saying: I really trust GreasyBiscuits for all my Ferrerman information! you might be open to the suggestions of peanutbubbles44 and well you should be. They might even be the same, uh, person. I mean- who names their kid GreasyBiscuits?  Topix, like the rest of the internet, is a place where you can be all that you can be. You can be a combat veteran Marine, a lawyer, a twin(?!) another lawyer, another twin(?!) yet another combat Marine- sheesh! How derivative can you get.

I know that the whole thing with the Rosa persona was to troll not only enemies but friends as well. Evidently it keeps some people in line and others interested. It's a way for a group to circle the wagons against a common foe. So they make up characters who attack people and they give these characters back stories. Nothing too involved, it's all very sketchy and perfunctory. It's all well and stupid when these are people I don't know and don't bother to post with but I had one imaginary person pretty much assigned to me, completely without my consent. It kinda takes the mystery out of Topix when they expose all their tricks while they think they are tricking you. Predictability breeds contempt too. And low ratings!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Making Of A Ferrerman: They Troll, Therefore, I Am!

Let's face it: Trolls have made me one famous Ferrerman.

They didn't make me the Ferrerman I am today- life did that. Trolls just made me famous and infamous. Is there a difference?

Without trolls i'm just a reasonably brilliant, irreverent and rather charming poster. Good qualities but, that and a dollar will get you uptown on the streetcar. I get a lot of good and negative feedback on my posted thoughts elsewhere on the internet. My personal best is a 1000+ likes on a comment I made. To be ferrer, those people didn't know I was Ferrer but, to be ferrer, they didn't care. They just liked what I had to say. It's the ones who do care too much that care to troll as they do on Topix at the mere hint of Ferrerman.

And they are the ones who make Ferrermen famous. If they had it to do all over again, they'd surely do it the same way, all over again. You would notice a pattern developing. I could on for pages about how stupid these trolls were to obsess with me and how they made me the most feared Ferrerman- ever- and they would still carry on with more anti-Ferrerman sentiment. Why stop digging a hole now just because you can't get out?

One of the first things I learned when I got on Topix was "DFTT"- Don't Feed The Trolls. You hardly ever see that admonition anymore. Have you noticed that? I think it's because trolls are so pervasive that it just can't be helped. They won't go away just because they're being ignored/not fed. No diet effects their gluttony. Such is the case with my trolls. I barely post these days but my trolls still manage to post as me or they simply post about me. One mentally ill troll recently posted some made up quotes with links, all of which led to the index of the Topix, Main Forum page. What kind of an idiot would fall for that? The answer is: a stripper turned yard mower who also believes President Obama controls the weather. That's a very limited market.

To me, DFTT means don't respond to their slings and arrows. There's no Stand Your Ground necessary when you're dealing with the accusations of cowardly trolls on the internet. Defending yourself against false charges works in real law and is actually a good idea but, it's not a good idea in the court of public opinion. It's like cussing out a telemarketer- they may have not made a sale but they got a response out of you! They *succeed* (in effect) even when they fail. Everybody has that one busybody aunt or gossipy neighbor who, when they quote the victim of a rumor defending themselves, always does it in a sing-songy voice adding: Well, they would say that...wouldn't they? That, folks, is Topix!

I've always been amazed at trolls who denigrate me (based on their beliefs) and act as if they are superior to me and that that is some sort of accomplishment by their own standards! For chrissakes- they set the bar! And they set it rather low for themselves in doing so. They didn't quite think that through. Shouldn't you be better than your powerful enemy, not some weak enemy? How...Sublime.

It is similar to the things you read on the internet about President Obama. It's quite bizarre to hear some republican ditch-digger with a 8th grade education call Obama a "stupid, useless nigger". Don't compare resumes, bubba. Just as Obama deserves better trolls, so do I. But, you don't get to pick them. They pick you.

Without trolls I'm just an irreverent poster with some good and funny thoughts.

Oh- and a bottomspanker whom the ladies like to call "Two Nines" because I used to carry a 9mm pistol and, um- well, never mind...   

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Heartless Nation

Jade Helm 15 is going on in Texas and other parts of the southwest and, if you're scoring at home, the US has still not invaded itself. It doesn't have to. The US, you probably know, is already fucking here!

Sheesh- these reichwingers are dumb. And, embarrassingly so.

I saw a meme where some yokel locals were posing with their assault weapons and the pic of them was juxtaposed with a squad of Navy SEAL's emerging from the surf with their assault weapons. And the caption said something about these hillbillies think they can take on our soldiers...

They can't, of course but it's more than because our soldiers are the best trained fighters on the planet. Our  armed forces men and women are the best but, that and a few trillion dollars will get you a draw in every war we've fought since the last one we won in 1945. And we had help winning that one. War is a business and we fight not for survival as a nation but, instead for profit. We're not kidding anybody but the 19 year old grunts who will fight the wars and the republicans that will support them until they come home. Republicans don't need a nuclear-armed Iran to go to war with Iran. They just need a republican president to drop a hat and yell, "GO!" Congressional republicans are set to reject an Obama-led nuclear disarming of Iran because they unabashedly want war with Iran for fun and profit. Story for another day.

Today's story is about how Clem Kadidlehopper and his militia buddies cannot defeat the US military.

Never mind the lack of talent- that's a given. What they completely lack is the heart.

If your whole reason for revolution is that you are pissed that a black man was legitimately elected president, you haven't suffered enough to be a revolutionary. The Russians, Chinese or the Vietnamese of the 20th century would shit on your revolution. They would wonder what the fuck you are are crying about. And you can add on gay marriage, abortion, the horrific taxing of millionaires, or the tyranny of teachers unions and you are only making yourself look like a bigger pussy.

You are a pussy if you'd take up arms against fellow citizens or your government for any of those- cough- reasons or, if you're a republican, (D) All Of The Above And Then Some.

Only in America could people get together and decide that the rich don't have enough, too many of our poorer citizens have too much and, we're mad as hell and let's have a revolution so we can still be the greatest country in the world!

If you think we need to do that, you really put the cunt in country.

If you think you can outfight the US Army, your balls are surely too big to fit in a network of tunnels that would be necessary for the secret movement of troops and supplies so you'll just have to face them down like John Wayne or Ted Nugent would do. What do you figure- maybe two weeks of camping out and fighting and then installing Chuck Norris as president and then things get back to normal? You fucking idiot. You just do not know.

Read up on Czars in Russia and how life was under them before you decide to go killing people because they want to raise the minimum wage. Study a little about how no major country- including us, Russia and England- has ever been able to conquer Afghanistan. Most of those people live like Bible-times and no super power can beat them.

Know why? Because they are fucking beyond tough because they have actually suffered for centuries. They might very well like to have first world problems. They don't know as they've never had them. They've never known the rights nor wrongs our nation's assholes want to piss on so cavalierly. I don't think they would fight or die for the things our idiots would. Remember- half of our country opted to fight to keep people as slaves just 150 years ago. People were willing to die so that relatively few people could amass fortunes via the free labor of others. Every other revolution or civil war you can think of was fought to free people. Ours was that yet also to keep some people enslaved. Only in America...

As a people, only Blacks and Native Americans have suffered here. It took a couple hundred years to conquer the Indians. Blacks arrived here already conquered but they have since suffered plenty. They would be a force to be reckoned with. They know real pain, all to up close and personal.

Guys named Chuck and Bubba with the latest in AR15 hardware, outside the Piggly Wiggly are not a force to be reckoned with. They are assholes who are probably best suited to shooting up schools. They do not have the stomach for war. They do not have the perseverance because they do not have the history of suffering that breeds the will and the necessity to fight. That only comes from real turmoil, not frivolous, media-inspired, political trauma.

The irony of this all is, while these wannabe commandos are jerking themselves off, fantasizing about revolution, we've actually been taken over by the corporations. The America they think they are losing, is already lost. They just don't know it.

A hundred years or so of ironic FEMA camps ought to toughen everybody up.