Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The National Nightmare is over. Long live the National Nightmare.

If I had a dollar for every time a birther simply and compassionately said: "ALL he has to do is show us his birth certificate...." I'd buy Donald Trump and fucking give him to China.

Today, of course, president Obama did show his long-form birth certificate and, within 3 seconds those same easy-to-pleasy birthers were, not pleased. Turns out they were bluffing about that "....all he has to do...." part. They didn't mean it. They lied.

I think Obama and the rest of us knew they were lying all along. Very few people truly have the guts to admit that they are retarded racists and even fewer to apologize for it. I don't think I know of one who WAS satisfied after this mornings press conference. Birthers is as birthers do. Not a one of these kochsuckers needed proof to sway them. Their feeble minds were made up as soon as it became clear he was going to be POTUS. Like drunks in a bar who promise to leave after "just one more..." these birthers, drunk with the power of annoyance, ain't intending on going away. Ever. You can throw the drunks out. The birthers though, no amount of proof to their contrary is enough. Lies and conspiracy are their booze. They cannot get enough.

Obama did the right thing this morning. Why didn't he do it 2 and a half years ago? He didn't fucking have to! He had then satisfied the powers that be that he met the requirements to hold the office of the presidency and, like every previous candidate for president since we started growing them here, he did not HAVE to show his BC to the public. But, unlike every previous president he was black. There is NO doubt in my mind that this birther crap and 99% of the opposition to him is because he is black. This would NOT have happened to a white president. Remember that John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone. That was kinda dicey but, he had two white parents. And, he didn't win. So, I guess we'll never know?  Yeah right...

I think he was wise to let it play out. If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by.  Sideshow Donald showed up as if HE had discovered the birther *issue*. Now was as good a time as any to OFFICIALLY dispel the birther bullshit while one of the biggest assholes in the country was exploiting it. It was really brilliant. of Obama. Though this crap has been out there, it has been amongst the out-there crowd and kind of winked at by more mainstream republican politicians. At *best* it was kinda-sorta endorsed by no one more official than Limbaugh or Beck and though they are very popular amongst the bagger crowd, they're not trying to be politicians. Sideshow Donald was at least pretending to maybe be running for president.

Trump thought he was playing Obama. Obama played him.

Very well played, Mr President. Played like a Harvard man at that....

Monday, April 18, 2011


As some may recall, the tea party came to be on this date, two years ago after a rant by Rick Santelli who has largely been forgotten by the tea parties he founded, except today when he gets a mention in this blog and in the Chicago Tribune.  About two months earlier Barack Obama had taken the oath of office and totally ruined America which was just fine, thank you very much, with George Bush in office, enjoying cheap gas, full employment and absolutely NO Sharia law!

I'm not buying his founding fatherness. I think the tea parties came to be early in the Fall of '08 when republicans realized even chicanery in Florida wasn't gonna get John McCain elected. This was surely cemented when Palin was chosen as his running mate and was really solidified when even the price of gas being magically raised to over $4 a gallon could not deter the American voter from hope for change.  I think Rick just showed up early at a party metaphorically drunk and disorderly and then went home and passed out. If he was some kind of hero, wouldn't he be on Foxnews and running for president with the rest of their emplyees?

After the shenannigans in Wisconsin earlier this year, it's quite evident that all the tea parties are fronts  for wealthy (republican) corporate interests. They get the governor that they pay for. The next one will have Caller ID, I think.  These people (and companies) already pay scant little in taxes so they really can't bitch about that. But, profits would definitely go up with pesky unions out of the way. Next to fall by the wayside would be that horrible minmum wage act. Only socialist/communist/islamists would set a bar like that! Capitalists don't need that! Why limit people? If the free market dictates $2 an hour as an acceptable wage, it is a FREE MARKET saying that, by golly!

Oh, I'm sorry- does that seem ridiculous to you? Well, eliminate social programs along with the minimum wage, unemployment benefits, workman's compensation and all the etc's unions and democrats brought us and $2 an hour might surely be better than nothing at all.

The American Dream is still alive. We've just exported it to China is all.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Geat Contenders

Yesterday, President Obama announced he would seek a second term. No surprise there. Despite what you may hear on Foxnews or read on Topix, the man is pretty much a lock for a second term as he's done a commendable job in an extremely challenging economy. I mean, his most recent challenger, Donald Trump, is, well- Donald Trump, a guy who two weeks ago was the subject of a Comedy Central Roast. No person EVER in the history of politics has been roasted on CC and gone on to become president of the United States. You just can't be taken seriously as a world leader if you've ever joked about Lisa Lampenelli's vagina. This is why we've never had a President Hasslehoff. It's why we'll never have a president Trump. One of many, perhaps the best.
But, despite that, Trump is their Great White Hope of the week. Despite bankruptcies, failed marriages, affairs, and a blond beaver pelt on his head, this week at least, he is THE republican to lead the country. Well, until Palin decides she's the man for the job.
Oh there's 8 or 9 other early contenders but they're all about as silly as Trump although he's certainly the least serious of the their candidates. He doesn't want the cut in pay- nevermind the responsibility. None of them want the responsibility. A few might think they do, think they can handle the job but, most I think are like Palin in that having to put up will make them shut up. She makes money everytime she opens her mouth. She's just smart enough to know that, when her words become US policy, she's done making money. It's easier and more profitable to criticize the president rather than be the president.
I kinda wish one of these assholes could be president, right now. These teapublicans are threatening and promising so much, I think because they know they've got nothing and very little chance of winning in '12. In '08, after 8 years of Bush, they merely fielded a team in McCain/Palin because they had to, not because they thought they could win. They've got to put a horse in the '12 race too or people will talk.
And actually, they're doing pretty good (it seems....) in the lesser, off-year elections. They took the house and several governorships this past November. With a nod towards the myth of their fiscal *responsibility* (cough- they are politicians- HELLO!) they do seem to be getting more bang for their buck at the state level. It costs like $500 million to run for president. Take a look at their candidates. Would YOU spend that kinda dough for any of those lunkheads to finish second to Obama?
Obama is actually the best candidate the republicans could hope to have. The republican base hates him so much they wanted him impeached before he even got elected. He's everything they need him to be, whenever they need him to be it. NOTHING is too ridiculous for their base to believe where Obama is concerned. In fact, I think your average republican enjoys hating Obama so much, they're secretly wishing he could stay president for ever. He's easy. All you have to do is FUCKING HATE EVERYTHING HE DOES! There's none of the pressure associated with having your own guy out there making policy every fucking day for 8 fucking years, invading countries just because they're there and not being accountable for anything. So much easier to have the other guy in there and blaming him for everything. He could cure cancer and you could condemn him for ruining the mortuary business. Does it get any better than that? They're gonna have to run somebody, eventually. Maybe Bristol Palin's kid? Nah. Sasha would trounce him. Yep.