Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Jerk Store Is Open!

I was watching hockey last night and former Chicago Blackhawk, Jeremy Roenick is a personality on the NHL Network. I'm not a rabid hockey fan but, I know some stuff. I had it in my my mind that, though he seems OK, Roenick might be a jerk. Google is my friend so, I typed in Is Jeremy Roenick a jerk?

Turns out he is. Like too many people, he's on Twitter. And, like ex-baseball player and noted twit, Curt Schilling, he's seemingly on Twitter to bash President Obama. I'm not going to bother with the tweets because they are tweets, and the ones I found were a few years old. Suffice to say it was pretty generic stuff, the kinda crap you would see regurgitated on Topix.

It's amusing to me that the self-proclaimed "Party of personal responsibility"  blames absolutely everything on President Obama and that one of their favorite whines is that Obama himself blames absolutely everything on Bush. He does not. That's everybody else. Obama could blame Bush but he's better than that and those in the know, know who did what. If you you think that the mere mention of "the greatest recession since the great depression" is a slam at George W. Bush, you are in the know. You just don't know it.

So, Roenick doesn't like Obama. Musta been a miserable last seven years for him. One more to go.

The guy managed to be the third American-born player to score 500 goals in his 18 seasons in the NHL but, he's not in the Hall Of Fame. Like 500 home runs in baseball is usually a guarantee of entrance to the Hall, I'd expect that number of goals to be automatic too. It's not. The guys not in the baseball HOF with 500+ homers are cheaters from the steroid era- Sosa, Palmeiro and McGwire. The numbers are good but not how they got them. There was no steroid scandal that I know of- at least surrounding Roenick. An article I read said that, despite a very good career, he never excelled at his position. He was never considered one of the top 3-4 forwards. Plus, he never got his name on The Stanley Cup. There's was a couple tie in's with gambling but I don't know that it was a Pete Rose or Michael Jordan thing. He was never banned nor did he retire to play baseball. Still, I have to wonder if the gambling hasn't been a factor. It might be jerkiness.

Today in the news, 90-something year old actor, Dick Vandyke, endorsed Bernie Sanders. Like with everything else on the internet, there was much gnashing of teeth about this. A lot of the fallout was questioning why anyone should care what Rob Petrie thinks about,well- anything?

Well, same with Schilling or Jeremy Roenick. Or Ferrerman. Why care what anyone feels about anything?

That's a rhetorical question, of sorts, but it begs asking every time someone questions any celebrity opinion about politics. A lot of people believe celebrities shouldn't even have opinions. Well, they are just like us, only usually wealthier and better looking. The only argument I could see with celebrities holding their tongues is the fear that you might alienate some of your fans. If you don't mind that, have at it. There's not a lot of celebrities that I like on the republican side anyway. In fact, I don't think I can think of one where I was sad to learn they were leaning to the right. I'm a pretty fair judge of character and I generally already didn't like them, as was already the case with Roenick and Schilling. I mean now, do you know any good people who hate President Obama and want to build walls in 2017 that might have been a better idea in 1980?

The Jerk Store of life is always open. Make sure they're always out of you whether you're a celebrity or not.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Free Market 'Murica!

I'm wondering if, given the current political climate and the history of the Civil War and reconstruction, it was ever really meant to be that the states be united? Seems like one long-ass mistake, doesn't it? I mean, for the most part, we in the north have tried to be America and they actually do celebrate the 4th of July in the south but, the United part of The United States never really took hold there.

Frankly, it doesn't really have much to do with the Mason-Dixon line anymore unless you want to think of an imaginary Mason-Dixon line between good and evil.

We're still fighting the Civil war here whether you believe the original conflict was about slavery or state's rights. No one in so many words is arguing to bring back slavery (not even Trump!) but, the republicans are trying to eliminate the minimum wage. While technically not slavery, if you eliminate the minimum, you can see it from there. And a state's right to not have a minimum wage is definitely part of that, um- thinking. If you can legally not pay someone to work who is not your child and not an intern, you are either a slaver or a pimp. I have to tell you that neither is the least bit honorable and I don't care what Bible passages you can find that you think say that slavery is good thing. It isn't. If you disagree, BE a slave. Then get back to us about how you enjoyed it.

We as a nation have never fully grasped the concept of Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Pretty basic stuff.

Would you like to be paid an un-living wage for your labor? I'm gonna say no. Let's not delve into Sublime-like, phony lawyer, hyperbole here either. No ideologue idiocy about how the low, low minimum should inspire people to go to college and become ensconced in that debt so they can make better money...and pay off those ridiculous student loans. Fuck that asshole and those who think like him. It's a very simple question. I can't imagine anyone who wasn't an idiot saying they should not be paid a living wage.

Yet people who vote republican are saying that. They are just too stupid to realize it. They seem to think it won't apply to them. People have a habit of over-estimating their own value to others, while they devalue those around them. It's like joining a club or a gang. Essentially they are all Ponzi schemes where the original members get paid off, basically by bringing other dues-paying members.

If you're buying into state's rights by buying into slogans like "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything that you have" then you are dumb enough not to realize that you're just downsizing your rights is all. Your state is still government. Do you really think that they want a bunch of unregulated assholes running around doing anything they want? Oh, and not paying taxes? It's like a guy who fools around with a married woman. When she divorces her husband and marries him, he's good with the fact that she'll maybe be loyal to him, and- if she's not- that's her prerogative.

The argument of state's eights today is far more than a secessionist dream of picking up in the south with slavery, plantations and Scarlet and Rhett as if the Yankees had never gotten aggressive. Today it's that plus the more modern dilemmas of abortion, religion, Mexicans moving in, no more black presidents ever, abortion again, religion again and, of course taxes. You know you're being Taxed Enough Already and forced to pay for things you don't approve of like being nice to fellow Americans (socialism) so, balkanizing the country seems like a solution. Of course it technically is a solution. So is cutting off your body parts to get in on that lucrative baby parts market you were told Planned Parenthood was doing. That's a solution, uh huh...

It really would be balkanization rather than the US and the Confederacy. We could have 50 countries instead of states. There would be a free market of America where, laws and rules exist only if the free market supports them. Competition! Competition among the states would be good for business! The business of America is business, right? Leave it up to the state's to decide what's legal and what's not! Except abortion and religion, of course. Can't be having those at all- anywhere!

I get a kick out of assholes like Ted Cruz who, with his tea party roots, screams about state's rights and small government while he fights tooth and nail a very expensive fight to become president of the UNITED STATES. He acts like he's going to get the job and then immediately redistribute all his power to the states because, why else would anybody bother with the presidency when all the real power will be given to governors and their state legislatures?

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Like Trump! If I could be like Trump...

There's a old saying about politics that goes: "Washington is Hollywood for ugly people". I'd like to add sports to that too.

It just seems that more and more politics is about rooting for your team to win. And worse, that the other team not only lose, but lose badly.

I've pointed out that some of the dumbest people ever to walk the earth post on Topix. They are not alone in their idiocy. All over the comments of most any site on Facebook you will see people vehemently supporting their candidates, mostly by viciously opposing the other candidates. It's typically bandwagon jumping as seen in sports, particularly around playoff time. You've got your regular fans that are born and raised to follow a team and that's just the way it is, and you've got your issue-orientated fans that, since they don't have a favorite, they'll like a particular player on one or dislike one on another. And, of course, there are gamblers only in it for the money. That's sports!

That's politics too.

The perception among a lot of people is that you make more money with republicans. They're the first ones to tell you that. That's just so much sad bullshit that it pains me to live in this country at times. Recently at one of the debates, JEB! Bush smiled and said: "America needs more millionaires." Really? Do you want to live in a country where being a millionaire is the measure of success? Where millionaires are the new middle class? They reset the bar while you were watching sports or The Kardashians and evidently, you didn't mind because you're not complaining.

It's not that there is anything wrong with being a millionaire. I'd like the chance even if it meant joining the the most persecuted minority to ever ride around the earth in imported, luxury vehicles. Yep, the rich. If you're a republican fan, you know this is true. If you're a democrat fan, you want their wealth redistributed to you. Well, that's what I keep hearing.

They keep saying that because slow-witted people keep believing it. Most of life these days is about people trying to redistribute wealth. That's what capitalism is! DUH! You'd be surprised how many people don't grasp that. John Steinbeck noted that socialism would never take hold here because every American sees himself as a temporarily embarrassed millionaire. How many people do you know, including the man or woman in the mirror, are sure that they are going to win the lottery someday? People think this way. It's easy to tell people who do think this way that when they do become lottery winners, don't they want favorable tax laws in place to keep the gol-durned  gubmint from getting their money? Interesting but, any lottery jackpot gets pretty much halved by gubmint in taxes and not a single politician says a word about that. Golly, I wonder why...

They don't care about your taxes whether you're a lotto winner or the 99.999% who aren't lotto winners. When the uber-wealthy don't pay taxes, who does? Not the poor. They are poor! Kochsuckers on the internet can preach about everyone having skin in the game but, who has more skin than big, fat people? No, they want the middle class to pay the taxes. Not that new millionaire middle class either. The other one that is military, firemen, plumbers and such. These are the people that they are having pretty good luck convincing that it's wrong to punish success and reward indolence. You give nearly-free fresh water to Nestle because they are hardworking, job-creating, winners. You charge residents of Flint, Michigan for filthy, poisoned water though because you don't want to encourage sloth and pigmented skin. You reward success to encourage it. You must punish failure, even if it were your own doing. Hell, especially if it were your own doing.

How do you explain the popularity of a billionaire among the poor and working class? In a sense he is the ideal republican candidate. He's the richest of them all and can stand up and say you can be just like me. Except for Ben Carson, all the others made whatever money they have in politics. JEB! was born into money and politics. Trump touts himself as a self-made man but he got at least a million dollar head start from his daddy. He's bombastic as all get out. He says out loud whatever pops into his head and some people hear him "telling it like it is". We're used to politicians lying to us so, when a non-politician like Trump comes along and says he's going to do something as ridiculous as building an unnecessary wall along the southern border and making the Mexicans pay for it...some dull types believe him. They might believe him because, unlike a typical politician, he's got a pretty good day job to fall back on if the campaign doesn't pan out.

This political process is worse than the two weeks of hype before The Super Bowl. But, you got to keep the fans rooting and spending money, I reckon. But, politically, it's pathetic who we side with and how we pick them. Too many people look in the mirror and see the candidate they want to be. For too many that candidate is a Trump or a Cruz. Makes me frightened for the country. Neither one may have enough to win but, add them together and it's frightening how many gullible, malevolent people walk among us.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Unwritten Rules: Should they be written down?

According to Mitch McConnell and various senators, pundits and presidential threats, it's a known, unwritten rule that a black president cannot make Supreme Court appointments in his last year in office. The unwritten rules are pretty clear about that and you could look it up, if it were written down somewhere...

It's the same with the minimum wage which, every asshole knows, was never intended to be enough to feed a family on! I've often seen it posted on the internet that " definition the minimum was never intended to be enough to raise a family on..." Some assholes are pretty definite about this. However, you can't look it up either as, no one wrote that down at the time. What were they thinking? Well, at the time, not that.

The odd thing is, the president's duty to appoint a Supreme Court justice is written down.  It's in the Constitution. It's very curious that self-proclaimed "strict constitutionalists" would go against that document after the sudden death of another purported "strict constitutionalist" in favor of unwritten rules.

You always have to put yourself in the other guys shoes and ask yourself if you'd be OK with someone invoking unwritten rules that favor them over the written-down rules. This is a pretty basic rhetorical question that's ordinarily easily answered but, we are dealing with republicans here. They are about the dumbest sons of bitches ever created. I just wrote that down so, it's official!

This senate could find itself trying to invoke some unwritten "Weekend At Bernie's" rule where Justice Scalia could serve postmortem- indefinitely- or until a republican makes president. Whichever comes first.

Republicans like to repeat things as often as possible so they can make people believe they are actual rules. Like "...shall not be infringed" thrown in there at the end of the 2A means (to them) that if they lose an election, they can over throw the gol-durned gubmint! No. Or, "Of course, we're a Christian nation!" No. Plenty of them here but, we were founded on a separation of church and state, to specifically keep church out of the government. You can look it up and you can misinterpret it but, it is written down.

All rules should be written down. That makes for a more orderly society, one where if you're not sure about something, you can look it up. Beats the snot out of people making the rules up on the fly.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Balls To The Wall

I was watching "Schindler's List" last night. It's arguably one of the best films ever made and is as wonderful as it is obscene and tragic. Nazi's were inhuman assholes. How the hell did they get that way?

Honestly, look at the republican party or the tea parties today. Read the comments on practically any Facebook site or Topix and you'll readily see that there are some seriously demented people out there among us today. I've been hearing that some of the crazy Trump-love we are witnessing is backlash by republican's as much against the GOP as against Obama. Fox, Breitbart and media whores like Palin and Nugent and the like have fired up some very dull-minded folks, maybe a bit too much. There are people who really think that they can- and should- "take their country back". These people don't realize that it's just political rhetoric. They didn't lose a country, just the last two elections. Yeah, the president has more melanin than previous presidents but we knew that when we voted him in- twice. Nobody lost a country, least of all the assholes. They are still quite vociferous and seem to be multiplying.

The media is having a go at painting Trump and Sanders both as anti-establishment candidates. Both won in New Hampshire, as they were expected to. However, whereas Trump is an asshole out for his own self-aggrandizement, Bernie Sanders is out to fundamentally change politics and America. Neither may win the nomination but, if either were to win, I believe America would be alright.

Trump has some of the mannerisms of Benito Mussolini  but I really doubt he has the perverted lust for power Il Duce had. Trump's more of an Ill Douchey. He's comical. He's not the guy to fundamentally change America into the the corporatocracy it already is or into the fascist state some teapublicans might think we need. I could be wrong. I know a lot of idiots like him and harbor hope that he'll be the benevolent dictator he acts like but, this asshole publicly feuded with Rosie O'Donnell. Would Hitler have done that? If the GOP goes off the deep end, they'll do better than Trump as the face of the party.

Of course, if he won and picked Palin as his VP, and there was a fire at the Reichstag while Trump and Sarah were there...Paul Ryan would then be president...

But, I digress. The dangerous rhetoric is there and there are certainly a lot of people who buy into it but, not enough to sway this nation. Plus, the timing is all wrong. If Trump- running as an independent- came along in '08 and ran as a populist and screamed about big government and Wall Street and promised walls and jobs, maybe that would fly. No republican had a chance after Bush. And I'm not saying Trump could have beaten Obama but, the time to save a country is during the Bush Recession, not eight years later after someone did a pretty damn good job of fixing it despite the obstruction of republican assholes whose boss brought upon the ruination.  Timing is everything. Like building a wall in 2016 to stop an influx of illegals in the 1980's. Kinda muy estupido, si?