Thursday, July 13, 2017


Well, this will Make America Great Again:

Sigh. For the millionth time... If you can't afford to pay your employees even $10 an hour, you do not deserve to be in business! The difference between $10 per hour and $7.25 per hour (aside from being $2.75) is food on the motherfucking table and rent for shelter to workers. If you think your fucked up little company or your Walmart is operating on a thin margin, try working for $7.25 an hour knowing that *your* reps in your state house are plotting to take that away too. The GOP hates the Federal minimum too. They claim it "kills jobs". While eliminating the minimum wouldn't legalize slavery, you could sure see it from there. They are a few state legislatures away from calling for a constitutional convention. The kochsuckers that call themselves "strict constitutionalists" have a lot more problems with the constitution than anybody else. These are the same assholes who want to take away health insurance from 23 million Americans. The repeal and replace crowd is mostly going for tax cuts for the 400 or so wealthiest but, a huge selling point for this is destroying the legacy of the nation's first black president. Yeah, it's that but, don't kid yourself- it's the money. It is always the money. There are upwards of 330 million people in this country. By volume alone, this allows for tens of millions of idiots. Lots of just plain assholes too.

Whether it's Russian trolls, paid trolls or just the whores on Facebook, Twitter or Topix who give away despair and hatred for free, there is no shortage of Gullible-Americans willing to put party over country. I haven't worked for the minimum in decades so, no, it doesn't affect me. But, it effects me in that I have to live in a country that won't pay it's citizens a livable wage, uses government to enforce it, and works night and day to cut social services to AMERICANS because that "saves money"...

Saves who money? Well, the folks who already have the bulk of it. I say that because, as a non-attorney spokesferrer who knows a bit about math, when they cut taxes on the rich and increase military spending they have to get that money from someone else. That someone else is the rest of us. You may *save* several dollars off your federal tax bill when they cut off social services (hungry kids/old folks/etc.) but that means you now have several more dollars to spend on the military. That's fucking exactly how that works. Millions of Americans are too fucking stupid to figure that out and some of those are also just angry enough to feel: "Whatever- as long as loser poors are getting fucked hard, I don't care!"

We are not the greatest country in the world, despite what the brochures say. The country that claims that wouldn't exploit it's citizens like that or lie to them as ours does. In the six months that Trump has been in *power* our standing in the world has plummeted like never before. Even if you don't think he's Putin's bitch, much of the world does. Every civilized nation that has healthcare for it's peoples is aghast we don't have universal care and that we're working to eliminate the ACA. The richest/greatest country can't afford it? We're not smart enough to pull it off? If you buy that, you deserve to be Putin's bitch too. I don't. Do any of us?